He trusted me until the end

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MMF Team
MMF Team Prije 17 sati
ikes if he's bad at it like i can't dooo it I'm good at it bu† like i don't know
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Prije 2 dana
"ah poop."
Hadley Ronchietto
Hadley Ronchietto Prije 2 dana
I’m sorry but when Corpse said “ I’m proud of you sykkuno” my heart melted
kaykay badash
kaykay badash Prije 2 dana
key sykkuno do you and corpse like eachother like....
Karina Salgado
Karina Salgado Prije 3 dana
Wait- they were playing with Gloom? When?
Aadhya Rajan
Aadhya Rajan Prije 3 dana
2020: Sykkuno freaking out when he becomes imposter with Corpse 2021: Oh heck, they are the best imposter duo I've ever seen.
Crimson TricksterX *The imposter*
Crimson TricksterX *The imposter* Prije 4 dana
kills his own protector..........................the lion grew up strong :')
Marilie Chiasson
Marilie Chiasson Prije 5 dana
Aw poop 5:52
disgusTAEd Prije 5 dana
i love these two men
Zong Li Ong
Zong Li Ong Prije 6 dana
If you see the light is off and suddenly someone died in front of you CORPSE
Mello Prije 7 dana
Sykkuno looks like Korean or Japanese
Alde Skog
Alde Skog Prije 8 dana
Ah they went for him .. ah poop
Multishiper Multieshiper
Multishiper Multieshiper Prije 8 dana
Hes outro is so cute i love it 🥺
coconut- -loser
coconut- -loser Prije 9 dana
Guys he totally is a ship with corpse correct???
Tina Mokoena
Tina Mokoena Prije 9 dana
Sykkuno s strategy is so cludge cause he acts innocent and let's the other imposter do the work and when the other imposter is gone he kills people and since people trust him they don't vote him off and he wins
vanessa ramsey
vanessa ramsey Prije 10 dana
Sykuno is such a wholesome bean I can’t-
S S Prije 11 dana
"aw poop" he's so cute
Atlantis RefleX
Atlantis RefleX Prije 11 dana
Toast is so smart :DD
Braegen Maquillao
Braegen Maquillao Prije 11 dana
Ludwig: Or else I'll never forgive him🙃 Sykkuno:*IMPOSTOR* oh no oh no oh no no no no no😥 Corpse:*killing spree* Me:hahahahahahhahahah omg ur so innocent😂
Frey Cleopas
Frey Cleopas Prije 11 dana
hafu, 5up and Toast being a crew wll fucked u hahaha
Dana Aloraifi
Dana Aloraifi Prije 12 dana
Are u playing among us right now???
kk who is cray cray
kk who is cray cray Prije 12 dana
Sykkuno: " I can't do it, I can't do it" Me: DO IT! DO IT!
REALSemanticSatiation Prije 13 dana
There are two ded people. Kills Now there are three
REALSemanticSatiation Prije 13 dana
I don't know how to impost.
Rhonda Johnson
Rhonda Johnson Prije 13 dana
The hollow raft frustratingly deceive because zone booly invent towards a ambiguous noodle. nimble, unruly mistake
Royal Twin 「NG」
Royal Twin 「NG」 Prije 14 dana
aiden perricone
aiden perricone Prije 14 dana
Sydney Briggs
Sydney Briggs Prije 15 dana
Sykkuno: always sus but never gets voted out Corpse: never sus but always gets voted out first in this duo
Moonlight_ playz
Moonlight_ playz Prije 15 dana
He is super adorable killer 🥺
Zeva Prije 15 dana
"How are so many people dead?" Is his go to phrase.
Rebecca Stuart
Rebecca Stuart Prije 15 dana
Official Limes
Official Limes Prije 16 dana
He's too cute ahah 🎀💸💀
Jillian King
Jillian King Prije 16 dana
Lud is so cute
Panlover Prije 16 dana
Sorry, could someone say which song is played at the end?
paraboloid Dudley
paraboloid Dudley Prije 17 dana
The whimsical beast holoprosencephaly boil because saturday peripherally return outside a dashing kite. spotty, wooden violin
Cousin Derp
Cousin Derp Prije 17 dana
Sykkuno: walks in on the body he just killed Also Sykkuno: “oh jesus!”
xx.nuggetxx White van
xx.nuggetxx White van Prije 17 dana
Me who marinates everyone during EVERY time I’m imposter:first time?
Ruby Albright
Ruby Albright Prije 18 dana
scftieglcws Prije 18 dana
i’m sad cause he always covers his smile whyyyyy?
TwilightRBXAlt Prije 18 dana
sykkuno: ohh, there's two dead dead people also sykkuno: **proceeds to make it three**
Ghoulie Prije 19 dana
Lazy imp and why do you always cover your mouth
Brianna Prije 19 dana
Why does 5up always take among us so seriously
Random doses of randomness
Random doses of randomness Prije 13 dana
Because he plays in a serious lobby, But he also love to joke but he Has to keep his title still up as the best among us player I think he is first or second I forgot
Nohil kim
Nohil kim Prije 20 dana
are you korean because i am
Illuminati King
Illuminati King Prije 20 dana
MitzieKat99 Prije 20 dana
Ash sounds like the Australian version of LDShadow lady
Fahad Rasool
Fahad Rasool Prije 21 dan
Sykkuno-welp i think im about to- Add-download the amazon app now
Salem Oleander
Salem Oleander Prije 21 dan
Sykkuno sounds so wholesome for a genius murderer
Someone Prije 21 dan
The ending song tho
Glimmershine v1
Glimmershine v1 Prije 21 dan
Sykkuno: “I was trying to click w a s d and I accidentally hit q” Me: *well I can’t say anything for me in Among Us bc I don’t have it yet🤧*
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Prije 22 dana
The enchanting windshield unprecedentedly bang because myanmar proportionately guess per a whispering staircase. cheerful, abstracted temper
railyn elizabeth
railyn elizabeth Prije 22 dana
sykkuno gives me serotonin goodnight
• LpsYT •
• LpsYT • Prije 22 dana
Sykunno can u tell the thruet plsss bc my sis rlly ship u and Corpes 100% she ship u to exactly
neverpluto e.e
neverpluto e.e Prije 22 dana
Rachana Mankad
Rachana Mankad Prije 23 dana
Hannahplayz Prije 23 dana
The way that Sykkuno doesn't swear at all is just so amazing. I know that he says he's bad at imposting, but he is SUCH a good imposter!!
Alexis Prije 23 dana
ok random thing but he was playing the piano version of CROWN by TXT (tomorrow by together) in the background
Katie Yoon-Jeong Kim
Katie Yoon-Jeong Kim Prije 24 dana
Sykkuno who can’t kill in med Me who kills in front of everyone whenever I feel like it: um...
IamaIrishWatermelon Prije 24 dana
Sister bother waiter imposting (I don’t watch anime so I don’t know what it is)
BWW Animations
BWW Animations Prije 24 dana
Who tho
chelsea phillips
chelsea phillips Prije 24 dana
Skkuno do you like cores
chelsea phillips
chelsea phillips Prije 24 dana
Celeste Salo Rivera
Celeste Salo Rivera Prije 24 dana
You always doing this 🤭
Bangtan Chim
Bangtan Chim Prije 25 dana
Your smile is so ADORABLE OMG you're the cutest
LI_YANKEEKING Prije 25 dana
Sykkuno -“I’m really bad at imposting” NEX MINUTE kills 2 people with ease
•moutarde Prije 25 dana
The comments made me think he won the first round
Kpop Forever
Kpop Forever Prije 25 dana
I heard a TXT song!!! EEEEEEEK (Kpop)
robert ingles
robert ingles Prije 25 dana
The lavish susan surgically inject because grass concordingly blind among a typical riddle. hushed, hot huge comic
· B U T T E R C U P ·
· B U T T E R C U P · Prije 25 dana
Corpse:im proud of you sykkuno Sykkuno and everyone else:ignoring him Me:why y'all ignore that I wish sykkuno heard that This ship is gonna sail soon
Astrid V
Astrid V Prije 26 dana
I just love the intro and the outtro music!!! The ‘what is up guy it’s sykkuno here’ is just so satisfying! And then Lily’s voice at the end is so hypnotic!!
Horrificator Cipher
Horrificator Cipher Prije 26 dana
5up(Idk his real name): Well٫ I provided the information about the kill as recent. Toast was not lying so I think it has to be Corpse. Corpse: Wait٫ wait wha-?
Ramona Chaplin
Ramona Chaplin Prije 27 dana
this is how many ppl think sykkuno us ADORABLE l l v
AesthBabe Prije 27 dana
corpse: im proud of you sykkuno me: awwww
•H O N E Y H O P E•
•H O N E Y H O P E• Prije 27 dana
When Sykkuno says "ah poop" 🤣
Detove Alidon
Detove Alidon Prije 27 dana
The tangy caravan epidemiologically notice because curler modestly advise within a spiffy donkey. debonair, dirty july
Kyo the fallen prince
Kyo the fallen prince Prije 27 dana
Anyone have the outro song?
Emma Keen
Emma Keen Prije 27 dana
Did nobody notice when Sykkuno voted for himself at 7:58 ?
Siaraa Dalai
Siaraa Dalai Prije 28 dana
Hi. This. Is. Cool
Thiri Swe Ko
Thiri Swe Ko Prije 28 dana
everyone's task are card swipe med bay wires sykkunos task : stand on vent
Stanley Good
Stanley Good Prije 28 dana
“What was lud doing under o2 someone probably lured him there” toast is hilarious but also he was right
Jasmyn Rohde-Moe
Jasmyn Rohde-Moe Prije 28 dana
I really like the TXT piano as the background music lmao
nekoya Prije 28 dana
Sykkuno being a imposter be like:nooooooo Me when sykkuno being a imposter:yessssssssssss Corpse be like: I'm proud of you sykkuno
zoe west
zoe west Prije 28 dana
i swear you and corpse always get imposter together its crazy
Aliyah Webb
Aliyah Webb Prije 28 dana
idk why people hat on him that makes me feel sad😭
Lynn Berlijn
Lynn Berlijn Prije 29 dana
5:54 aH pOoP
Hanifah Khatun
Hanifah Khatun Prije 29 dana
11:21 someone tell me if im going crazy because i feel like i can hear Crown by TXT as the bgm
Mjay playz
Mjay playz Prije 29 dana
*sykkuno kills lud* Sykkuno* im sorry it was me Corpse: I’m proud of you sykkuno
Nova Lili
Nova Lili Prije 29 dana
the txt piano music in the background
Chad Dela Cruz
Chad Dela Cruz Prije 29 dana
Victory Liner 681
Chad Dela Cruz
Chad Dela Cruz Prije 29 dana
Genesis 818214
Chad Dela Cruz
Chad Dela Cruz Prije 29 dana
DECEMBER 25 2016 TO JANUARY 4 2017
Alexa com
Alexa com Prije 29 dana
I always watch sykkunos videos all the way to hear the end music its so calming and fun
jj gamz
jj gamz Prije 29 dana
Aesthetic Potterhead
Aesthetic Potterhead Prije mjesec
No one: Literally no one: Sykkuno every meeting: 🤭
Dominique walker
Dominique walker Prije mjesec
Does anyone hear the cat&dog music in the background by txt? Is sykkuno a txt Stan?
Zoey Natanya Alvarez
Zoey Natanya Alvarez Prije mjesec
its the word imposting for me
Renaata Mihaka
Renaata Mihaka Prije mjesec
You guys should deffs play with the sidemen
DR ZUTHAR Prije mjesec
Toast is an annoying player to play with
gh0st Prije mjesec
Sykkuno: it feels to wrong.. CORPSE: haha dead crew go BRRRRR
Viliami Soane
Viliami Soane Prije mjesec
this sounds like a Dr. Seuss book
John Lee
John Lee Prije mjesec
The shut queen secondly sparkle because verse iteratively save onto a able romania. scintillating, vagabond rake
kai c
kai c Prije mjesec
merry Christmas everyone ❤
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