“I want to do a number on Hrgovic!” - Alen Babic wants all Croatian clash after stopping Tom Little

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Prije 2 mjeseci

Chaos as expected! Alen Babic takes out Tom Little in the third round and immediately calls for the all Croatian clash with rival Filip Hrgovic as soon as the crowds are back open #BabicLittle #AlenBabic #FilipHrgovic

Nenad ИС XC Shuput
Nenad ИС XC Shuput Prije 2 sati
I hope he does BKB
Ivan Susic
Ivan Susic Prije 2 mjeseci
Bravo Alene pozdrav iz srbije . Pokidaj hrgu
cocoringo Prije 2 mjeseci
this guy's a G
Ashleigh Mcfarlane
Ashleigh Mcfarlane Prije 2 mjeseci
Hrgovic will destroy the savage...hes levels above..babic vs chisora and even then I think derek would destroy him 🤔
Russ Prije 2 mjeseci
Typical Matchroom fan. Thinks everyone other than Joshua is a bin man. Babic will take over the division.
petar perić
petar perić Prije 2 mjeseci
Engleski na djecjem nivou. Kreten
dw dww.
dw dww. Prije 2 mjeseci
Mi smo purgeri najjaci smo najaci..jedva cekam da hrgu razvalis .zg ulica
kize32 Prije 2 mjeseci
What is your prediction for a fight with Hrgović? Savage: PAIN
Addyy Brown
Addyy Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
He talks toooooo much! He will be shut up if he steps up against top guys
CRACKADAKS Prije 2 mjeseci
F-ing luv this guy! Serge army all the way
im Inc
im Inc Prije 2 mjeseci
Savage vs AJ 2021!!!
Mile Budak
Mile Budak Prije 2 mjeseci
This style of boxing is very difficult against highlevel boxers like joshua or wilder od fury so...babic i think you should go to the cruiser because you get killed in the Future man
Owen jb
Owen jb Prije 2 mjeseci
Babic v Dave Allen would have been massive. Dave wins thoe 🇬🇧
BE SAFE YEAH BE SAFE Prije 2 mjeseci
When babic was 18 he told he’s dad it’s time to leave the house 🏡
MW1_kING Prije 2 mjeseci
Size doesnt matter
MW1_kING Prije 2 mjeseci
Faster than Hrgovic and Dubois got it done Legend!
Jimmy GreenUK
Jimmy GreenUK Prije 2 mjeseci
Well done Babic. True warrior
transfer ixat
transfer ixat Prije 2 mjeseci
Stvarno steta da se on i Hrgovic toliko mrze,super boxaci ali im je tzv prijateljstvo dno dna,steta,a dolaze iz drzave od par ljudi....
T D Prije 2 mjeseci
Real slav 🦎🦎
Sulfadin Sulfo Hadzihasanomeragovic
Sulfadin Sulfo Hadzihasanomeragovic Prije 2 mjeseci
Opsjednut je Hrgovićem kao Srbi Hrvatima. Ne prođe dan da ga ne spomene
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz Prije 2 mjeseci
Babic is gonna eat Hrgovic,absolute legend,old school style✌️
vjeran vlahovic
vjeran vlahovic Prije 2 mjeseci
You really dont know what you are talking about
masterfan0 Prije 2 mjeseci
Reporter: 2020 has been an amazing year Babic: "It's been the year the savage was born. I'm gonna celebrate his birthday, he's one and a half year old" 😂😂😂
Ellie Dean
Ellie Dean Prije 2 mjeseci
Savage army 🔥🔥
The Wedge
The Wedge Prije 2 mjeseci
ok I'm sold, lets make Babic vs. Hrgovic... the division isn't big enough for 2 Croatians.
worldcuprussia18 #
worldcuprussia18 # Prije 2 mjeseci
guys saying he will get knocked out because of his style..ok, experts.tell me one one boxer that wasnt knocked out at some point..thing is, lots of them is already knocked out and savage is still on his legs🇭🇷👊
Jason Harry
Jason Harry Prije 2 mjeseci
This guy is the dogs nuts, big fighting spirit in this guy, he’s a winner
Austin and Sians Dad
Austin and Sians Dad Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm in the savage army. This guy is great.
Austin and Sians Dad
Austin and Sians Dad Prije 2 mjeseci
@Danijel Krušelj Your most welcome brother. I'll be down your way for the big fight next year.
Danijel Krušelj
Danijel Krušelj Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes, and he is very very simply guy. I am from Croatia from where is Babic. Very modest and fantastic person. He is driving Seat Ibiza very old model and he do not care, I wish to him all the best. Thank you for your supporting.
Daniel McCarthy
Daniel McCarthy Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm pretty convinced this guy is legit can't wait to see him stepping up
OFN-1989 Prije 2 mjeseci
Hrgovic will KO him
Al Mackay
Al Mackay Prije 2 mjeseci
Modern day Marciano, I hope he continues to improve and goes far
Mr Kolasa
Mr Kolasa Prije 2 mjeseci
Sign him eddie. Do a deal with the bodysnatcher
DEE DUBZ Prije 2 mjeseci
Savage flying under the radar catching bodies like Charles Manson out here
Marvin Dorfler
Marvin Dorfler Prije 2 mjeseci
Not sure if this guy realises the quality of opponent hes been facing. I dont want to hear about winters being a good opponent because he looked a shell of himself and like a crack head in that fight. Tom little was terrible tonight, he gave it large all through the build up and it was all just hot air. Little got in the ring and was scared from the opening bell, straight into survival mode and afraid to hit back. Why does a guy like that even get into boxing, hes wasted everyone's time and I hope matchroom dont give him any further fights after his shocking performance. So until we see a genuine half decent opponent, I'm not buying into this guys act. Stop feeding him complete bums, this Is all we see now everywhere in boxing. We know fighters have to build up etc but we all knew little was never going to be aggressive enough nor does he have particularly great boxing ability. So who's next, are we going to go down the usual route of another 2 bin men followed by the big test of kevin kingpin johnson or some other washed up journeyman from 15 yrs ago ? Babic is getting bummed up to the max recently, so give him a real heavyweight. Just make sure it's not Richard ' I've got a bet on ' Lartey, hes another one who will hopefully be sent packing along with little after tonight. Stick this boy here into a real fight. Lets see what hes got, its becoming boring watching a lot of one way beatings in a lot of fights now. Theres been a few good evenly matched fights this year, let's not fall back into the regular mismatches routine.
InMusicCro Prije 2 mjeseci
Chill dude, this is his 6th professional fight. Without at least 10 - 15, it would be crazy to give him someone experienced and on a top level. Tom little wasn't straight away in a survival mode. He is not light on the legs and is not able to outmaneuver Babic, so the tactics of his team was to box passively and target Babic's liver in order to exhaust him. Unfortunately for Little, the plan didn't work, he got mauled and didn't survive past the third round. His tactic was good, he just wasn't able to survive the Savage.
DEE DUBZ Prije 2 mjeseci
They said Savage by K.O. I said Savage by KILL!!
David Keeling
David Keeling Prije 2 mjeseci
Love him I’m gona call my next German shepherd babic
Josip Franić
Josip Franić Prije 2 mjeseci
Hrgovic take the fight !!
legend J
legend J Prije 2 mjeseci
Team body snatcher
Yemi Babatunde
Yemi Babatunde Prije 2 mjeseci
I hope no one actually bet a fortune, or worse remortgaged their house for Tom Little to KO Babic! HAHA 😂
8 Star DB
8 Star DB Prije 2 mjeseci
Alen should fight agit kabayel for the European title, be a good fight more competitive but I think he will win.
Jon Collins Live TV
Jon Collins Live TV Prije 2 mjeseci
Babic is good for the sport as he entertains
vrlja brlja
vrlja brlja Prije 2 mjeseci
He needs to stop with Hrgovic callouts he is so boring with that it's just too mutch...I liked him but he really needs to stop he will drown himself and lose many followers bcs of that...he is entertaining but won't make it to far...
doncressco Prije 2 mjeseci
Why is doing push ups or pull ups frowned upon by savage?
Priscilla Gillespie
Priscilla Gillespie Prije 2 mjeseci
Jebeni kralj! :)
Mohamed I’m ard Bruce lee
Mohamed I’m ard Bruce lee Prije 2 mjeseci
He’s a real character, how can you dislike him ?
Hans Krištof
Hans Krištof Prije 2 mjeseci
He is like pain in the ass.
Scott Gavin
Scott Gavin Prije 2 mjeseci
Babic is a great watch but who thinks Little needs to be investigated for a predetermined knockdown
Ben Hoyle
Ben Hoyle Prije 2 mjeseci
He’s a new Dave Allen
DEE DUBZ Prije 2 mjeseci
Nah Savage kills Allen
Scott T
Scott T Prije 2 mjeseci
Babic v chisora GET IT MADE EDDIE!!
Genario Hoxha
Genario Hoxha Prije 2 mjeseci
Really hope this guy does good.
Vasile Enache
Vasile Enache Prije 2 mjeseci
UK has changed his life so much that he calls 2020 the best year of his life.
Matej Žižanović
Matej Žižanović Prije 2 mjeseci
How did UK change his life lol? BTW 2020 probably been the best year of my life too, or at least one of the best...
Josip Tomic
Josip Tomic Prije 2 mjeseci
Savage army till I die
Nocni Ormar
Nocni Ormar Prije 2 mjeseci
Nikad nista ni od tebe ni hrgovica sinko.Pojma vi nemate.Komisija ne bi nikad odobrila da se iko od vas dvojice bori protiv nekoga tipa wilder jer bi stvarno postojala mogucnost da se wilderu ispuni zelja da nekoga ubije u ringu.Nece nijedan od vas dvojice doc do rekorda 20-0,a zna se da ce svako ko je iti malo popularan dobit kante od boraca za prvih 20 meceva.U ovom slucaju babic ima malo buke oko sebe jer sere o hrgovicu,a hrgovic ima buke oko sebe jer je olimpijac.Obojica su smijesni borci.Vratite se na ovaj komentar za 5 godina.Zapravo i ranije ce doc kraj svenu ovome jer hrgović vec ima dvoznamenkasti broj borbi tako da...Babicu ti i hrgović se tribate spojit tako da kad se ti vratis radit ko redar on moze izbacivat koku sa svojin braton suboton i petkon u narodnjackom klubu u kojem ti budes na vratima,pa ce te dilit zaradu.Smijesni borci,a grozni ljudi.
Nocni Ormar
Nocni Ormar Prije 2 mjeseci
@Joseph237cro e,ali za razliku od babica i hrgovica on je sve njih dobija.oni nece ni so 20 0 doc. P.S hrgovicevi i babicevi protivnici su stvarno svjetska klasa borci nema sta.rekordi sve govore...
Joseph237cro Prije 2 mjeseci
Pogledaj Wilderovih prvih 30 borbi, nema likova ni na wikipediji.
FirstRound Boxing
FirstRound Boxing Prije 2 mjeseci
Babic vs. Kash Ali please.. Or Milas if it has to be a Croatian lol
John Rambo
John Rambo Prije 2 mjeseci
Come on fury call him out
Paul Murga
Paul Murga Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol people really think this guy is the next big thing. Clueless.
Hamdan Prije 2 mjeseci
Very good performance much better than his last two fights. Well done savage
Jaspal Gosal
Jaspal Gosal Prije 2 mjeseci
Babic you still painful to watch, why is this waste man getting so much hype, Eddie doing Whyte favours cus he got sent to another demention in his last fight, 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
Leon Watson
Leon Watson Prije 2 mjeseci
I like babic he's A1 for entertainment and value for money but hrzgovic is too big and strong , technically sound I believe he will clean his clock
Frankie McConalogue
Frankie McConalogue Prije 2 mjeseci
The savage will get cabbaged 👊
Rafa P
Rafa P Prije 2 mjeseci
None nonesense guy. I like him, he seems honest. Besides that I hope they give him a step up.
A O Prije 2 mjeseci
Bit kettle teapot commenting on Little’s head size. Do like him but can you imagine he fights and loses to Hrgovic, think he’d off himself
Hulusi Ozdemir
Hulusi Ozdemir Prije 2 mjeseci
Hrgovic v Babic is ppv
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
Bigun From Wigun
Bigun From Wigun Prije 2 mjeseci
Looks like bronson with that beard
Desert Eagle69
Desert Eagle69 Prije 2 mjeseci
Aj ne seri
Best Sports HL - MMA Channel
Best Sports HL - MMA Channel Prije 2 mjeseci
I see that many boxing fans didn't get a point of Alen and why is Alen! Babic isn't a one punch ko fighter, he is 100-200 punches KO fighter! He have unbelievable cardio and his opponents go down from exhaustion! Yes he is small and he is a cruiserweight, but he have much more chances with big guys! Why? Because big guys don't fights like Alen. For 90% HWs Alen boxing style is to hard to follow. Alen will attack you with many punches and you need to response immediately with many punches too. OK, and where is problem for HW here??? HW don't like to throw too many punches in the first few rounds because they are afraid for his cardio. Almost all expects that Alen will be "gassed out" after 3 or 4 rounds but he is a cardio freak and he can punch like a lunatic 6-8 rounds - maybe more! In that period you get 200, 300 or maybe 500 punches in your head or body. Can you survive that even he have only 20% of accurate punches??? In cruiserweight fighters are smaller, quicker with better cardio - cruiserweights have much more weapons to stop Alen then HW.
reltih floda
reltih floda Prije mjesec
@vrlja brlja hrgovic still has to prove himself
mate jeličić
mate jeličić Prije mjesec
@vrlja brlja aaa/rereeee
mate jeličić
mate jeličić Prije mjesec
@John Smith a rrr
saša alibašić
saša alibašić Prije mjesec
@Best Sports HL - MMA Channel you are spelling it wrong! It is not slow its SLAO...
vrlja brlja
vrlja brlja Prije mjesec
Babic style of boxing became usles when Klitschko came to heavyweight and any top 20 guy would outbox Babic...
peter nagy
peter nagy Prije 2 mjeseci
He took a little long to win this fight. Tom Little took him info R3 a big surprise.
CC Prije 2 mjeseci
VHS reptilski sampion
Petrak Xd
Petrak Xd Prije 2 mjeseci
Hrgovic is a little pussy ,Savage is a true warrior
Ivan123 Prije 2 mjeseci
Hrgovic just showed he is pure hater and kinda dumb when he predicted Little will win this. And Little said he is better prepared for this fight than with Hrgovic yet Babic still put him away more easily than Hrgovic. People still underestimate Babic yet I dont know why... What does Hrgovic have other than height and cross? Babic on the other hand can throw from any angle, hooks and uppercuts, cross and even jabs from time to time not to mention he leverages his punches. This is Croatian Jack Dempsey here folks. Haters gonna hate.
Mark Demax
Mark Demax Prije 2 mjeseci
Calum b
Calum b Prije 2 mjeseci
hrgovic would splatter him inside 2 rounds
Jamming With Jonno
Jamming With Jonno Prije 2 mjeseci
@Calum b This is about Hrgovic vs Babic and for the third time Hrgovic is unproven just like Babic. Babic got Little out of there quicker than Hrgovic did yet Babic is a bum and Hrgovic isn't? You snotty old fart sitting on your sofas, eating cheesy watsits disrespecting these men by calling them bums when you haven't fought professionally or had any major success in a boxing ring really boils my blood. You wouldn't call Babic crap to his face so shut tf up and sit down. 😂
Calum b
Calum b Prije 2 mjeseci
@Jamming With Jonno OK? what has that got to do with Babic being crap?
Jamming With Jonno
Jamming With Jonno Prije 2 mjeseci
@Calum b All that being said Hrgovic is still unproven and hasn't beaten nobody worth bragging about. Lol
Darren Finlay
Darren Finlay Prije 2 mjeseci
@Calum b a hear ya mate and totally agree hrgovic would destroy this dude these idiots seem to think hes the second coming of mike tyson or summit
Calum b
Calum b Prije 2 mjeseci
@Jamming With Jonno How do i know that? Because i have eyes? Little has no power, if he did Babic would of been on the canvas, the shots he was being caught with. He has zero defence or skill. Hrgovic on the other hand is one of the most talented and decorated HW amateurs of recent years. just stop with the triangle theories ffs.
Mark Demax
Mark Demax Prije 2 mjeseci
Todd Feehley
Todd Feehley Prije 2 mjeseci
He not like the Savage!!!!! Fights 50 year old bums he should be banned😭😭😭😭😭
peter nagy
peter nagy Prije 2 mjeseci
Todd Feehley
Todd Feehley Prije 2 mjeseci
Put my life on the line they are selfish they don't😭😭😭😭😭
Tripun !
Tripun ! Prije 2 mjeseci
Actualy, Hrgovic put his money on Savage but couldn't say that 🤣.
Denis Sabljak
Denis Sabljak Prije 2 mjeseci
c1C1 Prije 2 mjeseci
Takav mi je karakter
Real KingRav
Real KingRav Prije 2 mjeseci
Tom Little needs to retire
DEE DUBZ Prije 2 mjeseci
That was a brutal loss, but we knew he'd burn out within 3. Im surprise it went that long. I guess Savage wanted to go easy on his buddy
c1C1 Prije 2 mjeseci
Mišić MMA
Mišić MMA Prije 2 mjeseci
ODIUPICKU'S CLONE-1 Prije 2 mjeseci
After his last fight Hrgovic said no one wants to fight him...Wait a minute, how about Babic?
Billy Horne
Billy Horne Prije mjesec
Hrgović didn't have answer for Joyce, just like Oidipudu have no answer
MW1_kING Prije mjesec
@ODIUPICKU'S CLONE-1 Oh ok, so because Hrgovic said he would win, that makes it believable yeah? What did you expect Hrgovic to say lol Anyways, Joyce 1, Hrgovic 0. Hrgovic last fight was pathetic.
ODIUPICKU'S CLONE-1 Prije mjesec
@Wendy Statebolikurac Filip je rekao da je on za taj mec spreman odmah, ali da sve ovisi o procjeni njegovog tima, tj. do te ce borbe doci kad njegov tim odluci da je najbolji trenutak za taj mec...Buduci da bi eventualnim porazom Filip puno vise izgubio nego Babic, Filipov tim uzima i taj faktor u obzir, a toga je itekako dobro svjestan i Babic jer je u jednom nedavnom podkastu i rekao da je svjestan te cinjenice. Pa kad je svjestan te cinjenice onda bi bilo napokon i vrijeme da prestane srati i kukati kako ga Filip podcjenjuje, a Filip ga uopce ne podcjenjuje vec ga zajebava jer je ova sirovina od Babica bezobrazan i glup pa ne kuzi niti to da je bezobrazan niti to da ga Filip zajebava..Najprije izaziva nicim izazvan, a onda kad mu Hrga odgovori onda krene kmecati kako ga Filip ne postuje kao borca...Pa sta te ima postovati kao borca kad to ne zasluzujes ni kao borac, a jos manje kao covjek...Babica muci sto ga Filip ne postuje kao borca, ne muci ga sto ga ne postuje kao covjeka, po tome se najbolje vidi kakva je to sirovina od sabana...Za nevjerovat...
ODIUPICKU'S CLONE-1 Prije mjesec
@MW1_kING Hrgovic said few months ago (while being guest in one croatian TV show) that Joe Joyce wouldn't have a chance if he fouhgt him again (Joe, as i already said lost even that fight which was held in 2013), and he (Hrgovic) even expressed his eagerness for their rematch to be realised as soon as possible (as far as he is concerned)...
MW1_kING Prije mjesec
@ODIUPICKU'S CLONE-1 Nah he got pressured all night and didnt have an answer for joyce He got walked down into the ropes all day... same thing will happen if they fight again.
T S Prije 2 mjeseci
I didn't do a single pushup 😆🥰
The Riddler
The Riddler Prije 2 mjeseci
John Smith
John Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
Babic fights like Rocky Marciano, he goes for you and doesn't stop.
Al Mackay
Al Mackay Prije 2 mjeseci
He certainly does, I love it!! modern day Marciano
Z.S.J.K Prije 2 mjeseci
Except he’s a 210ib+ cruiser weight not a 180ib+ light heavyweight and has a modern high guard yea obviously needs to mind his defense and moves faster although he’s a bit faster in this fight he don’t want to get tagged by a 250ib hrgovic clean
Lee Mitchell
Lee Mitchell Prije 2 mjeseci
Seriously how can you not love this guy?? Legend already. Bravo my friend👏👏
El Choppo
El Choppo Prije 2 mjeseci
How much do these bums on the undercards get paid for losing ? Is it per round, with a bonus for going down in the right round, or a flat rate of pay. Lartey vs Wardley was embarrassing. Lartey looked like he was considering if he was being hit hard enough to go down with each punch Wardley landed. A nice touch wheeling the oxygen mask out. Laughable ! These days, anything other than title fights are just a joke ! Eddie Hearn is a joke, too !
Bangers n mash
Bangers n mash Prije 2 mjeseci
Babic just a very hard man but when n it comes to boxing his very very shit watch when he fights someone proper
peter nagy
peter nagy Prije 2 mjeseci
Babic is gonna be a contender. Believe in him.
fleshen Prije 2 mjeseci
Yep Alen you are a Welsh adoptive son we claim you first ! You are now a Welsh Croatian brother!
peter nagy
peter nagy Prije 2 mjeseci
Boyo Babic
Roo986 Prije 2 mjeseci
I think this dude needs some man-up pills ....
Lcvilla Prije 2 mjeseci
Tom little should retire hes shit even shitter than dave allen
Lcvilla Prije 2 mjeseci
@peter nagy allen beat a few better fighters 🤣
peter nagy
peter nagy Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't think that is possible
Bangers n mash
Bangers n mash Prije 2 mjeseci
Hrgovic will beat the shit out of alan
G-man Prije 2 mjeseci
The savage journey continues, this is what boxing needs a guy who wants to entertain the fan's, is fun to watch and loves what he is doing, fight anybody attitude wish there was more like this.
_________ Prije 2 mjeseci
Hrgovic we waiting for you
Joseph237cro Prije 2 mjeseci
N8tive Prije 2 mjeseci
Barbaric behaviour from Uncle Savage!!
N8tive Prije 2 mjeseci
@Adam Oxen 🙄
Adam Oxen
Adam Oxen Prije 2 mjeseci
I going to use that line😄😁
car kralj
car kralj Prije 2 mjeseci
🦎 bravoo
Gerry Ryan
Gerry Ryan Prije 2 mjeseci
Brilliant. You do as you say x
Nigel Angel
Nigel Angel Prije 2 mjeseci
What happened to Little’s prediction of this being a classic like Gatti Vs Ward.... absolute fool !
Owen Roseborough
Owen Roseborough Prije 2 mjeseci
Love this guy. Someone get him a check
Victor Thirlwell
Victor Thirlwell Prije 2 mjeseci
Love to watch you savage
Victor Thirlwell
Victor Thirlwell Prije 2 mjeseci
Well done savage diff class keep up the good work savage army love you
T Piz
T Piz Prije 2 mjeseci
I believe you savage!!
Irfan Gokaydin
Irfan Gokaydin Prije 2 mjeseci
We all knew Tom little was gonna get battered
Jamming With Jonno
Jamming With Jonno Prije 2 mjeseci
@peter kelly How is that a big difference? Debois fought Little in his 8th fight while Savage fought him in his 6th fight and got him out of there quicker. Look at their professional boxing experience not their age.
peter kelly
peter kelly Prije 2 mjeseci
@Jamming With Jonno Dubois was 20 , Babic is 30 - big difference .
Jamming With Jonno
Jamming With Jonno Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah but the impressive part is that he did it quicker than Debois and Hrgovic. Lol
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