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First RC cars, then RC planes, and now.. RC HELICOPTERS!! Another incredible DP Battle!
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Akbar Baig
Akbar Baig Prije sat
cory = new coby
Ian Schrock
Ian Schrock Prije sat
You guys seriously need to do a video with Mark Rober
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Prije sat
dude perfect always share their emotions with us, thanks guys
Blues Prije 2 sati
When your high school is in the background of a Dude Perfect video
shark OW
shark OW Prije 2 sati
This is my favorite HRpostr ever!
Cot aroboy
Cot aroboy Prije 2 sati
Orang indo absen
Anirudh Mittal
Anirudh Mittal Prije 2 sati
2140p CRAZY Dude!!!
Ibrahim Qureshi
Ibrahim Qureshi Prije 2 sati
Please Do Build A Boat 2.
Luke Prije 2 sati
We all dread the day they title their video: LAST TRICK SHOT😔😔
Rajat Seal
Rajat Seal Prije 3 sati
The last crash 😂
lipe Prije 3 sati
That's cool
Terridew Prije 4 sati
5:44 feel great about almost head shotted a person
Uditha Jeewake Fernando
Uditha Jeewake Fernando Prije 4 sati
Cody l have a question who is inside of the pand's kit
SavageCabbage Gaming
SavageCabbage Gaming Prije 5 sati
These guys make Rube Goldberg for a living🤣
hold on laughter
hold on laughter Prije 5 sati
Kautsar Dzubika
Kautsar Dzubika Prije 5 sati
Next bucket list : NASA SPACE CENTER ISS
Chief Chesty
Chief Chesty Prije 6 sati
DUDE PERFECT!! That would be awesome if you guys could come to Minnesota!! I want to meet you guys sooo bad! It’s awesome that you guys are Christians!! ❤️
Suzanne Lee
Suzanne Lee Prije 6 sati
DP, I just have to know. What is the name of the song? The title was not displayed like it usually does.
Chad Bell
Chad Bell Prije 7 sati
New as a new channel
Chad Bell
Chad Bell Prije 7 sati
Dude perfect I’m new and I want to be like you can u pin this comment
Florence Joyce
Florence Joyce Prije 7 sati
Monday was the worst day for me but now it is the best day ever for new dp videos!!!!
Grace Lauder
Grace Lauder Prije 9 sati
they should make a spin off called dudette perfect
Daniel Laboy The First
Daniel Laboy The First Prije 10 sati
Subsceibe To: Daniel Laboy The First and Oakley Rutkowski
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd Prije 10 sati
You should do something like twin vs twin battle
Millie Soye
Millie Soye Prije 10 sati
Diamond Simon
Diamond Simon Prije 10 sati
I think I speak for everyone when I say, that we need MORE DP *TOYS!*
Tristan Shaw
Tristan Shaw Prije 10 sati
I was thinking y’all could play ultimate frisbee on ripsticks
Tristan Shaw
Tristan Shaw Prije 10 sati
Will y’all ever do trick shots on ripsticks
KMaan K2
KMaan K2 Prije 11 sati
great vlog bro
Mr YouTube video maker
Mr YouTube video maker Prije 11 sati
Please put fast OT every Monday 💋🙏❤️
Mark Lupinc
Mark Lupinc Prije 12 sati
bro i am waiting for the bucket list 2.0
Kael davidson
Kael davidson Prije 14 sati
Airsoft Battle 4 please
1% Rexi
1% Rexi Prije 15 sati
Make more stereotypes like paintball stereotypes
Nightmarionne Prije 15 sati
I have some stereotype videos for you: Birthday stereotypes Thanksgiving stereotypes April fools stereotypes Video game stereotypes
HDT Tổng hợp
HDT Tổng hợp Prije 16 sati
Chưa biết về được
انس الغزوان
انس الغزوان Prije 16 sati
سولفو عربي
انس الغزوان
انس الغزوان Prije 16 sati
دزونا انووب
Yay cat Productions
Yay cat Productions Prije 16 sati
I fly RC planes (like the big ones) and helis are cool but planes are better ;)
Nathan Ryder Varghese
Nathan Ryder Varghese Prije 17 sati
1:34 - hahahahahaha I love the way Garrett said - "I have a masters degree, ok? "
Nathan Ryder Varghese
Nathan Ryder Varghese Prije 17 sati
8:41 - hahahahahahahaahahaha The editors are hilarious...... The intro they used!!!!!!! Lololol
Jade Bragg
Jade Bragg Prije 17 sati
I love dude perfect
Jugad Singh
Jugad Singh Prije 17 sati
should've attached cameras to the helis
Franco Masuko
Franco Masuko Prije 19 sati
Franco Masuko
Franco Masuko Prije 19 sati
Franco Masuko
Franco Masuko Prije 19 sati
It is amazing 👍 I love coby and Cody and ty and garett and cory you are great Connor hinze the kid 7 years old
Maciej Osmolski
Maciej Osmolski Prije 19 sati
badminton next!
zeroone vera de
zeroone vera de Prije 20 sati
zeroone vera de
zeroone vera de Prije 20 sati
Jaden Jose
Jaden Jose Prije 20 sati
2:55 martial arts
Mohammad Kamruddin
Mohammad Kamruddin Prije 21 sat
Mahe Ramadan to all. 👳‍♂️🧕👳‍♀️🧕🕋🕌🌜
Gaming-With -Suggest
Gaming-With -Suggest Prije 21 sat
Any American brothers have time to Gmail me..I m from India 🇮🇳
Zx123bm TOH
Zx123bm TOH Prije 22 sati
If you see this pin it
md Ehsanul arifen
md Ehsanul arifen Prije 23 sati
How but make paint ball gun challenge
Faxriddin Abduraimov
Faxriddin Abduraimov Prije 23 sati
dude perfect always share their emotions with us, thanks guys
Ariz Shaikh
Ariz Shaikh Prije dan
Does Dude perfect has discord server
twinkypig Prije dan
Mihir Madkaikar
Mihir Madkaikar Prije dan
Rc helicopter battle 2.0
Fernando Palacios
Fernando Palacios Prije dan
Soap box car competition on who builds the best one?
Gauge Zorn
Gauge Zorn Prije dan
who else thought abt Kobe this whollle time
Sebastiane Orlando Siddhattha
Sebastiane Orlando Siddhattha Prije dan
hi dude perfect its been a while since ive watched you guys and you are still my favorite youtubers
The Crazy Guy
The Crazy Guy Prije dan
Pls do Panda face reveal
gamingsealboi Prije dan
I wonder if they are going to make a new stereotypes. Me I would want them to do bowling stereotypes
V1PER Prije dan
first music video??? i bet only ty remebers snicker doodle
Caryn Stroshine
Caryn Stroshine Prije dan
Where did bucket list go?
Xena Oyeks Snr
Xena Oyeks Snr Prije dan
Yall made my day as a lover of rc's
Katie Korbisch
Katie Korbisch Prije dan
Team coby for life
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Prije dan
I noticed the word “brother” come up a lot more than usual in this video! Lol!
Anna Glatt
Anna Glatt Prije dan
Perfect video
Rishard Wright
Rishard Wright Prije dan
Do the stair stepper trick shot off a mountain
Gaming with Gavin
Gaming with Gavin Prije dan
literally, I would imagine Cory hasn't won battle in 2 years sense he won a battle (all sports baseball battle)
Bonnie the ant 9876
Bonnie the ant 9876 Prije dan
F you b
Benjy The Man
Benjy The Man Prije dan
U should do a STAYING IN HOTEL stereotypes
Cash Sullivan
Cash Sullivan Prije dan
make a vid everyday or i will un subscribe
Energize Prije dan
WTF!! 😂 8:50
Super blast Wilkins
Super blast Wilkins Prije dan
can can't wait for the overtime
ItzChewie Prije dan
Their Intros Are The Best Man Great Work Dude perfect
Wigi Will
Wigi Will Prije dan
U came to my school once at rancho sienna
Kaden W.
Kaden W. Prije dan
Where’s the April Overtime
Abigail Winstead
Abigail Winstead Prije dan
Team Tall Guy all the way!!💯❤️
Alex Zanini
Alex Zanini Prije dan
Jesus Christ loves u all
Chase Rumph
Chase Rumph Prije dan
Do a hot wheels Battle
Devlyn Lee
Devlyn Lee Prije dan
One of the consequences for the wheel should be man Hunt.
Dana starecka
Dana starecka Prije dan
Pls now bmx tricks or katana tricks pls
BBallDan25 Prije dan
Can anyone tell me what the song is?
DFW Metroplex Bubble Ball
DFW Metroplex Bubble Ball Prije dan
I want to do this so bad
For the Kiddos
For the Kiddos Prije dan
mr beast beat some of your records
olivier żurawski
olivier żurawski Prije dan
iknow that this sounds crazy but i think there should be super hero sterotypes
IRL Prije dan
hi Dude perfect I love your guys videos. I wanted to tell my brother and me have cannels. we would love if you guys subscribe thay are called Isaac Lindsay, Ryan Lindsay. Isaac has a picture of a ninja, and ryan has a picture of him in a blue and red long sleeve shirt with roses in the back. we love you guys.
Roll With Mohit
Roll With Mohit Prije dan
Hey dude perfect Can you bring back the segment taste test in the next OT?
Jems Channel 234
Jems Channel 234 Prije dan
I love you all HRpostrs. I pray that you are always healthy and your sustenance is smooth. greetings 1.k subscribers
יהונתן שזה ניגמר
יהונתן שזה ניגמר Prije dan
Hi I know it's annoying to post an advertisement in response But I owe your he
Simon Riley
Simon Riley Prije dan
So no ones talking about the fact that every battle video's line is rules for the battle is simple.
Xuanxi Du
Xuanxi Du Prije dan
I see no one saying this, so: That drone that is filming (probably DJI's drone) is thinking: "You guy are sooooo trash"
Tasty Food
Tasty Food Prije dan
Can I get like? 🙏🙏🙏
Pritam Kamble
Pritam Kamble Prije dan
When are u gonna post your next video !!
Nguyên Hoàng
Nguyên Hoàng Prije dan
slingshot trickshot
Technology Guidance
Technology Guidance Prije dan
i still cant believe these guys play for a living
Luis & Aries
Luis & Aries Prije dan
Im unsubcribing upload videos more lately. Jk
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