Reacting To The Worlds Biggest House ($500 000 000)

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Kyle Grissom
Kyle Grissom Prije 2 sati
Also did he say his ex wife he met during Covid..?
Kyle Grissom
Kyle Grissom Prije 2 sati
Update apparently this dude owes $110 million to some investment company he borrowed from to build and is now about to lose this house. 🤣🤣
Ryan Prije 3 sati
The outdoor bedroom is cool until you have to go to sleep and get destroyed by mosquitoes
Rebecca Ramsey
Rebecca Ramsey Prije 3 sati
This is the most blah house I've ever seen. Never has so much money been spent for something so boring and useless...
Manu Jain
Manu Jain Prije 7 sati
Google Antila. That my friends is a house. This is a matchbox
Maja Stolt
Maja Stolt Prije 9 sati
I might be doing my math wrong, but did this guy go from meeting someone to getting married to getting divorced all in the space of like a year and a half?
Lando Searles
Lando Searles Prije 10 sati
Delusional, and all that grass in la is just irresponsible. Then there's the fact dude is on drugs.
Jonathan Mason
Jonathan Mason Prije 13 sati
Pretty sure dude is walking like that because of the lifts in his shoes.
Rory Munton
Rory Munton Prije 13 sati
The guy obviously wants his ego messaged 😂😂😂😂😂
Anushka Reddy Marri
Anushka Reddy Marri Prije 15 sati
Screams in Antilla
ParkMiyoung Prije 19 sati
This ain't no house anymore, this is just a very luxurious hotel...very white though...I get that white makes it look bigger and it's stylish I guess, but would you die from some colors?
Extanglia Prije 19 sati
It looks like something I built in the sims
Arthur Brandão
Arthur Brandão Prije 21 sat
We live in south park world
Sombrero Man
Sombrero Man Prije 21 sat
Petition for Jeff Bezos to buy this house just to destroy it 10 000 needed
Jody Prije 21 sat
Ex-wife that he met during covid, uhh did they get married and divorced in the time span of a whole year? Lmao
zoing ovung
zoing ovung Prije 21 sat
Producer michael ❤
Sage Akporherhe
Sage Akporherhe Prije 22 sati
This house should be a mini resort.
Sage Akporherhe
Sage Akporherhe Prije 22 sati
I can see how this guy would be sad after building this house.
MyNamesHunter Prije 22 sati
Honestly this video just seems like he's trying to justify spending his money because he actually regrets it but at this point he's in to deep to admit it looks awful
BC.Saimon Prije 22 sati
Putin be like: Hold my vodka
Sage Akporherhe
Sage Akporherhe Prije 22 sati
This guy is talking a lot of gibberish, like he’s just spitballing. 😂
Matteo Benini Fraiese
Matteo Benini Fraiese Prije dan
that's a house not a home
Hitesh Dodeja
Hitesh Dodeja Prije dan
sam hardwell
sam hardwell Prije dan
this house is hillarious.Too glitchy and mehh for me. 5000 000 000 for this.u kidding me. how many o.p computer can i buy if i have this so much money ? And im very very sure of that,,noman who really wanna spare his money for a house what is looks dumb.Change my mind
Nasi Kandar 2.0
Nasi Kandar 2.0 Prije dan
If it works like a hotel, would be a nice looking hotel hahaha with art gallery as well, maybe take away the nightclub part... (its weird to see pools and nightclub so near to each other, very safe combination.) Lowkey feel like he is desired to have a lots of friends and family living together, want to fulfill all their needs like space, food, fun... that's why with so much space and stuff but ......well can feel that he's empty inside.... probably....? ..just sharing my thought :)
Ori Barnea
Ori Barnea Prije dan
Bro with the money he spent on that house he could change the world by donating to charity but he chose to be an idiot being
Matias Laurila
Matias Laurila Prije dan
I saw that JoJo reference😁
Jonah Smith
Jonah Smith Prije dan
This house looks like the ones I used to make in the Sims, while horribly overscaling it and then having to somehow fill it.
Mackenzie Desire'
Mackenzie Desire' Prije dan
Dude, my mom's best friend built a million dollar house and we (poor, lol) constantly dunk on _that_ for being an illogical waste of money, I can't even wrap my head around making fun of this giant, hideous money pit. I don't even know how you'd repurpose that building into anything useful. ETA: can't imagine how many mosquitoes all that standing water produces
Dakota Schelske
Dakota Schelske Prije dan
Queen of Versailles was Great!
Bob Dingo
Bob Dingo Prije dan
It’s fousesy and tianas cousins
Benjamin Das David
Benjamin Das David Prije dan
Half a million ...a decade... stupid teenage dream And this guy... equals... Total waste of time
Benjamin Das David
Benjamin Das David Prije dan
There was no house in this house was a hotel with no purpose
Benjamin Das David
Benjamin Das David Prije dan
The man's lost it
Jess af
Jess af Prije dan
That house would be at least 10$ in Texas.
Charmie Prije dan
Sounds like me explaining the universe when I’m high 💀 don’t understand a damn thing
Aurelius Gomes
Aurelius Gomes Prije dan
I started watching this video in May when was first uploaded and I have finally got through it today, the 23rd June 2021 Also 30:31 love it
leo ruiz
leo ruiz Prije dan
this dude gives me such a sad vibes like he buy this exorbitant stuffs just to fill a void or something
Maddi Horsburgh
Maddi Horsburgh Prije dan
Who made this guy rich?
Rando Calrissian
Rando Calrissian Prije dan
That sculpture was threatening to snap on him, I sware ‘I will snap here an now, dude, if you don’t get the f away from me’
Lawrence Lopez
Lawrence Lopez Prije dan
To fully use a house like that you'd have to be hosting and renting it other people most of the time, I feel that you'd spend more money on maintenance and cleaning and babysitting manchildren than living.
Apoorv Singh
Apoorv Singh Prije dan
The most expensive private house is in India …. Owned by Mukesh Ambani (Asia’s richest man) people value it at $1 billion for construction and $2 billion including the interiors
Qwinky Channel
Qwinky Channel Prije dan
Он ещё дачу путина не видел
pinbi7 Prije dan
The first of is: you do not talk about . The second of we are gonna have the fight in the back yard
shgurr Prije dan
No need for a track, youd get your 10,000 steps in by just walking around inside 🤣
Lyzz gmtz
Lyzz gmtz Prije 19 sati
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez Prije dan
How long til people find this comment?
Сука Blyat
Сука Blyat Prije dan
Monkey Business
Monkey Business Prije dan
Wow. What a waste of money! He could have saved a rainforest with that money, and lived in a treehouse in it. So much more appealing.
O K Prije dan
7:08 jojo reference
HSS040 Prije dan
bulcsu levente pk
bulcsu levente pk Prije dan
1:08 bernie sanders moment
J P Prije dan
this dude has two records of foreclosures not including this property
Dragz Entertainment
Dragz Entertainment Prije dan
Slowly got sad the more he talked it’s crazy how down bad dude is right now
Vin Prije dan
i just wanna live in a small apartment with my best friend
Sherzod Ramanov
Sherzod Ramanov Prije dan
Putin’s house is much more bigger and twice expensive 🤦🏻‍♂️
FuZioN Prije dan
This dude is so delusional that if he watches this video he would think Ken and Pewds are complimenting him.
Uday Sharma
Uday Sharma Prije dan
the biggest house in the world is Antilla which belongs to Mukesh Ambani from India.
Elliot Lennerås
Elliot Lennerås Prije dan
Yea on the puttning Green you want glass cuzz its not like it could brake or anything
grimes202 Prije 2 dana
We’ve got a massive tv that’s completely unwatchable bc there’s permanent glare from the lack of walls
grimes202 Prije 2 dana
As you can see the entire house is surrounded by a foot of standing water for breeding disease
grimes202 Prije 2 dana
My house will change the world bc my ego is huge
matthew morton
matthew morton Prije 2 dana
RIP Nile- The One
Nathan Cole
Nathan Cole Prije 2 dana
i thought thi was a dope video, idk why you had to make fun of the guy. hes doing what he loves
ZeidGho Prije 2 dana
YOU SHOULD CONTINUE WATCHING! THE GUEST BATHROOMS.......... The most absurd thing about the whole house
Chude existe
Chude existe Prije 2 dana
Holy shit I'm from Córdoba, Argentina and the capital it's actually pretty small so I'm even wondering if I know this dude's ex wife
ZeidGho Prije 2 dana
Kids, you don't have to be smart to become a billionaire Leave school
Alejo Tiu
Alejo Tiu Prije 2 dana
the house been building for ten years if i am correct and it started building in 2012 so i am confuse
Maverick 2611
Maverick 2611 Prije 2 dana
Ok. Who wants to play idea and seek.
Lee0297556 Prije 2 dana
This is a sad, empty and bland attempt at the Antillia in India
Andrei Brinzei
Andrei Brinzei Prije 2 dana
I think i can build this house in Roumania with 15/20 millions. 😱😱🤯🤣🤣🤣 The View is 480 Milli?! 🤨🤭😱😱
da boi
da boi Prije 2 dana
"Im sure hes a great guy" lmao
Wesley Davis
Wesley Davis Prije 2 dana
It's funny because we all know a guy like this. They just don't have this kind of money. What does this guy do?
peththa :
peththa : Prije 2 dana
Kansas Boyce
Kansas Boyce Prije 2 dana
His ex wife that he met during covid? Well that wasn’t a very long relationship
Riley Puffer
Riley Puffer Prije 2 dana
How the fuck does the Statue have anything to do with his ex wife who they met during COVID got engaged, married, and Divorced in less then a year have anything to do with the children in Africa
Brayn Johnson
Brayn Johnson Prije 2 dana
How does someone this dumb and disconnected from real life acquire this much money
Alaska&Me Prije 2 dana
Too bad Pewds didn't get to the point where he sees the creepy camera system he put in the bathrooms. I mean... YIKES.
THEUS FÉ Prije 2 dana
*Que o desempregado consiga emprego, que o doente seja curado e quem ler essa mensagem seja abençoado* .
Patryciusz Prije 2 dana
Imagining what it must feel like to just constantly walk from room to room and hearing all that BS from the guy while being in that house depresses me
MEOangelDragon Prije 2 dana
When you motherload to often, vuy a huge house and then dont know what to put in there
Ebba Draws
Ebba Draws Prije 3 dana
Hey, they built my sims house
Sandy Prije 3 dana
All those fancy kitchens, and they prob go out or order in lol
13# Studio
13# Studio Prije 3 dana
Is that Donald trump
Starchaser 432
Starchaser 432 Prije 3 dana
Wow Julian's moving up in the world
Hamlet Safaryan
Hamlet Safaryan Prije 3 dana
The comments at the end were more interresting than the tour lmao.
Marat Prije 3 dana
Dude wears shoes that make you look taller lol
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez Prije 3 dana
With that amount of money, he could've easily designed an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean and be able to pay it back to the bank in less than a year. It's ridiculous! "House" is giving Resident Evil science lab mixed with "history" museum and post-apocalyptic teenage drama on CW. Awful taste, empty, cold, white, HORRID!
StarLight :3
StarLight :3 Prije 3 dana
Do people even have a sense of the word “comfy home” anymore? Literally my eyes would burn and be bored wherever I look if I were in that house
Thomas Cohnen
Thomas Cohnen Prije 3 dana
That´s the latest expansion of GTA Online.
Rizzy Prije 3 dana
It’s kinda weird. This dude makes these unnecessarily ambitious projects that never work and end up costing him a lot of money and legal trouble, yet he still keeps going.
Charles Connor
Charles Connor Prije 3 dana
I can see how that place would be great for events
yellow Arrow
yellow Arrow Prije 3 dana
What world does he think hes changing. That has zero effect on anywhere but LA
AntiWaffleBird Prije 3 dana
So this dude met, married, formed a charity with, and divorced his ex-wife all during COVID?
Cris Le
Cris Le Prije 4 dana
Sorry I unsubscribe to pewdipie
Michael Jackson neverland is much bigger than that and cost less than that.
Ice Boesen
Ice Boesen Prije 4 dana
I just need my gaming stuff
Lorenzo Forzi
Lorenzo Forzi Prije 4 dana
@2.24 so expensive that if u buy it you unlock an achievement trophy IRL
Mr Forbes
Mr Forbes Prije 4 dana
he sounds like Rocky Balboa after his beating
SPAGHEDDY Prije 4 dana
I'm pretty sure you could buy this house in GTA San Andreas or at least a similar one
Brendan Grimes
Brendan Grimes Prije 4 dana
The boxing stuff seems like he's trying to make the house a tax writeoff
Brendan Grimes
Brendan Grimes Prije 4 dana
This house looks like the testing facilities in Portal.
sAuCyy bOi MicHaEl
sAuCyy bOi MicHaEl Prije 4 dana
Im walking on grass
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