iPhone 12 MagSafe Charger Unboxing and Test

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iPhone 12 Latercase - latercase.com
iPhone 12 Unboxing all the cases - hrpost.info/history/d657rNCUjLiXgmk/video
This video features Apple's new MagSafe wireless charger. The new charger is Qi compatible and will work with the new iPhone 12 as well as previous iPhones (wireless charging). It will also work on compatible Android devices.
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prathyush sr
prathyush sr Prije 3 sati
2:57 that sound 😖
Muhammad Waseem
Muhammad Waseem Prije 4 sati
But with the regular charger we have to use over other hand
Gunjan Pasachhe
Gunjan Pasachhe Prije 22 sati
yae its really good for gaming
Rob Medina
Rob Medina Prije dan
Is that really a headache, to use a hand ✋🏻 once a day?? What a bunch of ❄️😆😆😆
drx06 Prije dan
I love playing with magnets
roniszR Prije dan
3:31 the definition of 1st world problems lol
D T Prije dan
why not just plug it into the phone?
Daoud Mirza
Daoud Mirza Prije dan
Hi, I need help finding a cheap type c fast charging power brick. I would really appreciate it if someone can help me out. Apple's products are too expensive.
David Arredondo
David Arredondo Prije 2 dana
What have you have the new magnet charger connected and the lightning port connected at the same time would it charged twice as fast 💨
C. R.
C. R. Prije 2 dana
I don´t understand this thing. You could plug in your cable to your iPhone and thats the same thing! Who is so silly and buys this crap wireless charger for 40$ when my cable costs 5$??
virkil Prije 2 dana
Mechanical wrist whatch dont't like that magnet. My omega watch...
الايام تكشف الحقائق
الايام تكشف الحقائق Prije 2 dana
شقد سعرها
MarkCa Prije 3 dana
This charger is bullshit like all chargers like this. I need to place my iphone over a half of a day on it to charge more than 80% 👎🏽👎🏽
Siu Kyle
Siu Kyle Prije 3 dana
Some preliminary thought here: when the MagSafe first came out I thought it was cool. However, as more and more review video have came out on HRpost, I can help to think of the awkward positioning of this product(MagSafe). I mean... yeah, it is still a cool product to use and sure the user experience is next level, but I can't belief the magnet is way too weak to provide a guaranteed attraction in most of the condition. Moreover, it doesn't matter either you are using cable or MagSafe, still we have cable behind our phone, which makes the difference between using cable or MagSafe rather similar. Apple have pen for iPad Pro, that's cool, the feature of the pen was well rounded and powerful. but a magnet charger causing cable chaos on the table? I think Apple should pack it along with all series of iPhone in the phone box.
David Xiong
David Xiong Prije 3 dana
I have a magnetic phone holder in my car therefore I have this magnetic patch on the back of my phone. Will the charger still work? Most wireless charger I have used did not work since that magnet kind of blocks or interferes with the whole thing.
Kamboey Johnpaul
Kamboey Johnpaul Prije 4 dana
Apple wants to be the best
Bryan Prije 4 dana
People that are saying “oh apple is running out of ideas” etc. aren’t really aware what an advancement this is when it comes to technology. Soon these phones will have no ports whatsoever. It’s called innovation and it’s not a fast process.
S4NDRO98 _420_
S4NDRO98 _420_ Prije 4 dana
No need to replace iphone anymore because of a non-working lightning port
Gurdip Sidhu
Gurdip Sidhu Prije 4 dana
funniest part is that when you go to a hardware store the majority of good wall outlets have usb ports in them anyway and i have them in my room so i count myself as blessed. and... as im writing this comment i realised that its lightning to usb.
Google user
Google user Prije 5 dana
Can you use your phone during charging?
Ross Kulma
Ross Kulma Prije 5 dana
The clear case is no good I returned it. No coverage on the south side of the phone stupid design.
PriNce AboMFr7
PriNce AboMFr7 Prije 5 dana
Thank u for the video, but I didn't like this charger
Jinny Raj Gharti
Jinny Raj Gharti Prije 5 dana
I think its very good for while GAMING ......... Guys????
Kristian Larsen
Kristian Larsen Prije 5 dana
Handy tool when playing games as PUBG.
AK Chicago
AK Chicago Prije 5 dana
I love the MagSafe charger. Don’t know why people are so mad about it.
1234 5
1234 5 Prije 5 dana
Next iphone innovation would be Durability.. so No Screen.
Danny Prije 5 dana
Velcro that bloody charger to the wall
Brian Yemc
Brian Yemc Prije 5 dana
Quit plugging the latercase
my g
my g Prije 5 dana
people seem to think wireless charging is acc "wireless", and personally the magsafe doesnt differ from conventional charging
Mark Simrow
Mark Simrow Prije 6 dana
apple is such a POS company.
Yves Mark
Yves Mark Prije 6 dana
Tesla should make phone charger as well
Spartan Elite
Spartan Elite Prije 6 dana
All I know is... Steve Jobs would be pissed about this.
Johny Bravo
Johny Bravo Prije 3 dana
If it helps to get more money from isheeps, Jobs would be happy.
Saic Prije 6 dana
Why not make the charger a powerbank? That would actually make more sense since its magnetic. Might aswell use a cable with this idea🤷🏼‍♂️ amazing that it takes them 1 year to replace lightning with a magnet Hire me Apple👋🏻
ABC ONE Prije 6 dana
The charger is shit like not worthy 😒
Jin-Tian Chan
Jin-Tian Chan Prije 6 dana
Lew: how am I going to do a video on the MagSafe charger?? Hmmm..... I know! Let me talk about 5 minutes on why the magnet on the charger keeps making me having to remove and relocate the charger on the table, because I want the charger to be like every other wireless chargers out there! *BRILLIANT!* start rolling the camera..
cloudlight Prije 6 dana
They’re getting ready to eliminate the charging port altogether imo.. maybe even as soon as 2021
JayySur Prije 4 sati
Good. I also can’t wait for Lightning to go away. I really wish Apple just went USB-C all out from 2016 onward.
ImaGuest Prije 3 dana
I doubt it'll be that soon. Maybe 2022 or 2023.
cloudlight Prije 3 dana
@Johny Bravo phones will inevitably use wireless charging... so make fun of apple but watch Android phones get rid of the charging brick this year just like they did the headphone jack...
Johny Bravo
Johny Bravo Prije 3 dana
2022 they will eliminate display..
Vic Flexin
Vic Flexin Prije 6 dana
Lmao solar phones
Mike Chu
Mike Chu Prije 6 dana
The later case will “work,” but the charging rate is affected. You won’t get the full 12-15 watts. You’ll be reduced to 7.5 watts at most.
Tanestrran Prije 6 dana
Maybe just get a magsafe duo if it's a problem that the magsafe charger (which is designed to stick to your phone so you can use your phone while charging portless) is a bother.
Mystries tech
Mystries tech Prije 7 dana
Can I charge my Samsung j7 on that
Tommy Graham
Tommy Graham Prije 7 dana
Sticky tac bro
Puff Of Smoke
Puff Of Smoke Prije 7 dana
Apple: I'm gonna make you buy a lot of shit from us, it'll make you feel trendy but poor at the same time. But hey, you're cool.
Benjamin Malave Jr.
Benjamin Malave Jr. Prije 7 dana
I don't think MagSafe will catch on. My prediction is it'll be prematurely killed off in 1-3 years.
kevin simpson
kevin simpson Prije 7 dana
Why’s it a wireless charger when it literally has a wire attached to it and seems more awkward than having a wire coming out the charging dock?
#R Hos
#R Hos Prije 7 dana
Bright Lee
Bright Lee Prije 8 dana
Why didn't they make the charger to be able to disable the magnetic when the battery level goes up above 90%.
shay r
shay r Prije 8 dana
Its a stupid thing. What difference would this charger make ???? Nothing.
Cameron L
Cameron L Prije 8 dana
Would a USB C extention cable slow the speed?
Good Show
Good Show Prije 8 dana
This just feels like a wired charger with more steps
Fletcher Cain-Reynolds
Fletcher Cain-Reynolds Prije 8 dana
Not really the first Apple wireless charger tho
Gaspar Summers Lozano
Gaspar Summers Lozano Prije 8 dana
Do I need a specific case to charge with the magsafe charger ? Like can the phone charge with the charger without a case ?
Anoosh C Nayak
Anoosh C Nayak Prije 8 dana
Whats the point of this ? its not wirelessly charging my phone, I have to go place my phone onto the device, instead i will just plug in the good old charger.
Mike Walsh
Mike Walsh Prije 8 dana
Nobody talks about apple selling a wireless charger without a charger??? The MagSafe does nothing without the charger, it’s like selling cars with no engine
shai day
shai day Prije 9 dana
slides the case and phone "that is not the sound I expected" that killed me ahahahahahahahaha
Yoh Yoh
Yoh Yoh Prije 9 dana
Men you made my day... when you push away all the cases and said “that’s not the song I expected” amazing 😂😂😂
AngrMgmt Prije 9 dana
This is so incredibly fucking stupid.. Look, if I have a wireless charger from Ikea for my android phone, it costs like 3-4usd, and it USES USB-C. It looks better, has no stupid magnets, and if I want to continue using the phone while its charging I unplug the USB-C plug from the wireless pad and plug it directly into my phone.. Over-engineering to enable over-charging (not the phone, but the end user).. That paired with the disgusting methods to make the phones impossible to repair is just.. Fuck, why does people still buy this shit? Apple do have some cool shit going on, like the ARM-based laptop processors. But this? This makes me want to throw up..
Celestial Lunar
Celestial Lunar Prije 10 dana
i believe there trying to also get rid of the charger plug and actually make everything wireless :((( nothing to plug in your phone
AdamC101 Prije 10 dana
Whats the point?
Jacob Olson
Jacob Olson Prije 10 dana
It seems like it’s just the same as a normal charger to me. You plug it into the back of your phone and it chargers a lot slower? Like I don’t get the point this is just something for people to waste money on
Jacob Olson
Jacob Olson Prije 10 dana
What’s the point of these things
Santiago Mora
Santiago Mora Prije 10 dana
can you take off the circle and line on the clear case or is it impossible to take off?
Adam Philips
Adam Philips Prije 11 dana
I like the Mag because on the charger I have now it would vibrate off the sensor if i do not have it sitting right. so I am interested to seeing how it holds up for me.
Marwan Adel
Marwan Adel Prije 11 dana
very slow This charger
JT Rogers
JT Rogers Prije 11 dana
Will it charge slower if you have a thicker case like an otterbox?
M. Pflugmann
M. Pflugmann Prije 11 dana
The alignment is the point. To do 15W (without only causing heat) you need to be on spot and that's why they use magnets.
Arielle Simone
Arielle Simone Prije 11 dana
So do I need the mag safe case??
Adi M
Adi M Prije 12 dana
The real question should be "do you need that wallet after buying the iphone?"
Sergio Wagenleitner
Sergio Wagenleitner Prije 12 dana
so basically its just a clunkier cable (snapping functionality could have been added to a slightly modified normal cable, there is no point in using wireless charging here)
Anthony Rattue
Anthony Rattue Prije 12 dana
I’m going to order one
Simon Barnes
Simon Barnes Prije 12 dana
I regret buying mine. The convenience of wireless charging is being able to place and pick up my phone from the charger without fiddling around - now I have to prise off the magnet so it’s almost as fiddly as wired charging
Azurym xd
Azurym xd Prije 12 dana
The sound of the crying orphans who made the phones 2:57
Lily Espiritu
Lily Espiritu Prije 12 dana
If you do to the apple store, there are actually a whole bunch of wireless chargers. I saw one that can accommodate 3 things at once
Lily Espiritu
Lily Espiritu Prije 12 dana
It’s called the scosche base lynx modular charging system pro kit
Kim Lee
Kim Lee Prije 12 dana
I like magsafe I feel like I can use my phone or stand it somewhere and still charge it without coiling my wire that eventually leads to break?? or is that just me
Nace Novak
Nace Novak Prije 12 dana
Great idea... You can now loose your phone and your wallet at the same time. Think different.
Sayantan Bhattacharjee
Sayantan Bhattacharjee Prije 12 dana
Hey what if we use a macbook pro charging block for juicing up the iPhone 12/12pro/12pro max ......will it work ?
k d
k d Prije 12 dana
I don't get why people think MagSafe is so cool? What am I missing? It's like charging through your standard lightning port but on the back of your phone and with MagSafe u can still connect your "standard earphones" (that came with iPhone before 12)!? Is that the big deal?
Görkem Avcıoğlu
Görkem Avcıoğlu Prije 13 dana
How much this magsafe please say anyone
john lemuel santiago
john lemuel santiago Prije 13 dana
The magnetic charger can be put on the wall stick on the wall so that you can put it on the wall and it will charge
john lemuel santiago
john lemuel santiago Prije 13 dana
Why not they just put the 20 w charger with the wireless charger
Pippa O’Shea
Pippa O’Shea Prije 13 dana
Sooooo if you buy the wireless charger you still can’t use it to charge unless you buy the charger brick separately???
Faith R
Faith R Prije 13 dana
As someone how always breaks the charging port and 100s of charging cables... I’m not mad about this as all
mihai .c
mihai .c Prije 13 dana
As a tech reviewer, you have to point out practicality Magsafe which is a joke. The IDEEA to have a wireless charger is to be more COMFY, to place the phone down and take it out with one hand with a simple not magnetic pad. With magnets you have to use two hands to hooked and unhooked( unless you keep the screen down and risk scratches), with same hands movements like a wired charger, so what is the point? plus is slower charging lol
dz Prije 13 dana
as much as I loved apple and been a user for over 8 years i just dont feel it anymore. Got to pass it and look that other companies are doing better. look at samsung i dont know why people hate or Huawei even better. You can get premium product from other companies.
Tylan Tinsley
Tylan Tinsley Prije 13 dana
Literally why not just use a cable and not spend the extra money? Instead of using your phone with just a cable now you use it with a puck stuck on it while charging? Apples making no sense.
Tylan Tinsley
Tylan Tinsley Prije 13 dana
And yeah I own an iPhone. Not a Samsung guy
eGal Prije 13 dana
Apple finally made a bogus thing. I got my iPhone 12 Pro and it's a weird ever
jarrett maltry
jarrett maltry Prije 9 dana
Jonothan Doezer
Jonothan Doezer Prije 9 dana
I don't get it?
Charles Thrailkill
Charles Thrailkill Prije 13 dana
Im going back to my 11 pro max
James Mulcahy
James Mulcahy Prije 14 dana
Got excited because I thought it was a rechargeable portable wireless charger haha
mushahid hassan
mushahid hassan Prije 14 dana
Don’t buy MagSafe , very slow , waste of money , more then 3 hours to full your 12 battery .Totally wasted.
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Prije 14 dana
I have a shockproof case from walmart. Pretty thick and it works with the magsafe
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez Prije 14 dana
2 meter version to be released??? Is this 1 meter?
Beastmode Lebron
Beastmode Lebron Prije 14 dana
How do you charge that to your car?
roh Shelly
roh Shelly Prije 14 dana
Luv it!
Kane Peh
Kane Peh Prije 14 dana
Useless invention
Zashonna Wayman
Zashonna Wayman Prije 14 dana
Can you use the magsafe charger with the iphone 11
NoperdyNope Prije 14 dana
Everyone keeps saying like what’s the point of the wireless charger, but now you can charge and put in wired earphones so there’s an advantage. I mean yeah there’s AirPods but they also have a battery life
Lokesh Kumar Singh
Lokesh Kumar Singh Prije 15 dana
@unboxtherapy - The magnets are there for a reason. If the iphone vibrates on incoming call, it will vibrate and move on the wireless charger if magnet is not there and hence charging will stop.
Bartholomäus Allen
Bartholomäus Allen Prije 15 dana
Even if you have a USB-C charger, it probably doesn't support USB-PD 3.0 that only started appearing in 2020. You'll need a new USB-C charger with PD 3.0 to support the full 15 watt charging of the MagSafe charger. Lesser USB-C chargers will only provide about 10-12 watts.
Kendrū Prije 15 dana
Bruh you get the magdafe and you still have to buy the cube well rip
Magnus Prije 15 dana
Consumers: I can't use my iPhone while it's wirelessly charging Apple: We fixed it so the charger won't just stay connected, it's also more powerful and aligns better! Unbox Therapy: Oh no I have to use both of my hands will it ever come off??!?
strangeReview Prije 15 dana
Wireless or not you shouldn’t charge your phone while using it doing so well overheating if not well reduce the battery lifetime.
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan Prije 15 dana
Apple really does a lot of innovation. backwards.
k octf
k octf Prije 15 dana
so everytime you want to separate the phone from the magsafe, you have to pull the cable? Apple has just made another easy-break gadget.
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