HELLUVA BOSS - Murder Family // S1: Episode 1

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When the I.M.P get hired to take out a heroic homicide survivor, things sure do happen.
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Vivziepop Prije 7 mjeseci
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Angela Baker
Angela Baker Prije 28 dana
wtf has this been all my life i love it soooo much
Naristean Leigh
Naristean Leigh Prije mjesec
@iDontGetPaidEnough e
New Bangla Rington
New Bangla Rington Prije mjesec
New Bangla Rington
New Bangla Rington Prije mjesec
AXLExGREASE jensen Prije mjesec
So just guessing the family went to heaven for being wrongly killed by the earthly authorities moxie so kindly called how ever the mom is now in hell with the rest of i.m.p my hopes at least
Branson Proffitt
Branson Proffitt Prije sat
alastors symbols are all around blitzo and millie when they are "burning"
Zilla Final Wars
Zilla Final Wars Prije 5 sati
mordecai is here??
Potato Prije 6 sati
3:13 Just by her faces I can tell that he packing that *schmeat*
kenzel1238_is okay
kenzel1238_is okay Prije 6 sati
1:01 whait for that aaaa
Jennifer Copeland
Jennifer Copeland Prije 7 sati
You know your dead when you hurt milly in front of moxie-
Pink._ .demon_.
Pink._ .demon_. Prije 8 sati
just noticed that on the bottom of the king's bath there is the astrology signs there
H3ro115 Prije 9 sati
How much do you want to bet that the guys who set up that billboard set it up wrong on person cause they thought it'd be funny
JujJej Prije 9 sati
January 8th looking like spring
funnyguygoBRRRRRRR Prije 10 sati
"my momas a hero" yea i dont give a shit
Ben Crispe
Ben Crispe Prije 12 sati
Is the fact that it appear to be summer in January during the opening scene an allusion to global warming?
Bongus Prije 13 sati
I love how one of the buttons at 3:23 is “soiled my pants”
P0werPuppy Prije 14 sati
It's so funny.
Mary Castellanos
Mary Castellanos Prije 14 sati
Make more episodes
Snails Prije 16 sati
that 1 kid who tried to talk the teacher out of genocide...
Attack on One Piece
Attack on One Piece Prije 19 sati
9:15 probably my favorite part of this episode XD
Millie 『Hᴇʟʟᴜᴠᴀ Bᴏss』
Millie 『Hᴇʟʟᴜᴠᴀ Bᴏss』 Prije 21 sat
Jesus- Also Martha's house gets wierder the longer you stare.
JackOVO608 Prije dan
I like the concept of the characters and the animation is good to :D
Slyzoid Prije dan
13:24 My mind got blown completely when I learned Loona was also Jessie Raspberry and Futaba. Moxie was a no brainer thanks to the voices of Billy, Zim, and Orthopox being so distinct.
VrZ Prije dan
5:11 is nobody talking about the sign
2020 YouTube Purge: the black plague
2020 YouTube Purge: the black plague Prije dan
I love samurai Jack animation style
Souls Animator
Souls Animator Prije dan
Funny that the pink girl survived the fall including getting choked AND also going through the roof. Must be as much as a "Hero" as that scary women.
Lukiboi Prije dan
The moment i heard Brandon Rogers...the nostalgia...
YoutubeSicka 4
YoutubeSicka 4 Prije dan
If the teacher's husband survive, will he ended up being a dining room decoration..?
tyronexl1998 Trosin
tyronexl1998 Trosin Prije dan
Helluva Boss should be on Comedy central.
Whitney Mohrhauser
Whitney Mohrhauser Prije dan
I wonder if the Clients ever realize that the people they hired to kill will end up in hell
•SandStorm TheCat•
•SandStorm TheCat• Prije dan
All I need to say is did you hear in The beginning when The teacher came in the door in front of her husband the name is Gerald BUT when Martha said what was that Ralphie The name changed
J M Prije dan
Moxxie: "Maybe a shifty dad.. or a mob family, that's understandable.." Angel dust: am i a joke to you?
Sunshine !
Sunshine ! Prije dan
Fun fact: Mayberry is voiced by the person who played Matilda !
Sweet Singing Roses
Sweet Singing Roses Prije dan
Um the imp with the bow and arrow that’s the voice of zim
Zoe Graham
Zoe Graham Prije dan
As Martha chucks that flaming torch onto them, can we take a moment to appreciate Blitzo's shoes? Those are legendary.
Ravyn Doughty
Ravyn Doughty Prije dan
This episode gave me house of a thousand corpses vibes
ashley bailey
ashley bailey Prije dan
Do you realize that loona could of just not open up the portal so they would be stuck in the human world.
ashley bailey
ashley bailey Prije dan
How do you go from a happy classroom to hell in 2 minutes
Kit Prije dan
0:11 Wait, that Mordecai
Almond 49
Almond 49 Prije dan
For a moment I thought the dad was going to smash Millie
Haha so funny
Haha so funny Prije dan
Haha so funny
Haha so funny Prije dan
Haha so funny
Haha so funny Prije dan
Zj Zj,s world
Zj Zj,s world Prije dan
I feel like I’ve heard moxxies voice some where
Julian Gamer
Julian Gamer Prije 2 dana
Prije 2 dana
What The actual Fuck is this 3:09 and this 3:14
bonbon Prije 2 dana
ДимаS Prije 2 dana
Gianny Crazy
Gianny Crazy Prije 2 dana
is the dudee's name matzi or nazi
Griffin456 Extras
Griffin456 Extras Prije 2 dana
Welcome to the south, folks. Yeah, I can confirm, pretty much everyone has a gun down here. I’m in rural Southeastern Louisiana btw
animated amv
animated amv Prije 2 dana
Hazbin hotel ?
Aman Berhe
Aman Berhe Prije 2 dana
this is soooo good
やさらしをかま Prije 2 dana
#friendship gang
#friendship gang Prije 2 dana
.,. every part was wierd and funny :>
G222Luca Prije 2 dana
endless_sans_patato Prije 2 dana
This is the best thing I love watching in church to also do you still believe in heaven or do you just do this for fun?cuz I believe in hell
FoguDevStuff Prije 2 dana
Wait, if sinners can only inhabit the pride ring how to they get to imp city to hire them?
Domenique Gomez
Domenique Gomez Prije 2 dana
Imp city is apart of the pride ring
OCD1 Prije 2 dana
The first part is really good it's like a Disney movie or something
Fake Amaya
Fake Amaya Prije 2 dana
It’s interesting that in this world they can still have kids and families. Meaning probably half of the “demons” in hell are really just miss taught by their parents. So they really just humans that were born in hell.
Agnes Checa-Caraig
Agnes Checa-Caraig Prije 2 dana
Royal Ghostie
Royal Ghostie Prije 2 dana
I don’t think you noticed but the “hero” person cheated-
Tarp Prije 3 dana
In the scene when Moxie was trying to shot the crossbow. When you loona you can see a picture of fizzirolli with on wall and with a arrow in it
Valentina 🚗🛵
Valentina 🚗🛵 Prije 3 dana
Valentina 🚗🛵
Valentina 🚗🛵 Prije 3 dana
Valentina 🚗🛵
Valentina 🚗🛵 Prije 3 dana
Valentina 🚗🛵
Valentina 🚗🛵 Prije 3 dana
Skatestuff010 Prije 3 dana
3:23 wtf are those a warning for birth giving client
SaltySlick Prije 3 dana
Ayo Brandon Rodgers?!?!?
joeyjacksec gaming
joeyjacksec gaming Prije 3 dana
At 12:41 Cop 1: hey bill, did chef give us the right to use lethal force Cop 2: ya Cop 1: well, the company gave us missiles so fuck it
Bendy Dancing demon
Bendy Dancing demon Prije 3 dana
Far lands creature
Far lands creature Prije 3 dana
Call the cop
Far lands creature
Far lands creature Prije 3 dana
The kids are mind controlled by the teacher nooooooo! I was late to save them nooooooo
Mariafernanda Gamero Espinoza
Mariafernanda Gamero Espinoza Prije 3 dana
Antes de que empezara el vídeo me salio un anuncio de la biblia :v
treasurexplanet Prije 3 dana
I personally *love* Millie’s southern accent 😋
Sue Ausborne
Sue Ausborne Prije 3 dana
I don't see why moxxie is in hell he is so caring and kind and understanding like how
Grace Hovden
Grace Hovden Prije 20 sati
I agree completely, but I think that Moxxie is a hell born demon, and hell born demons might not be able to go to heaven or it is more difficult for them to get into heaven. Tho I could be completely, I have not watched all the released episodes.
Joes The Maker
Joes The Maker Prije 3 dana
I like how this family is not phased at all that they are fighting literal demons
Kiyothota Ishimaru
Kiyothota Ishimaru Prije 3 dana
6:15 Why is nobody talking about the weelchair with the urn? Who is (or was) that?
That Little Cupcake
That Little Cupcake Prije 3 dana
Do season 6
demonice dragon
demonice dragon Prije 3 dana
what the fuck 0_0 how do u even get 2 mil cash just for getting shot LOL
DevilGuy Prije 3 dana
Who the F calls this a cartoon !
Alvaro Garcia
Alvaro Garcia Prije 3 dana
No one, we refer to it as an ADULT animation.
dina_kits Prije 3 dana
Me as 12year old wathing this noice hell
Javellin Kusnadi
Javellin Kusnadi Prije 3 dana
Cylus Rae
Cylus Rae Prije 3 dana
From the sound of it there was a chainsaw involved and the face bandages which prompts the question now in hell (pun intended) did that person survive with no visible scarring?
Kriv Prije 4 dana
Moxie voice sounds like tod from piemations.
Janella Gatchalianshfha
Janella Gatchalianshfha Prije 4 dana
DerpishAura Prije 4 dana
Moxy sounds like invader zim lmaooooo
Alvaro Garcia
Alvaro Garcia Prije 3 dana
They are the same voices actors, check in the credits if you don’t believe me.
JupiMeow Prije 4 dana
I love the aesthetics of Stolas's bath
Onba Prije 4 dana
If you like this series and want to support it like I once did first be aware that this woman as come out as a bigot who approves of the doxxing of people she doesn't like then wines like a baby when she gets a taste of her own medicine. She says she wasn't supporting the doxxing but consider this; if it comes out that a woman is raped and you instantly start calling woman is a horrible person, how are you not saying she was asking for it? Equity means treating people equally, not saying abuse is ok when you do.
Onba Prije 2 dana
@Tails Prower (edit: this might be a double post because my youtude was glitching. Sorry) I speak only truth. Besides, I'm just following the tenets of the movement she follows. Well, nearly, I haven't taken up that part were you lie about your opponent or support physical violence. At this point turnabout if fair play, though I wouldn't of said that a year ago. The continued ignoring of the mass murder of nursing home patients the Democrats first supported, then covered up just to make orange man look bad has enraged me. Edit: Oh, and this, this also enrages me. Vivzie is right about one thing, we don't have the high ground anymore but that's because we are abandoning it. It's only making us easier to kill. hrpost.info/history/mKWYia3On8SMY3Y/video
Tails Prower
Tails Prower Prije 3 dana
You seriously post that comment on all her videos? Lol, so pathetic.
cark Prije 4 dana
a lot of threats of fucking other people
Isabella Cuellar
Isabella Cuellar Prije 4 dana
Wait if blitz has the phone with him than who’s phone is that in the woods....
chris johnson
chris johnson Prije 4 dana
We need an episode where it is only about moxie and Millie ❤️❤️🤘🏾
maki harukawa
maki harukawa Prije 4 dana
FUN FACT:ms mayberries ashes are on the table
belowzeromythicdemonbird Prije 4 dana
Yet again I have seen some amazing But this is amazing
The Radio Angel
The Radio Angel Prije 4 dana
" While you and I are making jelly sandwichesss. " -Stolas 2020
AutumnFlowers Prije 4 dana
I love that you can hear after the phone call bleeps from stolas XD
{Ocean Boo}
{Ocean Boo} Prije 4 dana
My sis: walking in Me:... I’m watching this?..
Я Огурчик
Я Огурчик Prije 4 dana
Кто тут русский ставит луйк
Maria Jesus Vergara Saez
Maria Jesus Vergara Saez Prije 5 dana
Amo la voz de Stolaaaas
Senpai Bobbi
Senpai Bobbi Prije 5 dana
I wonder how moxxie went to hell he’s so nice
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda Prije 5 dana
The wolf girl is my favorite. (Mainly because wolves are my favorite animals)
Penguin Gaming
Penguin Gaming Prije 5 dana
If you separate Helluva boss properly it sounds like hell of a boss
Robert Burton
Robert Burton Prije 5 dana
Nice. Straight from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
X X xtrike X X
X X xtrike X X Prije 5 dana
dammmm dude what the-
Deborah Goodwin
Deborah Goodwin Prije 5 dana
The lamp in the sico paths home is made of flesh and bones
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