We are One | Biden-Harris Inauguration 2021

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Biden Inaugural Committee

Biden Inaugural Committee

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Tune in for We Are One, a celebration of the accomplishments of the African-American and black community and the historic inauguration of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.
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OG Farts
OG Farts Prije sat
Looks Like a Circus With All them clowns
Vee Vendetta
Vee Vendetta Prije sat
JB learned about roaches and children in his lap... he loves children in his lap.
blueblade455 Prije sat
Yeah but don't forget, he's got hairy legs! So there's that.
Артем Васін
Артем Васін Prije sat
“We Are One” - EXO
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Prije sat
BOO!!! BOO!! BOO!!
Little Ricky'sFlyingCircus
Little Ricky'sFlyingCircus Prije sat
The Most popular President in U.S. History Needs 20,000 + Troops to protect him from his own People.. Old Man Biden is a JOKE...
Collin Friend
Collin Friend Prije sat
Crazy how NOT ONE liberal wanted to become united during Trump’s presidency, but as soon as they get a president that they want, THEN they was us to be united. Bs.
Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown Prije sat
The end of america
Nate Humes
Nate Humes Prije sat
My family in this 1:30:16
General Shepherd
General Shepherd Prije sat
Tracy Staples
Tracy Staples Prije sat
1776cal Prije sat
Biden the potato.
zerohecks Prije sat
Wish we had some Asian representation. Maybe one day..
aelmarrio91 Prije sat
The VP is Indian-american so on a technicality we have it.
Uncle Fjester
Uncle Fjester Prije sat
I don't feel included in this because I'm white with a masters degree
blueblade455 Prije sat
I may not have a masters degree, but I will fight for your right to be a whiiiiiiiitey!
alm 123
alm 123 Prije sat
We Are One. Which One in this clip? Can we be more diversified? Where is Brown, Yellow, White...?
Forrest Adams
Forrest Adams Prije sat
"We are one!" Unless you are conservative!
jie li
jie li Prije sat
remember joe biden was your vice president! nothing change , keep your worse life! keep your enslave life! keep your last 8 years life as joe biden vice president! u don't have any hope form same old guy! same old same old! same corrupt!same lies!
Rachael Ireland
Rachael Ireland Prije 2 sati
We survived 4 years of prosperity and got that monster out!
patric jackson
patric jackson Prije 2 sati
Many people dream to be a leader, some have predispositions, but very few have the ability and the competence to fulfill this heavy responsibility. Brothers and sisters, I think you dream of becoming a leader, a successful Lion. Let yourself be guided by the Light you are already on the road that leads to thought leadership. Become an excellent leader is a daily and lifelong learning. Be prepared to lead when times are hard, when your people look to you for directions. According to John C. Maxwell: "A leader has been defined as one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way". Are you prepared? If you hope to lead, you must first find the path before others can follow your directions. Remember that, being on the road, Humility, wisdom, loyalty and respect are needed. To be a member of the Illuminati brotherhood and follow the light, guided, famous Rich and protected in life. Contact us via direct message on whats-app & calls on +2348161779728 for more information's
Workinhard555 Prije 2 sati
Natasha Auton
Natasha Auton Prije 2 sati
Disgusting display of the entrenched globalist swamp rats!
Brilford Wimley
Brilford Wimley Prije 2 sati
TRUMP WON THE ELECTIÓN. The american people were defrauded by corrupt oligarchs.
Sleepless Specter
Sleepless Specter Prije 2 sati
This Alzheimer’s patient got 16 million more votes than Barak Obama. Seems legit.
Urban Libertarian
Urban Libertarian Prije 2 sati
Not much diversity in this video
Expired milk07
Expired milk07 Prije 2 sati
Expired milk07
Expired milk07 Prije 2 sati
aurora dawn
aurora dawn Prije 2 sati
Just clap and dance and perform while we stuck at home with mob masks.
Steve-Exotic Prije 2 sati
Biden administration is going to ruin this country with illegal immigration and shutdowns
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton Prije 2 sati
We are one. Yeah, with the black caucus the white caucus the Spanish caucus..... Doesn't sound like one. Let's celebrate communism because you got an upfront seat.
Micaela Contreras
Micaela Contreras Prije 2 sati
One as in the new world order
Popelka Btb
Popelka Btb Prije 2 sati
IP Freelee
IP Freelee Prije 2 sati
“We [Delawareans] were on the South’s side of the Civil War.” - Joe Biden in 1987 in Alabama
Mike J
Mike J Prije 2 sati
The pandering is so thick.
Nestoons Prije 2 sati
We are number one Hey!
Michi Love
Michi Love Prije 2 sati
Wow the insurgents really showed up to dislike this video. Seek help!!
Cuminureyes Whorus
Cuminureyes Whorus Prije 2 sati
Define "insurgent" you dunce. 😂😂😂😂
IzZy WiZzy
IzZy WiZzy Prije 3 sati
😂 I feel like i just watched a funeral! And how “brave” and “courageous” of you for leaving the comment section open. You will never destroy the red kingdom 👑 we are here to stay!!!!
Garrett Chapman
Garrett Chapman Prije 3 sati
If you don't vote for me youre not black.. - Joe Biden
NMEofdaST8 Prije sat
What wise quote 🤪
ExposeTheElites Prije 3 sati
Illegitimate president.
Garrett Chapman
Garrett Chapman Prije 3 sati
Yep.. Welcome to wars, and ressession...
youareworthy jesus
youareworthy jesus Prije 3 sati
Matthew 5:3-12 read as follows: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
Fanny Ponce
Fanny Ponce Prije 3 sati
Corban Riggins
Corban Riggins Prije 3 sati
Reported this cause it promotes terrorism.
The Putinator
The Putinator Prije 3 sati
They didn't leave the comments on for the main inauguration video which is on #1 Trending. Imagine that, the comments off for an inauguration of a President that allegedly received the most votes in any presidential election ever...
Stupid Moron
Stupid Moron Prije 3 sati
Sort comments by new if you want to laugh at the delusional idiots who still think Trump won.
Stupid Moron
Stupid Moron Prije 3 sati
@Corban Riggins Scroll down more, and you'll see.
Corban Riggins
Corban Riggins Prije 3 sati
I did that and all I got was this dumbest comment lol
Blessed Yall
Blessed Yall Prije 3 sati
Great performances!!! the interpreter was so full of rhythm and life!!
Amber Vaught
Amber Vaught Prije 3 sati
Why is those things still breathing they need to die along with their supporters
Wicked Sick, Funky Fresh, Roller Coaster Enthusiast
Wicked Sick, Funky Fresh, Roller Coaster Enthusiast Prije 3 sati
“We are one” except for all the Trump supports who we’re putting in our new Gulags!
Corban Riggins
Corban Riggins Prije 3 sati
Too bad youtube will censor this comment
jon stson
jon stson Prije 3 sati
My thoughts exactly. "Unless you have differing opinions."
The BAD Gamer
The BAD Gamer Prije 3 sati
Joseph Janeth
Joseph Janeth Prije 3 sati
we are not one. But your going to wish we where.
Henry Knox
Henry Knox Prije 3 sati
c'mon man
Tacan Ray
Tacan Ray Prije 3 sati
Sooooooooooooooooo Im going to watch 2020 end on a video
TheTrueJayJay Prije 3 sati
Why did this show up already viewed in my videos? The videos red bar was at the end before i ever watched it.
Brad Van Hemelryck
Brad Van Hemelryck Prije 3 sati
Amber Vaught
Amber Vaught Prije 3 sati
Anyone killed him and these snowflake celebs traitors yet
Creative Crispy
Creative Crispy Prije 2 sati
Nah I wish
Sloppy Borrito
Sloppy Borrito Prije 3 sati
Lol trump is gone
Todd Rogers
Todd Rogers Prije 3 sati
Why did youtube stream this, but not stream trump's final address speech?
Todd Rogers
Todd Rogers Prije sat
@blueblade455 but isn't that sort of, what seems to be purposeful segregation, dangerous?
blueblade455 Prije sat
HRpost is owned by leftist liberals, nuff said.
Griff Garrison
Griff Garrison Prije 3 sati
Is this what "diversity" looks like?
Da Whey
Da Whey Prije 3 sati
These people look so...DIVERSE. Very brave and stunning
Ron Scurti
Ron Scurti Prije 3 sati
tinytakokid Prije 3 sati
The universe required correction - Thanos
Savannah Banana
Savannah Banana Prije 3 sati
I am living for the sign language interpreters. I love them and I hope they have a great day
William Wallace88
William Wallace88 Prije 3 sati
The reason this comment section is only comments about comments is because youtube is blocking everything.
blueblade455 Prije sat
Makes sense
222ableVelo Prije 3 sati
Everyone who voted Democrat guess what? Republicans are the actual peaceful and tolerant ones. You all got played hahaaaha 😂 Enjoy your police state and eroding freedom.
Luckybomb87 Prije sat
@Xi Xie You have no democracy. The United States of America is a republic and it isn't "yours"
James F.
James F. Prije 3 sati
@Xi Xie There was no unity all throughout 2020 and in all the time Obuma was in office. Get a clue. Your clowns never gave Trump a chance.
Xi Xie
Xi Xie Prije 3 sati
Republicans tried to destroy my democracy. Democrats are looking for unity. Republicans errode at the lgbtq community too. Also, the republicans are the ones who cant take criticism of the police.
RedBread Prije 3 sati
If you aint vote for me you aint black - Joe Biden
Byron N.
Byron N. Prije 3 sati
We are definitely not one.
Reach41 Prije 3 sati
"They" are one. There has been no sign of work to bring both sides together.
PuRe LEAF Prije 3 sati
i have video of joe admiting to fraud and AMERI CHINA IS BORN .been nice knowing ya America as you die..
Jacob Campbell
Jacob Campbell Prije sat
China doesn’t seem like the type of country to be merry.
I’m not scary
I’m not scary Prije 3 sati
read the description then start typing...
S Minter
S Minter Prije 3 sati
"We are one"...As long as you do what we say, think what we tell you to, feel how we feel, and accept identity politics aka Neo-Marxism and Socialism....YOURE WELCOME
camille mareep
camille mareep Prije 3 sati
My leg hairs are tingling watching this.
Bastion74 Prije 3 sati
Congratulations to the democratic voters from Spain 🇪🇸
Sc j
Sc j Prije 3 sati
This feels like heavy pandering to me
blueblade455 Prije sat
Gee, whatever gave you that idea?
markman manmark
markman manmark Prije 3 sati
JESUS 24/7
nelo Prije 3 sati
Ya bois
toxic creator
toxic creator Prije 3 sati
K J Prije 3 sati
Kamala and Sleepy Joe. What a trainwreck
Raime Prije 3 sati
we could fly a plane filled with all the fake ballots between stacey abrams teeth
blueblade455 Prije sat
FloLorm Prije 3 sati
Raime Prije 3 sati
where are the 81 million
8mmKyle Prije 3 sati
"I don't want my children to grow up in a jungle, a racial jungle." - Joseph R. Biden jr., 46th President of the United States
Supreme Introvert
Supreme Introvert Prije 3 sati
@LightningIgnitor what about : poor kids are just as bright as white kids? What about : If you don't vote for me your not black? What about the crime bill? What about him not critisizing China? What about his sons laptop?
LightningIgnitor Prije 3 sati
Way to remove the context! The quote is from his argument that desegregation shouldn't occur from trial by fire (à la bussing), tensions will only explode that way into the quoted "racial jungle" but instead he put that an orderly integration is needed, just as you won't throw a black man into a KKK rally and say "Hey, become friends and make love!" Instead, he advocated that racial tensions should be eased through "integrated neighborhoods,...eliminating job discrimination...chang[ing] housing patterns...[and] alteration of the tax structure." The quote is from the same transcript.
Michael Redingberg
Michael Redingberg Prije 3 sati
Let’s face it, America has completely changed. It’s a completely different country, and will never be the same. Additionally, with China as powerful as it is, we should all be prepared for a rocky future. I hope everyone the best!
Nina Uccello
Nina Uccello Prije 3 sati
So Awesome!!!
Jimmy Joe
Jimmy Joe Prije 3 sati
I am just going to ignore the news for 4 years. I dont care what laws this man passes I just wont comply cause I wont know about them.
Andy Ollie
Andy Ollie Prije 3 sati
Where did white people go???
I’m not scary
I’m not scary Prije 3 sati
Read the description
Thee Waffle
Thee Waffle Prije 4 sati
at least trump didn't have to cheat his way into becoming the president
Henry Knox
Henry Knox Prije 3 sati
Leftist are funny.
DracoL0rd Prije 4 sati
Girl is throwing up gang signs
Yanovick Panameno
Yanovick Panameno Prije 4 sati
Is evreybody black lol
Paul Craddock
Paul Craddock Prije 4 sati
Amazing display of equal representation!
Jew Tube
Jew Tube Prije 4 sati
So the surgery was a success. THEY ARE ONE!!!
Corn Pop
Corn Pop Prije 4 sati
There goes the Democrats, segregating people based off their race. Their 200 year core value, and only thing they really stand for.
Nick E
Nick E Prije 4 sati
Don’t forget your 10% cut Joe.
NMEofdaST8 Prije sat
Corn Pop
Corn Pop Prije 4 sati
BIacks Only
andy zheng
andy zheng Prije 4 sati
Darth_ _Odin
Darth_ _Odin Prije 4 sati
I was here before they closed the comments
Sir Picklestien
Sir Picklestien Prije 4 sati
Shell Brook
Shell Brook Prije 4 sati
We are divided more than ever. Saying we are one doesn't make it so.
Aiden Ivy
Aiden Ivy Prije 4 sati
Yeah, sure we are one. Accept the left hive mind and have the exact same opinion on every issue or else.
Mo De
Mo De Prije 3 sati
@TUSK #4 that doesn't mean anything we are talking about now . Wait until Socialists took the power and see what happen . Puting higher taxes on the people and companies didnot work with obama .
TUSK #4 Prije 3 sati
@Mo De democrat president are better for the economy. This has been true for over 70 years now
Mo De
Mo De Prije 3 sati
@TUSK #4 lol . So Socialists care about economy when they want to give free money and crazy deals . Come on mannmnnm
TUSK #4 Prije 4 sati
You should. The GOP is an economy destroying cult
Jason Heilman - Musical Remedies
Jason Heilman - Musical Remedies Prije 4 sati
This looks like a bunch of black people saying we are one ???
Captain DC
Captain DC Prije 4 sati
Comment section, you are a bold one...
The Great Dear Leader Jim Pickens
The Great Dear Leader Jim Pickens Prije 4 sati
More like Bore Ragnarok
Renita Lennox
Renita Lennox Prije 4 sati
This is history
Dalton Kirk
Dalton Kirk Prije 4 sati
Sleepy Joe
ITS ME Dizzy
ITS ME Dizzy Prije 4 sati
fortnite passed you on trending lol
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