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Among us in real life but with the Spy, Giant, Doctor, and Jester mod! This is part of our If Everything Was Like Among Us videos! Which person do you relate to the most?

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Mc Grogans English Services
Mc Grogans English Services Prije sat
Judah:OMG what is your color? Cori:Coral Judah:thats a made up color me:didnt you see the new update in among us? bc there was coral
sofea Andrew
sofea Andrew Prije 3 sati
3 imposter:smile Judah:oh hey Judah:veggie veggie veggie stript Potato and corn:scared Potato:call judah
darkstarz Prije 9 sati
Annabelle Ioffe
Annabelle Ioffe Prije 9 sati
I love the veggie squad! You should bring them in again :). You should do a music video about the veggie squad.
Luke Naksutti
Luke Naksutti Prije 12 sati
4 impostors do a lot of damage to 15 crewmates
Nicolas Mc grogan
Nicolas Mc grogan Prije 13 sati
I WISH I COULD DO AWESOME VIDS LIKE URS!!!!!🥰😍😀😃😄😁😆🙂🙃😉😊😇😗☺😙😚🥲😋😛😜🤪😝🤑🤗🤭🤫🤔👍👍👍👍👍✌✌✌✌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Agent E
Agent E Prije 14 sati
William whould be the perfect jester.
Eunate Salaberri Zaballa
Eunate Salaberri Zaballa Prije 15 sati
I thot that juah was supposed to be an orange or tangerine
Eunate Salaberri Zaballa
Eunate Salaberri Zaballa Prije 15 sati
Yay vegie squad :D
Ashley plays
Ashley plays Prije 19 sati
It was funny When she said it’s just like a imposter party 😂🤣
socheatvong kann
socheatvong kann Prije 21 sat
J:why you handwriting so fast E: I'm a doctor ok
Josh Evans
Josh Evans Prije 21 sat
Pls make a song called veggie Squad it would be great
Ranboo Live
Ranboo Live Prije 22 sati
Make William the jester he will just win
Yeay Leihean
Yeay Leihean Prije 23 sati
Spy just get out a box and sing a song super spy super spy
chrissysworld2012 GaMiNg
chrissysworld2012 GaMiNg Prije dan
And love your channel
chrissysworld2012 GaMiNg
chrissysworld2012 GaMiNg Prije dan
Micah: I think it’s eh me:lol
Dana Stone
Dana Stone Prije dan
Angus Beef
Angus Beef Prije dan
Lol I’m LITTERALY watching this at 3:45 in the morning lol
James Bolde
James Bolde Prije dan
I love happiness
I love happiness Prije dan
You guys should make a song called International super spy
XD Prije dan
Sanya K
Sanya K Prije dan
'why is your handwriting so bad' 'im a doctor okay!?' me: so true. i dont under stand my docs handwriting
Aleen baeissa
Aleen baeissa Prije dan
When Elizabeth was trying to do that task then micah came when he came i saw jussaia
Kohen Pouliot
Kohen Pouliot Prije dan
Omar Darwich
Omar Darwich Prije dan
I forgot the name but the jester claps and is like let’s vote someone out!
Sanjana Plays!
Sanjana Plays! Prije dan
9 of them are special and sus (Imposters & roles) and 6 of them are safe (crewmates)
Lawrence Angelo Delfino Beyblade
Lawrence Angelo Delfino Beyblade Prije dan
8:49 Spy: Are thos words? Doctor: Yes 😄 Spy: And why your handwriting is bad? Doctor: Because I'm a doctor This make sense LOL 🤣
Vi Lit Engineering
Vi Lit Engineering Prije dan
Elizabeth is a crewmate
jessica peniano
jessica peniano Prije dan
Make among us but amogus in real life
Levi Xavier
Levi Xavier Prije 2 dana
Hold up wait minute but did Mr potato turn back into Mr orange yeah he did hmmmmmm
Sakr Ss
Sakr Ss Prije 2 dana
11 PLS
Aaronhi25 Prije 2 dana
Everybody forgot the fact that they are playing Java edition on a console
Ooh Pei Yian
Ooh Pei Yian Prije 2 dana
My fav part: 14:20
David Huntley
David Huntley Prije 2 dana
5:07 shiloh is behind them lol.
Donald Mayorga
Donald Mayorga Prije 2 dana
You should make a song called veggie sauad
Cake in Space gaming
Cake in Space gaming Prije 2 dana
1:24 hUhUe
Claudia Upstone
Claudia Upstone Prije 2 dana
karina martinez
karina martinez Prije 2 dana
You guys should add if among us had a prankster
PlebbFlamer XD
PlebbFlamer XD Prije 2 dana
Veggie, veggie, veggie squad were a veggie, veggie, veggie squad
Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson Prije 2 dana
The doctor revives people
Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson Prije 2 dana
a b
a b Prije 2 dana
look it,s minckraft😮😮😮
Milkcat_Hotchoco Prije 2 dana
Jerrond Strong
Jerrond Strong Prije 2 dana
I really like your videos You guys are cool
Shiloh & Bros
Shiloh & Bros Prije 2 dana
Thank you so much!
•liablossom• Prije 2 dana
vegi vegi vegi squad !!
Artistic Fish
Artistic Fish Prije 2 dana
Poor Willam
Nedah Umer
Nedah Umer Prije 3 dana
I enjoy your work with your team as always and have fun with your new place so I can make sure I can be of any kind help to you And your team isthebest
Nia Granger
Nia Granger Prije 3 dana
The faded school ultrasonographically risk because march bareilly deserve against a tacit journey. equal, automatic sheet
SETH LIAM PO Prije 3 dana
0:18 minecraft
Sa Wa Rudo
Sa Wa Rudo Prije 3 dana
8:25 😂😂😂😂
Patricks funny shorts
Patricks funny shorts Prije 3 dana
Should have brought back the giant so he knows 2 imposters
Summer Star  💫⭐️
Summer Star 💫⭐️ Prije 3 dana
We should have a song called “Veggie Squad!”
forsstty Prije 3 dana
If they never got orange back they could lose
Shyness Ordnz
Shyness Ordnz Prije 3 dana
Your video is kinda funny guys when mary goes back to the vent her mouth is open beacause she know now that micah is the sherriff HAHAHA!
Wiinter Prije 3 dana
Road to 3 mill
Nicole O'Brien
Nicole O'Brien Prije 3 dana
I LOVE YOU HRpost CHANEL🥰😂🦄🦄🤑😣🎎🎎😳😱😳🤬🥝😣😱🍼💤👙😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Nicole O'Brien
Nicole O'Brien Prije 3 dana
Youssef Salah
Youssef Salah Prije 3 dana
Black (spy) really was there with pink, I rewind there and saw his outfit Rose in the beginning was accusing him when every one was accusing because he was jester
Zardy Prije 3 dana
Yeah…….ohhhhhhhhhhh 4:25
The Super G
The Super G Prije 3 dana
That airplane came from near Portland
45th Guns-Firing Pico Aka Best Guy 69
45th Guns-Firing Pico Aka Best Guy 69 Prije 3 dana
Can’t believe there’s four imposters can you do 11? With 20 players and five imposters
Julia Slade
Julia Slade Prije 3 dana
9:40 is so funny!! I was laughing my head off!!!!
Emilosboy drawing
Emilosboy drawing Prije 3 dana
Ahaan Verma
Ahaan Verma Prije 3 dana
U guys should make more among us videos like part 11
Filipes Prije 3 dana
Prije 3 dana
its yellow
Itzjacob_YT_Robloxgaming Prije 3 dana
Do a song of veggie squad!
Anakin Dwivedi
Anakin Dwivedi Prije 3 dana
the avenger shiloh 'black widow dont wanna be here
Jaden Anton
Jaden Anton Prije 4 dana
Who remembers when Micah didn’t have mini crewmate
Sheen Kolay
Sheen Kolay Prije 4 dana
Bruh, Impostor is the jester
Michael Calizo
Michael Calizo Prije 4 dana
I like the spy said he has no tasks and then he has a task card when Shiloh said why is so crowded
Sheen Kolay
Sheen Kolay Prije 4 dana
Ethan SANTAROSSA Prije 4 dana
7:52 onion
Kobepoptart Prije 4 dana
No my arm is like 20 seconds before I could throw out another imposter if I would be able to throw you out I would be like POW gechyouout booow
Lukey Dude
Lukey Dude Prije 4 dana
Best parts 2:56 (Super Spy) 3:54 (Imposters take out veggie squad) 5:01 (The Avengers) 6:44 (I was venting first) 7:34 (Daniel needs no help) 8:07 (This is nice and Micah cleans the vents) 11:00 (Coral is a nice colour) 13:10 (Hello there) 15:05 (The jester didn't tell one joke) How many scenes were people in Coral: 5 Daniel: 5 Mary: 4 Josiah: 3 Peach girl: 3 Elijah: 2 Shiloh: 2 Judah: 2 Jacob: 2 Micah: 2 Potato guy: 1 Corn girl: 1 Jester: 1
Naruto uzamaki
Naruto uzamaki Prije sat
Thanks this is funny and helpful
FN Vlogs
FN Vlogs Prije dan
And cory said its green and her Edit>also the WHYS YOUR HANDRITING SO BAD???!!
Her History
Her History Prije 2 dana
OMG! you are incredible
Amelia Matlock
Amelia Matlock Prije 3 dana
Thanks for saying the best scenes 😀
Marwan Al khatib
Marwan Al khatib Prije 4 dana
Nice one
Veronica Anders
Veronica Anders Prije 4 dana
ILove shiloh&Bros
BrittleCube076 Prije 4 dana
I knew Jonathan was the Jester because he said let's vote someone out and in some meetings he was smiling if you look closely he was
Michael scarey Danso
Michael scarey Danso Prije 4 dana
Michael scarey Danso
Michael scarey Danso Prije 4 dana
Remy's life
Remy's life Prije 4 dana
Josiah : i dont have any tasks Also josiah : runs with task list 10:52
Charlie-fan Prije 4 dana
I miss the little girl
jojo Atoom
jojo Atoom Prije 4 dana
i wish all of these people are siblings but there is only josiah shawn elijah judah david micah daniel and mary :(
jojo Atoom
jojo Atoom Prije 2 dana
@CTR CHANNEL what i meant was shilohs siblings.
CTR CHANNEL Prije 4 dana
And Shiloh
Heather Strayer
Heather Strayer Prije 4 dana
I love your videos
Jester Prije 4 dana
I know where that airplane is in oregen
Mutya Nurani
Mutya Nurani Prije 4 dana
A grey veggie is a grey hubbard squash
Venom Gaming
Venom Gaming Prije 5 dana
Please make a among us movie but Brittney should be there We all with give you 1m 👍♥️
ward kamil
ward kamil Prije 5 dana
ward kamil
ward kamil Prije 5 dana
AldrixPlays Prije 5 dana
I heard shilo was on a movie and i watched it And shes a good actor
Zahera Jabeen
Zahera Jabeen Prije 5 dana
Make 2 Jetstar please
Kitten Clutterbuck
Kitten Clutterbuck Prije 5 dana
9:11 lol the American phone number made an emergency. 9 minutes 11 seconds
Tony Scattergood
Tony Scattergood Prije 5 dana
I miss britney
Ces Albano
Ces Albano Prije 5 dana
8:16-8:20 hahahhahahah
Chris Ethan Griffin The Family Guy Gamer
Chris Ethan Griffin The Family Guy Gamer Prije 5 dana
I wish Britney and David Was Here It Feels Incomplete
EvKev Prije 5 dana
This really needs a part 11
Pranay Gupta
Pranay Gupta Prije 5 dana
Shiloh is sus
Hbhbh Gbzb
Hbhbh Gbzb Prije 5 dana
How 0:18 Java is on ps4
Allison McLeay
Allison McLeay Prije 5 dana
Jacob could be a onion!
epic gamer82
epic gamer82 Prije 5 dana
Since nobodies said it I guess I have to say it. *MEET THE SPY* (TF2 joke)
RanbooRocks@Roblox Prije 5 dana
What is the ending song?
xyrenceholgado Prije 5 dana
make a song called veggie squad
Raymond Yoon
Raymond Yoon Prije 5 dana
13:54 Enzo was holding back tears of laughter
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