But how does bitcoin actually work?

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The math behind cryptocurrencies.
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Here are a few other resources I'd recommend:
Original Bitcoin paper: bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf
Block explorer: blockexplorer.com/
Blog post by Michael Nielsen: goo.gl/BW1RV3
(This is particularly good for understanding the details of what transactions look like, which is something this video did not cover)
Video by CuriousInventor: hrpost.info/history/fttqrMu7dbCpi3o/video
Video by Anders Brownworth: hrpost.info/history/kZRnYtOurMWkjG0/video
Ethereum white paper: goo.gl/XXZddT
Animations largely made using manim, a scrappy open source python library. github.com/3b1b/manim
If you want to check it out, I feel compelled to warn you that it's not the most well-documented tool, and has many other quirks you might expect in a library someone wrote with only their own use in mind.
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If you see comments here about investing or brokers, they are scams. Videos about cryptocurrencies, evidently including ones that are just about the underlying technology/math, are hotbeds for attracting nefarious actors preying on the impressionable. Also, hi! If you’re new to this channel, most of it is about visualizing math. I get it, you probably landed here searching for how BTC works, not to spend your afternoon getting pulled into learning about, say, prime numbers or problem-solving, but if you have a moment take a look at the rest of the channel, you may enjoy what you find.
tropickman Prije 20 sati
Does this mean that a party with majority of computational power could become the central authority?! Let's say a "coalition" is formed with more than 50% of total computational power. Could they then viably and continuously alter the block chain as they saw fit?!
Gary Amy
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Mark Service Prije 4 dana
This was the best video I ever saw on Bitcoin, it was so enjoyable I wish there were more like it. Finally, someone answered all the questions that arose in my mind about the private keys and other issues. This was an outstanding video. I'm overjoyed to finally learn more of the nitty-gritty of how it works.
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Anil Prije 11 minuta
This video is gold.
ulkem Prije 2 sati
nope. im got lost around 14th minute. I gotta level up, put some points in intelligence and come back to it.
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ThePriWi Prije 11 sati
The best and comprehensive Bitcoin explanation video for non-IT people I've seen on the internet so far. Even for IT people. LOL - Thumbs up!
Thabi Lebese
Thabi Lebese Prije 11 sati
i feel like i should have been Sheldon at this state coz we r at sum Cambridge class with our kindergarden minds smh!!
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I think I'll stick with what I know most about, and that is good ole' real USD.
D C Prije 13 sati
The ONLY reason ANY government tries to ban Crypto is because they get kickbacks from big bankers , either thru speeches or campaign donations. They say "Bitcoin is used by terrorists to kidnap young children and trade them on the dark web for drugs because it cannot be traced!!" And after this video you can all clearly see that Cryptocurrency transactions are ALL recorded and easily verified on a publicly ledger. Don't let them pull your leg, they just don't want us having full control of our own funds. That's all the pushback is about....
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Hello, I'm new to bitcoin and I have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong
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ANONYMOUSE Prije 19 sati
Do I need to be a software engineer to understand this at max?
Thomas Maughan
Thomas Maughan Prije 20 sati
Nobody has "A" bitcoin. That is like saying "I have A water". Water comes in amounts, not units. I might have 1.078 bitcoin (singular). I might have 5 million bitcoin.
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Great video :)
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kryyystalball Prije dan
my father is a 75 yo retired economics professor and he just can't understand bitcoin. i've tried tried to explain this to him several times and he just ends saying "there's some guy in the government's basement making money on dumb people on his computer" lol
Jai Krishan
Jai Krishan Prije dan
Finally understood everything now I am feeling like Einstein of the present age...lol
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SpangoChrikoWeirdo Prije dan
Can someone please help with one question? At around 20:08 if Alice broadcasts the false ledger entry to not only Bob but to everyone wouldn't then the miners approve this false transaction? Why is she just broadcasting it to Bob?
the truth is irrespective of what anyone thinks, bitcoin is the moment is far better than stocks or anything else
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PayPal, Microstrategy and Tesla have already adopted the use of cryptos. Cryptocurrency is here stay.
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I see Bitcoin as ultimately becoming a reserve currency for banks, playing must more better role as gold did in the early days of banking.
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Isaac Temi Prije dan
@John Mike the mistake most newbies make is rushing into trading without adequate knowledge or professional guide
Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza Prije dan
Question: what would happen if Satoshi Nakamoto all the sudden decides to cash out all his Million bitcoins and deposit it on his bank account.... Who gives the approx. 45 BILLION dollars to the Bank?? It can't print money, only the federal government can
Tim Wake
Tim Wake Prije dan
where is the ledger? is it available to the public? how does the public access the ledger?
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soo wait, am I understanding this right? so iam sitting here watching the video, and my pc is just guessing random numbers all the time until it finds the right one? Actually this is fking amazing haha, what a time to live in! :D thank you a lot for the video, helped me a lot :)))
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Can you make a video similar to this that explains how proof-of-stake works, or would work?
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Really wonderful explanation and it shows the brilliance of the developer(s). Highly recommend watching to the end where he discusses pitfalls and one can see that it might not be an irrefutable currency (computing power, all this is based on our current computing speeds). A lot can happen in the 10 min it needs to update. A lifetime in some interactions.
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Well, I remember myself in middle school around 13yrs making jokes with my friends about bitcoin, and how it was expensive at 150 dollars, and even addicted all my class in those bitcoin casinos that gave free bitcoins every 15 minutes or so. Even mined some hundreds of dogecoins with my shitty computer, just for the meme. To look at that now, at 60k dollars, it kinda pisses me off in a funny way lol. And deep im my heart, I feel glad for it taking off, so we maybe can dream a world without banks, inflation and less politics and wars revolving around the piece of paper that truly worth shit.
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you can’t ever be mad that you didn’t save your bitcoin, nobody could have known it took off the way it did. but that is a hilarious story
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Lucas Rahana Prije 2 dana
Any means of reach out?
Hop Around
Hop Around Prije 2 dana
Absolute fooking amazing vid really broke it down for us softskulls to understand
Ioan Acatrinei
Ioan Acatrinei Prije 2 dana
lemongrasscap Prije 2 dana
Sarcastispanic Prije 2 dana
SO lets explain bitcoin. Someone setup a database with a ledger, aka, complex database. Anyone can invent one, and set out pieces of it with a self validating feature of self checking. GPUs then run an algorithm to resolve and makes sure the rest of the database(ledger) is up to date to make sure any transactions are all reporting accurately. Now why would that task itself, of self checking be a feature that makes this piece of the database worth trillions? Good job guys. Bitcoin, only works in the bitcoin application. all it does is self check. "mining" Which is a bunch of extra work to check the ledger and only let one miner win that specific blockchain unlock with a reward. For some reason, bitcoin believes wasted electricity and GPUY cycles is worth something.
plasticman2011 Prije 2 dana
Bitcoin doesn't believe anything, it's just an internet protocol. People believe such a system that offers censorship resistant payments and being inflation proof has value, plenty of example countries globally make this blatantly clear.
Anthony Buckley
Anthony Buckley Prije 3 dana
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thought i was the only one who doesn't understand bitcoin? Watching a documentary about it now and they might as well be talking chiness!
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Hi. I have a question for class assignment. Hope someone can answer me.... if the value of one bitcoin keeps on going up and down like stocks.... how can we use it as currency in the future?? Since it is the purpose of bitcoin??? How can i pay by bitcoin to pay for a 1000 item if one bc costs 50.000usd. . And keeps rising. Ty
Bom Abu
Bom Abu Prije 2 dana
@plasticman2011 thank u
plasticman2011 Prije 3 dana
Here is the answer: money has to first serve as a store of value before it can serve as a medium of exchange. Bitcoin is still in the early phase of being established as a store of value, and this phase will probably last another decade or two, then bitcoin will be big and stable enough to be used as everyday currency.
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PandaCZ Prije 3 dana
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Timothy W Mullen
Timothy W Mullen Prije 3 dana
Why dosen't the US make it's own ABC American Bit Coin? And keep it's paper money! The best of both worlds. On one of the Stim's make at least part of it digcurrency so as to get the Lower Income Base Taxpayers in on the Groundfloor due to the stimulis cryteria. ALSO WHY DON'T AMERICIAN STATES/ CITIES CREATE THEIR OWN BITCOINS? Something More Trustable In The Long Run Than The Present Mess!
plasticman2011 Prije 3 dana
That won't solve anything because they'll just print more of it. Only bitcoin is reliably finite in supply.
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Afghanistan Bananastand Prije 11 sati
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TheOrigin Prije 3 dana
Ben Ogorek
Ben Ogorek Prije 3 dana
Is looping through integers and running sha256 really the "work" that the miners do, or it is more complicated? I thought they were solving a puzzle.
Aaron Prije dan
What I read online was that the "work" that "miners" do is keep guessing for the correct hash. So, you're correct. Miners with the most computing power can make more guesses over time and are most likely to find the right hash to claim the reward.
Liem H
Liem H Prije 3 dana
Where are these money come from? Thin air? lol I see a future where Bitcoins is a vehicle to transfer money, like Western Union. But a de facto currency... lol good luck
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Making something dauntingly complex into to bite-sized comprehend able animations, you sir just got a subscriber for life.
Eduardo Matias
Eduardo Matias Prije 3 dana
The presentation of verification methods as functions and their signatures gave a pleasant resemblance to network protocols. Great video.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Prije 3 dana
Bitcoin was created by the NSA. It is the onramp to Digital currency. The main idea is to make Crypto so unmanaged by Governments and people that they will have to start implementing regulations to it. That's the role of it. The Digital dollar will replace it in 2022. The US Government bought 200 million bitcoin from 2010- 2012 for $10 each. While owing The American people 3 Trillion they borrowed from Social Security that was due for payment in 2013. What did Obama do to repay our Social Security? he raised the SS tax 2% and didn't pay anything. Since they have 100 million in Bitcoin that is at $50,000 now, so that's about 5 Trillion dollars the Government of the USA has made off of our money. So where is it? This is one of the main reasons the USA wants as many foreigners to come work in the USA and pay into Social Security but are never eligible to receive it. Just as Bush W did to restore SS. If you think no-one has control over Bitcoin, you are deceived.
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jordan woods Prije 3 dana
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Capt. Lee Losbach
Capt. Lee Losbach Prije 3 dana
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American Patriot
American Patriot Prije 3 dana
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beni maX
beni maX Prije 3 dana
Crypto *game for crooks* folks 😃🇺🇸
lighten up
lighten up Prije 3 dana
Guess I won't be getting into bitcoin. Banking is much simpler to get into and explain ... and is as crooked as the US government. This video (if nothing else) clearly indicates a level of complexity that is far and away too intricate to not be hackable. Requiring a PhD to understand should be signal enough to stay away.
Capt. Lee Losbach
Capt. Lee Losbach Prije 3 dana
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Discordador Profissional
Discordador Profissional Prije 3 dana
As it is said at 1:46, you don't really have to know that much in order to simply use it, just like you don't need to know how the mechanical engineering of a car works in order to drive it or know how TCP/IP works in order to use the internet. This video explains how it works internally, which is complex, but using it is much simpler.
rushikesh kamavisdar
rushikesh kamavisdar Prije 4 dana
Joseph Searcy
Joseph Searcy Prije 4 dana
Why has China banned bitcoin mining in Mongolia and what are they afraid of ?
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Siddharth Bagga Prije 4 dana
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