Customizing The World's Largest iPhone 12 For 50 Hours Straight

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I can't believe I did this lol...
I Customized The World's Largest iPhone 12 For 50 Hours Straight
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching :)
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Amy Dwight
Amy Dwight Prije 13 dana
You are at 669k likes zhc 😍🥰🤩
apple suello
apple suello Prije 23 dana
Choose me🤙😁✔️
Abdullah - The Servant of Allah - Muhammad Hossain
Abdullah - The Servant of Allah - Muhammad Hossain Prije mjesec
Pls can I have a custom iphone12
Rachel xxyn
Rachel xxyn Prije mjesec
woah, hope I could have one 🥰
Darth Monty
Darth Monty Prije mjesec
I love your vids and that is an awesome video
Mega Maker
Mega Maker Prije 24 minuta
Steven Phoenix Torres
Steven Phoenix Torres Prije 28 minuta
nice can i have one
YEBINXS Prije 57 minuta
It looks amazing 🥺💕💕
Maria Olivera
Maria Olivera Prije sat
Quen yu Games mi📱
Maria Olivera
Maria Olivera Prije sat
Oh Family
Oh Family Prije 2 sati
Are you really playing among us
rashmi yadav
rashmi yadav Prije 3 sati
hi ZHC i want it
Sharon fiorissa
Sharon fiorissa Prije 3 sati
What the heack
Butter Peakx
Butter Peakx Prije 3 sati
I would love to be part of this give away
LAPOLA GAMER Prije 3 sati
kip it up zhc kip it up
Little Lolli
Little Lolli Prije 6 sati
Zhou in 2100: I just bought Mars and I’ll give it away after I customize it
Cynthia Cabahug
Cynthia Cabahug Prije 6 sati
Im in Philippines sorry but were do you guys live us or uk or mexico or Australia
Tracy McDougall
Tracy McDougall Prije 7 sati
Tracy McDougall
Tracy McDougall Prije 7 sati
minecraft games
minecraft games Prije 8 sati
me want
Andrea Nicole
Andrea Nicole Prije 9 sati
Zhc going to customize the moon soon 🔜
Andrea Nicole
Andrea Nicole Prije 9 sati
Wats the song that said live live or sum
• your local alien •
• your local alien • Prije 9 sati
I need that but if it runs out of change easy I don’t need that
Yes Prije 9 sati
Dude he say crotch in this video?
Lucius Glancy
Lucius Glancy Prije 10 sati
Can I pwease get a iphone12 🥺
Jerry Prije 10 sati
Nice post
Rhaianna-mai Monteiro
Rhaianna-mai Monteiro Prije 10 sati
Omg you guys are amazing 💕
marina domingo
marina domingo Prije 12 sati
I like it
Deslyn Dixson
Deslyn Dixson Prije 12 sati
i want one i wish
Ayaan Hussain
Ayaan Hussain Prije 12 sati
The editing is so good
Domenica Anahi Minota Peña
Domenica Anahi Minota Peña Prije 12 sati
Yo quiero
Israel Nava
Israel Nava Prije 12 sati
Best HRpost ever
vip-tube Prije 13 sati
I wish I was that talented
Jordan Roberts
Jordan Roberts Prije 14 sati
I love your art and vids
mark ederson
mark ederson Prije 14 sati
i really need suscribers to pay my school fees
mark ederson
mark ederson Prije 14 sati
guys will u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help
Danielle Williamson
Danielle Williamson Prije 14 sati
Because I have a Samsung and Samsung's sucks
Firoza Afroj Subarna
Firoza Afroj Subarna Prije 14 sati
i feel bad for ZHC
Spirit Gaming
Spirit Gaming Prije 14 sati
Do you only have GF's
Jakob Lund
Jakob Lund Prije 15 sati
How did you guys get it from?
Hollie Warne
Hollie Warne Prije 15 sati
In 2040: today I will be customising a country!
Grange Moor Primary School
Grange Moor Primary School Prije 15 sati
I love your videos from ivy
toliin dasoqe
toliin dasoqe Prije 16 sati
I wont to iphon /////iam arabik Ilovet I sapskraipas
The G Team Kids
The G Team Kids Prije 16 sati
Please draw a how to train your dragon
Dinaz Engineer
Dinaz Engineer Prije 16 sati
I love your videos it’s amazing I am a true fan
Sophia Garrone
Sophia Garrone Prije 17 sati
No we’re not doing that OK dummy
ExceptionalMeme _
ExceptionalMeme _ Prije 17 sati
1:50 the song is fire 🔥
Anylady Batista
Anylady Batista Prije 17 sati
I love your painting
Lyrics Lord
Lyrics Lord Prije 18 sati
Mr Beast 2.0
Arvid Sundblom
Arvid Sundblom Prije 18 sati
This is so sick
Tejwash.dhakal Dhakal
Tejwash.dhakal Dhakal Prije 18 sati
I want this please I don't have mobile also
none Prije 19 sati
Wheere is the no u ?
Izuki Midoriya
Izuki Midoriya Prije 19 sati
tanan oyunbat
tanan oyunbat Prije 20 sati
omggggggggg yes
Gul Bano
Gul Bano Prije 21 sat
If younlook closely you can see the red girl is out of the red line and zhc dint notice
Sam Alexisss
Sam Alexisss Prije 21 sat
The girl with purple hair kinda look like Charli
Neongamer 123
Neongamer 123 Prije 21 sat
Pls come to india i love blue dragons live in maharashtra
FROGGY Prije 22 sati
What my fridge sees at 3 am: 3:05
Sajna Kalam
Sajna Kalam Prije 22 sati
Which app u use to edit......reply
Ralph Bernard Ayen
Ralph Bernard Ayen Prije 23 sati
I want iponhe 12 plss
jolecia george
jolecia george Prije dan
Where did you get that 😐
Jessica Barhitte
Jessica Barhitte Prije dan
Am I the only one that sees the timer has been stopped . It was set at 2001 but at the end its set at 217 I think he paused to pee and poo so yeah the timer says 2001 at 1:17 and at 15:15 its 217 like or comment if you think the same
Martha Sanchez
Martha Sanchez Prije dan
I subscribe plz I want won 🥺🥺🥺👉👈
Nixiany Rivera
Nixiany Rivera Prije dan
Me pls
Siya Jagani
Siya Jagani Prije dan
Everyone is matching their hair 2 their cloths. XD.
Andrew Abkarian
Andrew Abkarian Prije dan
MoM ok
Andrew Abkarian
Andrew Abkarian Prije dan
Shivani Shelke
Shivani Shelke Prije dan
Kennli Mckinney
Kennli Mckinney Prije dan
You guys are so amazing I can't believe how much you do. I wanted to say thank you for just making me laugh when I'm down and just helping me with ideas. I spent 3 hours watching all your videos .It's Amazing how you do all this work in a small amount of time ! Keep up the good work 🙂
Dad ya wear the sweter everyday?
Bobux Prije dan
you would be so lucky to be this mans kid.
Lucia Campilia
Lucia Campilia Prije dan
Itali: am italy : ciao sono Filippo Cipolletti
Eric Maceda
Eric Maceda Prije dan
Hiii im new here actually but well THIS FUNNY!!!!!!!!
Mimi DeLo
Mimi DeLo Prije dan
Sleep? We don’t know her
Roslind Prije dan
Hey ZHC I love the songs between your video, so can you pls tell me what songs they are.
Jamil Terry
Jamil Terry Prije dan
You are soooo good a drawing
Mary Samreth
Mary Samreth Prije dan
The nappy bank causally fear because asparagus electrophoretically greet versus a tiresome onion. tangy, broad energy
Rachel Perdo
Rachel Perdo Prije dan
ZHC ZHC everyone subscribe to ZHC
Justin Laporte
Justin Laporte Prije dan
I’m sub
Roger Redding
Roger Redding Prije dan
i been subed lol
rfgergre ergeryheuyh
rfgergre ergeryheuyh Prije dan
Forza Horizon 4 - Race - HRpost
rfgergre ergeryheuyh
rfgergre ergeryheuyh Prije dan
Forza Horizon 4 - Race - HRpost
Silene Rivera Santana
Silene Rivera Santana Prije dan
Zach's girlfriend: but I don't want to customize Zach: too bad I also love you're channel
ツLB2.0 Prije dan
3:06 xD
A&A Bff
A&A Bff Prije dan
Your so awesome at art!!!!!!
Oah Cole
Oah Cole Prije dan
Hi I draw
Jonathan Donnell
Jonathan Donnell Prije dan
They all have rainbow hair soo cute🌈😘
Mix Max
Mix Max Prije dan
, 😍
TJ Adams-Rankin
TJ Adams-Rankin Prije dan
Hi hi hello
epam sicale irene
epam sicale irene Prije dan
hola soy de españa
Lacie Ward
Lacie Ward Prije dan
U r so talented omg
kathlen pulga
kathlen pulga Prije dan
I want pls I have 1+ so 🥺
Tennelle Worsham
Tennelle Worsham Prije dan
This is amazing
Sergio Ruvalcaba
Sergio Ruvalcaba Prije dan
I subscribe bc I saw your videos and I love it 💗💗💗👑👑👑👑 your the master at drawing 💗💗👑💗👑👑👑👑👑
Mark Jono
Mark Jono Prije dan
I sub to him but I don’t like in his contry lol
Mrs hinch House
Mrs hinch House Prije dan
Hi I am a really big fannnnn
Jesus Morales
Jesus Morales Prije dan
Jesus Morales
Jesus Morales Prije dan
DJ Breadkid
DJ Breadkid Prije dan
And sub
DJ Breadkid
DJ Breadkid Prije dan
Watch my videos pls
Linda Wilde
Linda Wilde Prije dan
Mishell is so funny 😂
Mathieu Gilbert
Mathieu Gilbert Prije dan
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 sofia
Mathieu Gilbert
Mathieu Gilbert Prije dan
apoulin679 apoulin679
apoulin679 apoulin679 Prije dan
Et me les envoyer stp
Samsudin Din
Samsudin Din Prije dan
Are you Asian? Cuz your mom hair is black
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