Press Conference | Dean Smith

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Head to to watch the full press conference.

Kristos Pavlou
Kristos Pavlou Prije 4 mjeseci
As an Aston Villa supporter I haven't felt this bad since my last performance in bed
OmniXenO Prije 5 mjeseci
God I love Bielsa
Paul Buckingham
Paul Buckingham Prije 5 mjeseci
Unfortunately I have to say goodbye to this channel, as the team came out wearing 'Black Lives Matter' shirts, and I cannot ignore this and will be leaving my support of 45 years behind (all of football). There have been many good causes and many good community actions supported by Aston Villa and it's supporters over the years, and it was amazing to see the new relationships that formed with Tanzania after the signing of Samatta. We have always been at the front of taking all people on the basis of merit and of character, and that should always be a principle of pride, but I will not stand with a club that actively promotes a Neo-Marxist communist group of dangerous thugs. Of all the ways to bring people together, standing with an ideology that stands on the skulls of over 100 million slaughtered bodies is not something I will stand with. Many may not know these things, but that is the danger of pandering to that which you now nothing about, and the club is obliged to be more decent than that. Stand against racism, yes, stand with BLM, never.
Alex MacGillivray
Alex MacGillivray Prije 5 mjeseci
@Frankley Talking Can you please provide a link or some other way to prove that BLM called for the murder of white people?
Alex MacGillivray
Alex MacGillivray Prije 5 mjeseci
Bye Bye
JP Prije 5 mjeseci
Come on you Lions. 3 points please.
Zachary BUSH
Zachary BUSH Prije 5 mjeseci
Up the villa
Pizza Guy
Pizza Guy Prije 5 mjeseci
Up the villa
Dan Lawrie
Dan Lawrie Prije 5 mjeseci
Why is the full press conference only available on the website now? Used to like to watch on TV and can't do that anymore
J G Prije 5 mjeseci
That was short
George Jeavons
George Jeavons Prije 5 mjeseci
Come on Dean keep us up 👏👏👏👏
jason duggan
jason duggan Prije 5 mjeseci
Wow. New microphone? Had to turn it let's hope the team are renewed and revitalized and with 1 thing on their minds. Winning. C'mon villa
Arachnophilia Prije 5 mjeseci
If we persist with 4 3 3 think we wont stay up. We need Mcginn n Grealish attacking but with two defensive medfielders. And get Davis on as early as poss or start him even. Think he's got energy that can get onto defenders.
Saran Somnuek
Saran Somnuek Prije 5 mjeseci
Villa win 2-0
Samuel Parsons
Samuel Parsons Prije 5 mjeseci
beaks69 Prije 5 mjeseci
10 game left a game in hand been alright first half of the seasons time to tighten up and hold on to some of the leads we have been creating UP THE VILLA
Charlie Carter
Charlie Carter Prije 5 mjeseci
Just hoping we don’t have the same issues that we had when Steve Bruce’s parents passed away with deano hoping his heads right for the job and prayers are with him during these times RIP Ron hoping he’s smiling watching his beloved villa when football returns
الزمن الجميل RRR
الزمن الجميل RRR Prije 5 mjeseci
مرحبا انا من العراق ومشجع للفيللانز استون فيلا النادي الذي اشجعه واعشقه ومكانه في قلبي وامنيتي السلامة والصحة باذن الله لكل العالم من خطر كورونا وان يتجنب النادي الهبوط هذا الموسم وان يقدم اللاعبين كل مالديدهم من جهد لاجل اسم استون فيلا العريق وتحية من القلب ارسلها من بغداد للنادي وجمهوره الوفي في مدينه برمنكهام ولكل عاشق لاستون فيلا في العالم .
Neil Gilder
Neil Gilder Prije 5 mjeseci
If we work as hard as sheffield utd we will win grealish and McGinn will be the difference hopefully our defence is sorted out 2-1 to the villa
LEWYB 11 Prije 5 mjeseci
Deanoooo💜💜 never been a believer of God but I will be praying everyday these next 11 games.
Favor Astonvilla fc
Favor Astonvilla fc Prije 5 mjeseci
Overrated coach ..........I think villa chances are less to be in epl 2021 premier league ....
Gentleman J
Gentleman J Prije 5 mjeseci
12 new players need time to gel thats true, but apart from our captain NONE of the players prior to covid seemed up for a relegation fight the team turns up for games then roll over and dies, i just hope the players prove me wrong.
Khurum Khan
Khurum Khan Prije 5 mjeseci
UTV dead tactics hope they improve
Alex Preddy
Alex Preddy Prije 5 mjeseci
come on the boys in claret and blue
Darshan Mistry
Darshan Mistry Prije 5 mjeseci
Thank you for this long and informative video regarding our club. If it is possible, could you make it a bit shorter next time as its too long. Utv
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Prije 5 mjeseci
Villa tv is so bad just put the whole video on HRpost. Villatv cant be beneficial to the fan or the club!
sweeneytodd011 Prije 5 mjeseci
McGinn is back! Big boost to the squad that. Hope the lads are keyed up for these games and have maintained fitness. UTV
Dean Reece
Dean Reece Prije 5 mjeseci
Alot of the players have said alot of our plagers didn't understand each others languages and that ment on the pitch didn't know what instructions were given also bringing in the player's who couldnt soeak English ment nobody had chance to know each other or each others strengths and play... some plsyers say people like Douglas can understand English now and others abit more .... to pull off staying in the prem it will have to be amazing i think due to lack of "team" and freindships we may have to spend a few years with the same team in the championship like west brom leeds Brentford Birmingham have all done
Jack McGinn
Jack McGinn Prije 5 mjeseci
Surely its win or the sack!!
Arachnophilia Prije 5 mjeseci
Or close! But not sure a new manager would save us. But if it stops Dean Smith persisting with 4 3 3 maybe a good thing...
Leeroy Nicolas
Leeroy Nicolas Prije 5 mjeseci
Jack grealish is gonna score and Samatta
Leeroy Nicolas
Leeroy Nicolas Prije 5 mjeseci
Aston Villa 2-1 Sheffield united
Imagine every club uploads a 5 to 10 min Video AVFC 30 sec skits and 1.33 pre game ??? come on man we need a new media crew for sure UTV
Kurt Prije 5 mjeseci
Must win game, come on the villa
Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes Prije 5 mjeseci
Come on villa. No less then 3 points Wednesday please. Then at least 1 of chelski and we’re on a roll. We can do it villa. !!! Love you deano
Harry Fc 77
Harry Fc 77 Prije 5 mjeseci
Yes we desperately need the 3 points or else we have wasted our game in hand
NEYDAIE Prije 5 mjeseci
Can’t wait to see the lads again fighting for Villa. Come on you Villa Boys
YESSSSS LETTSS GO UTFV come on boys i am bouncing of the walls 20 villa shirts lying around deciding which one will bring the luck
Faki Pijo
Faki Pijo Prije 5 mjeseci
John Kearney
John Kearney Prije 5 mjeseci
C'mon Deano, get these lads right in the head and we'll be fine gaff, you the man and we Believe ... UP THE MIGHTY VILLA 🦁🦁🦁⚽️⚽️⚽️👍👍👍
Hazza Shaw
Hazza Shaw Prije 5 mjeseci
John Kearney come onnnnn villlaaaaaaa
Jet Li
Jet Li Prije 5 mjeseci
Up the Villa
Ant Jones
Ant Jones Prije 5 mjeseci
Greg Petridis
Greg Petridis Prije 5 mjeseci
8th comment
Ian Mckenzie
Ian Mckenzie Prije 5 mjeseci
Pleased for you
Harry Fc 77
Harry Fc 77 Prije 5 mjeseci
excited for are upcoming matches and hoping we can get the 3 points against Sheffield
Greg Petridis
Greg Petridis Prije 5 mjeseci
Ricochet Prije 5 mjeseci
Is that an IKEA wardrobe?
Unknown Prije 5 mjeseci
Awful manager
aMb hAz
aMb hAz Prije 5 mjeseci
Trrooolll with a Blue Nose.
Fifa 19 player reviews
Fifa 19 player reviews Prije 5 mjeseci
African Driller then ur not Loyal mate until it happens keep ur mouth closed
Unknown Prije 5 mjeseci
@Emre Ilgaz Not all of us like him mate
Emre Ilgaz
Emre Ilgaz Prije 5 mjeseci
Shhhhh even if he gets sacked we like dean smith
Unknown Prije 5 mjeseci
@George Dolman How is he not?
Kieran Leighton
Kieran Leighton Prije 5 mjeseci
Up the villa
Jawad Alom
Jawad Alom Prije 5 mjeseci
Sam 06
Sam 06 Prije 5 mjeseci
Finally a press conference for a game
Charlie Stilgoe
Charlie Stilgoe Prije 5 mjeseci
TraPz_Official Prije 5 mjeseci
Sevelo Prije 5 mjeseci
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