We TASTED Viral TikTok Cooking Life Hacks...(THEY WORKED!)

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FaZe Jarvis

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We Tasted the Most Viral TikTok Cooking Life Hacks. Shoutout Brennen Taylor!

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Isaac Bowen
Isaac Bowen Prije 9 dana
Nobody: Jarvis: Les PuT SoMe Tomoto SOS on HeRe
Josh Uspe
Josh Uspe Prije 18 dana
Jarvis 2 year later with cancer
FF Playz
FF Playz Prije 20 dana
12:10 Jarvis kinda sus tho
FF Playz
FF Playz Prije 20 dana
12:11 yo Jarvis kinda sus
Sunshine D
Sunshine D Prije mjesec
Taco ooyoyo
CJ Money
CJ Money Prije mjesec
Jarvis : “ Put the balls in the white stuff.” Like pause kinda sus?
Ug x quan
Ug x quan Prije mjesec
Who's here after he knocked out Michael Le
Fredski17 Prije mjesec
I hate that we don’t have like chicfila in Canada 🇨🇦😭😢😤
Savior Prije mjesec
Me taking a 💩 while watching you
Ryland rhodes
Ryland rhodes Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis be Wippen it up in the Kitchen
IL _ GOODZ Prije 2 mjeseci
Let’s just use the whole ting
Roosara Dissanayaka
Roosara Dissanayaka Prije 4 mjeseci
Jarvis-OMG its on fire5secs later ok we are chilling
Quuoh TTV
Quuoh TTV Prije 5 mjeseci
Why are you not a chef? 😂
Legend19 •
Legend19 • Prije 5 mjeseci
He spelled tested tasted lol 😂
Unique_Conchuki Prije 5 mjeseci
Did anyone else notice the Hollywood sign in the background???
FV AIR Prije 5 mjeseci
Idk if it’s me or what but I think 🤔 Jarvis using aim bot on these cooking hacks 🧐
Ayesha Malik Year 6
Ayesha Malik Year 6 Prije 5 mjeseci
lol 4 the watermellon u could just use a blender
r4nge5 Prije 5 mjeseci
Chef Jarvis
Erik Live
Erik Live Prije 5 mjeseci
I want to eat chick file soooo bad but i live in uk so ye:(
Marzgaard Prije 6 mjeseci
If you really want pizza and you want it like in a mug Jarvis 2021
rishab singh
rishab singh Prije 6 mjeseci
Oil was not hot enough
Angus Dwyer
Angus Dwyer Prije 6 mjeseci
A food life hack is not a life hack without Oreos
UnicornGamer Astethic
UnicornGamer Astethic Prije 6 mjeseci
Kay came in to help his brother and after he grabbed his heart ❤❤
Tucker Smith
Tucker Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
For some reason I’m eating hot Cheetos while you are doing this🤣🤣😂😂
official Johnathan
official Johnathan Prije 6 mjeseci
11:38 lol bruh where is your brain
evil wolf
evil wolf Prije 6 mjeseci
your a chef
VibezRL Prije 6 mjeseci
Chickeny 💀💀💀😭😭😭
Maki KaKi
Maki KaKi Prije 6 mjeseci
Jel neko gleda ovo da je iz balkana
Sabine Meegdes
Sabine Meegdes Prije 6 mjeseci
Who else is suprised that he actually know shit about coocking LMOA
TheLightBoss Prije 6 mjeseci
Chef jarvis
Braxton Albritton
Braxton Albritton Prije 6 mjeseci
That’s insane bruvva is what adapt says when he mocks Jarvis and Kay 😂
Fade1213 Prije 6 mjeseci
I’m am so stupid I was liiteraly blowing at my phone when Jarvis’ marshmallows were on fire 💀
Jack Griffiths
Jack Griffiths Prije 6 mjeseci
12:37 WTF was that noise bro😂😂😂
Jordan Ellis
Jordan Ellis Prije 6 mjeseci
Im dying when he poured the water Mellon juice out🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Jeremiah Mulira
Jeremiah Mulira Prije 7 mjeseci
You are my favorite faze member
Noah Adams
Noah Adams Prije 7 mjeseci
6:51 when he says bro that mouth tho
Peter DeGroot
Peter DeGroot Prije 7 mjeseci
I like pepperoni on my pizza puts in salami lol
Marvensky Louverture
Marvensky Louverture Prije 7 mjeseci
It's all chickeny
Kayla Prije 7 mjeseci
why r u so cuteeeee
Giles Roache
Giles Roache Prije 7 mjeseci
Bruh you said you tasted them... should’ve said tested them
evil wolf
evil wolf Prije 7 mjeseci
ican cook and iam 10 and ican cook
fli_FN Prije 8 mjeseci
How are these life hacks
Slay _Bog24
Slay _Bog24 Prije 8 mjeseci
6:55 jarvis smile looks cute
Peace Kid
Peace Kid Prije 8 mjeseci
Literally 99.9% of y’all won’t see this but the lord will bless you (I’m so close to 40 subs) ❤️
Kristine Urban
Kristine Urban Prije 8 mjeseci
I miss the old Jarvis sigh
luttapi_gfx Prije 8 mjeseci
Y u throwing food bruhh 😔🥺
Hareth Amro
Hareth Amro Prije 8 mjeseci
Wait what in Pizza Hut has the best mozzarella sticks but u did it ring u have to do it put in egg then hot chetoos and then put it again
Cameron White
Cameron White Prije 9 mjeseci
Jarvis was pointing the finger LOL at 10:50
XoFares Prije 9 mjeseci
Jarvis is known for always cheating
Drake Harden
Drake Harden Prije 9 mjeseci
Drake Harden
Drake Harden Prije 9 mjeseci
Cooking channel
shatterflight Prije 9 mjeseci
Everyone should appreciate how Jarvis and kay only have 10 second intros
Ruzitah Hussin hussien
Ruzitah Hussin hussien Prije 9 mjeseci
Zoe C
Zoe C Prije 9 mjeseci
Tai Bach
Tai Bach Prije 9 mjeseci
And familys is going to live with me forevers.
Tai Bach
Tai Bach Prije 9 mjeseci
Family is everything
GotAnyRevenge Prije 9 mjeseci
I did not know Jarvis wasent racist to mexicans
Ciyan Mathew
Ciyan Mathew Prije 9 mjeseci
8:21 (Watch Teeqo)
AKU3 Gamer
AKU3 Gamer Prije 9 mjeseci
It was probably supposed to be butter not cheese for the oreo balls pause
Mr. Panda
Mr. Panda Prije 9 mjeseci
Jarvis ini pepperoni pizza is BOMB
The cookie_clan_YT
The cookie_clan_YT Prije 9 mjeseci
I eat a piece of bread
Keyshawn Fisher
Keyshawn Fisher Prije 9 mjeseci
Chef jarvis
Racheal Hayton
Racheal Hayton Prije 10 mjeseci
hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
Flamasaurus Prije 10 mjeseci
Chef O Jarvi in the house
Gnibit Prije 10 mjeseci
I eat the piece of bread
FaZe Nuug
FaZe Nuug Prije 10 mjeseci
bruh i love tiko for one reason only he just chill like friken jarvis being insane threw a pice of bread across the room tiko be chillin doing something
Natasha Wiest
Natasha Wiest Prije 7 mjeseci
The fish tiko? Cuz the other dudes name is Teeqo
cristina garcia
cristina garcia Prije 10 mjeseci
Its funny in 11:37 🤣😂😂😂😂
ahadu beniam
ahadu beniam Prije 10 mjeseci
yo OG fans no Jarvis be always be saying "ting" instead of thing
Gabriel Palomino
Gabriel Palomino Prije 10 mjeseci
I don’t know the guys name @ 10:20 I hate him
Blizz y
Blizz y Prije 10 mjeseci
The first time jarv is cooking 😂
Luisthegoat Torres
Luisthegoat Torres Prije 10 mjeseci
Egg flower cheetos idiot ye
Mati Fischer
Mati Fischer Prije 10 mjeseci
Imagine not knowing Oreo balls existed
ItzJustM3 Prije 10 mjeseci
Chef steal yo employees
Adrian Prije 11 mjeseci
DisDavid Prije 11 mjeseci
12:12 LMAOO!!!!!
Dinger Slinger19
Dinger Slinger19 Prije 11 mjeseci
He turned off his aimbot and couldnt make bread into the garbage.
playboimootje Prije 11 mjeseci
3:14 BRO EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE!!!!!!; 3:17 ok yo were chilling
NRG Neil
NRG Neil Prije 11 mjeseci
He said put them in balls😅😅😅
Capri Walker
Capri Walker Prije 11 mjeseci
Thanks for killing the bread
Ty Jones
Ty Jones Prije 11 mjeseci
yo jarvis why yo head so damn busted
NotFear Prije 11 mjeseci
Dang Jarvis should start a cooking show!
Rocco Davidson
Rocco Davidson Prije 11 mjeseci
Jarvis is now gonna be banned from the kitchen and fortnite 😂😂
Dougas24 Prije 11 mjeseci
Chicken in PERFECT
Dizzycreatar Prije 11 mjeseci
Faze Kay stink
You Think U Know Me
You Think U Know Me Prije 11 mjeseci
12:10 Woah Woah Wait A Second!
SkullyPlayz Prije 11 mjeseci
Jarvis been good with the content sense he got banned
unknow n
unknow n Prije 11 mjeseci
A bit burnt lmao
YuGisHyperFN Prije 11 mjeseci
FaZe Blaze laughs like denver
FNG_freshie YT
FNG_freshie YT Prije 11 mjeseci
Welcome to chef Jarvis
Nikoletta Mani
Nikoletta Mani Prije 11 mjeseci
Are hacking again😂😂😂😂
James Etuna
James Etuna Prije 11 mjeseci
Know what I'm saying
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Prije 11 mjeseci
Jarvis doing food hacks Master chief: Hook this guy up 👇
paradise Prije 11 mjeseci
jarvis: instead of the little tap thing u can just tap it then it comes out but u know me i am griedy i am just gonna drink it all myself. friazer: 👁👄👁
a4alfies DrkD
a4alfies DrkD Prije 11 mjeseci
Jarvis. 2020: I Kinda D.I.Y.ed I myself
Noodle Prije 11 mjeseci
Yo the pizza in a cup you need to cook the egg because otherwise you'll get sick so just dont use eggs or sumthing
xylogens Prije 11 mjeseci
Jarvis ramsey lol
ImAuntPoo Prije 11 mjeseci
Its no ting its thing you dummy
Emanuel Samayoa
Emanuel Samayoa Prije 11 mjeseci
Hands down funniest vid you’ve made 😂 literally cracking up the whole time
Blue carrot 805.8
Blue carrot 805.8 Prije godine
Who watching this without tiktok
AshTheCracker Prije godine
Yoooo I made those Oreo balls before
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