Crew-1 Mission | Launch

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SpaceX and NASA are targeting Sunday, November 15 for Falcon 9’s launch of Dragon’s first operational crew mission (Crew-1) to the International Space Station (ISS) from historic Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The instantaneous launch window opens at 7:27 p.m. EST on November 15, 00:27 UTC on November 16. Following stage separation, SpaceX will attempt to land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. The launch webcast will go live about 4 hours before liftoff. Tune in here to watch live.

FireSScope Prije 3 sati
Everyone: Wow thats awesome and cool Some-guy: The earth is still flat
KevinYSC Prije 2 dana
Wow this must be really exciting to watch live, because there is always a chance it would suddenly explode and kill them all
Mistah J
Mistah J Prije 3 dana
Why do they have ninjas escorting them on the elevator? I get this is important, but damn...
Flyinglazy8s Prije 4 dana
Amazing for sure....but man...the blonde! hard to focus on the whole rocket thing.
Mr nobody Mr
Mr nobody Mr Prije 5 dana
Elon has everything for space travel Cool rocket Cool car with auto doors 5 star luxury rocket cab
Dani Banani
Dani Banani Prije 6 dana
So did anyone else see 19's tablet password? #elon you might wanna not allow that on cam..
Casey Kaplan
Casey Kaplan Prije 6 dana
spacex is going to make human spaceflight affordable to all!
Droneman Productions
Droneman Productions Prije 7 dana
Im so impressed with everything Elon and his team are doing I have total respect for them and god speed and we will get to mars very soon!!
Kent Sapoznick
Kent Sapoznick Prije 8 dana
America's BEST!!!
Lee Freeman
Lee Freeman Prije 8 dana
SpaceX is a FRAUD just like NASA. The Earth is Flat.
Goodwije Prije 8 dana
You show two hours of them sitting around a driving in cars and then play videos over seat rotation and hatch closure? For a group of smart people you have really, really bad media personnel.
LaCk Prije 8 dana
Bitcoin is mooning more
Goodwije Prije 8 dana
Ok, good broadcast but maybe not someone who supports insurrection singing the national anthem next time.
BarRock Prije 9 dana
monky in space ... nihil novi
PG 13
PG 13 Prije 9 dana
Welcome Back!!!
TimePro Prije 9 dana
They are now returning back home!
ryo haibala
ryo haibala Prije 10 dana
4:12:18 美しい…!
ApplePlays Prije 10 dana
Who's watching this after the launch on Crew 2?
LT Treehouse
LT Treehouse Prije 10 dana
Bruh they don’t have any windows wtf imagine going to space and not even being able to look out the windows 😂
Music Prije 11 dana
Luis Cesar
Luis Cesar Prije 12 dana
They were carrying the weight of the world in their shoulders
Luis Venegas
Luis Venegas Prije 12 dana
No realtime video of the launch 🚀 The Earth 🌎 is flat Elon at least hire A Hollweird Director that does CGI to keep the deception going 🤣🤣🤣
Mrs Justicewilbeserved
Mrs Justicewilbeserved Prije 13 dana
What ppl do to get out of this little water bubble we live on... amazing
Cranberry juice Tastes good
Cranberry juice Tastes good Prije 13 dana
It's 4 hours long
Arktik Fox
Arktik Fox Prije 14 dana
Is it like a space series,and will Tony Stark and the fantastic four professor fly too?
Aya Ahmed
Aya Ahmed Prije 14 dana
Trader Jays
Trader Jays Prije 14 dana
What’s up with the commercials? Don’t you get enough of our tax monies???
Samuel Cozart
Samuel Cozart Prije 15 dana
Pleasure to witness history. I’m glad to be here before ‘284 years ago’
Gabriel Iligan
Gabriel Iligan Prije 15 dana
Wow, the cockpit and the suits looks futuristic.
wamwa wam
wamwa wam Prije 16 dana
one for all nobody stopping us perioddddddd
Jeff Streeter
Jeff Streeter Prije 16 dana
I Hope when they send the first manned crew to Mars, they name the ship, or name the mission "John Carter".
koofdome Prije 16 dana
Dogecoin to the moon
BABITA JAIN Prije 16 dana
Well done
PlatinumEagleStudio's Prije 17 dana
So this was the first time in a long time that people went to space?
HedgehogHair00 Prije 17 dana
To infinity and beyond!
Zulu Bros.
Zulu Bros. Prije 17 dana
Paula Taylor
Paula Taylor Prije 17 dana
Are you ded
Mr Richie
Mr Richie Prije 17 dana
Where is cyrus "JET PACK " dobre ? In the comments 💙🚀🔥
Unknown Prije 17 dana
Uzaya çizme giyip gitmişler beyler.
Beatrice Suimets
Beatrice Suimets Prije 18 dana
I like that the spacesuit’s and spaceship’s designs are so minimalistic. It looks sooo futuristic and I really like it. KEEP IT UP 🤍🤍
sergio lopez
sergio lopez Prije 18 dana
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare Prije 18 dana
This is *epik*
CHRIS ADIARI Prije 18 dana
Max Bartertown
Max Bartertown Prije 18 dana
More Tom Foolery from the Snake Oil Salesmen
vepr12k Prije 18 dana
Кирзачи конечно прям космическая обувь.
StickGamingg Prije 18 dana
Greetings from Poland
Sᓎᙢᙍᓎᘉᙍ Prije 18 dana
And now... Crew-2 Mission | Launch :)
max mustermann
max mustermann Prije 18 dana
wie bekommen die eigentlich Luft in ihre Helme? ich sehe keine Schläuche. Währe nett, wenn mir das jemand erklären könnte. Danke
Perunovich Prije 19 dana
I love SpaceCrewDragon
Kris Frazier
Kris Frazier Prije 19 dana
Absolutely incredible
DLAROC Prije 20 dana
Skip to 4:12:00 to see liftoff. Sheesh
Tlavi Prostitucion en Mexico Buscando Suscribtores
Tlavi Prostitucion en Mexico Buscando Suscribtores Prije 20 dana
Los leones,tigres y pumas serán para amaestrar y en un futuro bajen con camaras paras ver nuevos planetas con un humano?para posible existencia de animales agresivos cazar extraterrestres? las divisiones son raciales de poder intereses o control? ya hay lectores de mente por señales de microondas
Pale Zombie
Pale Zombie Prije 20 dana
Elon Musk: “We need a tokin black dude on this rocket. I don’t care if they qualified or not!”
Axel Sebastián
Axel Sebastián Prije 20 dana
Spacex: *Going to launch Crew-2 Tomorrow* HRpost: Let's recommend this
Daniel, Chih-Yuan, Hsu
Daniel, Chih-Yuan, Hsu Prije 20 dana
this is sooooo cozy compared to that of Soyuz !
Hugo Neale
Hugo Neale Prije 21 dan
why is 2:00 the camera man like seriously creepy with that shot
gondrong Sentul
gondrong Sentul Prije 21 dan
Ricardo Constanzo Santinho
Ricardo Constanzo Santinho Prije 21 dan
The missionn is go to sun 😎meme
Davino Boaretto
Davino Boaretto Prije 21 dan
Buon giorno a tutti.......bellissimo filmato, grazie!
Smith Morgan
Smith Morgan Prije 22 dana
At 2:43:33 on iPad code is - 11111 :) LOL
BcoutinhoD Prije 22 dana
Joe Prije 23 dana
04:12:25 "And resilience rises, not even gravity contains humanity when we explore as one for all." I love it :D
Zantrixx - Official SFS Channel
Zantrixx - Official SFS Channel Prije 23 dana
Dang! I’m also excited for crew 2, And red dragon! This is the gateway to the ISS, Mars and beyond!
MrMelgibstein Prije 23 dana
Its about time they allowed a brother in on the act.
NazHamzfamz6 Prije 23 dana
i hope i can be the future gen of spaceX astronout
Music 4MySoul
Music 4MySoul Prije 23 dana
I don't want one soul that belongs to God lost for all eternity. Please reject the forbidden fruit for Covid-19. If anyone recieves the vaccine, they will be seperated from God for all eternity. I warn because I care. Jesus Christ is coming. If you seek Him you will find Him. The Lord looks nothing like the famous pictures. I've seen Him. God is faithful to His promises. Everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled. We are at the end.
stikcler Prije 5 dana
HAIL SATAN! AVE SATANUS! There is no "God", "Jesus", "Heaven", "Hell", "Eternal Life", "Sin", "Satan". Those things are ALL bullshit and you have been conned. Maybe someday you'll realize this. I'll pray to Zeus and his only begotten son Hercules, the saviour of mankind, for you to be saved and washed in the blood of Hercules. Amen and Amen.
King Smoothy
King Smoothy Prije 16 dana
Literally I have no idea what are you talking about random shit
Dan Mobbs
Dan Mobbs Prije 23 dana
4 astronauts? Did they all go to iss? Only two came back?
Crosstech Heavy
Crosstech Heavy Prije 24 dana
Kiernan boxed U
Kiernan boxed U Prije 24 dana
Who is re-watching this in 2021
HAPTIC Prije 24 dana
HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING takes the opportunity to send an engineering business consultant for ESA astronaut selection - Haptic
Thị Trúc Lâm
Thị Trúc Lâm Prije 24 dana
Hoang tien sy and pham van chung use read thinking machine to follow me to kill me
OwnedBucket Prije 25 dana
*All for one, Crew 1 for all.*
Niwat Suriharn
Niwat Suriharn Prije 26 dana
Niwat Suriharn
Niwat Suriharn Prije 26 dana
M J88
M J88 Prije 28 dana
Why dont they show inside the cockpit on takeoff during burn etc
Daniil Tuneev
Daniil Tuneev Prije 29 dana
Is it Elon's voice at 4:13:20 ?
Mangos for Mars
Mangos for Mars Prije mjesec
Anyone notice the Ninjas with two sheathed swords @1:21:19 and @1:22:23 and @1:24:06?
Richard Allen
Richard Allen Prije mjesec
I think you should make sure these spacex rockets are safe for humans ,before shooting people into space , to many accidents
Malachi Wiens
Malachi Wiens Prije 24 dana
I'm not sure what you mean; SpaceX's rockets are evaluated & tested for safety. One part of the testing was abort test of the Dragon capsule, which is available to watch on SpaceX's channel. Lots of precautions in place.
Lino Delas
Lino Delas Prije mjesec
Whyou hatin
Whyou hatin Prije mjesec
I thoughts it's spaceX... why is everywhere written NASA?
JON 5 8
JON 5 8 Prije mjesec
4 meses tarde
Jubayed Hussain
Jubayed Hussain Prije mjesec
Yanira Urenda
Yanira Urenda Prije mjesec
My mom just now is telling me she worked for someone that worked for NASA and they must remain private very discrete in everything that they doo. BUT WH?
Mudkip909 Prije 29 dana
Because rockets are missiles on steroids, and if an enemy country knows how to build a missile...That’s not good
Surgie Romo
Surgie Romo Prije mjesec
I understand and would like to go to Mars too but..... should they send robots with 3d construction printers to have a "human friendly base" to live there just in case there technical problems returning? Anyone with me?
Krish Gujaran
Krish Gujaran Prije mjesec
Jecon Perez
Jecon Perez Prije mjesec
SpaceX, will be the first reality of the Netflix series "Star Trek Discovery" 😍 Call it SpaceX Discovery🙌🏾
Matthew Duncan
Matthew Duncan Prije mjesec
I LoVe ThIs, AnD aLl sPaCe X rOcKeT lAuNcHeS !!! 🚀🛰🚀🛰🌠⭐🪐🌌🌟⭐🚀❤❤🙏🙏✌✌🙏❤
Matthew Duncan
Matthew Duncan Prije mjesec
Man I'm so freaking crazy ecstatic that dreams love energy enthusiasm science technology is back in action taking us to the Heavens n Gods again this was so amazing from a amount of work blood n tears an all the lifes lost making this unreal achievement n opportunity of lifetime to completely smash the bar that's been since the 70's!! Fresh New Look taking us to Mars an "BEYOND" !! Thank You E.Musk an NASA !!
Onlyforlol Lolonlyfor
Onlyforlol Lolonlyfor Prije mjesec
I wish i had important life,and i wish i did important job...rather than being useless piece of shit
ArzaHelkilporo GABUT
ArzaHelkilporo GABUT Prije mjesec
4:15:12 go T-tabs
Dr Sanchita Shettigar
Dr Sanchita Shettigar Prije mjesec
Was this live streamed from the future?
apsinc soros
apsinc soros Prije mjesec
Mark6O9 Prije mjesec
To the moon
Ive got a news Elon musk did u put thrusters on a starlink it may reenter and explode on a random location
Hordes Coffee
Hordes Coffee Prije mjesec
I hope in the future all your test flights and landings bring you closer to your goals. When NASA makes it to Mars, then that will be the turning point for all Mankind and maybe a bonus
Ramsey Bolton
Ramsey Bolton Prije mjesec
LOL....why would anyone downvote this....
Фуркан Динчеров
Фуркан Динчеров Prije mjesec
Фуркан Динчеров
Фуркан Динчеров Prije mjesec
Hordes Coffee
Hordes Coffee Prije mjesec
I hope NASA Space crew succeed in your trip to mars and beyond the Horizon
im Clever Artist Name
im Clever Artist Name Prije mjesec
What a waste of Earth's resources.
im Clever Artist Name
im Clever Artist Name Prije mjesec
@Fastum CoD You as well.
im Clever Artist Name
im Clever Artist Name Prije mjesec
@zllky If you'd like to compare Lifelong Resumes of Productivity, we can do that some day, on camera.
Fastum CoD
Fastum CoD Prije mjesec
@zllky indeed
zllky Prije mjesec
better use than your waste of oxygen
Fastum CoD
Fastum CoD Prije mjesec
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