Trump & Election Results: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Prije 12 dana

A week after Joe Biden’s win in the US presidential election, John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s various attempts to overturn the results, why his claims don’t hold water, and the consequences of indulging him.
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Robyn Blake
Robyn Blake Prije 9 minuta
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Prije 3 sati
"Any man who must say 'I am the king!' is no true king." - Tywin Lannister.
Marc Evens
Marc Evens Prije 5 sati
Mr. Tintin
Mr. Tintin Prije 5 sati
Raphael Warnock. Jon Ossoff. Raphael Warnock. Jon Ossoff. Raphael Warnock. Jon Ossoff. Raphael Warnock. Jon Ossoff. Raphael Warnock. Jon Ossoff. These two people need to be in the Senate on January 5th for stuff to get done.
suehuybensz Prije 6 sati
No...the turtle looks like Donald Trump peeking out of an omelet.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Prije 3 sati
Bro, the left didn’t accept the results of the last election, still haven’t. Hypocritical Cracks
Jim Reitenbach
Jim Reitenbach Prije 8 sati
Trump issued this little Executive Order in 2018 that could change everything. Trump 2020
Freerider2142 Prije 9 sati
Shanon Dean
Shanon Dean Prije 9 sati
*LOVESEXXX.ONLINE* *Аdult Оnlу 18+* !!! ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ ------------------------------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent.... ??? beste 一方、 の水をこぼし 遅く、昼下がりの物憂さを見事に描き出 メロディに、光 となる 抑 そのほとんどなくなってしまったので があります。
Richard 303
Richard 303 Prije 10 sati
John Oliver supports Joe Biden, neocon war monger.
robosbabydoll Prije 10 sati
He made a Ski Patrol reference!! 🤣🤣🤣
Effie Oliver
Effie Oliver Prije 11 sati
"Death threats for counting a democracy" Wow what has the US become?
Angel Lezay
Angel Lezay Prije 11 sati
I'm confused, are we snowflakes or are we literally Satan?
Ivana Taylor
Ivana Taylor Prije 14 sati
Haii John 💕
Jacob Smitzenwaffenburgerstein
Jacob Smitzenwaffenburgerstein Prije 15 sati
What kind of idiot compares following Constitutional law = coup d'etat? These liberals are are joke. They definitely are not "liberals" at all. Radical left authoritarians is more accurate
Stephen2462 Prije 12 sati
Considering that by "following Constitutional law" you actually mean "lying about the election results and telling your cult to do the same", it's not too far off.
Germany Jones
Germany Jones Prije 15 sati
Gravey grave? Have a safe thanksgiving John
MDKAI Prije 15 sati
Isn't it astonishing how much a moronic right wing demagogue cant absolutely wreck our country? You can also blame grifters and biased media.
Rick Ryker
Rick Ryker Prije 16 sati
Must. Watch.
Brendan Kalosky
Brendan Kalosky Prije 20 sati
I feel like as soon as the transition is over Twitter will ban him, idk just seems like something that would happen
Eric Allen
Eric Allen Prije 20 sati
"It's not over until the final fisting you give." I think I just found my gravestone quote.
Bob Snow
Bob Snow Prije 21 sat
Bro, the left didn’t accept the results of the last election, still haven’t. Hypocritical Cracks
Stephen2462 Prije 12 sati Try again
Willie Prije dan
How about I kick your ass for free Johnny boy
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 Prije dan
Trump is already forgotten history,. Kick him all you want it makes no difference, but it does show us the pathetic are. John Oliiver I had higher expectations. Funny, the same problems are all still there. Let me list them : Lazy American students refuse to take STEM degrees. They continue to take Lib Arts and default on loans.
In God we trust
In God we trust Prije dan
only 2? you are a fool.
TyDie85 Prije dan
I can't express enough how much I appreciate that "gravy grave" line 🤣
J Cloutier
J Cloutier Prije dan
Now I can never enjoy "Midnight Cowboy" again. You know, the movie where Voight played a dumb sleazy male prostitute.
billy fix
billy fix Prije dan
Now claim this as satire and you're a genius since I'm watching after the Dominion crime.
J Cloutier
J Cloutier Prije dan
Thank you, John Oliver, for helping me cope.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije dan
Saying that there is a major difference between not my president and not the president is really important
Brik Haus
Brik Haus Prije dan
Jon Voight seems like he's forgotten what's real he thinks he's playing another role without knowing it
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn Prije dan
"The fact that T*** is not going to be President is really good. It's really good!" thanks, John - just so simply, but so truly put!! :} 🕊🇺🇸
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn Prije dan
Simply put - John Voight is nuts. i mean Satan???! when i was 13, i sort of met him when he was in a show my Dad was in near Chicago. he was such a good looking young man, full of life. if i had known, i would have stepped on his foot :}
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije dan this is John Oliver in 2019. Showing how flawed the Voting system was.
Temp Email
Temp Email Prije dan
Keep talking brother exclamation
Dale B
Dale B Prije dan
Thank God for John Oliver. It will be a rough December without him directing the daily stupidity of Donald Trump and the minions who surround and defend him like humoring a three-year old.
Morgan Irvine
Morgan Irvine Prije dan
This year fells purgatory
PeasantThoughts Prije dan
The info at 6:02 is untrue the man did not recant his story and instead after the media claimed this he came out again and stated that he had not recanted his claim and that this is not true and is a lie made up by the media which have given zero proof that he claimed this. Then the thing is the claim at 7:36 which at first might sound crazy isn't actually as crazy as it would seem as in the UK the labour party was caught committing election fraud in Birmingham 2005 election because did some very similar things.
Carly Prije 4 sati It was confirmed that he recanted his statements ,and he just lied to the public to try to own the libs.
The Night Messenger
The Night Messenger Prije dan
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The final fisting you give! BWAHAHAHAHAHA. John you always make me smile. ❤❤❤
Diego Pusineri
Diego Pusineri Prije dan
8320 Forty Fort inhabitants felt offended so far
FYW gamer
FYW gamer Prije dan
John why are you always talking bad about Trump? Then also talk bad about the democrats otherwise It’s seen on which side are you. I mean you’re not even American and you have so much to say about it.
Stephen2462 Prije 12 sati
@FYW gamer Pretty sure tha thas less to do with "balls" and more a combination of JO's own bias, and that Biden's nowhere near as bad. I mean, compared to Trump Biden is downright bland. Making fun of him would get boring fast unless he decided to regurgitate conservative propoganda.
FYW gamer
FYW gamer Prije 18 sati
@Stephen2462 If he had balls he could also make fun of Biden now but of course HBO is not independent media.
Stephen2462 Prije dan
@FYW gamer Fair, though since he'll be out soon, we should be close to the end of it.
FYW gamer
FYW gamer Prije dan
@Stephen2462 yeah but he is starting to repeat himself always just Trump this Trump that
Stephen2462 Prije dan
Of course JO is biased, but it's not his fault Trump has been such a terrible president.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Prije dan
Is this a propagation of the myth that popular votes matter, when it's the electoral college that decides the presidency?
Stephen2462 Prije dan
Nope; Biden won both.
Vaibhav Rothe
Vaibhav Rothe Prije dan
Olga m
Olga m Prije dan
Demorats 🤑🤑🤑🤑😈😈
Stephen2462 Prije dan
Sounds like another Trumpie got triggered.
Schraubstock Prije dan
boy is he talking fast... for non-native speakers a speed of 0.75 seems to be adequate to keep up with him. :P
Ricky Prije dan
why the hell are we talking about this, it only validates him. I understand people need to be informed about coronavirus conspiracy theories and why voted ID laws were not needed but this is so stupid it doesn't deserve an argument. It's unbelievable how many people believe it though it really is sad.
Ian Williams
Ian Williams Prije dan
ynwa john
PrometheusV Prije dan
Funny thing: When Tucker Carlson was mad about the investigation team not coming up with useable evidence, Fox viewer immediately jumped on him that he now gets paid by democrats and Fox is pandering lately to the left. A huge number of fans said in the comments that you cant trust Fox anymore and that they are now watching Newsmax since its the only non fake news channel. I love it :)
David ican
David ican Prije dan this is John Oliver in 2019. Showing how flawed the Voting system was.
Erwin Lorenzana
Erwin Lorenzana Prije dan
I hope you stand with David chappelle I'm cancelling my subscription to hbo if his shows still up next month
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo Prije dan
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo Prije dan ....
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo Prije dan
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw Prije dan
payback for 2016 isa bee-ach
Mike Morrison
Mike Morrison Prije dan
As someone from Williamsport, PA, the part about Forty Fort made me heartily chuckle. We also have a King of Prussia, PA (which is just plain COOL!). Intercourse. And a town called Shamokin (sounds like Jim Carey's The Mask character) near another town that's been on fire for like 50 years or something like that. It's "Shamokin!" 🤣
Jeremy Rd
Jeremy Rd Prije dan
Commie lovers
Stephen2462 Prije 12 sati
@Jeremy Rd Now you're just being silly.
Jeremy Rd
Jeremy Rd Prije dan
@Stephen2462 anyone that says white supremacy isn't an evil ideology is a fool.
Stephen2462 Prije dan
@Jeremy Rd There isn't, but I find it entertaining to try sometimes.
Jeremy Rd
Jeremy Rd Prije dan
@Stephen2462 no theres no point debating a fool.
Stephen2462 Prije dan
@Jeremy Rd I wouldn't consider white supremacy evil so much as stupid and idiotic. Do you have a point or are you just going to throw more false equivalencies at me?
Skip Johnson
Skip Johnson Prije dan
Worse channel of misinformation on HRpost 🤨
Stephen2462 Prije dan
Nope, Trumpies just wish it was.
CyberdelicXP Prije 2 dana
These rupubliKKKians are traitors...respect the ballot, or dodge our bullets. Your choice.
Jason Bisko
Jason Bisko Prije 2 dana
I'm from like 45 minutes from there. We do laugh at forty fort
NineTines Prije 2 dana
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Trump should invade Trump to humor the president to vote against literally Satan. That's where we are in Modern day Confederate America.
Gracie Rodriguez
Gracie Rodriguez Prije 2 dana
One of the people who named the place “Forty Fort” is actually an ancestor of Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome
Ms WhiteMatter
Ms WhiteMatter Prije 2 dana
Catching myself checking to the channel's page, until I remember - again - that there's no new episode this week...
Alexander Gulino
Alexander Gulino Prije 2 dana
Its early but they're "entertaining this" because those cowards will ride this train to dictator town. Just as fun to say as forty fort, but with a lot more consequences for their actions.
dexterous187 Prije 2 dana
It's insane how you have changed your opinion about voter fraud since a year ago.
Stephen2462 Prije dan
Lol no he hasn't. The potential issues with voter machines, and the fact that Republicans have been fighting tooth and nail to not do anything about it, doesn't change the fact there's absolutely no evidence of widespread voter fraud.
dexterous187 Prije 2 dana
Biden is not president elect.
Sid New
Sid New Prije 2 dana
He is, obviously.
dexterous187 Prije 2 dana
Wait, what were you saying about voter fraud a year ago?
Stephen2462 Prije dan
He certainly wasn't claiming that there's evidence of wide spread fraud in the 2020 election.
HaliensExist Prije 2 dana
I think we can say Trump is also a cheddar cheese mistake
Aldon Dekock
Aldon Dekock Prije 2 dana
Mitch McConnell is worse than Trump; and that's really saying something. A case of the instigator being worse than the thief..
Alex Orpin
Alex Orpin Prije 2 dana
I thought that Tucker was saying that he was a male man before I realised that it was mail man, as in the job. 👍 Intelligence👍
hen ko
hen ko Prije 2 dana
I can see why Angelina Jole doesn't talk to him.
Betty Boop
Betty Boop Prije 2 dana
Well these one-trick pony leftist comedians may be celebrating a Trump departure, but they're going to have to find a new shtick. Talk about tedious. I can't believe anyone who isn't rabidly political and anti-Trump would find them funny or even interesting.
Stephen2462 Prije dan
JO's been big for years before Trump ran for president, you'd have to be a moron to think that's why JO is popular. That sounds like a you problem.
Minnie Lutz
Minnie Lutz Prije 2 dana
Freda Martin
Freda Martin Prije 2 dana
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: America should invade America to bring democracy to America.
Jean-Luc Martel
Jean-Luc Martel Prije 2 dana
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Prije 2 dana
BeardiusMaximus Prije dan
@Jonathan Batista Ah. You give the game away with your last post. There ARE no "allegations of voter fraud". You say the media has been weaponized, but you're the one who's falling for it. If we have access to the same information, how have you been duped so thoroughly? If you care about "facts", do yourself a favor: Look at publicly available court records. In EVERY case, the administration whilst IN COURT, DENY that this is about voter fraud because they know they don't have a case. Although trump and rudy are alleging TO THE MEDIA that there is voter fraud, their lawyers (and rudy himself) are admitting in court that they're aware that is not the case. So the only thing that "disputes the numbers" are trump and his goon squad to the media. The votes have been counted and in many cases, recounted. You want raw data? The raw data has been certified in most cases! Bush vs Gore has no bearing here. That solely relied on Florida and the supreme court stepping in to stop a recount on a very close election. That's not relevant here because this time a number of states would be needed to literally override the will of the people. The ONLY way this does not move forward is if trump can convince (as he has tried to do) state officials to override the votes and send their own electors. Granted, no electors have been sent. But enough of the swing states have already stated that they will not do so, and some even have laws forbidding it. So it has been decided. The electors will reflect the results of the election. The margin of victory is important because every case in court alleges, at most, a few hundred suspicious votes. Even IF they were to win (and they haven't done so far in most cases) it's not enough to change the outcome of the election. This is why it won't make it to the supreme court. There's effectively nothing for them to adjudicate. Also your analogy is heavily flawed. Here's why: In your case, your lawyers already admitted in court that the $100,000 never existed even though you've been screaming about the theft to anyone who'll listen. A better analogy would be trump trying to buy a $100 million dollar property while claiming he MIGHT have $1 million dollars to pay for it whilst failing in court to show he has that million dollars, then arguing that he's already bought the property because he has a million dollars. It's insane and it makes no sense. And the difference in numbers matters because even if trump could prove the million dollars, it's nowhere near enough. Your denial is frankly pathetic, as is your gullibility. You've been lied to, and you're falling for it hook, line and sinker. The only path left to trump is to convince enough state legislators to ignore the certified votes and as stated, they've already said that won't happen. So I don't know what investigations you think could possibly take place, but again look at the results of the court cases. I think i'm done here. They can do all the sham investigations they need, but until then the facts stand. Biden won the election and will be the next president.
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Prije dan
@BeardiusMaximus we can't use, the numbers as a criteria because the allegations of voter fraud directly disputes these numbers , therefore a lawful investigation must be initiated. Its like if you get arrested for stealing 100,000$, and you claim innocence.... so I say the sum of money that you stold was way too much, therefore you don't even have a case. You are refuting the foundation of my criteria. I think you understand.
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Prije dan
@BeardiusMaximus i am specifically not getting into the cases, thats not what this is about, I think it's pointless to argue about investigations that haven't even started. What I am arguing is the fact that BIDEN is not the president elect and that the legal process must conclude before anything. You seem to have a great deal of trust in our media, I think thats really interesting. We have the same access to information . What you call a formality, I call a lawful mold of what should be followed in order for all citizens stand together. I was alive in the Bush Gore era, and Gore lasted 37 days until he conceded. The media has been weaponized, so at this point we can only go with raw data. Raw data= no president elect has been declared = not 1 electoral vite has been allocated. Sorry its just the facts.
BeardiusMaximus Prije dan
@Jonathan Batista Nice double post. You know there's an edit function, right? Who said there can't be investigations? I didn't. Nice strawman though. I'd like to hear what investigations you'd like to see. We both know there's nothing to investigate. Almost every case brought to court by the trump administration has either been dismissed due to lack of evidence, or dropped by the lawyers themselves. If there was ANY evidence, we'd have seen some by now. But there isn't...and I think you know that. I also never used the margin of victory (call it what it is) as a criteria, only as an example that the race was not too close to call. That's simply not the case here. Trump would have to flip multiple states that have already recounted (like Georgia) . Now that most of the important states have certified the results, as stated, the rest is a formally. Trump can fight it all he wants, but he has no valid ground to do so. Only lies. And that's a fact
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Prije dan
@BeardiusMaximus your comment is not a fact. You use the margin of voter numbers as a criteria for declaration of winning. These cases must be investigationed.
Akriti Yadav
Akriti Yadav Prije 2 dana
Smile and let everyone know that today, you’re a lot stronger than you were...☺️🥰
Lora Brown
Lora Brown Prije 2 dana
"Is anyone really surprised that Donald Trump is trying to force himself on us after we said no?"
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Prije 2 dana
Lol, wow 👏 so true. We need to build back better, we need to take this opportunity to Reset.
Gov Corp Watch
Gov Corp Watch Prije 2 dana
John Oliver, You aren't covering the Deep State stealing the election. You never cover the Deep State. It's global, and Biden is part of that "establishment" deep state.
Gov Corp Watch
Gov Corp Watch Prije 2 dana
@Sid New Catherine Austin Fitts discusses a second CIVILIZATION that is off-planet that started at the end of WW2. The draining of Earth Resources and value is being taken by the second off-planet civilization that is currently classified. Everything they do is black, black budget, classified, secret. I have posted on my channel the evidence of NASA admitting to registering anti-gravitic space craft. you want evidence? How about that?
Gov Corp Watch
Gov Corp Watch Prije 2 dana
@Sid New are you talking about evidence of the Deep State? Cuz I got that: Catherine Austin Fitts (former Assistant Secretary of the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Dev. under G W. Bush) discusses the "deep state" extensively! see here:
Sid New
Sid New Prije 2 dana
Evidence, please?
Gov Corp Watch
Gov Corp Watch Prije 2 dana
@Maria Quiet No need for Russia, or Russian spies, or Russian propaganda, or Russian Interferences. This is what your own gov't has done to you. The CIA is explicitly doing EXACTLY this to you and everyone. Get with the program, yo. You're smart enough to get it.... get with it.
Gov Corp Watch
Gov Corp Watch Prije 2 dana
@Maria Quiet oh. Thanks for letting me know. ROFL! The deep state already happened. there is no need to make anything happen. They already control you, they control your thinking, your feeling, and your beliefs. The deep state (in this instance read: CIA) has so propagandized you, and you bought it, that you don't even think they exist.
flaminyawn Prije 2 dana
Trump supporting Jon Voight basically just said that Satan is mightier than God. Are you Christians going to let him get away with that?
Meb Prije 2 dana
Guys watching John Oliver get so fervent about the election is so entertaining to watch. I cant wait until the White House moves to formally file their legal cases. Don't forget guys that in 2017-2018 the media and even Democrats were questioning the security of the vote system. But now since it appears Biden won, they are adamantly against anyone who dares to question the systems. If you have nothing to hide, just sit back and let them legitimize Biden's win. BUT if you have a lot to hide then deny and smear the investigations like they are doing now. The point is the Bush and Al Gore Election took 37 days to resolve, it's only been 21 days. It's really suspicious how some people in the media look like they want the investigations to have been over Yesterday. Just be patient.
Stephen2462 Prije dan
@Meb Are you a bot or something? You're just repeating (copypasting?) the same stupid claims I've already debunked.
Meb Prije dan
@Stephen2462 It doesn’t matter if it’s one state or several states. It appears from the investigations that several states are being looked at. Again neither candidate has conceded and investigations are ongoing. Therefore you must wait until the Electoral College certifies the result. Claiming either candidate won or lost would be intellectually dishonest.
Stephen2462 Prije dan
@Meb So what? Biden won by about 70 electoral votes. That was because the difference in electoral votes was close enough for Florida alone to change the tally, and the whole hanging chad thing threw doubt on it from the start. Trump being a big baby isn't going to change the result lol.
Meb Prije dan
@Stephen2462 Again the result hasn’t been certified, and neither side has conceded. Therefore saying “Biden won” or “Trump lost” is intellectually dishonest. Any serious thinker would point to the Bush and Al Gore case where it appeared Al Gore had a lead but after the vote was investigated, Bush ended up wining.
Stephen2462 Prije dan
@Meb Indeed, the media just reports the results, and the result is that Biden won. I never said the media or I certify the election lol. I don't see how it matters if Trump's too pathetic to admit he lost. Time has already told: as I just said; the thirty-something relevant lawsuits have already been dismissed or withdrawn due to lack of evidence. That was due to the hanging chad thing. You'd have to be a total moron to believe Trump still has a snowball's chance in hell of remaining in the white house at this point. And I think any serious thinker already knows that this voter fraud nonsense is just bullshit Trump pulled out of his ass. Without evidence, there's no reason to take it seriously.
tan116A Prije 2 dana
Look, people. This is the greatest country on Earth!
Elite Mangudai
Elite Mangudai Prije 2 dana
Unsubscribed. The constant baseless bashing, misinformation and blatant hatred this guy spits with his unoriginal effeminate voice is insufferable.
Gavin Prije 2 dana
@Elite Mangudai I mean he has a disability but it’s still pretty funny
Elite Mangudai
Elite Mangudai Prije 2 dana
@Gavin Biden's grammar is not a matter of joke is it?
Maria Quiet
Maria Quiet Prije 2 dana
Huh? He's... British? That's how he talks? Are we supposed to have "original" speaking styles now? Is this a thing that's going to be expected of us?
Gavin Prije 2 dana
Bi Den
Bruce Eaton
Bruce Eaton Prije 2 dana
Anyone else find it ironic how often "Christians" (quotes used intentionally to denote Christians by claim only, not action) refer to people/groups other than Trump as Satan, when within Christianity, Satan is referred to several times as "The father of lies"?
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Prije 2 dana
They look at ot this way, because the other side is promoting abortion and trans kids, and a whole lot of things that they can't stand.
Linziloo Loo
Linziloo Loo Prije 2 dana
So in a past episode this sell out pointed out how easy it is to manipulate the voting machines in NJ, and pointed out the need for physical verification through paper ballots, now it is crazy to say the election was hacked manipulated? Proof of a media psyop?
Megalobytes Prije 2 dana
Wow... whataboutism. I'm not surprised.
A 17
A 17 Prije 2 dana
True, he did cover that. Allow me to go on a bit of a rant here. I'm not an American but the media in my country (mostly the newspapers) regurgitates what msm says and in one article i read, the writer said exactly this regarding the censorship of one of Trump's press conference, "The action, on a leader of a country---in the full glare of millions of global audiences, was a rare and candid show of ethics and professionalism and may be a turning point in the practice of journalism. It brought to the fore the principles of truth and accuracy and how they can shape public opinion on the role of the media. For Kenyan media, this incident presents an opportunity to revisit the cardinal principles of the journalism profession --among them truth and accuracy ; independence, fairnness and impartiality;and humanity and accountability." I've lifted the quote from the article word for empty word. This narrative peddled by msm and shows like this where Trump is the boogeyman is leading America and the 'free world' into an age of active propaganda and censorship all to be done in the name of Truth. In my country, the media is glorifies Obama(as he is called 'one of us' on the basis of his birth father and race) without any regard to what he did or does. My country is very divided along tribal lines to a point where they are going to change the constitution and add a few dysfunctional and powerless posts for the sake of pacifying other tribes(so they say) and giving status to a few more politicians. But it's all about the said politicians being symbols and vote harvesters, but not much will happen for the really disenfranchised people and communities. This obsession with race (or whatever form of identity) fanned by the US media will not end well and will only obvious benefit those at the top(or who seek to be at the top) who promote the same narrative. I used to be a fan of this show and others like it, but over the last year i grew disillusioned and it all came crashing down at last when i saw how aggressively the so called polls that predicted a landslide victory for Biden and the democrats were being peddled. I couldn't help but think that there was infact an end game to the constant attacks by the media on President Trump these 4 years. The truth is now only dubbed as true when it's convenient and it seems Oliver has been on the wagon all along or he is also just too caught up in the boogeyman story to see beyond his nose. Despite the flaws of the President, or of America as a whole, i hope and pray that come next year the nation still stands as a beacon of liberty. I have seen politicians such as AOC asking for the listing of people who supported Trump and if people like her who seem to be media darlings gain control of the government and turn it communist, it would cause so much harm beyond the borders of America. My country has been growing more 'democratic' for the last 20 years and we have many challenges to face but if marxism(through the subversive tactics being applied in the US) takes hold here because of the fall of America, we will be crushed and many people will suffer because the idealism that the republic represents with regards to the respect of life and freedom has yet to come alive here. So please, this is to any reasonable person on this channel who may come across this comment, don't participate in this 'witch burning'...the man (Trump) may not have tact with regards to his rhetoric but he is no satan. Own your shadow and fight the good fight by not casting a stone....take a step back and see beyond the noise of the crowd cause the great future of your country and it's values might be under attack. I've seen comments bashing rhetoric of the Christian right (and sometimes rightly so) but some of the ideas rooted in their conservatism are what keep western culture intact..their aversion to 'liberal' ideologies should not be shunned as mere lunacy. That heritage is the foundation of the west, as i see, and all else is built on and around it. Even if Biden wins, don't topple down that too, don't be taken in by the absurdity of marxism. I feel that we are reaching a point where apathy is being touted as a way out so I'll end with this.. There's this poem by William Stafford called 'A ritual to read to each other'...the last two stanzas are "And so I appeal to a voice, to something shadowy, a remote important region in all who talk though we could fool each other, we should consider - - lest the parade of our mutual life get lost in the dark. For it is important that awake people be awake, or a breaking line may discourage them back to sleep; the signals we give-- yes or no, or maybe-- should be clear: the darkness around us is deep. "
Wallace Trisler
Wallace Trisler Prije 2 dana
Guarantee you that the "Nevada volunteer" is a Fox employee who has never lived in the state of Nevada in her entire life.
dee doh
dee doh Prije 2 dana
funny ..Mike P not funny, John O.
le hongcong
le hongcong Prije 2 dana
Why are all these Republican 'snowflakes' throwing tantrums and not acknowledging a 'duly elected' president?
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Prije 2 dana
Because he hasn't been elected, the media does not elect presidents.
Abren Prije 2 dana
Because he's not "duly elected". Dominion rigged the election in Biden's favour. A Dominion official said he would make sure Trump wouldn't win. Electronic voting is very susceptible to hacking. But don't just take my word for it. John Oliver seems to agree with me on this:
Stanley Song
Stanley Song Prije 2 dana
It Takes All Kinds
It Takes All Kinds Prije 2 dana
Misery is the trump brand.
L. T C.
L. T C. Prije 2 dana
Well GSA finally began the formal transition so if Drumpf wants to be a baby at least it's not going to hurt anyone anymore. Mostly.
Aaron Hammon
Aaron Hammon Prije 2 dana
What a twit
3rdeyegirl Prije 2 dana
"its not over until the final fisting you give or some shit like that, I don't remember anymore" lol!
Laura Drotar
Laura Drotar Prije 2 dana
12:50 Is that Mr. Sir from "Holes"? It's like he's the same as his character.
Lucille Cook
Lucille Cook Prije 2 dana
Mitch McConnell is worse than Trump; and that's really saying something. A case of the instigator being worse than the thief..
Alapan Ghosh
Alapan Ghosh Prije 2 dana
I am from West Bengal and I had no idea about the fucking yellow turtle(or tortoise)
Falcon43351 Prije 2 dana
Oh man.. i thought.. oh great monday.. let s look another episode.. and then the numbness dropped in .. ohhh the emptiness
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo Prije 2 dana
CJ Jackson
CJ Jackson Prije 2 dana
We are doomed if biden is president
Gavin Prije 2 dana
Cope harder
late lat
late lat Prije 2 dana
Is it me or others also see the homophony between “Yellow turtle” & “Yellow trump”! 🤓
Dru Blood
Dru Blood Prije 2 dana
I find it very funny that the republican city commissioner is so shocked about receiving death threats from fanatical republicans about the vote count. I think he’s shocked that another republican is being threatened and that’s all. If it were a city controlled by Democrats and they were being threatened by fanatical republicans for counting votes he wouldn’t think twice about it because that kind of crap happens all the time in America and that’s why republicans love the 2nd amendment. They love waving guns in the air, walking around with giant guns strapped to them for no necessary reason other then to fuck with everyone around them, they love threatening anyone that doesn’t agree with them, and they love talking about how they wanna stick their gun up some Democratic lawmakers asshole or pussy and blast away! This guy is just shocked because he’s a republican and your not supposed to threaten another republican with violence thats normally reserved for the opposition, which is ok for him.
vito741 Prije 2 dana
Well said
John C
John C Prije 2 dana
The difference between this election and the last few is simply the increased accusations of voter fraud and election rigging as a result of the increases in mail-in ballots, which are far more susceptible to fraud. While I do think President Trump's team has made some foolish decisions, he is absolutely within his rights to contest these results. Leftists seem so outraged that he doesn't simply concede and move on. Why should he? There's enough legitimate suspicion that leftists are far too eager to ignore and sweep under the rug. Rather than crying about President Trump not yet conceding, they should be demanding fair and free elections with far more accountability and less opportunity for said suspicion of fraud. This is what Republicans want. If Biden still wins after cases are settled, then so be it. Republicans still would largely dislike him, but most would at least give him a chance and accept him as the next president. Instead, leftist only want to ignore any allegations and shove a Biden victory down out throats. Obviously, leftists don't care about election integrity. They can't stand to have President Trump reelected, so they go to any length to ensure that doesn't happen. Meanwhile, 70% of Republicans don't believe the election was free and fair. If you want to change that, then push for more free and fair election results instead of pushing for your own candidates' suspicious victory. If he won fair and square, then you've got nothing to loose and only further support to gain.
Bill B
Bill B Prije 2 dana
Who is alpha david and why does his name keep coming up during all this??
xyz061220 Prije 2 dana
Or if CIA did one in Iran.
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