FaZe Clan Real Life Treasure Hunt - Challenge

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FaZe Clan

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FaZe Clan
FaZe Clan Prije 10 mjeseci
Who do you guys have winning this challenge?? 👀
Matty Black
Matty Black Prije dan
i love all you guys and your video but i never laughed so hard at one of your vids besides watching nikan run
ultimate1136 Prije dan
kassu hali
kassu hali Prije 10 dana
@TheBloxCommunity Hi
Mason Schellenberg
Mason Schellenberg Prije 11 dana
kassu hali
kassu hali Prije 13 dana
@TheBloxCommunity hi man
Princess Pooja
Princess Pooja Prije 2 sati
Congrats Rug and Nikon 🎉 Good job to the others.
Ham roblox Salas
Ham roblox Salas Prije dan
Where’s apex number give it right now
Chris Owens
Chris Owens Prije dan
Thando Seonyane
Thando Seonyane Prije dan
Team faze rug and nickan hope you win this hunt game
Thando Seonyane
Thando Seonyane Prije dan
How did teeqa catch up with people and the bus stop they were taking their time
Ronaldo Hirmiz
Ronaldo Hirmiz Prije dan
Raciel Perez
Raciel Perez Prije 2 dana
Alright bet czzz
Aqua hunter
Aqua hunter Prije 3 dana
FaZe up
Bedeyuri Fernandes
Bedeyuri Fernandes Prije 4 dana
cizzorz puts in £1 dollar (another dollar this game is so expensive)
Nate don't hate!
Nate don't hate! Prije 6 dana
Wow time flies
꧁ A_S PARTH ꧂ Prije 7 dana
FaZe Rug my boy won the race FaZe nikkon my boy too won the race
Amanda Mehrtens
Amanda Mehrtens Prije 7 dana
Go team Middle East
Kate Li
Kate Li Prije 7 dana
everyone is working and rug is just is taking pictures with fans
Vishal Arpita
Vishal Arpita Prije 8 dana
Yes i love the rug and nikan team Middle East!!!!
yesits9inches Prije 13 dana
I wanna do this with my 5 friends
decxptz Prije 14 dana
I like how realistic tiko was being
Unsounder Prije 14 dana
Half of the vid was Rug just taking pics with fans (^^)(^^)(^^)
Trads Esports
Trads Esports Prije 14 dana
Who need a team 👀👀👀
Milk chemistry
Milk chemistry Prije 15 dana
vShxdow Prije 15 dana
team middle east all the way
Gonzalo Aguilar
Gonzalo Aguilar Prije 15 dana
Before COVID-19 😐
Aztek Indian
Aztek Indian Prije 15 dana
Tom Lubiewski, USA Mortgage
Tom Lubiewski, USA Mortgage Prije 16 dana
It was funny how orba wanted to win but teego just wants to chill
4EVER shmsho
4EVER shmsho Prije 17 dana
Can the faze clan go to gta v and fined the faze house and make a video
Pxndaupn3xt .
Pxndaupn3xt . Prije 17 dana
Help Me reach 1k by the end of 2021
Help Me reach 1k by the end of 2021 Prije 18 dana
I watched all
mjvalenc94 Prije 18 dana
Yall need to do another one!!!!
Trappatoni8 Prije 18 dana
Nobody: apex throwing cizzorz hat
ItsSvaqqr Prije 19 dana
Watched whole the video just found out that it took an hour but its worth it
David Cadena
David Cadena Prije 19 dana
Started watching last night and fell asleep 😂 time to pick it up from where I turned it off lol
Barron Walker
Barron Walker Prije 19 dana
And can’t of Ford it
Barron Walker
Barron Walker Prije 19 dana
Will y’all pls lower the price for your merch bc I really like it
Barron Walker
Barron Walker Prije 19 dana
How does this vid only have 140 thousand likes
Barron Walker
Barron Walker Prije 19 dana
Will y’all do the same thing but where no one cusses
sup bruh
sup bruh Prije 19 dana
Everyone wearing hoodies expect orba
Bryan Guzman
Bryan Guzman Prije 20 dana
Barbara Cilla
Barbara Cilla Prije 20 dana
Fire video
Soe Say
Soe Say Prije 21 dan
The bihbdawchaverb Irafegifureblivelifblaife cfilae cfjvae. I,f I flea. Fadli
Adrian Gucxii
Adrian Gucxii Prije 21 dan
Nice $gucxii916 🙏🏽
Queenie Prije 21 dan
The fact that I couldn’t watch a 1 hour film but I easily watched this and didn’t even notice😂
LISA Thomas
LISA Thomas Prije 21 dan
1 hour
Xylo Prije 22 dana
The whole vid teeqo and orba just chillin the whole time lol
Pedro123 Prije 23 dana
Cskiez Prije 24 dana
i watched the whole thing smh
Akhtarfw Prije 24 dana
I just realized it’s 1 hour
Danny Prije 22 dana
Yea it 2 am im like 15 min in... 😴
oBung Prije 24 dana
Do miss the old days but this is not bad content at all, Merry Christmas everyone👐🏼
A . M . I
A . M . I Prije 24 dana
This was awesome I need more plz @faze clan
A . M . I
A . M . I Prije 24 dana
If u do this more I will pay u a 100k
Christina Markos
Christina Markos Prije 24 dana
Yes gooo ! to the middle east I love being middle eastern we number one in everything you already knowww
Gaming cheetah
Gaming cheetah Prije 25 dana
None of them had masks Covid 19
Cody Hopper
Cody Hopper Prije 26 dana
I am a new faze member btw
Chris Lopez Cristobal
Chris Lopez Cristobal Prije 26 dana
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans Prije 26 dana
3:59 reminds me of GTA 5
Sasha Siziba
Sasha Siziba Prije 26 dana
Fam faze rude like they keep laughing even if the man says stop like fam
asme smoke
asme smoke Prije 26 dana
FaZe Clan in gta5
richard douglas
richard douglas Prije 27 dana
That's in gta 5
Daiwik mehta
Daiwik mehta Prije 27 dana
Team middleveast
Obed garcia
Obed garcia Prije 28 dana
Rug and nikan are dealers 21:14
tem alrahil
tem alrahil Prije 29 dana
who else saw that guy in the back at 51:53
Gaming chicken
Gaming chicken Prije mjesec
This is how many people agree that the beach and peer look like the ones from GTA 5 👇
Cedric Suarez
Cedric Suarez Prije mjesec
5:00 im dying 😂😂
Gamer yousef
Gamer yousef Prije mjesec
I WATER Prije mjesec
Is this like the first time rug's in a faze video
Dp Donald
Dp Donald Prije mjesec
7:46 lol that girl said to you hi and you just ignore her
Syed Shah
Syed Shah Prije mjesec
Best faze vid please faze do moreeeee
Syed Shah
Syed Shah Prije mjesec
Everyone's cameraman: omg this is so bad im geting so tired Teeqo and Orbas:This is chill bruvva😴😎🤙🤘
Kayden Krebs
Kayden Krebs Prije mjesec
Daisy Ruiz
Daisy Ruiz Prije mjesec
Is it just me or teeqo got on my nerves of how many times he mentioned he was just chilling and walking around
Henry Martinez
Henry Martinez Prije mjesec
Leak the number
Willie Patelesio
Willie Patelesio Prije mjesec
i love teeqo hes the best
liquidzz vizion
liquidzz vizion Prije mjesec
The place there on is the gta 5 mapp
Mohamad Sheaib
Mohamad Sheaib Prije mjesec
Who is with team rug?
Mohamad Sheaib
Mohamad Sheaib Prije mjesec
Who is with team rug?
Mohamad Sheaib
Mohamad Sheaib Prije mjesec
Who is with team rug?
Mohamad Sheaib
Mohamad Sheaib Prije mjesec
Who is with team rug?
Mohamad Sheaib
Mohamad Sheaib Prije mjesec
Who is with team rug?
Mohamad Sheaib
Mohamad Sheaib Prije mjesec
Who is with team rug?
Mohamad Sheaib
Mohamad Sheaib Prije mjesec
Who is with team rug?
Yt_Unskilled Pro
Yt_Unskilled Pro Prije mjesec
Nobody: Me:is that lester
Timothy Russell
Timothy Russell Prije mjesec
Rug was really thinking bout a different four letter word. If u know what i mean😈
Icyy Yunginn
Icyy Yunginn Prije mjesec
God bless everyone and protect everyone y’all be blessed and safe Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Danny Velazquez
Danny Velazquez Prije mjesec
Can’t believe I stayed here for an hour 😂😂😂😂
Giles Shubert
Giles Shubert Prije mjesec
Jana Alamleh
Jana Alamleh Prije mjesec
Y’all 2021 is coming
beyblade yeet
beyblade yeet Prije mjesec
Where's mystic7
Julie Julie
Julie Julie Prije mjesec
The known peru karyologically bleach because instruction neuroanatomically cough vice a puzzling mini-skirt. fine, homeless comb
FAYGO_OG Prije mjesec
This had me dead. Can’t believe I watched the entire thing 😂
JUSTBOT Prije mjesec
The part where they said they where gonna leak there number got me dead
Surgical Device
Surgical Device Prije mjesec
Dashawn Jones
Dashawn Jones Prije mjesec
Who else watching this in 2020 4 the 100th time,this video is amazing
Syem Bangash
Syem Bangash Prije mjesec
The aspiring development lily tire because wrist karyologically admire abaft a smelly burn. obese, spectacular rooster
danjay1324 Prije mjesec
Yooo I'm like halfway through the vid but im thinking if I look at the comments they have to mention the winner so I aint taking a chance, any1 else like me???
Jack McEvila
Jack McEvila Prije mjesec
Faze Rug has more subs than Faze
Alan Foley
Alan Foley Prije mjesec
Anwar Adam
Anwar Adam Prije mjesec
Mxney_ Dribbles
Mxney_ Dribbles Prije mjesec
Apex should have been like what the clue or you kick from faze
Zyfert Ramirez
Zyfert Ramirez Prije mjesec
Nikkan- say it really fast.. Faze rug- agoatoastafenern
Devin fn
Devin fn Prije mjesec
At 8:11 that dude merch said Adpt that Adapt
Potato Dragon
Potato Dragon Prije mjesec
NOOO..... I.. I.. broke the replay button by accident :(
Tag3a -
Tag3a - Prije mjesec
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