Guess The TikToker, Win $1,000

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FaZe Jarvis

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First To Guess The TikToker Wins $1,000 (Impossible) with Addison Rae, Hanridge, FaZe H1ghSky1 Hanridge, FaZe Kay, FaZe Nikan and FaZe Adapt
TikTok celebrities in this video are Charli D'amelio, Dixie D'amelio, Addison Rae, Zach King, Sommerray, Bella Poarch, James Charles, Jason Derulo, Tayler Holder, David Dobrik, Bryce Hall, Charly Jordan, Kristen Hancher, Lele Pons, Daisy Keech, and the I ain't ever seen two pretty best friends tik tok
🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

Saravy Denny
Saravy Denny Prije dan
frazier is simping also adapt
faZe- Ryan2.0
faZe- Ryan2.0 Prije dan
Guys did anyone notice that at the start of the video faze hiehsky pointed the middle finger
Ghostly Prije dan
1:52 That’s kinda sus
Caiden Charles
Caiden Charles Prije dan
What was that laugh
Bijenti8986 sharma
Bijenti8986 sharma Prije dan
Yo alex you look like dj alok
Kingzzy Prije 2 dana
No one: Hannah: My ShIrT sAyS I LoVe HoT mOmS
Rehan Hassan
Rehan Hassan Prije 2 dana
I think Alex is a stalker if he nos everyone
yehMythic Prije 3 dana
7:12 "she's an onlyfans girl" Hold up
Stryfe Prije 3 dana
They should've just showed hannahs dms
Hafiz Akhtar
Hafiz Akhtar Prije 4 dana
Why does the brown guy look like the product of two cousins making babies
mayo Prije 4 dana
so no one gonna talk about highsky cuss
David Lopez
David Lopez Prije 5 dana
Yo how tall is nikan boy is huge
Jordy Hernandez
Jordy Hernandez Prije 5 dana
yo highsky sticking out the middle finger
Julian Gutierrez
Julian Gutierrez Prije 5 dana
jarvis told highsky that it was addison
Shafi Khan
Shafi Khan Prije 6 dana
TeaWap is one of the best editors I have ever seen
Lxthal Prije 6 dana
Did he just say wtf or did they just censored out the fudge 4:34
Thando Seonyane
Thando Seonyane Prije 6 dana
Yo did highsky say the f word when he's 13 that's was ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnyyyyyyyy brother
Infinity Wizard
Infinity Wizard Prije 8 dana
Hannah’s shirt *I love hot moms*
T3chn0 Prije 8 dana
its dick a'melio
Alfie Maddison
Alfie Maddison Prije 9 dana
Alex be caping on tiktok he be saying follow back then he follow back 2 people
Kezty W
Kezty W Prije 11 dana
Nikan get it yeah how about nah hahahahaah:)
lol lol
lol lol Prije 11 dana
frazier trying to help nikan im dying hahahahah
XPZ those
XPZ those Prije 11 dana
Bruh dis is how much times he said Addison Rae Highsky
FINAL Prije 11 dana
I like how they put highsky in the middle because he's the shortest from all of them Highysky no offense
AlfUnited Prije 12 dana
Highsky: ThAtS fIrE
Elizandro Gonzale
Elizandro Gonzale Prije 12 dana
Jarvis said high sky is here bruv
Zero sweaty
Zero sweaty Prije 12 dana
I think Not Addison Rea i think Ariana grande
Jack Richards
Jack Richards Prije 12 dana
You should do a mixed one for 10k
Crazy Boiii
Crazy Boiii Prije 13 dana
My name is Jason irl lol
Mahmoud Nadir
Mahmoud Nadir Prije 13 dana
9:50 jarvis helped h1ghsky
Chase Schmidt
Chase Schmidt Prije 14 dana
i the hannah wereing danny duncan mearch
Ttrotta 84
Ttrotta 84 Prije 14 dana
ZerO Prije 16 dana
dannng highsky cussing 4:35
Fallz Christian & Salty
Fallz Christian & Salty Prije 17 dana
Anyone else see Jarvis telling Highsky the answer to Addison Rae? 9:53
FIXIFY ツ Prije 17 dana
Hudson Jones
Hudson Jones Prije 17 dana
Bro how is Highsky not taller than hannah and he's a teenager
jordan wilcox
jordan wilcox Prije 18 dana
when Jarvis realizes that Bella Poarch is in her 30's
Jennifer McDonald
Jennifer McDonald Prije 18 dana
7:47 Nikon get it how about nah 8:00 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Jennifer McDonald
Jennifer McDonald Prije 18 dana
4:57 I never seen to pretty best friends
Owen McDonald
Owen McDonald Prije 18 dana
Nikan: I don’t know any tiktokers Nikan: almost win
Ghxstz Prije 19 dana
Wait highsky swears?!
Alessandro Cangemi
Alessandro Cangemi Prije 19 dana
We all know everyone in faze house Is simping lol
Anderson Rosales
Anderson Rosales Prije 19 dana
Happy holidays and God bless u and all 🙏
Rudy Perales
Rudy Perales Prije 19 dana
Alex simp
Drika Carter
Drika Carter Prije 19 dana
I’m surprised that Nekan even has a gf
Oglieee C
Oglieee C Prije 19 dana
9,52 look at Jarvis cheating
GNS plaz
GNS plaz Prije 20 dana
Who realise a the start there os highsky with the middle finger
VXTRYZ Prije 20 dana
DC I like how nikan is mega tall lord compared to Hannah
CrypticMLS Prije 20 dana
I love how after the Dms Frazier and Jarvis straight away went on their phone
Tameron Colon
Tameron Colon Prije 21 dan
3,2,1 Alex: RICEGUMS EX
Incline Dybala
Incline Dybala Prije 21 dan
How many times the said Alex is a simp ⬇️
Jodi Nicol
Jodi Nicol Prije 21 dan
I think Frazier lost on purpose
Erika Moreno
Erika Moreno Prije 21 dan
Where the hell is kid mom
Kingsavgucci400 Kingsavgucci400
Kingsavgucci400 Kingsavgucci400 Prije 21 dan
At 9.49 Jarvis cheated and told high sky the answer 😂😂
Azigamesminecraft Prije 21 dan
4:07 what Jarvis be grabbing when he hears sommer ready???? Hahahah
Noel gaona
Noel gaona Prije 20 dana
He was grabbing it before they said sommerray but okay
oxi WRLD
oxi WRLD Prije 21 dan
4:35 WHOAA
Lance Sawyer
Lance Sawyer Prije 21 dan
She has a Danny Duncan shirt
Strong Falefel
Strong Falefel Prije 21 dan
When nikan said “what do u mean nikan” it killed me
Tryhard Brothers
Tryhard Brothers Prije 21 dan
The way jarvis said NIKAN
Redux Gamez
Redux Gamez Prije 21 dan
Julian Pascarella
Julian Pascarella Prije 21 dan
Alex you are a simple!
Ismail isiktan
Ismail isiktan Prije 21 dan
You should have put this on faze clan
Paula Willis
Paula Willis Prije 22 dana
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YoussefRabie Prije 23 dana
I play fortnite to what is your name
Bertha Baker
Bertha Baker Prije 23 dana
The quickest fox actually stop because window biosynthetically whip into a helpful sailboat. slimy, temporary porcupine
Christian Ricci
Christian Ricci Prije 23 dana
Highsky you said that omg
Hamza Sabir
Hamza Sabir Prije 23 dana
Guys I heard highsky for the first time saying f word omgggg
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson Prije 23 dana
Ay what's your guys to Tik tok username mine is dominicwillson
Garrett Shaw
Garrett Shaw Prije 24 dana
I kinda think Frazier purposely lost to hysky
Prxwoke Prije 24 dana
Jarvis:Hanna you better not be cheating on me
Spoken Clutch
Spoken Clutch Prije 24 dana
I love how Highsky said wtf
daniela salaiova
daniela salaiova Prije 24 dana
Kay is such a simp
daniela salaiova
daniela salaiova Prije 24 dana
Right ?
Jovan Nikolovski
Jovan Nikolovski Prije 25 dana
Alex you simp
Pounce 2k
Pounce 2k Prije 25 dana
Bryce hall would knock him out
Team Clapz
Team Clapz Prije 25 dana
Are u gonna ignore that highsky just swore
Ognjen Jovanovic v5
Ognjen Jovanovic v5 Prije 25 dana
hajskaj je kidara
Rylan Gluff
Rylan Gluff Prije 25 dana
Did high sky curse ?????
Smooothie Prije 25 dana
4:34 DID HE CURSE?!?!
Kamari Gilliam
Kamari Gilliam Prije 25 dana
whats good
Marc Glassman
Marc Glassman Prije 25 dana
The attractive crib cytochemically touch because note neurophysiologically consider pro a harmonious hygienic. symptomatic, rough meeting
MRT Tag09
MRT Tag09 Prije 25 dana
Bella porch is not single
Bradley Matthews
Bradley Matthews Prije 26 dana
Lil nas is gay
Alfredo Arteaga
Alfredo Arteaga Prije 26 dana
9:55 Jarvis was telling highsky😂
Eboss Prije 26 dana
Yo Did high sky say fuc#
ZlimeY APPLE Prije 26 dana
yo how the fuck did i guess james charles on the black dude i said:james Charles*laugh* and it was
avani gregg
avani gregg Prije 26 dana
Why doese the person who is showing the pictures he said think thoker
Annie Carlson
Annie Carlson Prije 26 dana
It’s so sad... highsky swears now ☹️
Shawn DeMers
Shawn DeMers Prije 26 dana
i like how her shirt ses that i love hot moms
cleaks ?
cleaks ? Prije 26 dana
jarvis is a simp chekkkkkkk
Dina panagopoulos
Dina panagopoulos Prije 26 dana
The way that Hannah hit the handshake doe.
BFG PeTRoS. Prije 26 dana
Hanna is wearing a hat inside🤣🤣
Joshua Hedge
Joshua Hedge Prije 26 dana
Joshua Hedge
Joshua Hedge Prije 26 dana
Bryce hall vs faze kay
BFG PeTRoS. Prije 26 dana
I love your vidssss!!!:-)
Luro Prije 26 dana
They should off charlotte parkes as jokes
Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts Prije 27 dana
“She’s not even a tiktoker she’s an only fans girl.”
Simplicity Prije 27 dana
9:49 nice "hint" Jarvis 😂
David The Goat
David The Goat Prije 27 dana
Jarvis and I have a common celebrity crush???
Jared Carpenter
Jared Carpenter Prije 27 dana
We all saw highsky cursing
penaltyFN Prije 27 dana
5:40 Kay was probably talking to Addison
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