Try To Eat in 1 Second Challenge (Sommer Ray Vs FaZe Jarvis)

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FaZe Jarvis

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Who can Eat the Food the Fastest! FaZe Jarvis Vs Sommer Ray Vs FaZe Kay. WHO WON?!
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FaZe Jarvis
FaZe Jarvis Prije 9 mjeseci
I'm sorry you guys have to watch me eat a hot dog like that.....
TumblingGroup Team1
TumblingGroup Team1 Prije 2 mjeseci
Marin Marius
Marin Marius Prije 2 mjeseci
RaXzn Prije 4 mjeseci
Glizzy gladiator
Lesia Komarovska
Lesia Komarovska Prije 4 mjeseci
bazxamr sopporting no offense
Bluetwinsnova Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis is dating SOMMER
Faze Samuel10
Faze Samuel10 Prije mjesec
Robert Cook
Robert Cook Prije mjesec
Why do I feel like Jarvis is trying to fatten sommer up
Sonia Penta
Sonia Penta Prije mjesec
Abiotic_ Tip
Abiotic_ Tip Prije 2 mjeseci
What’s the outro called
Justice McCluskey
Justice McCluskey Prije 2 mjeseci
Who simp for summer ray
Jordan Hawkins
Jordan Hawkins Prije 2 mjeseci
Who else realized sommer ray never stops moving
Agabi Oshen
Agabi Oshen Prije 3 mjeseci
7:08 glizzy gobbler
Kai Kellam
Kai Kellam Prije 3 mjeseci
Yung Awesome
Yung Awesome Prije 3 mjeseci
Yo Jarvis, ur awesome, keep up the good work
KODen FN Prije 4 mjeseci
When your about to smash 2:51
10 in 2021
10 in 2021 Prije 4 mjeseci
Orange you glad I didn’t say banana “sommer”
Yt-Deadpoolgucci Prije 4 mjeseci
Bro just invite Matt stonie
Jimmy and Chad
Jimmy and Chad Prije 4 mjeseci
They are eating the glizzeys
Samuel Furois
Samuel Furois Prije 5 mjeseci
Sommer actually said « moi » where are my french people
Angels Little Puppets
Angels Little Puppets Prije 5 mjeseci
Is it just me who’s waiting for the day when Kay and sommer go out
Marco Antonio
Marco Antonio Prije 5 mjeseci
‘Bro’ Kay 2020
josh on ps4
josh on ps4 Prije 5 mjeseci
U should prank sommer
Zac Brannon
Zac Brannon Prije 5 mjeseci
Kay: (bites into orange) oh u got to peel it
Parker Caldwell
Parker Caldwell Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis can I still your girl?
Kristófer Darri Sveinsson
Kristófer Darri Sveinsson Prije 5 mjeseci
Javis won
The Boys
The Boys Prije 5 mjeseci
Why is sommers cabbage so big she likes um big
Landon Camp
Landon Camp Prije 5 mjeseci
I’m only on the vid cause of sommer
Ethan Owens
Ethan Owens Prije 5 mjeseci
Same for me sister I love pickles
inSeclone Prije 5 mjeseci
You are so cute
Korban STONE
Korban STONE Prije 5 mjeseci
Can you here beeping
Shannon Pruismann
Shannon Pruismann Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis won 1st round
Carmine Antonio
Carmine Antonio Prije 5 mjeseci
No Jarvis won that
Carmine Antonio
Carmine Antonio Prije 5 mjeseci
Yah unban Jarvis bro he used sim bot for a video
Alek 10
Alek 10 Prije 5 mjeseci
Υο why Sommer looking allways frazier
Aiden Black
Aiden Black Prije 5 mjeseci
Bro u know Jarvis got excited when sommer was playin with that wiener
Valid 2k
Valid 2k Prije 5 mjeseci
Sommer is gorgeous😣❤️
Jarne Quintelier
Jarne Quintelier Prije 5 mjeseci
5:38 I actually thought it was a mosquito broo 😂😂
WHITAKER_LEE Prije 5 mjeseci
sommer with the broccoli lol
X_mode-clan Yt
X_mode-clan Yt Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis when are you going for the kiss
Chance Wimpsett
Chance Wimpsett Prije 5 mjeseci
6:50 me and my friends bragging about who finished first 😭
Easy Doodle
Easy Doodle Prije 5 mjeseci
4:18 when ur mom says u have to eat all ur veg to have some coke
barack ukwesa
barack ukwesa Prije 5 mjeseci
Faze Kay be sounding like a henchman 2:25
Dominic Veskimäe
Dominic Veskimäe Prije 6 mjeseci
Jarvis was first
aXesmoK Prije 6 mjeseci
stable havoc
stable havoc Prije 6 mjeseci
Nobody: Not a single soul: When Sommer said its big jarvis in his mind thats what she said
will Routhier
will Routhier Prije 6 mjeseci
Sommer ray just said love you and now I’m hard
ssimplyy Prije 6 mjeseci
At 9:17 Kay Said I Win the Donuts Challenge who Will Win Homer Simpson Or Faze Kay
Mary Lyn
Mary Lyn Prije 6 mjeseci
I love you Freddie Jarvis and I hope that you could get your fortnite game back but you hack so yeah I really miss you playing fortnite you like the most cracked player in the whole wide world
Tryste2k Prije 6 mjeseci
u used the same thumbnail as FBE
Jisely Duran
Jisely Duran Prije 6 mjeseci
Lol u heard what sommer said she said the hotdog was a Weeni and then she looked at Jarvis
Risk Clan
Risk Clan Prije 6 mjeseci
Jarvis : bro i didn't know u can eat this raw Me : Wtf u cant eat it raw
Shameek Scott
Shameek Scott Prije 6 mjeseci
That’s mad sus
Infineighty Prije 6 mjeseci
Yall see how close Jarvis is standimg to Sommer 😂😂
Gamingwith D
Gamingwith D Prije 6 mjeseci
7:17 bro holyyy
Sonar___ Prije 6 mjeseci
1:37 eating Jarvis' hair
Robert given
Robert given Prije 6 mjeseci
ROSS PROVATARIS Prije 6 mjeseci
Sommer is saving this channel by being in these videos
Reefy Prije 6 mjeseci
Sommers just enjoying her food, and then you look at Jarvis and Frazier skulling down the cupcake. 🧁
Jayden Won
Jayden Won Prije 6 mjeseci
put the fries in the burger
Maddix__big Prije 6 mjeseci
Jarvis and Kay are so competitive and summer doesn’t rlly care lol
Silence Marki
Silence Marki Prije 7 mjeseci
Plz fornite
lisa keyes
lisa keyes Prije 7 mjeseci
I thing Frazier likes sommer
Taymar Harris
Taymar Harris Prije 7 mjeseci
Jarvis literally wanted to drink it more as soon as sommer drunk off the pickle juice
Jamel Grant
Jamel Grant Prije 7 mjeseci
They ate a hot dog tho
Jamel Grant
Jamel Grant Prije 7 mjeseci
What happened to only jarvis I like it tho
Ledesma Lei
Ledesma Lei Prije 7 mjeseci
Jarvis im your biggest fan!!!
EKLIPZ YT Prije 7 mjeseci
I meant 8:33
EKLIPZ YT Prije 7 mjeseci
11:33 is how me and my crush stare at each other
Ali Al
Ali Al Prije 7 mjeseci
Haha 😆 has to take some of good old school 🏫 is a day and fun and a great 👍🏿 way you will always have your best app for you haha 🤣 day one ☝️ I wanna you love 💗 is a great 👍🏿
Ali Al
Ali Al Prije 5 mjeseci
I wrote random things lmao
TRIX_dilly Prije 5 mjeseci
AYOzACC Prije 7 mjeseci
Sommer looks strange
eGemzDIFFRENT Prije 7 mjeseci
I win with the letes all ths time
Sumerah Awan
Sumerah Awan Prije 7 mjeseci
When I eat onion I cry to
Ando Prije 8 mjeseci
7:07 thats hella rong jarvis
FaZe FoRtnite
FaZe FoRtnite Prije 8 mjeseci
Is this weird? I like chick falay but I hate chicken
lcolosi Prije 8 mjeseci
It was Kay Kay you beat Jarvis
meats ツ
meats ツ Prije 8 mjeseci
Broccoli is so good and healthy I love it so I stopped eating broccoli for years then came back to it and loved it
z trophy winner
z trophy winner Prije 8 mjeseci
1like = 10× unbanned
Symmetrical Clan
Symmetrical Clan Prije 8 mjeseci
When Jarvis sucked the hot dog that had me dying😂😂😂
Yapclaps Go crazy
Yapclaps Go crazy Prije 8 mjeseci
Is sommer a por$ star
Sweaty Bro
Sweaty Bro Prije 8 mjeseci
4:49 sommers a demon 😂😂😂😈
BrendanB_ 4
BrendanB_ 4 Prije 8 mjeseci
That moment when sommer said wiener!! I was dying
Clappz YT
Clappz YT Prije 8 mjeseci
10:17Praying that him and summer going to date No offense😂
WiN Gaming
WiN Gaming Prije 7 mjeseci
Aden Gorman yes pleasee
Clappz YT
Clappz YT Prije 8 mjeseci
Summer is so funny 😂 9:06
Monica Shiver
Monica Shiver Prije 9 mjeseci
ツeric Prije 9 mjeseci
Bro I thought the title said “Trying to eat Sommer in 1 second” 😂😂
ツEndlessGrxxnz Prije mjesec
Nichole Spencer
Nichole Spencer Prije 2 mjeseci
You Are Sus
XxDeadly 5909
XxDeadly 5909 Prije 3 mjeseci
ok rehd
ok rehd Prije 3 mjeseci
Oakley Frei argue* lol
Maggy St Amand
Maggy St Amand Prije 4 mjeseci
NC.N Prije 9 mjeseci
Surge Plays
Surge Plays Prije 9 mjeseci
When she said fortnite all over again i was DEAD
Bella Omino
Bella Omino Prije 9 mjeseci
4:50 she went savage bruv😂
Dilajla Hrubik
Dilajla Hrubik Prije 9 mjeseci
If you read this like
Evil Morty
Evil Morty Prije 9 mjeseci
In Frazier’s mind cow=ham
THE PRØ0 Prije 9 mjeseci
Yo who else thought jarvis was in FBE channel because of the thumbnail Lol
Michael Hiii
Michael Hiii Prije 9 mjeseci
Michael Hiii
Michael Hiii Prije 9 mjeseci
HopeFN Prije 9 mjeseci
Jarvis:Time to pull up to to sommers house 😏😏 Jarvis girlsfriend:Im a joke for you
Dizzy Fruit
Dizzy Fruit Prije 9 mjeseci
Jarvis is a simp
jonah doidge
jonah doidge Prije 9 mjeseci
jarvis im realy sad for you have done on fortnite use aimbot like what a dome thing
jonah doidge
jonah doidge Prije 9 mjeseci
in it
Dan Cuyos
Dan Cuyos Prije 9 mjeseci
7:15 bro I’m dead after Sommer said Weinerrrrr
Evan Deimion Gonzalez
Evan Deimion Gonzalez Prije 9 mjeseci
Jarvis won that
Bryant Wulu
Bryant Wulu Prije 9 mjeseci
Hybrid KonviX
Hybrid KonviX Prije 9 mjeseci
Notice how when the video started sommer didn’t talk 4 1 minute
Mfuse Prije 9 mjeseci
Jarvis make eating your full time job
yexiel plays
yexiel plays Prije 9 mjeseci
It was kay
CW_ Xotiic
CW_ Xotiic Prije 9 mjeseci
Insta is brent_.0455
Insta is brent_.0455 Prije 9 mjeseci
Video :ends sommer ray: soo how much I’m getting paid
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