Spending 24 Hours In A Snake Pit (Crazy Dares w/ Pets)

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Spending 24 Hours In A Snake Pit featuring @FaZe Jarvis @Sommer Ray @Cizzorz @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Kay @FaZe Orba @FaZe Nikan & @TeaWap
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Amel Terzic
Amel Terzic Prije 4 sati
can you send me free gfuel plz send me the fazeberry flavour
lenovo pluffy
lenovo pluffy Prije 17 sati
lenovo pluffy
lenovo pluffy Prije 17 sati
Petron Dawkins
Petron Dawkins Prije 17 sati
Jereal I love me some new one and enjoying
Erna XXX
Erna XXX Prije dan
I wish i could visit this studio
عبوسي عبوسي
عبوسي عبوسي Prije dan
Maiky Beltre
Maiky Beltre Prije dan
Ryan Czzy
Ryan Czzy Prije 2 dana
The amount of clickbait
Dark Slayer16
Dark Slayer16 Prije 2 dana
Legend has it that Jarvis got ate
محمد عبدالعزيز
محمد عبدالعزيز Prije 4 dana
حي خطير جداً🔥🔥🔥
MistycxlFN-_- Prije 4 dana
did yall get hm out of the snake pit tho
RCT. Hallow
RCT. Hallow Prije 4 dana
I remember I went to school one day and we had these zoo guys come over with reptiles and I got to hold a snake and I remember it pissed on me 😂
Connor Amey-Heard
Connor Amey-Heard Prije 4 dana
That's not a spider bro that's a trantula
Zac Morris
Zac Morris Prije 4 dana
Bro the gator reminds me of a dog
Rosey Art And gaming
Rosey Art And gaming Prije 4 dana
If I were Teeqo I would run I’d be out of there down the street 😂🤣😭
Kristin Mosby
Kristin Mosby Prije 5 dana
Yo how many people got out that car sheesh
D Pop
D Pop Prije 5 dana
Shaw Lewis
Shaw Lewis Prije 5 dana
I love how the guy just comes running out with the big lizard in both his hands
Shaw Lewis
Shaw Lewis Prije 5 dana
I'm scared
Stacy_lst Lim
Stacy_lst Lim Prije 5 dana
poor jarvis
Faze LitLuis213
Faze LitLuis213 Prije 5 dana
Literally we can see Taylor Holder In the back when sommer gets bit by the snakes Taylor is there
It’s Axis
It’s Axis Prije 6 dana
Dude Boy
Dude Boy Prije 6 dana
it was like 3 hrs not 24
carrot Prije 7 dana
5:25 what is that?
Daniel Donadello
Daniel Donadello Prije 7 dana
Very fun
Jd's Creative world
Jd's Creative world Prije 8 dana
Rip jarvis
Quinn Cook
Quinn Cook Prije 8 dana
Oof Kay the snake peed
Leigh Yates
Leigh Yates Prije 9 dana
F javis
Boo Lukemaster
Boo Lukemaster Prije 9 dana
Can I be A part of the faze clan
Sirinity Tobias
Sirinity Tobias Prije 9 dana
Summer is a g for doing that
Evelin Zenteno
Evelin Zenteno Prije 10 dana
All your videos are mostly with summer ray why
juan hospedales
juan hospedales Prije 11 dana
There's whip tails under my house
juan hospedales
juan hospedales Prije 11 dana
I want to check her out
Necmiye Daglioglu
Necmiye Daglioglu Prije 11 dana
How is that a baby snake that's 25 feet I wonder how much it would be
Chase Nazarenus
Chase Nazarenus Prije 12 dana
Sold his soul right there every one
Alfred Prije 13 dana
Wtf was that tik tok kid there lmao
Kaole Mutoti
Kaole Mutoti Prije 13 dana
Spiderman spiderman
Leigh Sherratt
Leigh Sherratt Prije 14 dana
did jarvis survife
Fannybrothers Kjk
Fannybrothers Kjk Prije 14 dana
Oh bro you or the best
Brawlo Gamer
Brawlo Gamer Prije 16 dana
Sad snake 😢
Minisparw Prije 17 dana
is jarvis dead now ?
pete fk
pete fk Prije 17 dana
teawap did a michael jackson when kay had to hold a snake?!?!?!?!
SoaR huzem 1
SoaR huzem 1 Prije 17 dana
Poor cizzors arm I feel bad😢😔
Krystal Torres
Krystal Torres Prije 18 dana
I really like the faze car
Joshua Mbuyi
Joshua Mbuyi Prije 18 dana
Yore sick
htc city
htc city Prije 18 dana
Piku Prije 19 dana
Poor jarvis🤣🤣🤣
Joel Coleman-lamar
Joel Coleman-lamar Prije 20 dana
why javis face was like that
Pubg Fan
Pubg Fan Prije 20 dana
Now I don’t want to join faze
Pubg Fan
Pubg Fan Prije 20 dana
Lol 😂 lol
Maria Landaverde
Maria Landaverde Prije 22 dana
Richard Abledu
Richard Abledu Prije 22 dana
Payton B
Payton B Prije 23 dana
0:43 if you are from Florida admit that gator is tiny
SlayerPlays Prije 24 dana
How Many Humans fit in FaZe Car?
Nikola Kolev
Nikola Kolev Prije 24 dana
Elijah Mayfield
Elijah Mayfield Prije 25 dana
Faze clan after leaving: when's the last time we fed the snakes idk
Danny Prije 29 dana
Sommer got bigger balls then yhe faze combined...
Carlos Lurry
Carlos Lurry Prije mjesec
Summer has the biggest balls more when she doesn't have existing balls
Blayne Barkemeyer
Blayne Barkemeyer Prije mjesec
Sommer didn’t give a frick
Flayn AegisTTV
Flayn AegisTTV Prije mjesec
Imagine they would’ve let Jarvis in there and came back and found him dead
Gülgün dağ
Gülgün dağ Prije mjesec
🥰🥰🥰😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omagaaaa
JUSTIN SIU Prije mjesec
I forgot sommer and Taylor were together
Andreea Deea
Andreea Deea Prije mjesec
Cardin’s Crazy Playhouse
Cardin’s Crazy Playhouse Prije mjesec
Yo I’m a HRpostr sub to Cardins crazy playhouse
LUKA PRO Prije mjesec
My english
Angelia Stephanie
Angelia Stephanie Prije mjesec
I pee my pants😓😓😓😓😓😓
Lindsey Corr
Lindsey Corr Prije mjesec
i have held a snake and im only 8
Iamdarren Prije mjesec
tf why taylor is there
Danny Prije 29 dana
She dated sommer back in the day..
D’D’D Prije mjesec
D’D’D Prije mjesec
Sashvat Dinakar
Sashvat Dinakar Prije mjesec
When I was 3 I held a giant python
SSG Playboy
SSG Playboy Prije mjesec
0:02 omg so hot
K1N4N - FORTNIT3 Prije mjesec
Yoooo that snake is a thicc one
K1N4N - FORTNIT3 Prije 9 dana
@Danny hahahahahahaa yeah that’s what she said
Danny Prije 29 dana
Thats wot she said....
Broxk Hooper
Broxk Hooper Prije mjesec
i would want to feed a gator
Trevar V
Trevar V Prije mjesec
Faze Temper was lowkey throwing shade at Sommer ray when she said they are lil bitchs. 🤣😂
Lenny Wheatley
Lenny Wheatley Prije mjesec
Nikan is so strong but scared of spiders
Lenny Wheatley
Lenny Wheatley Prije mjesec
This dude is insane Bruv
jay west
jay west Prije mjesec
are you rich
ØPJ O K Ê R J Ø K Ê RplayzYT
ØPJ O K Ê R J Ø K Ê RplayzYT Prije mjesec
And make faZe rug a faZe clan plzzz
ØPJ O K Ê R J Ø K Ê RplayzYT
ØPJ O K Ê R J Ø K Ê RplayzYT Prije mjesec
Rip Jarvis maybe 😱😱😱
FNCS Drizzy_vibes
FNCS Drizzy_vibes Prije mjesec
I love how Sommer dissent have balls but yet she has bigger balls then all of faze clan haha
life with iesha
life with iesha Prije mjesec
Me should a rich enuh y this part a world thou GOD
Ethanplays Prije mjesec
I like Cizzorz the best fro some reason, you just like to repeat his name LOL, if you do like the comment
Gris Martinez
Gris Martinez Prije mjesec
Xavier Hurtado
Xavier Hurtado Prije mjesec
Yo sommer is literally using juggernaut the hit markers holy
Virus Vivaanch
Virus Vivaanch Prije mjesec
There were 10 guys in one ccar
cool jensen
cool jensen Prije mjesec
Jameer Miller
Jameer Miller Prije mjesec
I like how I find this vid and we just go a new snake the snake is a python
amazing ayaan2520
amazing ayaan2520 Prije mjesec
Poor jarvis
محمد جوجو
محمد جوجو Prije mjesec
pedro barron
pedro barron Prije mjesec
i feel bad for jarvis
Iopioplop Fop
Iopioplop Fop Prije mjesec
Y is Taylor holder there
Crystal Schmitz
Crystal Schmitz Prije mjesec
Where's faze rug
wheres faze kaz
G66 CERIOX Prije mjesec
Sommer Ray is a cheater on jarvis
Raphy Datoc
Raphy Datoc Prije mjesec
Me before watching: Huh, a snake pit. Me after watching: I'm just going to watch Jurassic Park for 24 hours. So I can get eaten by a dinosaur
Raphy Datoc
Raphy Datoc Prije mjesec
0:07 Prehistoric Pets: John Hammond: FINALLY A WORTHY OPPONENT!!!!! OUR BATTLE WILL BE LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!!
Raphy Datoc
Raphy Datoc Prije mjesec
Nobody: Really nobody: Me: You really thought you were gonna get rickrolled? Well NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN, NEVER GONNA RUN AROUND DESERT YOU!!! NEVER GONNA MAKE YOU CRY!!!! NEVER GONNA SAY GOODBYE!!!! NEVER GONNA TELL A LIE AND HURT YOU!!!!! Okay, I give up rickrolling in the comments section. It's out of style...
Zentric Prije mjesec
The giant lizard is Mrs Kipling from Jessie
Calvin Boyenneh
Calvin Boyenneh Prije mjesec
such a small car but so much space HOW DID IT FIT THAT MUCH PEOPLE
Talha HvGo
Talha HvGo Prije mjesec
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