🔴LIVE - Warzone $100,000 Charity Tournament with ZLaner | !Memoir

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"Day 1 of a 100K Warzone Charity tournament. At the tippity top but only halfway up." -Dr Disrespect
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ElderMind Prije 11 dana
39:50 - Enter Sandman
Christopher Reczynski
Christopher Reczynski Prije 15 dana
Hey, is there any advice for being a pro gamer? If you see this, I'm asking you because you are my favorite gamer
Jason Lain Music
Jason Lain Music Prije 18 dana
1:08:02 as he holding a munitions box 😂
LaidBackJetLife Prije 20 dana
Lol they spending they stimmy on doc😩😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Corentin Boutigny
Corentin Boutigny Prije 20 dana
TrenchCowboy Prije 20 dana
This tourney better be for charity. Cause Warzone cheating is off the charts
Dontbetondames Prije 20 dana
Won't watch if wanna be dr is playing
Large Bisby
Large Bisby Prije 20 dana
Why the live mark on the thumbnail?
Chuck Binladen
Chuck Binladen Prije 20 dana
How’s the back feeling Z? All you’ve done is carry the doc! 😂
Circular Triangle
Circular Triangle Prije 20 dana
1:57 the guy heard doc platings that's common.
MC 808
MC 808 Prije 20 dana
Once you peek, 6 feet deep you sink.
Pro Plan
Pro Plan Prije 21 dan
Wow that was a chokefest, afk in the gulag, Wake Up!
Olsbijack2 Prije 21 dan
3:16:19 Doc never picks up the ground patrol (Blue FFAR) when he only has a white FFAR. I've seen him do this time and time again. SMH...
David Molloy
David Molloy Prije 21 dan
3rd controller game 2nd place was soooooooo fast and exciting rush game play
S Sjaak
S Sjaak Prije 21 dan
5:41:00 Dude has an UAV. Literally parks the car infront of SS and still complains about the audio. Dude you know they were coming from there. Blame it on yourself.
Ryan Zukowski
Ryan Zukowski Prije 21 dan
i swear i’m down so bad life rlly jus not hittin rn and doc always puts a smile on my face yo
꧁Gaming With Mercy𓆪꧂
꧁Gaming With Mercy𓆪꧂ Prije 21 dan
1:38:45 Am I the only one that plays Solo vs Squad in battle royale games because when you die and spectate your teamsters don't redeploy you??? That was just toxic for the Doc and Z
Olsbijack2 Prije 21 dan
"I have a feeling that tomorrow's going to be a different day!" -Doc The most obvious, yet brilliant quotes of 2021 LOL.... haha
Creamy Sauce
Creamy Sauce Prije 19 dana
It wasn’t tho :////
Wes Prije 21 dan
Firm handshakes all around
Watugoat Prije 21 dan
What is the head glitch @ 5:10:20 ish
Bayou Treasures
Bayou Treasures Prije 22 dana
Doc is poo, I feel bad for Z. Someone find him a worthy partner!
Lewis Anker
Lewis Anker Prije 22 dana
I love the jets!! 😇🙏🏽🙏🏽
Lewis Anker
Lewis Anker Prije 22 dana
1:11:00 he wanted to break character “i thought” i love big bros bloopers “
Lewis Anker
Lewis Anker Prije 22 dana
I m 52 min in .. you guys are just handling them.. am I surprised.. no!!! Just in wow.
Lewis Anker
Lewis Anker Prije 22 dana
Fabio lol
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Prije 22 dana
Doc is so bad at Warzone lol
Ευάγγελος Μπισελας
Ευάγγελος Μπισελας Prije 22 dana
Doc our regards from HELLAS, Thessaloniki
GFRJ Prije 22 dana
Space Harrier cameo 25:50
Pimp Daddy
Pimp Daddy Prije 22 dana
Doc & Z literally got destroyed 😂
Michael Howden
Michael Howden Prije 22 dana
You get owned you old krunt haha
Eye of state
Eye of state Prije 22 dana
Constructive feedback, unpaid. Doc this is about you, and i just want to give you honest feed from the public Q of the ones who watch your avatar. I am commenting on day 2 as there is no place for my DAY 2 comments. A "plane" cannot fly with only a wing. ZLaner is your wing man, but only just, a wingman, we need the rest of the plane, in the game. Z keeps the Wing he has, due to the need and requirement to be formed as a wing, Its not about the wing. A plane has to have equal lift , without the burden of attitude to get altitude. The priority should be to avoid the fear area, by using the fear for creative purposes. Creative is that area, where you actually narrate the progress and control the map. Its an act done, without thought, because you were the groove, the back to back. You are getting guidance, it was wise, and he is wise. No affiliation with any. So, get rid of pride, tell her not tonight, and show up ready, and not bull headed and weak. I know you see it. Love the Doc. Its an act that requires talent to operate. You have that.
Teejaay Prije 22 dana
Best team ON THE PLANET!! 🤘
Robin and Joshua Magoon
Robin and Joshua Magoon Prije 22 dana
Are you going to play boimutant when it comes out?
AlbaBesi Prije 22 dana
Patrick Hays
Patrick Hays Prije 22 dana
Apex is getting more viewers than warzone. Warzone is dying. It's a bloated husk of a game. Proof that the company running just sees it as a vehicle for money.
Pombay Prije 22 dana
Doc blowing you a kiss 3:30:00
Kiiddope Prije 22 dana
Doc needs to finish his kills .. right away when he downs them ..
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford Prije 22 dana
Just received my first addition authenticated autographed hard copy of Doc's groundbreaking memoir. Shipping was slow guys but glad I picked one up before it becomes a priceless collectible.
Cosco Prije 22 dana
Woohoo lined it up perfectly !! Time for day 2 and time for the bounce back 😤
Peta Jai
Peta Jai Prije 22 dana
Controller = Warzone(Fake fps game) MKB = Valorant n CS (Real fps games)
Tobi Wahn
Tobi Wahn Prije 22 dana
This is the Stonemountain64 tournament? To cocky to mention that anyway doc?
bernard farrimond
bernard farrimond Prije 22 dana
Doc should never have gone back for his loadout - then he missed the roof - then he missed a chance for his precision - then he ran in the building and lay on the floor - sorry its on doc (and I love him)
pickle eggs
pickle eggs Prije 22 dana
that tourney was embarrassing to watch
Mike Ernst
Mike Ernst Prije 22 dana
Awesome to see Doc on controller! YA YA!
Mike M
Mike M Prije 22 dana
Feel like activism gave doc and z a Nerf today
youre ready for bf6
Brent Mead
Brent Mead Prije 22 dana
I like watching doc using a controller
Teacher O
Teacher O Prije 22 dana
Stick to controller for COD Doc.
BeardeDragon77 Prije 22 dana
Accept defeat. And move on.
Jarrod Pimental
Jarrod Pimental Prije 22 dana
The negative KD tower. Great stuff
skatopolis II
skatopolis II Prije 22 dana
I never understood why people who go to actual war or have PTSD would want to watch/play war games in their off time. Video games (esp. COD) glorify war, death and destruction for profit and no other reason. War profiteering on a small scale? Lol national armies have actually helped develop games to recruit kids...
The Popos
The Popos Prije 22 dana
This Guy is actually Beahming with controller.. Nice hybrid
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Prije 22 dana
12h later my phones starts vibrating. "LIVE!!!!"... FFS HRpost...
Brogan Prije 22 dana
2 bad decisions by Doc: 1st game, jumping off that building into the WIDE OPEN area in front of Superstore, thinking he could "right flank" it to the spot Z indicated which was only protected on the left side. And 2, in the following game... Doc NOT LANDING on the ROOF next to that field and immediately air striking the loadout and 4 targets. By the time I he got his 2nd mantle over the fence and finally used the Air Strike, 2 of them were already at his location and the other 2 had already bugged out. He would have had very little chance even if they didn't have Dead Silence. Smh. Bad decisions after bad decisions.
n a
n a Prije 22 dana
Sal xx
Sal xx Prije 22 dana
Z "i love that" Laner 🥰
Sal xx
Sal xx Prije 5 dana
@Conroy give em the love 💘
Conroy Prije 5 dana
show em the lovee
Glass from the past
Glass from the past Prije 22 dana
The intro on top of the mountain with jets had me laughing.🤣🤣
robochrish Prije 22 dana
I really hope that Doc does stay on the controller. He seems to be having so much more fun and it doesn't make sense to put yourself at a disadvantage when the distribution of K+M to Controller is about 5% / 95%
Matt K
Matt K Prije 22 dana
Come on Z!!! You dropped the ball on this one lol
Brogan Prije 22 dana
Doc didn't do anything to help. Lotta bad decisions all around.
Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper Prije 22 dana
Self Revive's implicit definiton - "No one to revive you? Revive yourself instead." Only makes sense in solos, reduces RNG to some extent cuz it's the most random and campy mode ever made in the history of BRs because of the map.
Brogan Prije 22 dana
No better than "Hey, let's design a shooter based on realism and using realistic footstep sounds to help you react realistically to the enemy but then throw in a "free Perk" that breaks all those laws and gives you a speed burst for no apparent reason". Dead Silence belongs in games like Overwatch and Valorant.
bernard farrimond
bernard farrimond Prije 22 dana
not enough people watching live stream hitting that LIKE
Xavier Juarez
Xavier Juarez Prije 22 dana
Homeboy knew where Doc was at behind the counter. Dude gotta have wall hacks or most likely watching the stream. He needs to hide the stream.
Brogan Prije 22 dana
Right because nobody has ever hid prone behind that counter that faces a closed door on Warzone ever before... 🙄
Andrew B
Andrew B Prije 22 dana
Doc had the munitions box...lol...tryin stop the Zshine
Blake Sebring
Blake Sebring Prije 22 dana
Love to see Doc enjoying himself on controller! Keep it up Doc!
kaos45 Prije 22 dana
What blows my mind is how he only plays 3 times a week and expects to be amazing at this game. When Z and these other try hards are rockn 15 hour days, every day.
Hyde Reactz
Hyde Reactz Prije 6 dana
You must be trash, Respectfully.
name Prije 22 dana
Dr. Disrespecting peoples time. 12 minute intro... Common doc.. Curb ur greed
kaos45 Prije 22 dana
Doc potatoed 2nd game. He missed his heli jump, couldn’t mantle the wall, couldn’t get a clean shot with the AR, couldn’t put the precision down. He just tries to do too much sometimes. Age is catchn up, I don’t care what anyone says.
kaos45 Prije 22 dana
@Yeah Right yayayaya, you right! My bad!
Yeah Right
Yeah Right Prije 22 dana
You sound like you one them Chubby cheek unathletic pigeontoe sprinting wannabe blonde bang gamer, watch your mouth when you’re talking about The2Time 👊
gogohoffman Prije 22 dana
Need to put a 10 minute delay for tourneys
Jingeleg Jingelek
Jingeleg Jingelek Prije 22 dana
Man doc was violant on controller today ey a bit practice and he is a monster all about VSM The movement are just superior on controller plus the aimassist deadly combination
eatmeraw Prije 22 dana
get OPA get ONA
Ayush Wable
Ayush Wable Prije 22 dana
Jhon Smith
Jhon Smith Prije 22 dana
Doc and Z broke the record on quickest elimination from the first round. WAKE UP! Even Tim is looking better right now.
Tinture Prije 22 dana
Even tim is looking better than DIH and Tim's gettin worse. Think about it.
Brother Eldrian
Brother Eldrian Prije 22 dana
I wanted controller based matchmaking since I left Destiny 2 a year and a half ago. Same applies for Warzone. Somehow balancing controller input isn't possible for game designers. So STOP IT!
J Tailor
J Tailor Prije 22 dana
Man its Day and Night when you play on Controller... you look like your more in sync too and more kills too Doc!
gb1676 Prije 22 dana
1:57:47 clearly that guy was hacking.
Justsomeguy Prije 22 dana
Doc stop playing carelessly! I lose interest when you lose interest.
Gordon3655 Prije 22 dana
Doc literally has a blind spot when it comes to picking up ammo/armor boxes and armoring up
Gordon3655 Prije 22 dana
@Brogan, he postpones it but forgets after a couple of seconds.
Brogan Prije 22 dana
I believe it's cuz he doesn't wanna stop his movement to armor up under cover. He doesn't want to halt his pursuit, if you will. Doesn't make sense to me as there's always time if you stay safe.
jimthai 81
jimthai 81 Prije 22 dana
Without nurs Z doc ain't jack sh*tt!!
Steve O
Steve O Prije 22 dana
one shot
MrGreenGenes Prije 22 dana
Playing ps5 doc ?
Mac Baza
Mac Baza Prije 22 dana
@1:09:10 N-Bomb? Should ban the man.
Joseph McC234DY
Joseph McC234DY Prije 22 dana
5:41:21.....doc gets killed by hacker
SashoMedia Prije 22 dana
01:59:55 - It is so measleading, matching your team mates usernames and other players head. I am pretty sure, as Doc look at this direction, thought is one of the other team running there, than other player. Such case is so often.
Joseph McC234DY
Joseph McC234DY Prije 22 dana
Doc you have a hot mic moment from an angry opponent you might want to edit out 109:09...
Dar Sure
Dar Sure Prije 22 dana
NOBODY DOES IT BETTER. Champions, dominate.
Ste Lasowski
Ste Lasowski Prije 22 dana
POV Your Doc a passenger in a Helo Z (Pilot): I'm jumping out with you *Helo arcs towards building* *Helo continues its trajectory to death* Doc: " I didn't jump out?" Everyone: JUMP DOC JUMP
Jesus Alvarez
Jesus Alvarez Prije 22 dana
The no time only counts his wins. Boring
Original Gamer
Original Gamer Prije 22 dana
stream snipers are literally the biggest virgins in all of gaming.
Core Division Co.
Core Division Co. Prije 23 dana
That other team should of gotten smashed they got lucky af
Björn Brunstorp
Björn Brunstorp Prije 23 dana
Nobody on PC want to play cross play. I dont even think the aimassist is affected by the latency it hits register regardles!
Dillon Gray
Dillon Gray Prije 23 dana
docs mic @6:44:00
Blake Sebring
Blake Sebring Prije 23 dana
What a terrible first - round tourney match. Better luck tomorrow in the loser's bracket!
Bob Hill
Bob Hill Prije 23 dana
Sujoy Dhar
Sujoy Dhar Prije 23 dana
Doc ur getting Nailed to the wall by all these chubby cheeks. We need the Monster Doc back! Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya.. Let's go
ugly mug
ugly mug Prije 23 dana
Hide Sierra is intro song
Quardox Prije 23 dana
You guys played dumb sadly
AmazingAsian Channel
AmazingAsian Channel Prije 23 dana
......not vibing with one another
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez Prije 23 dana
Hahahaha, I was all excited to watch cuz he had a lot of energy but of course he went down like typical doc fashion. The difference this time was that Z went down too unlike typical Z fashion
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez Prije 21 dan
@Brogan tamatoe tomatoe should'a would'a could'a. An excuse as old as time
Brogan Prije 22 dana
If Doc had actually landed on that small roof an air striked that loadout on time, they'd have prolly killed all 4 guys easily. Instead he landed on the ground and tried 3 times to mantle up to the fence.
DJ Schaff
DJ Schaff Prije 23 dana
DJ Schaff
DJ Schaff Prije 22 dana
Armando Contreras
Armando Contreras Prije 23 dana
They are a great Duo and I love to see them play but Doc lost the match for them. He made the call to drop on the old loot and Z followed. Sometimes I feel Z can't change his[Doc's] mind on certain decisions. 1st circle had not even closed. They could of gone for the free loadout. Lets hope tomorrow is a better day. Best of luck to Doc and Z!
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