Nerd Drinks With Cool Kids and Regrets It

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TheOutdatedMeme Prije sat
3:00 "But if I never new how you felt I swear I would've beat you up!"
One Good Lord † News
One Good Lord † News Prije 2 sati
I feel like a new kid is more likely to feel bullied even when it isn’t bullying taking place.
Pengmaeda Prije 2 sati
I like how the peer pressure one didn't take any issue in aspects of drugs and alcohol that might severely damage your health or make you an addict, no no noo, nah, its that some cops might show up and throw the book at you, now your life is over forever. Moral of the story, just dont get caught.
TheMaster22 Dude
TheMaster22 Dude Prije 9 sati
Hey Charlie as a Professional New Kid myself I do get bullied alot
GlitchMitch 70
GlitchMitch 70 Prije 10 sati
AlvioHelixx Prije dan
Dustin actually looks like the nicest guy you could ever talk to
Banana Man Sports
Banana Man Sports Prije dan
The new kids usually get welcomed with open arms.
IED Prije 3 dana
Why is the bully always the only black kid around? XD
Ryan_ Prije 2 dana
Vicoe Mo
Vicoe Mo Prije 3 dana
2:40 this sounds like the webtoon up ordinary.. kinda Okokok stop iti
the nerd who tried to be cool should've been a homeless crackhead in the ending
sRetSBoL Prije 3 dana
I love this dhar mann reaction series.
Brys Firstprize
Brys Firstprize Prije 4 dana
Yeah have a non alcoholic beer, Yeah nerd try this Nicotine free herbal cigarette, Ok loser wanna roll with us?? Have this fuckin vitamin and now your like cool shit or whatever.
The Poser
The Poser Prije 4 dana
bruh dustin could've shown his dominance
J C Prije 4 dana
It was common in like 1996-2004 at least, my middle to high school years.
Precious Sello
Precious Sello Prije 5 dana
There's always like a competition on who gets to be the new kid's friend
danpaul Prije 5 dana
Charlie acting out the scenes with his own lines, during the scenes, is hilarious
yoriichi tsugikuni
yoriichi tsugikuni Prije 6 dana
ah yes, the cringe vids of dhar man
KonKami Prije 6 dana
Calvin really got calved
Herrold Flauta
Herrold Flauta Prije 7 dana
Is he mocking dhar mann?
Meme Calculator
Meme Calculator Prije 7 dana
Remember, kids, if u wear glasses, you’re instantly a nerd and u always get nicknames literally in every video and if u a jock all u need is varsity jacket to prove it
Genio Prije 7 dana
gus who?
jake the dog
jake the dog Prije 8 dana
Stop making these videos
The unkillable cat
The unkillable cat Prije 9 dana
TheMysteryMiner XD
TheMysteryMiner XD Prije 9 dana
3:42 i legit thought that was in the video.
fierce fiery matt
fierce fiery matt Prije 9 dana
Dhar mann logic: Go to college Immediately become elon musk
Pixiloom Prije 9 dana
who's gus?
Third Temple
Third Temple Prije 10 dana
So the "bully" helps the new kid learn math subjects, carries new kid's jacket for him, and offers the new kid a hydrating bottle of water. I see no problem here.
Benja Prije 10 dana
These videos are anti bully video for the early 90s gen
Lerlmi Bea
Lerlmi Bea Prije 10 dana
why are the bullies both black
Cyreptus Prije 10 dana
you can just fake drink the bud light by closing your mouth and not letting anything in nobody would know and people will think you're a fucking badass
King Absalom
King Absalom Prije 11 dana
Penguinz0 wont heart this
Bas Vedder
Bas Vedder Prije 11 dana
Gus: STOP IT! Kids: .o. Bully mom: HEY LIL ASSHOLE
Coolkevkiller Prije 12 dana
The 1st one was dumb why were the bullys black? All bullys aren't black
Yuki Howell
Yuki Howell Prije 12 dana
no one: penguin: GUS IS SO DUMB
Nishant Panchal
Nishant Panchal Prije 13 dana
Why is this kid even giving up this jacket and not reporting him
Sans Prije 13 dana
i thought girls liked dudes with glasses
Tola Ukash
Tola Ukash Prije 14 dana
MrRushFilms Prije 14 dana
Kunisake Prije 15 dana
Why is it that "nerd" characters wear glasses? I mean *I* wear glasses, and I'm a fucking dumbass
budda dog, the dog widda butter onim
budda dog, the dog widda butter onim Prije 15 dana
I dont know how life in the US is but it hasnt been like this for me at all lmao... do these people even have a basic grasp of reality
budda dog, the dog widda butter onim
budda dog, the dog widda butter onim Prije 15 dana
so funny seeing grown ass people in america open a can of beer and be like "wait were not old enough!" while we as germans can do that shit with 16.
Comixx Prije 15 dana
0:54 nobody, I repeat, nobody does that XD. Wonder who made this. Cause I’m a freshman and the worst encounter I had is someone claiming I was their friend because I gave their friend my seat so they could talk.
Akashi 1412
Akashi 1412 Prije 15 dana
Just learn the slangs whether it's bad or good so you know when someone badmouth you. I 'avoided' many incident that way
12 12
12 12 Prije 15 dana
when i was in school everyone wanted to be friends with new kids
Ella Corgi
Ella Corgi Prije 16 dana
Me the one who is petrified by new kids: ...
Ryan Hannah
Ryan Hannah Prije 16 dana
Only women bully eachother in the UK cuz guys just fight eachother
MakkiRei Prije 17 dana
Moral of the story, never EVER have fun.
Juan pablo Sanchez serrano
Juan pablo Sanchez serrano Prije 18 dana
Bully seeing the new kid: Im bout to ruin this whole man career Bully finally understanding the new kid: Perhaps i treated you harsh
Alex Maitre
Alex Maitre Prije 18 dana
dr Mario pill lol this proves that Mario pills ar lethal
Eveldun Prije 18 dana
So if i ask people to abuse me and hit me with stick laugh at me B E A T M E W I T H B A T S W I T H R A Z O R B L A D E S D R I N K M Y S O U L A N D I L L B E C O M E R I C H
Exo-Zaddy Prije 18 dana
Sooo you just showed us a blk bully😡
Kanji Freak
Kanji Freak Prije 18 dana
But what about the glasses?
R I Ponsaran
R I Ponsaran Prije 18 dana
Dhar Mann has a massive hate for glasses
Mouavek One Two Three
Mouavek One Two Three Prije 19 dana
I like how they think a scholarship is that easy to get and having a great job doesn't have anything to do with being a nerd or not
ItsDopamine05 Prije 19 dana
Wooooooooh yeeeeeaaaah grandma’s vitamiiiiiins
w Prije 20 dana
I'm glad to say that I was the new kid that beated everyone at everything.
DripTac Prije 20 dana
In real life everyone is excited about the new kid lol
Troin Prije 20 dana
This is like something out of the 90s but it's made in 2021!
Why Always ME
Why Always ME Prije 20 dana
damn ive seen situation which is reversed. the nerds become poor and have no life while the party junkies are successful with beautiful women. what went wrong?
Bill Nyes Secret Robot Son Model TR-427
Bill Nyes Secret Robot Son Model TR-427 Prije 20 dana
I was a new kid and i never got bullied Mostly cause i Brought my ar15
Typonomicon Prije 21 dan
Cigarettes? If we needed more proof that those vids are made my old people. Those kids are vaping if anything.
Pixwool Prije 21 dan
No human being will ever say “Nerds in high school are the ones who become cool as adults”
evesy Prije 22 dana
damn what a shit mother. "we are moving" doesn't realise the sick ass jacket he stole my man must be a big hustler
Sean Lourenco
Sean Lourenco Prije 22 dana
never knew that god uses firefox
Officer Greg
Officer Greg Prije 22 dana
Bruh new kids don’t get picked on. Everybody’s just kinda nice to you until you find your niche/ friend group
Kairu W
Kairu W Prije 22 dana
Hey guys my school put some hot chocolate out!
NOCTURNAL10 Prije 23 dana
Its funny how young adults think its cool to smoke and then end up getting lung cancer etc when they're older
NOCTURNAL10 Prije 23 dana
Its funny as when he sees something new and the exited voice that he puts on.
Odin Helmke
Odin Helmke Prije 23 dana
so does that mean that Gus was a bully 2
bread Prije 23 dana
*in real life nothing likes that ever happens*
Jonas Tisell
Jonas Tisell Prije 23 dana
the nerd just ditched the glasses guy after he gave in to peer pressure :(
Daddyfwine Prije 24 dana
Your telling me his couldn’t just say “no” “piss off” or something like “I don’t waste my time with you insects bruh, 1960s called they want their poverty back” sum like that
chronium Ruf
chronium Ruf Prije 24 dana
tgis man makes me laugh so much thank you penginz0
Aaron Nichols
Aaron Nichols Prije 24 dana
Usually the new kid is popular.
Kevin Lagrange
Kevin Lagrange Prije 25 dana
The new kid at my school always ended up being a cool kid
Granny's here
Granny's here Prije 25 dana
the skits have the most generic plot ever
Yousaidwhat? Prije 25 dana
Dhar Mann's vids are so hilariously predictable.
clockpak Prije 25 dana
dhar mann and the world of shit content
Yoda Prije 26 dana
the first one didn't even have a message, if Dustin was a bully or not, he would get bullied for being new either way
sufian shalabi
sufian shalabi Prije 26 dana
Nerd drink with cool kids and regerts it
Vukasin Ivkovic
Vukasin Ivkovic Prije 26 dana
2:45 That's bullshit, his hair is still wet. Was he continuously being poured water for the last 2 months or whatever. Poor Gus
Boi Prije 26 dana
The next video: "guy bullies a russian guy, *instantly regrets it* "
Sandman Prije 27 dana
You can tell what decade Dhar Mann grew up in having the nerds mainly wear glasses, and every kid drinking for the first time, can never hold their liquor, is to dumb to know when to stop when drinking, and every friend they had, especially their childhood friend, sit on their high horse judging them as a person on that one moment. So stay away from smoking, drinking, being with the "cool" kids at school, and you will become fiancially successful too.
Sandman Prije 27 dana
These so called "epiphanies" all these people have in Dhar Manns videos hardly ever happens in real life, if it ever does, it takes years to come to this realisations, mainly because peoples ego gets in the way and they dont want to admit they were in the wrong, or cant.. Even many people watching these dont think "oh, thats me, I better not be like that, or do that any more" they think "I know someone like that"
Black Lotus15
Black Lotus15 Prije 27 dana
That second 1 escalated SUPER fast went from under age drinking to drug abuse with in a blink of an eye😂😂
N7 Tigger
N7 Tigger Prije 27 dana
Nicest bulliest ever. "Hey, nerd! Come to my party. There's free beer and drugs."
Biplab Dey
Biplab Dey Prije 27 dana
6:40 and Charlie's water just broke
Derpal Are Daddies
Derpal Are Daddies Prije 27 dana
It’s weird how this channel gets these type of videos so fast, like do they run around schools begging people to poorly act for them? And why does the narrator sound like the number 15, Burger King foot lettuce guy.
Death Maniac
Death Maniac Prije 27 dana
2:21 Kid was actually about to fight the bullies and I find that funny for some reason
SB SBZ Prije 28 dana
Whom May
Whom May Prije 28 dana
The massive actor microcephaly move because condition anecdotally help into a amusing shingle. responsible, annoying nation
Gang Bois
Gang Bois Prije 29 dana
"MultiVitamins" how to not get demonitized
Princess Waluigi
Princess Waluigi Prije 29 dana
i literally have the same jacket gus had and it was my favorite
New Guy
New Guy Prije 29 dana
The sad thing is, a lot of the actors are very talented, and there more likely than not just stuck doing shitty Dhar Mann scripts.
Matthew Therrien
Matthew Therrien Prije 29 dana
You see...
Fro William
Fro William Prije 29 dana
New kid bullying, I can relate, when I got to my new school, went to the nerdiest kid, beat him up and made him do my math work
kobi Prije 29 dana
the only types of kids that become rich in the future are the nerds and the athletes
Solus Official
Solus Official Prije 29 dana
Someone asking “you wanna hit?” then holding out cigarettes is one of the most out of touch things I’ve ever seen
Nathan R
Nathan R Prije mjesec
New kids are usually cooler I find
Nathan R
Nathan R Prije mjesec
Why are both the bullies the only black characters
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