James Charles SUING after Morphe dropped him...

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Prije 23 dana

Let's talk about Morphe dropping James Charles and James issuing a statement on twitter...
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Drown_Out14 Prije 23 dana
I went to the Morphe website to see if I could get some cheap makeup brushes from the James Charles collection (I assumed they’d put everything on discount to get them out of the store, and I’m all for cheap makeup) , but it’s all still full priced. Like they aren’t in a rush to get his name out of their brand ????
ShadowedWinter Prije dan
I saw his brushes and pallete in a makeup store recently, I have no idea why it’s still there
B C Prije 2 dana
Oh they will be...I remember Jeffree Stars brushes by morphe (I think it was them) being on clearance at ULTA
KDH2130 Prije 13 dana
@Beatriz Pereira lol
Ali Afnan
Ali Afnan Prije 14 dana
didn’t they release a statement on twitter
Appalachianime Prije 15 dana
@bellatui bellavi class divide is the context clue here Brenda.
Ray Gin
Ray Gin Prije dan
You sound so petty. I wish you would report in a more professional way.
Koi Park
Koi Park Prije 3 dana
ur demonitized girl hahaha
Mads Neutron
Mads Neutron Prije 4 dana
'change' - do rapists change james? do muderers change james? do groomers change james? - apprently to you they do
Chris Travolta
Chris Travolta Prije 6 dana
Shouldn't that 16 years old be punished for talking to an over 18 person too? America is ridiculous.
k a i h u i
k a i h u i Prije 7 dana
Idk but I feel like James goes after the “hype” people in LA like the sister squad emma chamberlain was one of the BIGGEST rising stars and he saw that and probably not necessarily helped her in learning the internet but to grab onto the attention she was receiving. (emma is still amazing and 10x better than james ) Then when the squad broke up he just kinda floated around for a while focusing on a bunch of marketing stuff with youtube and makeup. But then came another young rising star, charli d'amelio so they collabed together back in December where the cases in LA were at an all time high. I think he is just chasing around from person to person who has “fame” in LA but not just famous people but rising stars that are getting a LOT of attention. Once charli d'amelio loses her “hype” and another person comes along he’ll ditch her. Also in 2020 he went right into to familiarize himself with the hype house, being featured in tiktoks and stuff.
Saranya Sevda
Saranya Sevda Prije 7 dana
*you guys are so freaking toxic*
Saranya Sevda
Saranya Sevda Prije 7 dana
*girl you need to stop hating on him.*
Bon Soir
Bon Soir Prije 7 dana
Morphe really did drop jeffree much more firmly than James, imo they're equally just as bad (jeffree had two years to show his receipts yet he shut up about them and essentially had James covered ) I think jeffree was easier to let go of because he always presented himself like that almighty shady villain who owns karma itself, and now that his character wasn't a character anymore to the eyes of the world, nobody wanted to associate. He became the same pest his ex-friends had become ( not that they're any better) honestly the beauty community should just purge those 15 ish bad apples that keep bringing them such a horrible reputation
Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan Prije 7 dana
He’s not suing them tho?
Connor Patrick
Connor Patrick Prije 7 dana
This is the most bias video I’ve ever seen
OC Prije 8 dana
I worked for Morphe, can safely say they're always clueless
JustCallMePeace Prije 9 dana
First is an accident, second is a coincidence and three times is a pattern, I genuinely like him as a person and parts in me want to trust him but I really fucking cant at this point, I think a lot of the people that watch him feel the same and if he really didn't do it it's going to take a lot to get anyone to believe that. Talking to underage people in a fucked up manner is disgusting and no good/empathetic person will refute that.
JustCallMePeace Prije 9 dana
if you try to get with someone underage there is no excuse because they. do. not. know. what. the. fuck. they. are. doing (am the same age as him btw, so its even wilder to me that he could do this)
Dana H
Dana H Prije 9 dana
As of May 2nd, his makeup is still on their site
thereisnospoon Prije 9 dana
THIS has gone “too far”? Losing money bc you’re preying on your teenage fans is TOO FAR? After you’ve pressured young men who have an entire life ahead of them. Get a grip James.
Ginger G Beauty
Ginger G Beauty Prije 10 dana
Make a video about the Austin McBroom cheated and had another baby by someone else
Jennifer Ryan
Jennifer Ryan Prije 10 dana
I just love your intro
No ThisIsPatrick
No ThisIsPatrick Prije 10 dana
hmmmm idk man. I’m not jumping on any train anymore after what happened last time. I’m gonna wait to see receipts and the outcome of the lawsuit. None of us knows what goes on behind the scenes. Let’s not jump on this bs. Why am I even here. I really don’t care 😭. It’s 3 am. Goodbye
Folded Pizza
Folded Pizza Prije 10 dana
Why isn't he arrested? He literally admitted to a crime.
Gracie Elisabeth
Gracie Elisabeth Prije 11 dana
3:28 I know you didn’t just say pro-ject lmaooo I’m not hating it’s cute and unique😂💕
Joe Cool
Joe Cool Prije 11 dana
James Charles is the one that's suing??? He has over 15 accusations of online sexual harassment, child grooming, and sexual misconduct!!! His victims are the ones that should be suing!
meme Prije 11 dana
So, what does James Charles have on Morphe? How tight is that contract?
Mexican Ceramic
Mexican Ceramic Prije 11 dana
Let's get into it . Explosion 💥
Henryyy Prije 12 dana
"james is talking about everything that's come out" *the only thing that comes out of his mouth are sentences that have me, my, I or. I'm, lmao i mean, he has came out... "
Jonathan Muscat
Jonathan Muscat Prije 12 dana
Why don’t these “kids on tik-tok” just block James they honestly liked the attention, bunch of spastics man
Priscilla Sommers
Priscilla Sommers Prije 12 dana
me belting out the intro..every single time lol
Carleigh Limbach
Carleigh Limbach Prije 12 dana
If morphe can't drop James we should just drop morphe smh
Keanxz Prije 12 dana
girl the only legal action that should be happening should be getting his ass in prison 😔😔
Good Porcelain
Good Porcelain Prije 12 dana
Y’all are extremely over dramatic. Maybe it’s an American thing, maybe a Twitter thing
rhiannon Prije 12 dana
he needs to take accountability by going to jail😍
Pamela RedPill
Pamela RedPill Prije 12 dana
James needs to put his big girl panties on, start acting like a responsible adult and face the consequences. I hope his spends his millions on lawsuits so he can move back in with his parents wearing his crusty socks having McDonald’s delivered.
Quintessential Prije 12 dana
I don't think James will win the siut against Murphy because like if they have a clause where they can drop you for inappropriate behaviour their gonna win that
Lizzie the Lizard
Lizzie the Lizard Prije 12 dana
Oepsie james isnt having any income anymore so guess it's sueing time
Lyra Sol
Lyra Sol Prije 12 dana
i read sung instead of suing,i got confused for a moment
Abigail Miller
Abigail Miller Prije 13 dana
He thinks the answer is suing but he really needs to grow up and stop dating 16 year old boys
Siobhan Flynn
Siobhan Flynn Prije 13 dana
morphe should sue him for tarnishing their name
Shdh Zkaks
Shdh Zkaks Prije 13 dana
No hate but how come when James Charles admits to this he gets so much hate but when durtedom admitted to r@ping a girl everyone was supporting him for admitting to it after he’s done it time and time again
Stephanie Lopez
Stephanie Lopez Prije 13 dana
In the end TATI was telling the truth, lol.
Sean R
Sean R Prije 13 dana
The people james is suing: Let’s do it baby I know the law!
Daniel Salvador
Daniel Salvador Prije 13 dana
Of curse he can sue, the “minor” lied to him, and everyone was going off for that. Dude I will do the same if all the drama chanels are talkin shit about me and trying to rune all my bisnes. There is no complaint from the "minors" and even if they did that they would sue him if it was the boy who lied to him with his age. There is no complaint from the "minors" and even if they did that they would sue him if it was the boy who lied to him with his age.
DanceyPenguin Prije 13 dana
Morphe is taking a while in dropping his stuff off their website...
Caroline Piazza
Caroline Piazza Prije 13 dana
The second hand embarrassment that I get from JC is just too much
dani Prije 13 dana
"i wont change overnight but i will overtime" babe its so simple. you just dont do it.
M h
M h Prije 13 dana
The theme song always reminds me south park. Lmfao
ً Prije 13 dana
“TOlD Over the age of 18” Also them : had ages in their bios all over the internet. There’s literally NO way James couldn’t have known considering he clicks on their profiles as well
zahra king
zahra king Prije 14 dana
wait Morphe dropped james charles ? 😐😯😕
Morgan Ricard
Morgan Ricard Prije 14 dana
Clicked bc I thought the title said “James Charles SUNG after morphe dropped him”... I was ready for the cringe
Introvert Bio
Introvert Bio Prije 14 dana
That face is enough to ruin my entire day
Lucy Rose Mortis
Lucy Rose Mortis Prije 14 dana
Expose expose expose expose you are exposed sir....uh huh exposed lol damn that intro is stuck in my head now. Been annoying my bf LOL!!
Gee L
Gee L Prije 14 dana
He said that was his idea and told Morphe they should mutually agree to part company.
Nolan B
Nolan B Prije 14 dana
Are we going to talk about how now he is demonetized temporarily by HRpost??
Carley Page
Carley Page Prije 14 dana
Privileged white boys throwing tantrum over their own actions say whaaaaat
Keenu Khang
Keenu Khang Prije 14 dana
Love your kids or you'll be raising another james charles
TristanD Prije 15 dana
Theres no proof the kids said they were 18 and even if they did a crime was still committed he should be in jail
annelies Prije 15 dana
i bet he's making video's so he can post them when he thinks he is good too go
PRINNIE X Prije 15 dana
James is a nonse lol.
Rubie Luna
Rubie Luna Prije 15 dana
I still don’t know how y’all are surprised that the world, especially the business world, is protective of pedophiles. It’s always been like this bc so many people at the top are just as gross
Mouse Kander
Mouse Kander Prije 15 dana
Morphe just trying to look like they're doing something 🙄
Mouse Kander
Mouse Kander Prije 15 dana
Can you sue people if what they say is true though
Emma Vrijburg
Emma Vrijburg Prije 15 dana
Im not even a sister but im so disappointed like ugh he is so talented at what he does. whyyy did he not turn things around after bye sister💀
OG KillerSans
OG KillerSans Prije 15 dana
Valeria Prije 16 dana
Morphe must be so tired of problematic HRpostrs lol. This should be a reminder that these people are not *professionals.* They just know how to blend a few colors.
Emily Mintern
Emily Mintern Prije 16 dana
Am I the only one who really thinks all of this is blown wayyy out of proportion?? Like who hasn’t been chatted up by an older guy online and that’s when you say you’re under 18 😂 they told him they were 18 like I don’t understand ???
Some Random Girl
Some Random Girl Prije 16 dana
This is James's way of saying: If these young boys will EVER speak up again, I will threaten them with this lawsuit.
YasirBek Prije 16 dana
When you haven't slept and you read "suing" as "sung"
ShuHao Prije 16 dana
he would so anything to make himself a victim lmao.
Bugsy Siegel
Bugsy Siegel Prije 16 dana
Paisley Kramer
Paisley Kramer Prije 16 dana
"i cant show change overnight" girl???? maybe just stop talking to minors????
Blessings 2You
Blessings 2You Prije 16 dana
*Waaay tooo "woke". Written notes? That's it? Yes, I've been under a stock market rock since 4-20. I don't know shit. No season 2?? Aprise me please.*
Melanie Rousseau
Melanie Rousseau Prije 16 dana
I'm glad i left the beauty community when I did my god
Olivia Littleton
Olivia Littleton Prije 16 dana
I hope he gets convicted for messaging underage people.
Julia Cartwright
Julia Cartwright Prije 16 dana
does anyone else get a weird satisfaction watching some people get cancelled?
Miss Bee
Miss Bee Prije 17 dana
It’s about time. 2yrs later is too long.
Pierce Kiba
Pierce Kiba Prije 17 dana
Black Mouse
Black Mouse Prije 17 dana
Why hasn’t he been arrested?? He she needs in jail
Selenny Prije 17 dana
lucy jones
lucy jones Prije 17 dana
Wording things differently to make a bad situation sound not as bad is not surprising coming from an influencer, if fact it’s exactly what I’d expect. However, that isn’t “taking accountability” that’s covering something up.
Sara Vande Bunte
Sara Vande Bunte Prije 17 dana
I completely condemn what James has done. That being said, my cynical little heart says that the reason they're "winding things down" is because James has this innate ability to talk his way out of things and they (Morphe and James) are hoping that things blow over and they can continue their business relationship without actually having to part.
Lala Vaughn
Lala Vaughn Prije 17 dana
Morphy is simply hanging back while everyone hates james there counting on the fact that most of his subscriber count is young people or adolesent who arnt really gonna think like an adult would in this situation and its just gonna pass over and they can start bringing in money agian without getting dragged through the mud for working with him its rather disgusting when you think about it I will never shop morphe agian after the lack of morals and deception tatics they use just for capitalism sake
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Prije 17 dana
Why do I picture Donald Trump singing the themesong 🤣
Z A Prije 17 dana
You can’t blame him? People lied about their own age to chat to him! You have to understand both stories and meet half way. Stop just attacking James!
NH Prije 17 dana
hes lieing lol, all of them had their age in their bio and one of them in the proof told james hes 16
Pilarta Armo
Pilarta Armo Prije 17 dana
I wonder if he will also sue u also LOL I hope not I love ur channel!👏🏻
Okolo Pierre
Okolo Pierre Prije 17 dana
Just FUCKING love the opening music !!
bobbi.brewtality Prije 17 dana
He is refusing to take any accountability. Everything is very cleverly worded to manipulate the reader. He isn't sorry, and he could ABSOLUTELY change overnight with this - ie, Stop messaging and being inappropriate with young boys. Morphe are going to use this latest scandal to make a whole lot of sales from panicked fans thinking stock will disappear.
Jo Anna
Jo Anna Prije 17 dana
If it were someone else that doesn’t have money they would be in jail already for talking to a minor even if they had lied about their age like he claims they did.
Heavy Crown Radio
Heavy Crown Radio Prije 17 dana
I love your channel boo!
Abbii Brown
Abbii Brown Prije 17 dana
Waiting for the part where he sues??!
Heather Carter
Heather Carter Prije 17 dana
I'd be curious if morphe had contractual obligations where they couldn't just drop him. Either way I honestly hope James gets all his just desserts.
MariahTheBudd Prije 17 dana
I hope tati is drinking a glass of wine and chilling on her couch laughing at James lmao
Watch Dee
Watch Dee Prije 17 dana
Okay I know y’all may hate this comment But I honestly think James was set up... and set up but the two people who wanted him gone in the first place jefferey and Shane. I think they may have sent the underaged boys to James Charles anticipating his moment to slip up and he did. Now James is still at major fault because he decided to continue and slip Up. But I honestly think so especially now they are coming/creeping back out into the scene Shane’s coming back but softly and Jeffrey car accident which will get tons of sympathy and everyone back on they sides. Like all this started because they had a plot or plan to take names down no matter the cost. I’m just saying
Daunterrion Amous2
Daunterrion Amous2 Prije 18 dana
This is why kids shouldn’t have the internet. Y’all have no idea how hard it is for a gay guy to actually fine someone . Cause guys LIEEE they will say they maybe into guys and then say their not once they’ve gotten what they want outta you . These boys weren’t dumb they know who James was and how old he was they need to take accountability themselves for lying about their age .
s7n Prije 18 dana
First we had callmeincarcerated and now we have sister cellmate.
Lil Yanni
Lil Yanni Prije 18 dana
He’s better off taking the rest of what he has and living off of it. Otherwise he’s going to spend everything going up against these huge companies.
Phyl London
Phyl London Prije 18 dana
He is disgusting and I don’t look forward to him ever coming back.
caught in fo kay
caught in fo kay Prije 18 dana
Vero Diaz
Vero Diaz Prije 18 dana
Bruh. Those dudes lied. Period. I’m 16 and KNOW that I shouldnt lie about my age because it can ruin someone else’s life. LIKE HIS. cmon. Cancel culture is so fucking sensitive.
Alisa Alekseeva
Alisa Alekseeva Prije 18 dana
How is this in my subscriptions i am not subscribed, sketchy
Shannon’s Diaries
Shannon’s Diaries Prije 18 dana
morphe really be forgetting who got them there in the first place
Aryaa Prije 18 dana
you know white privilege is real when the one who committed the crime is taking legal action, ok sis
ChaiT Prije 18 dana
Yall are so wrong. We'll see the truth and yall will be 2 faced
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