Bronny James & Emoni Bates GO AT IT w/ LeBron Watching!! Most HYPED Game of EYBL

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Bronny James & SFG faced off against Emoni Bates & Bates Fundamentals today at Nike EYBL!
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Jeffery Preece
Jeffery Preece Prije 15 dana
I watch these kids and I'm like Damm these guys can ball but I remember watching Kobe Bryant and LeBron James in high school and I was like no fucking way they looked phenomenal and unstoppable at that age and they were I left out Tracey McGrady he also looked like a man playing against kid in high school these three could have started for any college team in the country there junior year in high school any college these kids now a day they got that wow factor but those three had are you kidding me factor no way in hell there in high school playing basketball like that
black tophead
black tophead Prije 24 dana
BATES IS THE NEXT KD and also some of his teammates look like NBA potential too so watch out for the other guys💯
Dolo FourL
Dolo FourL Prije 25 dana
Mfs hating on lebron son cuz they daddies was dopeheads 😂😂😂 would say stay in the bleachers wid all that but the comments is even better 💯
SEFG Ent Prije 27 dana
Bronny and emoni in the title… barely and highlights of bronny and emoni. This is a trend now. And I dislike it very much. Bring back the JT Terrell Quincy Miller vibes
Turnpike Foolio
Turnpike Foolio Prije mjesec
Its nice to see A Detroit baller playing our style. Against D3 Briny (purposely did not correct)🤣🤣🤣
Lewis Murdock
Lewis Murdock Prije mjesec
Bron Jr is just different. His IQ is what set's him apart. Beautiful passes an knows when to take over.
Richard Bruce
Richard Bruce Prije mjesec
Oh my God, whatever the fuck. Yall put LeBron in everything. You probably think space jam 2 was good. Smh
Zeronatsu Prije mjesec
They’re both great potential players but I feel like Emoni plays at a higher level. If Bronny was a little more selfish and took up the ball more he could be one of the greatest high school players in his nation. I get basketball is a team sport but he just gotta take up some responsibility. Emoni is humble, he knows how to play the point guard position well, but he also knows when to step up and go crazy. He’s a monster and not saying Bronny isn’t good but just gotta be a little bit more selfish.
Aj Martin
Aj Martin Prije mjesec
Kd 2.0 vs bron 2.0
SuttonWealth Prije mjesec
Crazy how your able to see players progress now 🔥🔥 Bronny has his own game but also some similarities of Lebron at times , I pray he has a long healthy career so we can witness him and his brother Greatness in league……. Vz Ball Bros👀
TheJumpman006 Prije mjesec
Bryce up to Bron shoulder I know he like 6”4 already
Andy Cory
Andy Cory Prije mjesec
Whats some of those kids verticals????
Andy Cory
Andy Cory Prije mjesec
Those kids are as pure as the driven snow. Great compition. Kids got tallent!!!!!!
Andy Cory
Andy Cory Prije mjesec
James and Bates both have bright futures. Sadly i was engulfed in a gas explosion a yr ago november. We live in remote northern Ontario Canada. My son who is native. Faces rasist issues and our remote living against him. Since my being engulfed in a fuel fire and light from head to toe im no longer much help. The boy is a solid 260lbs and and 6ft 6. Is there help in northern ontario for challenged folks to help my son prolong his education and to play ball. As a father i feel iv robbed him of any chance at his dreams since being engulfed in a gas fire. Love and respect out of beardmore Ontario Canada. Thanks for the videos we love watching.
Lakia Star
Lakia Star Prije mjesec
Wow what a beautiful BLESSINGS to All ❤️🙏🏿🙌🏿🙌🏽🙌🏾💚❤️💜
classyyoungman Prije mjesec
Oklahoma City Thunder is looking at Bates im sure
Yohei Mito
Yohei Mito Prije mjesec
I see Jrue Holiday game in Bronny
Dylan Ostasiewski
Dylan Ostasiewski Prije mjesec
People that follow basketball have known about Bates for 5 years. I was told he was the best prospect since Lebron, years ago
HighVibrationHouse Prije 2 mjeseci
Just watched Kevin Durant highschool highlights In a comparison with a Bates. Durant seems to be more athletic with more coordination. Bates probably more of a stretch 4 type of role. Still probably the closest comparison
TANKK Prije 2 mjeseci
Bates shooting form reminds me of Kd dude has potential
sebastian absolution
sebastian absolution Prije 2 mjeseci
broony plays lyke his dad. no defense an walks off from games when his team is losin. start them lawnmowers up. 🚜🚜🚜
sebastian absolution
sebastian absolution Prije 2 mjeseci
@Hoodie36 why is there a brooony vid posted?
Hoodie36 Prije 2 mjeseci
@sebastian absolution still don’t see the reason to hate on a teenager that has done nothing to you
sebastian absolution
sebastian absolution Prije 2 mjeseci
@Hoodie36 because he has his dad's las name. lame.
Hoodie36 Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine hating on a teenager that’s already doing more than you ever will
ToHigh Up
ToHigh Up Prije 2 mjeseci
Scoring points is not bronny job he’s on a team with other top recruits he doesn’t have to take over , there a passing team no body on there team is ever the main scorer always different
boRn_N_DA_80s Prije 2 mjeseci
Kay funmi
Kay funmi Prije 2 mjeseci
Bronny don’t be doing hot SHIT in any of these games
Mase Burner
Mase Burner Prije 2 mjeseci
EMONI BATES IS THE TRUTH! Bronny is eh, role playing...
Rani Onacse
Rani Onacse Prije 2 mjeseci
Ray Mongrove
Ray Mongrove Prije 2 mjeseci
Manolo Rivera
Manolo Rivera Prije 2 mjeseci
The highlight was bron being there.😴
Bill Macy
Bill Macy Prije 2 mjeseci
I love watching them in the enclosure.
Darius Daniel
Darius Daniel Prije 2 mjeseci
Emoni literally inna class of his own lmao
MikeDeez TV
MikeDeez TV Prije 2 mjeseci
Big for nothing goof
Sam Prije 2 mjeseci
and where is Bronny??? damn click bait,,, only had one shot
Ollie Otter
Ollie Otter Prije 2 mjeseci
Tunes versus Goons
13th Floor
13th Floor Prije 2 mjeseci
🙇🏾I'll meet with Barack 🤔His VP is President now.
Gee Dee
Gee Dee Prije 2 mjeseci
Let’s be honest people thrilled about Bronny just because he is Lebron son
Mel S
Mel S Prije 2 mjeseci
I think that fact has been accepted recognize and stated a million times. It's why, you, I and everyone here clicked 🤷‍♂️
Scott Lindsay
Scott Lindsay Prije 2 mjeseci
Hopefully bring takes bring to china where they belong
Jacob Price
Jacob Price Prije 2 mjeseci
He's the number 1 HS prospect?
Killz- Editz_YT
Killz- Editz_YT Prije 2 mjeseci
Who is number 2
Unfiltered Gaming
Unfiltered Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
Bronny name is used for the caption I guess cause ummmmmm lol
Ívâń Prije 2 mjeseci
Is Mikey willams #1???
heem laden
heem laden Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m probably the only person that ain’t impressed with Emoni….
L u m i e r e
L u m i e r e Prije 2 mjeseci
yep you def are
Sosssaaa 30
Sosssaaa 30 Prije 2 mjeseci
Yu def are
Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks Prije 2 mjeseci
4:22 Why I think about Igoudala? 🤣
Lance Hood
Lance Hood Prije 2 mjeseci
Imoni Bates is a upcoming killer I been a fan since I 1st Saw him. I love the fact that his jumper keeps getting better
ndm3 Prije 2 mjeseci
Is Bronny trying to keep his draft stock down? 👀
It’s sad how little peopel love to talk about big men liek my self I’m sure big jah is laughing when he has your women in the bedroom 😉🐍 big dog status be quiet with the napoleons complex shits mad weird and feminist
ashunt29 Prije 2 mjeseci
How many teams does Bron Jr play on? My first time seeing Baby Shaq #34 & #4 Slim Jim. The other day I seen Master P's nephew on the same team as Bronnie. I'm confused. I'm glad to put the spotlight on these young players.
Adrenalinflow Prije 2 mjeseci
Why homey yell "NO" when they gave jah the ball at the end lol bro you wrong for that!!! 😂
Lanz Paqueo
Lanz Paqueo Prije 2 mjeseci
Emoni bates is sporting the long shorts attire but he's a great baller too.....
Carlos Belmontes
Carlos Belmontes Prije 2 mjeseci
LBJJ shot 2 3’s and getting gassed up like he did something 😂
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
why is nobody talking ab #10? dawg was cookin
H1GHD3FF Prije 2 mjeseci
Some of little dudes aint legal. 34 white jersey is illegal. lol
Robitaille Copeland
Robitaille Copeland Prije 2 mjeseci
Bronny knows he's going to the league so he's letting others gets shine. By next season, he'll be another 1-2 inches taller and will finally decide to take it to these guys. His father was the same way except he played with much worse players so he shined much brighter.
JMM Centrik
JMM Centrik Prije 2 mjeseci
Bates and has been the truth go check the film bro been and will be balling for a long time
Hello122061 Prije 2 mjeseci
Nobody is gonna point out the scoreboard say "Bates vs SFG"....maybe the team name is Bates, I don't know....
High Duck
High Duck Prije 2 mjeseci
i assume bronny if he doesnt get that scottie pippen like growth spurt will average 16 and 7 as a guard senior year and will probably never get 20ppg in college and after his 1 and done he might develop to 25 and 6 a night as a combo guard in his 5th season in the league
slime Prije 2 mjeseci
When bron see emoni hoop he get flashbacks of KD cooking him
McMerry Prije 2 mjeseci
Bronny is overrated, but he will make the NBA just because he is the son of LeBron...shame culture.
Jalcolm Hack
Jalcolm Hack Prije 2 mjeseci
On SFG #4 is going D1 for sure, he’s a great big
Owen Evans-Whatcott
Owen Evans-Whatcott Prije 11 dana
Is that jaxon cohler
Kash Dub
Kash Dub Prije 2 mjeseci
Anybody know who number one is dude been hoopin every game with bronny
Ddice Zmi
Ddice Zmi Prije 2 mjeseci
Bates is OMG!!!!
Dave Lewis
Dave Lewis Prije 2 mjeseci
#4 is a solid player, these are fun to watch
Exclzive Prije 2 mjeseci
Jah cmon, do better.
Bot Bot
Bot Bot Prije 2 mjeseci
How I look at ppl when they say bronny sucks 🙄 he's the son of a king 👑 y'all crazy asf if y'all think he doesn't have the same knowledge as lebron 🤣
Maxx Barzz
Maxx Barzz Prije 2 mjeseci
1:43 travel
Akintade Idowu
Akintade Idowu Prije 2 mjeseci
hoodie melo
Ryan 2985
Ryan 2985 Prije 2 mjeseci
Bronny is good but he’s is by no way an nba lock. He’s gonna have to get a lot better and or grow to make the league. Ain’t nobody cares who your dad is when a team about to sign you
Furio Giunta
Furio Giunta Prije 2 mjeseci
So this JaBronny is supposed to be the #24 ranked high school prospect in the nation? Really? He looks like he should be playing JV. Guess they were using him as a decoy. LOL.
jrosswthesauce Prije 2 mjeseci
Emoni is shit at defense this game showed a lot of nothing from him honestly people in these comments b the biggest suckers for high school players with minimal talent. they didn’t show his misses he never made three in a row lmao
cj scott jr
cj scott jr Prije 2 mjeseci
Jah suck bruh
Katsudon monster
Katsudon monster Prije 2 mjeseci
I think he is gonna be a pg or sg in the NBA
kevin greenwood
kevin greenwood Prije 2 mjeseci
Bates and Bronny were really not shinning the Bigs from both teams balled and the PG for Bronny team balled. And a guy with braids for Bates balled out
Jonathan H
Jonathan H Prije 2 mjeseci
Feels like lebron has to stay in the league now until bronny is eligible, or else bronny isn’t getting in the league if that’s what he wants to do
Rare Coins
Rare Coins Prije 2 mjeseci
This is better than the NBA🤷‍♂️
Mike Hall II
Mike Hall II Prije 2 mjeseci
They stay losing !! lol
MoodyArtz Show
MoodyArtz Show Prije 2 mjeseci
these videos be short asf 😂😂
The Great one
The Great one Prije 2 mjeseci
Bronny dunk package has gotten crazy from 2yrs ago to now wish I was in this Era of training and coaches geez 😳
PJ Edwards
PJ Edwards Prije 2 mjeseci
this game was weak live stop hyping these niggas up.
Aryan Prije 2 mjeseci
#21 look like yung KD…mark my words he finna torch the league
Timmy Boston
Timmy Boston Prije 2 mjeseci
Bronny plays just like Cam
Jayqwan Liddell
Jayqwan Liddell Prije 2 mjeseci
That boy Jah big for nothin
Anthony Hunter
Anthony Hunter Prije 2 mjeseci
Bronny meets young KD in the flesh. Like father like son😂
Beezy Talking Shit
Beezy Talking Shit Prije 2 mjeseci
LMAO EMONI KNOCKING DOWN 3s laughing looking at Lebron in his face lol
Sax Prije 2 mjeseci
Post more SFG other team with VJ Miller & Bryce please
Oscar Bustamante Palacios
Oscar Bustamante Palacios Prije 2 mjeseci
Bates KD 2.0 on god
HotNoDog Prije 2 mjeseci
#10 gotta be Darius garland lil bro or something 🤣🤣🤣
Naw Fr
Naw Fr Prije 2 mjeseci
2:42 yea bronny that was a good pass 😂 😂
Angel Salmeron
Angel Salmeron Prije 2 mjeseci
Why do u make bronny’s games only 5 mins??
MJ 22
MJ 22 Prije 2 mjeseci
Crazy bruh Simon wheeler still slept on
antuan pittman
antuan pittman Prije 2 mjeseci
Bronny throwing down .
Jovhonte Jones
Jovhonte Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
Bronny gotta handle the ball more
antuan pittman
antuan pittman Prije 2 mjeseci
Bates fye .
antuan pittman
antuan pittman Prije 2 mjeseci
God bless u all. It would be great to accept Jesus now before its too late. He cares for our souls and so do I. He died and rose so that we may spend eternity with Him. He gave us His Holy Spirit to help us. We are not alone. The choice is yours. Jesus loves us.
xJeak Prije 2 mjeseci
I already knew it was over when bates took over in the 4th quarter
AkFlav Prije 2 mjeseci
Emoni will be top 5 scorer of all time if he stay humble and healthy. Potential is insane!
RashaunTheDon !
RashaunTheDon ! Prije 2 mjeseci
KD 2.0 *30 shooting badges NO DEFENSIVE*
J D Prije 2 mjeseci
Bronny is a bucket when he wants to be , he mainly looks for the high % shot like a vet.
Furio Giunta
Furio Giunta Prije 2 mjeseci
Uhhh ... he sucks and can really only score when he is wide open for an easy jumper.
Jaden Abdul-Rahim
Jaden Abdul-Rahim Prije 2 mjeseci
“Bates the next kd you can book it”. -SAS
Nbandzz Prije 2 mjeseci
Jah be selling
Trae Parker
Trae Parker Prije 2 mjeseci
seems as though Bronny is incorporating being a great facilitator that makes his teammates better into his package, cause you can tell the difference when he only focuses on scoring
Y M Prije 2 mjeseci
Theirs alott of good basketball players in this world 🌎
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