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Evan Matches the Tattoo to the Person

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Guess Which Tattoo Belongs to Who


ItsIyanna 17
ItsIyanna 17 Prije 6 dana
His little crush on Sophie is so cuteeee
tombocai Prije 8 dana
he's really adorable, love the way he expresses himself and reacts to stuff.
Rawng Alignment
Rawng Alignment Prije 10 dana
ItsDeanMachine Prije 12 dana
why is no one pointing out that the cat squid is an "octopussy"
unknowner Prije 13 dana
This guy is hypeee
Sam Lava
Sam Lava Prije 17 dana
He's so awesome tbh more of him please.
Mous Edits
Mous Edits Prije 21 dan
Bro this dude reminds me so much of Mac miller, the way he talks and kinda looks too damn, sounds like a chill cool dude, id be friends with him
Feline Kroes
Feline Kroes Prije 22 dana
I remembered that second tattoo instantly from the show😂
thratt Jaouhard
thratt Jaouhard Prije 23 dana
"It's a human nature thing to wanna have a sense of identity and feel unique" This one of the smartest things I've heard in these kinda videos
Alexa Disney
Alexa Disney Prije 24 dana
3:00 she said she used to be so maybe it died and the pet was maybe meaningful to her and she she got the name of her pet tattooed Edit:well nvm
pete parkr
pete parkr Prije 24 dana
he got the HANDLE
QueenPBK Prije 28 dana
he’s so cute hahah
D.M.S. Prije 28 dana
Mightydabs Prije 29 dana
Evan bro you a g😂the energy is so pure and enjoyable
Melanie Clark
Melanie Clark Prije mjesec
Please bring Evan back for more videos 🙏
Send me Dead flowers
Send me Dead flowers Prije mjesec
Gimme evans IG handle tho
Kristi W
Kristi W Prije mjesec
“Ass tat, oh alright” 😂
Schitzo Dave
Schitzo Dave Prije mjesec
The fat guy did not need to tell that whole story about his mum
Faith Royce
Faith Royce Prije mjesec
He better get sofies number ASAP
Michelle Ruiz
Michelle Ruiz Prije mjesec
Ass tat, so it’s on their butt?! 😂
Bree Chesebro
Bree Chesebro Prije mjesec
My man got hella nervous when Sofia walked in there lmao he gotta crush 😂😂🤣🤣
Artsbyag Prije mjesec
I get Mac Miller vibes from buddy
LET ME BE Prije mjesec
Does Evan have IG ID
Travis McCoy
Travis McCoy Prije mjesec
My mans shot his shot 🤣🤣🤣
Travis McCoy
Travis McCoy Prije mjesec
My mans shot his shot 🤣🤣🤣
Stephen Cota
Stephen Cota Prije mjesec
1:30 oh it on there but 🤣🤣🤣
Crow !!
Crow !! Prije mjesec
he seems so nice 😭
Redheadedweirdo :3
Redheadedweirdo :3 Prije mjesec
Yall already posted this whaatt
sofea balqish
sofea balqish Prije mjesec
[casually drops pants]
Ruchika Rajpal
Ruchika Rajpal Prije mjesec
Which tattoo belongs to WHOM***
Yonathan Asefaw
Yonathan Asefaw Prije mjesec
This was really awkward to watch, the guy was nervous.
kelly s
kelly s Prije mjesec
he reminds me of mac miller
Holland Perryman
Holland Perryman Prije mjesec
I love this guys vibe
R. Rtrc
R. Rtrc Prije mjesec
This guy has y good vibes
gab Prije mjesec
no one gonna talk about how much drip he got
Solvej Prije mjesec
Daaamn is he pretty
Cassie B
Cassie B Prije mjesec
Here to say hi to Cody when he reacts to this.
Jillissa Miner
Jillissa Miner Prije mjesec
yeah i’m waiting for Cody Ko to react to this one
Melissa Wildt
Melissa Wildt Prije mjesec
So when are him and Sophia gonna be back for fear pong? Cause I want to see that.
Daythinking Prije mjesec
the last girl was on how far is tattoo far LMFAOOOOO
Hanaan Abbasi
Hanaan Abbasi Prije mjesec
I wanna smoke a blunt w/ this dude
crys Prije mjesec
Next idea: people guess who's an introvert/extrovert Or Match the room to the person Match the pet to the person
Sara Waiting
Sara Waiting Prije mjesec
He seems like he could be Phillip Phillip's brother or cousin lol...who sees it?
buudy Prije mjesec
Love his shirt
MusicMaker2468 Prije mjesec
The girl with the tattoo of her pooping into a piñata was on “How Far is Tattoo Far?”
Jakob Cullen
Jakob Cullen Prije mjesec
he has such good energy omg i love this dude
Major_ Jamaica
Major_ Jamaica Prije mjesec
He supposed to get peoples tattoos end up finding his soulmate😂😂
Breanna Guntner
Breanna Guntner Prije mjesec
He gives me Mac Miller vibes
Julie MM
Julie MM Prije mjesec
Home boy seems so down to earth, if Sophia don't hit him up somebody better snatch em and wife him up haha
Emileigh Arnold
Emileigh Arnold Prije mjesec
Public property tattoo was beautiful
Cherry Prije mjesec
hi Cody!!✌🏻☺️
Michael Girouard
Michael Girouard Prije mjesec
Evan is kind of adorable. And the squid cat is really special. I laughed out loud when I saw it.
Dakota Winchester
Dakota Winchester Prije mjesec
*He just picked up a random girl in a lineup video which is a hard thing to do.* *He's such a good pickup artist.* *Hopefully,Sophia will reply him.*
sunny Prije mjesec
we need to talk abt the second person love him sfm
I taxi sono qui
I taxi sono qui Prije mjesec
7:34 why’d this make me laugh
Elen Malone
Elen Malone Prije mjesec
Have you got any tattoos? *puls down pants*
Fluffy296 Prije mjesec
I like him, bring him back lol
Samiuddin Mohammed
Samiuddin Mohammed Prije mjesec
What's their @?
Jhoana G
Jhoana G Prije mjesec
Taylor Or
Taylor Or Prije mjesec
He’s too precious 🥺
Tulley S
Tulley S Prije mjesec
Hi Cody. How’s it going?
equikelsey Prije mjesec
he's giving me mac miller vibes
you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together
you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together Prije mjesec
do you have tattoos? him: **unbuttons pants**
Books Rebound
Books Rebound Prije mjesec
Aw his nerves are hilarious
Jill Sarah G
Jill Sarah G Prije mjesec
aw the guessing dude has great energy
tessa jacobs
tessa jacobs Prije mjesec
Sian Davis
Sian Davis Prije mjesec
Mary Siobhan
Mary Siobhan Prije mjesec
Which tattoo belongs to * whom :)
Queenofwheels Prije mjesec
I love him. He needs to keep coming back.
b1njjj95 Prije mjesec
This guy is so funny and wholesome. Bring him back. 🤣🤣
Victoria Paduano
Victoria Paduano Prije mjesec
Hi Cody 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
kai firenze
kai firenze Prije mjesec
hi cody ko ik you're gonna make a vid on this lol
Malcolm Z
Malcolm Z Prije mjesec
This dude is cool. Bring him back!
Kaeden Brown
Kaeden Brown Prije mjesec
He got all of them wrong but honestly his guesses made more sense than the other wrong guessers
Bu da Gereksiz
Bu da Gereksiz Prije mjesec
mac miller vibe
Zayda Elms
Zayda Elms Prije mjesec
Why is he so cute
Laura C
Laura C Prije mjesec
He literally could not concentrate on a word the blonde girl said about her meaningful tattoo, he was too busy writing the dm to Sophia in his head 😂
Laura C
Laura C Prije mjesec
He has such a good vibe and it's so cute how nervous he gets with Sophia
Pancho Gonzalez
Pancho Gonzalez Prije mjesec
these people are so afraid of offending, they hold back or take back 99% of what they actually wannay say... welcome to the new world peeps. keep living in fear
Raj Sitaula
Raj Sitaula Prije mjesec
Can we get Evan and Sophie video together? Or just their section from this video in a loop 😂
Aabid Zariwala
Aabid Zariwala Prije mjesec
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Megan Howard
Megan Howard Prije mjesec
Lol this was funny
Jade Austin
Jade Austin Prije mjesec
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Lily C
Lily C Prije mjesec
Asstec vs Aztec
Agnes Robbins
Agnes Robbins Prije mjesec
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Linnea Rose
Linnea Rose Prije mjesec
we need an update of Evan and Sophie!
anx Prije mjesec
Nicholas Ardito
Nicholas Ardito Prije mjesec
Can we get a follow up on the tattoo artist and the first chick ?
Reuben Saggar
Reuben Saggar Prije mjesec
i hope evan and that first lady are happy together
Too Many Opinions
Too Many Opinions Prije mjesec
Didn’t this already show
Pineapple Girl
Pineapple Girl Prije mjesec
Ok but no ones mentioned the “hail Satan” tatt and the 666 shirt he’s wearing?????? SCARYYY
Pineapple Girl
Pineapple Girl Prije mjesec
@Tinsaus and the shirt?
Tinsaus Prije mjesec
Hail Saturn. As in. The planet.
Adrian hernandez
Adrian hernandez Prije mjesec
Why's noone talking about how he dropped his pants so fast lol
dragonflyinamber Prije mjesec
If I was 20 years younger he would so be my type.
A J Prije mjesec
whos the new directorrr that aint blaine's voice
Mike Van Elp
Mike Van Elp Prije mjesec
I get like mad Mac Miller vibes from him. Pretty cool
robert7567 Prije mjesec
Cut, I politely request a follow up with Evan and Sophie. Thanks. A longtime fan. ❤️ ♥️
Aidan Lander
Aidan Lander Prije mjesec
When the girl came in and handed him Sophies insta what a dog lmao
Austin Doty
Austin Doty Prije mjesec
This is actually one of my most favorite videos cuz it was tattoos and it was so fast pace
Jordan O'Neal
Jordan O'Neal Prije mjesec
“Son of a Crap” 😂😂 cool guy
Jimmy the tulip
Jimmy the tulip Prije mjesec
Cody ko, get a haircut you hippie
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