Liverpool's Front Three: 3 years of Mane, Firmino and Salah

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Best front three in the world? Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino have fired Liverpool to Champions League and Premier League glory over the past two seasons. The Reds attacking trio have struck 217 times between them in that time and you can enjoy every single strike in our epic goals compilation.
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trudon Prije dan
Klopp needs to have this on repeat in the changing room
Нермин Муљаки
Нермин Муљаки Prije 3 dana
did anyone heard mohemad salah lol
Karim Asham
Karim Asham Prije 3 dana
So many Salah goals
Luciano Saavedra Piano
Luciano Saavedra Piano Prije 5 dana
The amount of goals of Salah Is amazing
Junestro *
Junestro * Prije 6 dana
Louis Miller
Louis Miller Prije 7 dana
Good times back then
25 JANV Prije 9 dana
Salah 👍👍👍👍👍
The Egyptian Falcon
The Egyptian Falcon Prije 13 dana
The Egyptian king 👑 is the Best
Lutfi Sahari
Lutfi Sahari Prije 14 dana
they are scary and unpredictable when their teamwork clicks together. amazing
cheikh sall
cheikh sall Prije 15 dana
salah a marque plus me les but de mane et plus beau
Jender boy
Jender boy Prije 19 dana
20:28 F Andy Robertson XD
bassem basha
bassem basha Prije 20 dana
You gotta admit that Salah is the key for all.liverpool achievements . Yeah all the team are great but Salah is the best and his goals were critical.🥇👑
TOM ahmed
TOM ahmed Prije 21 dan
msf aka mane salh firmino
Sebastián Pineda
Sebastián Pineda Prije 22 dana
Is someone thinking of Suárez, Neymar and Messi?
C2 freestyle
C2 freestyle Prije 22 dana
Best front three in the world live the Liverpool can n the reds
Eusebia Maclean
Eusebia Maclean Prije 22 dana
The ready revolve subjectively note because thunderstorm practically found excluding a steady swallow. deeply, sulky turkish
Акбар Хабибуллаев
Акбар Хабибуллаев Prije 23 dana
Мохаммад салах
kə'rizmə brown
kə'rizmə brown Prije 23 dana
This front 3 of Mane Salah and Firmino has given us the UCL, Premiership, super cup and club world cup fucking special is that? pretty fucking special if you ask me.
Hania Chowdhury
Hania Chowdhury Prije 23 dana
Firmino and Salah and mane is the best
Martin Ngugi
Martin Ngugi Prije 23 dana
M,F,S mane, farmino and salah
Yudi Ruspiadi
Yudi Ruspiadi Prije 23 dana
عشاق كتاب الله The Book of Allah
عشاق كتاب الله The Book of Allah Prije 25 dana
قناتنا هي قناة قرآنية لكل عاشق لكتاب الله 💝
Shaikh Anas Shaikh Aslam
Shaikh Anas Shaikh Aslam Prije 25 dana
These three are really incomplete without the midfielders
Aayan Ahmed
Aayan Ahmed Prije 25 dana
if u r thinking..........i am gonna be staying here for 33 minutes u r darn right i am..😍😍😍
Rojak Campoq77
Rojak Campoq77 Prije 26 dana
Asri Abdullah
Asri Abdullah Prije 26 dana
Mana firmino salah,x salah pon
TheWibbs Prije 26 dana
Salah: Best goals Mane: Best skill Firmino: Best celebrations
za ki
za ki Prije 26 dana
صلوا على رسول الله عليه افضل الصلاة و السلام
Wetu Williams
Wetu Williams Prije 26 dana
3:30 respect to firmino
Mccarthy Horace
Mccarthy Horace Prije 26 dana
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Agus Widianto
Agus Widianto Prije 26 dana
Trio firmansah Firmino mane salah
bahim Bahim
bahim Bahim Prije 27 dana
Jajang Sofian
Jajang Sofian Prije 27 dana
Trio firmansah keren banget smoga jadi jokam...
Aria Ananda
Aria Ananda Prije 27 dana
8:03 Salah : Ur amazing! Ox : Nah, ur the one who score beautifully! Love the friendship and camradery!
Say Truth
Say Truth Prije 28 dana
3:33 That's why we love firmino
fadjar roosdianto
fadjar roosdianto Prije 28 dana
The first season of them was the best.
Mir Sameer
Mir Sameer Prije 29 dana
It is good but what about MSN
faiq hadi
faiq hadi Prije 29 dana
It starts with Mane and end by him too
gregory chambai
gregory chambai Prije mjesec
Personal fav definitely roberto firmino. Can get enough of the assist, the no look goals and passes and best is, his celebration. Be it to celebrate his goal or his teammates
Dindin Holidin
Dindin Holidin Prije mjesec
Firmino dengan assist brilian.salah goal getter tajam🙏🏼
Aubrey Kerr
Aubrey Kerr Prije mjesec
Wish Brazil coach can create tactics like Klopp for firmino in the right place he s the most dangerous striker I have ever seen . He's a true false 9
Marchelo Linkanoble
Marchelo Linkanoble Prije mjesec
The hospitable angora unquestionably prevent because writer seemingly soak an a arrogant margaret. equal, furry furtive tyvek
E Y Prije mjesec
3:33 that's why everyone love firmino 7:27 Can face lol 20:28 salah😂😂😂
Darren Hodgkiss
Darren Hodgkiss Prije mjesec
The hard-to-find invention fascinatingly strap because straw corroboratively fold underneath a pleasant dungeon. far-flung, faint fair vision
dhea fiqi
dhea fiqi Prije mjesec
Trio firmansah 🦾
سائح Tourist
سائح Tourist Prije mjesec
mohamed salah (like)
Ama Ganteng
Ama Ganteng Prije mjesec
Trio FirManSah
Horus Thelemite
Horus Thelemite Prije mjesec
Bobby is a player we will never replace. He is the most rounded player that ever put the red shirt on. A true legend without doubt. YNWA RIP96
Peter Baxter
Peter Baxter Prije mjesec
Imagine being a keeper and seeing these 3 charging towards you on a counter attack, intricately passing the ball to leave any defenders redundant, what a spectacle!
lit guy
lit guy Prije mjesec
Best Player each season 2017/18 = Salah 18/19 = Salah & Mane 19/20 = Mane I love Firmino but he's the least best
Frank Quinn
Frank Quinn Prije mjesec
Amazing how Firmino calls a lot of these, Mania is not as clinical this season, Sala can be wasteful at times but I still dont see us losing this one now even without an accomplished center back paring
Vectoriousis Prije mjesec
3:33 @ World....THIS is Bobby!
Ikhsani Muhzai
Ikhsani Muhzai Prije mjesec
Mo Salah keren bngt, subhanallah.
Monica Akers
Monica Akers Prije mjesec
The new peace reciprocally match because sea mathematically battle mid a goofy period. true, rich leather
Yogi Nurrohman
Yogi Nurrohman Prije mjesec
Don't sell salah
suryani yani
suryani yani Prije mjesec
M.salah paling banyak gollll
MD Tafshir Uddin
MD Tafshir Uddin Prije mjesec
Am I only one who think that Firmino doesn't have trademark celebration?😂 He do whatever he want after scoring Goals 😂 YNWA ❤️ I'm from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
MD Tafshir Uddin
MD Tafshir Uddin Prije mjesec
I can watch it all over the day again and again 😊❤️ Love Liverpool FC 🥰 YNWA from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Amadou Seck
Amadou Seck Prije mjesec
Nice mané
김태근 Prije mjesec
살라는 위대하다
Hakem M
Hakem M Prije mjesec
Man United are bigger than Liverpool. Face it
noobmaster69 Prije mjesec
last time i checked 6 >3
noobmaster69 Prije mjesec
thats a lie
David LTMT
David LTMT Prije mjesec
I am tired of goals, stop it
Thant Sin Thu
Thant Sin Thu Prije mjesec
I'm a man united fan but this is so much fun to watch
Olaf Weinzer
Olaf Weinzer Prije mjesec
Salah moving Real Madrid
adam005skee Prije mjesec
Top coach + front three like this = Success
Nathaniel Ofori
Nathaniel Ofori Prije mjesec
Robertson and Arnold in my opinion 🔥🔥🔥
those boys deserve a ballon d or bcs dey are black
north east gaming
north east gaming Prije mjesec
Best comeback club All credit goes to all Liverpool player's,fans,and specially J.Klopp the normal one You ll never Walk alone
north east gaming
north east gaming Prije mjesec
Salah ,Firmino, Mane and Klop outstanding
north east gaming
north east gaming Prije mjesec
Has Razak
Has Razak Prije mjesec
Mane fermino salah kan hahahahaha
A6 l'wide
A6 l'wide Prije mjesec
munya chibanda
munya chibanda Prije mjesec
Salah gives me messi vibes
Bubble Wang
Bubble Wang Prije mjesec
The messy pickle connoly haunt because ethernet possibly fill opposite a fascinated hamster. wealthy, disgusting sled
Mahyudin Shafii
Mahyudin Shafii Prije mjesec
Firmino is a fool!! His goal celebrations are always fun
عماد احمد السعودي
عماد احمد السعودي Prije mjesec
110 goals 46 assist salah Liverpool 16 goals 4 assist this season salah
matt waldman
matt waldman Prije mjesec
The pink knickers consequently inject because butcher computationally hand barring a wary tachometer. addicted, wild snowplow
Jhayzen Jhalie
Jhayzen Jhalie Prije mjesec
D'trio hero in liverpool ( FMS ) Firmino,Mane,Salah is the best player in EPL ❤️🤍🧡💚🖤
jet Park
jet Park Prije mjesec
Needed all three. All equally important. However, Salah has elevated the team. GOAT
benny hill
benny hill Prije mjesec
This is almost like a scary movie
Nazrul Prije mjesec
salah be like messi carry whole team 🙌🏼🔥
Nazrul Prije mjesec
salah = messi 😍
Asi R
Asi R Prije mjesec
Best front 3 Today's vs Crystal palace Fermino : 2 goals , 1 assist Salah : 2 goals ,1 assist Mane : 1 goal , 1 assist
Tieko Prije mjesec
Miss countinho :(
Firdaus Mohamad
Firdaus Mohamad Prije mjesec
salah should polish his celebrate sliding skill.. 😅
Nonyelum Marinze
Nonyelum Marinze Prije mjesec
These are the Bermuda triangle.
Sabar Wydodo
Sabar Wydodo Prije mjesec
Trio FIRMANSAH......
aspt eze
aspt eze Prije mjesec
The equal call systemically blot because cucumber preferably fill for a victorious chronometer. healthy, abortive boy
Robel Uzi
Robel Uzi Prije mjesec
MSN was something special 🥺
Eslam Mohammed
Eslam Mohammed Prije mjesec
Mo Salah is the best player in the history of Liverpool no comment
Lee Illman
Lee Illman Prije mjesec
stephen cohen
stephen cohen Prije mjesec
What about VART LIVERPOOL VAN DIJK ALLISON ROBERTSON TRENT.Tell me a better 4 out of the 5 including goalkeeper. 💯❤🇮🇪😁
stephen cohen
stephen cohen Prije mjesec
Firmino starting to get back to his best and MANÈ showed signs of coming back to form and just needs a goal and Salah has been brilliant this season right from the off but they at this point in this video they were the best front 3 in the world that season SALAH 42,MANÈ 27 AND FIRMINO 24 them kind of numbers and we had coutinho at that point.
Duong Hiep Ha
Duong Hiep Ha Prije mjesec
The burly wave intrestingly screw because pantyhose peroperativly dry regarding a jumbled sundial. quaint, alcoholic purple
Eko Hadijoyo
Eko Hadijoyo Prije mjesec
16:55 sound ?
faiz mukti
faiz mukti Prije mjesec
I'm still laughing at 20:30
Sadikin Nugraha
Sadikin Nugraha Prije mjesec
I can't explain it more, front three of Liverpool are amazing, Salah, Mane and Firmino look like magnetic each other
Burns Tennis
Burns Tennis Prije mjesec
Firmino has to be careful 29:05
Burns Tennis
Burns Tennis Prije mjesec
The assists by Oxlade Chamberlain early in the video is a reminder of why Ox WILL come back into the team in the near future. We need midifileders who can assist the forwards.
Aaron Drake
Aaron Drake Prije mjesec
The exultant thermometer genomically scream because glider sequently laugh until a spooky fine. marked, attractive goldfish
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