Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"

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Tom MacDonald

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TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Padlock Steve
Padlock Steve Prije 22 sekundi
he says this while he's making money off this video
Sinegugu Cele
Sinegugu Cele Prije minute
Binge The Cringe
Binge The Cringe Prije 11 minuta
Do a 40 day fast people
Graham Price
Graham Price Prije 13 minuta
I'm going kill myself to morrow just wond u no think you tom for your help and u did just dont wonna go on no more mate but thank u mate u helped with my pain ❤ and u did just wonna due now mate thank u tho ill watch from up there if I get there love my 2 kids just wish I could surving for them x love bro
Cathy Evans
Cathy Evans Prije 19 minuta
Amazing!! Gave me shivers the truth in his words. Thank you Tom. Again you are Amazing.
Rachel Stanart
Rachel Stanart Prije 21 minute
You always take the shit in life & make it even realer 🤩🥰 Your AWESOME & I can't wait to hear what you address next 🤪 !!!!
brian whiffen
brian whiffen Prije 41 minute
Great song!
Linda la chance
Linda la chance Prije 56 minuta
Thanksgiving day 1997 My mother lost her 3rd bout with cancer. She was in the hospice waiting for the end. WE cried for 6 months as we watched her suffer and fade. Go ahead and cry. It is ok. The day she died and to this day on thanksgiving I thank God she no longer suffers . I miss you mom. And yes I cry when I hear this song. She went thru chemo/radiation with her second bout. ( uterine cancer) the doctors asked her to do that again . She asked them : "Will it kill this cancer" They said no. you might live a day or two longer. Her reply was no I have no wish to live a day or two longer to sick to live." I miss you mom. She called me the September before she died. She said she was feeling better and was going to get a newspaper a nd find her a place to live. I heard a voice in my ear telling me She was going home Thanksgiving day. My daughter and I waited by the phone for the call. It came. Mom had gotten a day pass to have thanksgiving with my sister. She died in her sleep. Stay strong, keep fighting, go ahead a cry. It is ok.
nesamdoom Prije sat
My gpa died 20 years ago any we still haven't figured it out.. it was the first crushing pain of my life and I've had others to match it that weren't cancer but still I hurt because why aren't we putting more into a solution.count me as one of the tears this video shed. Tom you are gold and if not the world I atleast needed you to see shit better.
MERICA Guns, freedom and love.
MERICA Guns, freedom and love. Prije sat
I'm okay with dying. I'd gladly take cancer for Matt's brother. For my dads mom that I never met. I am gonna die one day. Every day I could die. Let me take someone's death who wasn't just.
Joe R
Joe R Prije sat
Very excellent dude. So very good of you.Lost my mother to lung cancer in 04, only 51.😔
Lamaj Music
Lamaj Music Prije sat
Im fighting CML, 3yrs, in my mind i can kill my doctor, cause i know he knows that there is way! It's confronting.... Faaackkk, ❤️ thnx for this!!! Shiii i love u man 🙏❤️❤️❤️
JB Gamez
JB Gamez Prije sat
This video should be seen by everyone in the world... thank you tom and nova for making this amazing video!!!!
CandyPops Prije sat
I just found out I had cancer a few months ago nobody wants my insurance so I'm suffering. I love this song it made me cry.
Eric Luna
Eric Luna Prije sat
Like I get the message and yeah we all have someone who has it. But this shit is lame af. Seems like he's just pandering to a broad audience and trying too hard to be different.
Lance Emerson
Lance Emerson Prije sat
Vote Trump then medicines are going to pour in, for all kinds of stuff.
Killer William
Killer William Prije sat
I cried so much because my friend has cancer 😭your my favorite rapper you only state the truth 😢
Reborn Prije sat
Human testing for Crispr started last year, we’ve already cured a woman with sickle cell this year. In 10 years guaranteed cancer will be eradicated.
marty peak
marty peak Prije sat
TheCpmerrill Prije sat
Last year I realized that my lymph nodes had been swollen for awhile, without being sick. Made a doctor appointment and eventually got 2 CT scans. Found that I have multiple enlarged nodes in my lungs and my lymph nodes on my neck are still enlarged today. I never got any diagnosis and I don't really worry about it but I had to stop making appointments for it because its to much money, either I have to spend a bunch of money on nothing or I spend a bunch for something that'll cost even more money that I don't have.
Bobbi Moses
Bobbi Moses Prije sat
This made me sooo sad yo but it is a good song!!
FinKelDrinKer Prije sat
Audio and whips
Audio and whips Prije sat
Death is not the worst part of life! The worst part of life is having a part of you die while you're still alive!💯😞
aicragorutras Prije sat
Another great video and message. I have lost family to cancer, beat cancer and still want to see the day we defeat this horrible disease. I have the same belief about it, it is a big industry and investors get paid for the medicine the victims buy.. Sadly the pain we face when facing this disease leaves many with heavy emotional scars. God bless you Tom. I needed to hear this.
leroythepro Prije sat
We all know what's right from wrong yet we all go along with it, some say it's life. I say life is what you make it. Comment what u think 👇
Larger Than Life Entertainment
Larger Than Life Entertainment Prije sat
Griffin Lindsey
Griffin Lindsey Prije sat
Smart move. He’s using the Eminem way, have diss tracks and aggressive tracks. Then get real. Smart game plan. Especially as a Indy artist
Dank Savage
Dank Savage Prije sat
Some people devoted their lives to finding a cure for this most insidious of sicknesses. And I doubt they love it when they are blamed for "hiding a cure", "doing it for the money" and so on. Anyway, every Tom's song is great but this one is absolutely mind blowing.
Alfonso Garcia
Alfonso Garcia Prije sat
My mother in law believed in me and supported me in my goals more than my biological parents. We lost her about 6 months ago. I wish I could have spent more time with her, told her how much I loved her the last time she was able to understand anyone's words. She mustered up all her strength a week before passing away to put her arm around me one last time. I said goodbye that day. I cried to work that day. I honor her by being a compassionate police officer when people are in need. Treating people with dignity.
Gabe Rezin
Gabe Rezin Prije 2 sati
And corny rapper award goes to...
Chuck Wilson
Chuck Wilson Prije 2 sati
Man this hit hard 😪 I lost my son to cancer 5 years ago
Bee Prije 2 sati
my grandparents and their siblings all died from multiple types of cancers, they were healthy country people and there was no reason for it. (this was a long time ago when it first started happening to people) they all saw the same doctor and got it after seeing him, now that doctor has a hospital wing named after him for "cancer research". One of my great aunts hired a lawyer to look into it and got scared into stopping shortly after, and he couldnt give a reason why. really makes me wonder whats actually going on
Bon Ro
Bon Ro Prije 2 sati
In some shots
RockPaperSciccors Prije 2 sati
Nothing needs said. You know what you’re doing. You know you have a voice that needs heard. You know, You’ve changed lives.
BuckWild Bass Fishing
BuckWild Bass Fishing Prije 2 sati
Thank you tom
Jay Clarke
Jay Clarke Prije 2 sati
Song hits home, lost my dad 4 years ago to lung cancer. Miss ya pops
Im Hammy the hamster
Im Hammy the hamster Prije 2 sati
Why do so many people hate truth.... Tom speaks truth and u just don’t wanna accept it
Gamergreg06 Prije 2 sati
about the dislikes >:( ?
Doc X
Doc X Prije 2 sati
Virolock Prije 2 sati
Ok, I'm out of tissues but I can't stop listening. Thanks Tom. RIP Dad I will always love you.
zVamPx Prije 2 sati
My grandmother is battling 3rd stage cancer she is strong and hopefully she pulls through
MichaelCeraMemes Prije 2 sati
this is complete trash and tom give up you are old already
Allen Lindsay
Allen Lindsay Prije 2 sati
No lie, I teared up a bit watching this.
Eros { Cosplayer, Acrylic Painter, LGBTQ member}
Eros { Cosplayer, Acrylic Painter, LGBTQ member} Prije 2 sati
I actually recently lost my boyfriend to Cancer. He fought for 5 years, but it's okay.. I'm just glad his suffering is over, we miss him, but everything is okay.. Or so I keep telling myself.
Tonya Garten
Tonya Garten Prije 2 sati
Thankyou!!!! I'm fighting and this helps!
cooking with cody yumm
cooking with cody yumm Prije 2 sati
Damn I started crying for real hits home bro thank you
Samantha Coley
Samantha Coley Prije 2 sati
My dad developed stage four brain cancer when i was 11. I remember the family in the living room trying to figure out how to pay for his medicine. I brought him my piggybank and told him to take it all. I wish so bad i couldve saved him. I miss him so much.
Scott Raasch
Scott Raasch Prije 3 sati
Amen Brother!
Anthony Parkinson
Anthony Parkinson Prije 3 sati
This is deep Tom you da goat
Sam Sneed
Sam Sneed Prije 3 sati
Thank you for this Tom... And I'm sorry for whoever you lost... You can see it all over your face.
Dayana Jimenez
Dayana Jimenez Prije 3 sati
Did anyone else cry while watching this?
Mr. Pickle
Mr. Pickle Prije 3 sati
Hits home.😢
Matthew Butts
Matthew Butts Prije 3 sati
Ok Tom you got a couple tears from me.
RPG MineCrafters
RPG MineCrafters Prije 3 sati
Shoot, I promised myself I would'nt cry...
BKM-Broadcast Prije 3 sati
My friend pass way in Aug 2020 in Nevada. She could not get help, because of Covid19 had the Hosp so called filled up. They would not take her in less she had covid19, Cancer killed her at home, so she pass way at home. With no help only what her family could give her. The system failed my friend...
Interesting perspective
brensmom2710 Prije 3 sati
Powerful song!!Nothing but tears running down my eyes. Mom passed in February of uterine cancer. Im a papillary thyriod cancer survivor since 2015. This song hits me so deep. Thank you for making such a powerful song. Keep giving us all these amazing videos. We are so proud of you Tom!!
j nupp
j nupp Prije 3 sati
Warning don’t read comments- will have to shed a gangsta tear.
Gli5ch_Legend Prije 3 sati
Your the best tom keep up the good work! This made me cry because my friend had cancer and he passed away during his sleep... 😔
j nupp
j nupp Prije 3 sati
Deep bro
Grubinator Prije 4 sati
So goo
enraged Plantera
enraged Plantera Prije 4 sati
I have had six close family deaths from cancer in the past 9 years im only 16 cancer fucking sucks it takes someone from the strongest person you have even know to about nothing and it is the WORSE feeling to know that you cant help one of the deaths where my aunt chris she was 86 years old and she was the strongest person i have ever met she was diagnosed and came how to see me and did not sit down and give in we went to do yard work less the half an hour later she was one of the first female foreman's of a cigarette factory in the us at the time she worked there for over 40 years she live thought the great depression she watched all 4 of her siblings die and still fought right tell the end when at about 5:40 am on may 19 2015 she held my grandmothers hand and told her that she was going to look out for us and that she was ready i was 11 i woke up that day to tell the woman that raised me and my best friend bye and that i love her i it with her till the coroner came to get her i will always remember the second she left the house in a body bag like nothing the world is fucked and i hope no one ever has to deal with death as i have and to anyone suffering from cancer or fro the effects of a family member having it you have my most sincere apologies and i hope you make it though it or that you can come to see that there no longer suffering
SilentStrike889 Prije 4 sati
Found this song sitting in the infusion room getting my chemo for colon cancer. Truly gave me strength thank you.
Doug W
Doug W Prije 4 sati
Sunday my mom passed away from Cancer... That was the day we were all store to do a window visit. Love you mom.
Hameed Prije 4 sati
I dont know why it feels so cheesy even though the subject is very intense
Just a guy With a Camera
Just a guy With a Camera Prije 4 sati
I had malignant melanoma last year I then received the all clear. This song is on fucking point! the cure is out there!! Stop needless death big pharma have a heart 😪 I was lucky but so many are not. Love to all and stay strong ❤
Chris Kidd
Chris Kidd Prije 4 sati
Thank you Tom that song is beautiful
Arael Clark
Arael Clark Prije 4 sati
April, 16, 2016, My grandma died of breast cancer.. I loved her so much. On our second trip to the hospital she promised a card game next time we came. A week later we visited the hospital, she couldn't even move her lips. My mum played a song on her phone, my grandma's favourite song. It was about life, death and getting older. And how love can last a life time. The doctors asked us to leave the room, so we did. They left the room saying that we had to say goodbye..... I ran into the room and cried on her bed. I held her and cried more. Then I said "We can't play the card game now... But I know we will play it soon".
paulrod1990 Prije 4 sati
Man it’s tough my dad got diagnosed back in January after not being able to use the bathroom. They found a blockage in his colon and it would up being cancer. He’s been going to chemo every other week and it’s been so hard on everyone. I try to keep hope and be there for him but I find myself emotional a lot nowadays. It’s hard to watch such a strong and hard working man get so weak. I believe in prayer and to anyone else that does, please say a prayer for my dad and the family. He’s my best friend and it would be so difficult if he passed. I hope everyone that is going through the same thing with a family member or yourself finds relief in some form. 🙏 give it your best fight. Never give up
Arran Broadhurst
Arran Broadhurst Prije 4 sati
My best friend died 10 years ago from cancer at the age off 21 leaven behing a daughter just before her 1st birthday and only a week away from Christmas. It never gets easier. He only asked me one thing to do. Be there to protect his daughter. I have her every other weekend. We spend the day together every anniversary. She wants to do the one thing her dad loved. We are going carp fishing to France for a week. Be the 10 year this year. Going to be a hard one Tom Macdonald you speak for use all. Hands down your nuts but in the right way. Time for a tour please.
WakaBlazer Degrassi
WakaBlazer Degrassi Prije 4 sati
I’m touched 😔😔
Brandon Baselice
Brandon Baselice Prije 4 sati
The only song I can't listen to at work.. the tears flow on this one bro. You're a true legend of our time. Of all fucking time!
Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander Prije 4 sati
Tom BurgerKing should collab with this guy. End the war.
Epainet Zote
Epainet Zote Prije 4 sati
This is so deep and may it truly helps everyone, may god bless you and guide you allthrough your life, give us whatever you have its the best for all, 💎
MILL DEE KE Prije 4 sati
This G is as genius
Flaming Cash
Flaming Cash Prije 5 sati
The song is sad I almost cried
kinder smith
kinder smith Prije 5 sati
My mom has stage 4 lung cancer. She hides it from me but I know the outcome. She never tells me what they tell her.
Kate Urm8
Kate Urm8 Prije 5 sati
What a great song, it's nice to hear something new that actually has meaning
Zenai U'Lanya
Zenai U'Lanya Prije 5 sati
Strongest line imho: We are all just dying to live. Damn man you couldn't have put it any better. It's so hard not to be around things that are bad for us just to start not to mention our own genes.
!? Prije 5 sati
This is what the doctors need to take
Xanman Skaggs
Xanman Skaggs Prije 5 sati
I'm not used to the realism in your channel because I'm so used to you laughing and dissing others but this isn't that
The Masked Arsonist
The Masked Arsonist Prije 5 sati
3 years ago on December 10th, 2017 at 7:53 AM, my grandmother lost her battle with cancer. She had lung cancer that had spread to multiple other organs. Some of my family believes shes known for a while because we found out she was hiding it from us in May that same year. The doctors said she would only live for 3 more months at the most. She lived for 7 months after that. The day before it happened, she chose to be home (which was and still is my house) for when it happened, because even she knew that she didn't have much longer to live. She went out with my aunt Ryan for her last smoke before telling me the last thing i will ever hear from her... "I love you all, I'm sorry for being such a burden." That night, we all stayed up waiting, none of us could sleep until very late. I fell asleep around 5AM on the floor out of pure exhaustion. I was woken up at about 7:55 and told that she had died just two minutes prior. I woke up my cousin who was sound asleep in my bed and told him what had happened. Being 17, I still didn't show any emotion until I saw her. I saw her laying in the brand new hospital bed that they had set up in her room to replace her bed. About 20 minutes after she was bagged up and rolled out of the house, my aunt Ryan and uncle Corey had told us about what had happened. My aunt Ryan caught herself falling asleep so she went to get Corey to trade shifts. By the time Corey walked in, she was gone. We believe she fought until no one was looking just so none of us had to witness it, but for me, seeing her lying down, not moving or breathing as she was doing prior to the incident, was enough for me to have a mental breakdown. About an hour later, i called my boss and told her that i wasnt going to be in because of what happened. she said it was ok and that i could take as much time as i needed (even though my job had a 3 day grieving policy which is basically 3 paid days off).
Tefen Ca
Tefen Ca Prije 5 sati
B P W Prije 5 sati
Thank you so much for this
Tina Thibodeau
Tina Thibodeau Prije 5 sati
I'm 44 and I find out next month if I have lung cancer or not! Praying I don't!!! I have already lost my papa from lung cancer and a uncle to brain cancer
Blaine Vlogs
Blaine Vlogs Prije 5 sati
I don’t know what it’s like to have cancer but my grandfather just past away from cancer in 2018 :( he died of stage 4 brain cancer :( this video made me smile and cry out pure happiness :( thank you Tom you mean so much to me you have no idea :( and everyone else you’ve inspired :( we love you dude
Fergus Wylie
Fergus Wylie Prije 5 sati
My friend is going through chemo for the second time in November and I can't imagine them not being able to make it through again, this song is a reminder of his fight
Rage's Asylum
Rage's Asylum Prije 5 sati
Great song stay strong everyone
Jeremy W
Jeremy W Prije 5 sati
Wow!! Well said TM! I watched my dad fight two cancers at once and he truly was the toughest man I have ever seen. I had no idea of his amazing strength growing up. It was a great honor to sit by his side his last 30 days as he never complained but continued to fight and love God and people till his final breath. Thanks again Tom, I will think of the great man I called father every time I hear this song.!!
The Shamrock Pixie
The Shamrock Pixie Prije 5 sati
I just lost my adopted sister to stage 4 colon cancer at the beginning of this month. She just turned 35. She was a fighter for sure. Thank you for this song.
Rajah Peavey
Rajah Peavey Prije 5 sati
I'm a cancer survivor so this song definitely hits harder 💕 I've been in remission for 16 years 😊 I'm now 21 and very lucky to have my two kiddos. I got diagnosed when I was 3.
ColdbeeR42O Prije 5 sati
Just incredible. Legendary Tom, Keep Him Safe At All Costs.
Noct Prije 5 sati
honestly this dude is so trash now lmao he had that good song like everybody hates me or whatever its called bu thist shit sounds so generic haha my boi tryna get on them radio waves
Skater life
Skater life Prije 5 sati
This hit me hard rip grandma😔🙏
Wind Therapy
Wind Therapy Prije 5 sati
I lost my younger brother and best friend to stomach cancer . He was 30
L Morgan
L Morgan Prije 5 sati
Lost a father and a brother to this. Check out cannabis oil it could save a life.
Beary Cool Stuff
Beary Cool Stuff Prije 5 sati
Been loving you music for a few years. I'm a cancer survivor myself and this hits home. Love you Tom. Keep being awesome.
Moonstar Chronicles
Moonstar Chronicles Prije 5 sati
Just gonna rule this as another Covid death, lol
DK GAMING Prije 6 sati
Love this sm, lost my dad 2 years to liver cancer, hardest thing I’ve ever gone through
Hayley Shull
Hayley Shull Prije 6 sati
Thank you for touching our hearts Tom. Thank you for giving those fighting this ugly beast an inspiring anthem.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Prije 5 sati
amazing video bro, my mom has cancer and i teared up listing to this
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