A Terrified President Throws His Riot Mob Under A Bus To Save His Neck (And Get Back On Twitter)

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Prije 12 dana

Facing threats of impeachment, and with calls for his resignation coming from even the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board, the president on Thursday released a video in which he unconvincingly condemned the insurrection he incited, and begrudgingly admitted that a new administration would take office following an orderly transition of power on January 20th. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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Strange Dog
Strange Dog Prije 6 minuta
The loser threw his supporters under the bus on the 6th, when he said he'd go with them, then snuck off to watch chuckling from a safe distance. Played them for suckers. But they seem to be too caught up in cultish adoration to even notice he betrayed them.
william conrad
william conrad Prije 51 minute
What a total waste of time watching the show biased be on biased
Strange Dog
Strange Dog Prije 4 minuta
Are you trying to say "beyond"? lol
Douglas Adams
Douglas Adams Prije 57 minuta
- Joe Biden says he wants to beat up the President. - Cory Booker says he wants to punch the President. - Robert De Niro says he wants to punch Trump in the face. - Maxine Waters says get in Republicans faces in public places, "I will take Trump out Tonight." - Jimmy Kimmel and other late night hosts joke about assassinating the President. - Snoop Dog makes a video of assassinating the President. - Johnny Depp talks about an actor assassinating the President. - Kathy Griffin poses with a severed bloody head of the President. - Tom Arnold says: “Don’t get too c.... traitor, they showed up for JFK too” - Gaetz is threatened by someone who warned that he will blow the congressman’s head off. - Scalise gets shot and almost killed. - ANTIFA routinely attacks and now killed conservatives. - Hollywood makes a movie about killing Trump supporters. - Tucker Carlson has left wing activists at his home threatening to burn his house down with his wife & kids inside. - Madonna talks about wanting to blow up the White House. - McConnell is threatened by left wing activists at his home to be stabbed in the heart. - Democrat Constitutional professor Jonathan Turley’s life is threatened for his opinion opposing impeachment. Yet, the Socialist Democrats, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, TDIP, Media Matters, and the DNC say “Trump is inciting violence.” Yeah ok. Let that sink in... Copy and pasted !!
ozzymerkinrugsdownunder 2
ozzymerkinrugsdownunder 2 Prije sat
The revolution will not be televised!! Unless you're a dumb tunc wearing a gopro
Common Sense
Common Sense Prije 3 sati
colbert (lower case 'c' intentionally) is mad because he will have no material once President Trump leaves office. What a complete, no talent douche nozzle.
Bonnie Howell
Bonnie Howell Prije 10 sati
He’s from Arkansas, ‘nuff said. Her, too.
komodo gamer
komodo gamer Prije 10 sati
What did these people think rushing as a mob 😂 into the capital? Good God the internet is great,everyday I see a new dumbass doing something dumbassy expecting not to get the consequences. What why did they spray me in the face with mace? You ignorant turds.
Strange Dog
Strange Dog Prije 2 minuta
They expected the loser to go with them like he promised them he would. They thought he would march triumphantly into the building and take the throne.
komodo gamer
komodo gamer Prije 10 sati
Someone needs to watch Donald Trump as he finishes his last day in office because he's the kind of man to do something for spite. That will seriously affect our country. Like oops I sent Russia a message saying watch yourself,you know what I'm saying.
talking rock
talking rock Prije 10 sati
Colbert you are sick and should be removed from all media , banned for life
Rose Macaskie
Rose Macaskie Prije 11 sati
So many people seem to have the cult of admiration for hte strong man. I sort of mafia ideaology in which hte real man does everything ofr his family, everything seems to mean, l beg, borrow, lie and steal for them, for my family. Trump tapped into that admiration for an idea that is a bit twisted. It seems that many women are a bit mafia minded too. The big question is have those strong men been conned into somthing that is not really good for their families? Strong is good but level headed is good too. It is something to do the necessary for your kids but you also have to see which man is the good sherif and which that nasty man who will buy out your small holding a or just steal it from you after scareing you out of it and breaking your business. ´ Trumps real dedication is to billionaires and their businesses dont even help your normal millionaire let alone your poorer man. The billionaires use robots in their shops and factories,so doing for your poorer person share of jobs. They also dont give a realy equative share of the profits to theur workers. The rghts arguemnt to justify this is, that if you have built up the business the kings share is rightfully yours. Yes, but your poor guy made that compute say, so the money s rghtfully his too. The billionaires also undercut the rich mans busnesses, as well as not paying the poor man right, or employing many such, so that all business, will in the end be billionaire ones that make low quality products, that is how they undercut others. Our meat used to be fed on grass but now is fed on horrible feeds, so worse for our health, while deer take over the land, which means that we have given the land back to the wild,who we have always cheated so, a good thing. Trump reduced taxes on the very very rich.and in europe at least taxes which effect the poor have gone right up such as VAt. Trump does not hellp the sort of person who tries to revolt for him he cons them.into helpin ghte rich into creatign a new sort of sefdom with a knew sort of lord and master. The poor might be too little into questions of state to see where such as Trump are leading them but the rich, who had the education, should see that billionaires are not going to help the riches interests.
Tim Smalls
Tim Smalls Prije 11 sati
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Xeonerable Prije 11 sati
Don't berate those Trumpers for being idiots and identifying themselves with video! Pretend there is actually praise to be had from it so more of those idiots identify themselves so they can be arrested!
Rose Macaskie
Rose Macaskie Prije 11 sati
The right has spent a long time feeding the people the idea that the left takes away their liberties, as in, "You wont be allowed to choose your doctor or your childrens school". The right is good at spreading a message and giving reminders of that message regularly. The left, who likes expert panels, gives messages and then forgets them, drifts from flower to .flower. Expert panels are the honest way. letting everyone discuss some theme or other and giving the same amount of time to the right as the left, except that refuting a wrong idea takes so much longer than mentioning it. However if you have really studied though how to bring you message home and get it really fixed in the heads of busy people then you have such a big advantage over the person who just analyses ideas. that it is not true. The left has to start thinking about hhow to bang truths home. One truth is that the wellfare state was so successful economi¡cally that it made each country that took it up rich. Of couse if you sure up infratructure and educate your kids, well you have leess heating bills and a child who might start a successful busness. If you take money from the billionaires, who might spend it anywhere and use it to pay schooling and health care, you frre up men and women to start a business. it is logical. of ocurse it works if you dont go all the way to Soviet union madness. Who was ever free when thehy were dirt poor, is another question. No one. unless what you mean by freedom is Nelson Mandelas, I am free to be true to myself even in a prision cell.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije 11 sati
Wonderful video, my friend! Shine on!?
Justin Dong
Justin Dong Prije 12 sati
The tame drizzle singly marry because cart formerly harass by a squealing farm. actually, sneaky softdrink
Rose Macaskie
Rose Macaskie Prije 12 sati
A revolution to help the billionaires eh. That is usually called, a Coup de Etat.
Rose Macaskie
Rose Macaskie Prije 12 sati
The president of irland has asked pardon for the governments allowing the bad behaviour of nun and monks, in the film "The Raggetey Boys it is monks being horrible ot borstal boys instead of nuns to supposedly loose women. He t is talking of hte sufferings of women left with the nuns because they were pregnant or because their parents were alarmed because they went to discotecs and even just because they were orphans. IF you google "The Magdelene Sisters", you will find compaints of lots of people who suffered from cahtolic abuse. I have even cometo wonder if child abuse of preist didnot have to do with shaming yhoung men ot put them off sins. Endless shaming it seems keeps peole from sin. The film the magdene sisters portrays the sufferings of these womn. They weere kept, in some cases, as unpaid workers till their death and regularly shamed. The dark side of the church is inquiisitiiional but they use coou are gay, I can´t believe hou have not suffered from some of this: Please find you golden balls and talk of it. In the less intellecttual backwaters of the church things are very rough for catholics and as more South Americans get into North America protestantsism will have to work hard to keep abreast with Catholisism. the eEangelists are gaining ground in South America. it seems that wooden balls are so much better than golden ones.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije 11 sati
His time in office Never supported by media or house or any. WAS RUINED FROM DAY ONE. HE ASKED QUESTIONS. WAS TOLD WHAT HE SAYS DOESNT MATTER. PELOSI
Noxius Prije 15 sati
7:12.....you can clearly see the onion....Unbelievable
Michael James
Michael James Prije 15 sati
ANTIFA dressed up as trump supporters and stormed the capital to overturn the election they won????? FFS
ElectroShock Prije 16 sati
"okay put the money in the bag real calm and no one gets hurt. Oh yeah baby another successful heist for Doug Sullivan of 310 Ridgefield Road in Morrisville, Illinois, 11854, Bitches" LMFAO 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Wyatt Green
Wyatt Green Prije 21 sat
He really doesn’t like to show when the “fascist” “incites violence” even though he claims it all the time. Give us a quote where trump says “Hey everybody it’s time to storm the capitol.” Not condoning what they did but there was no point where Trump told them to attack, he actually said the opposite.
ever osfp
ever osfp Prije 22 sati
...On the other hand media is responsible in a big part that persons like mr.Trump become leaders...
Shane Bond
Shane Bond Prije 22 sati
Stephen Colbert has always been a Democrats "Fart Catcher"!!! didn't this dirtbag make a living by "insulting" other people and It's a foregone conclusion that, once Trump is out of the White House, Stephen Colbert will have to look for another job, as a matter of fact, he can work as a Biden's janitor....it's just a thought
DavidRGD Prije 22 sati
Elizabeth: *_I GOT MACED_* Me: I got *Onion'd*
George Vega
George Vega Prije 22 sati
Lori Miller
Lori Miller Prije 22 sati
Trump didn't throw his supporters under the bus .and he didn't make a mob.... the Democrats threatened Americans for 6 months.....and he's more honest than you... Trump didn't make anyone do anything..... people control their selves.....if you said jump off a bridge ...I wouldn't jump off one.....
Masha Spikego
Masha Spikego Prije dan
Remember how he said he would walk with them - fools! I was waiting for that lady to demand to speak to the manager tho.
Robert Ahart
Robert Ahart Prije dan
Megarational Prije 10 sati
@Robert Ahart Google "Reuters, "Fact check: Photo is not proof that trespasser pictured in the Capitol building was part of Antifa". So what you said has been debunked, but even, just for the sake of argument, it were true, one person not negate what I said in my previous comment. Idiot Fox News brainwashed tRumpins stub their toe and they scream Antifa did it.
Robert Ahart
Robert Ahart Prije dan
@Megarational but literally there was an antifa member who got arrested wearing a trump hat.........
Megarational Prije dan
Comment from below: "So...Antifa organized an insurrection to stop the certification of a vote in which their man won? You'd have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that".
Yenting Wang
Yenting Wang Prije dan
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hamza korkmaz
hamza korkmaz Prije dan
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Carey Roberts
Carey Roberts Prije dan
So they sent the Karens in first.. fascinating, I know they seem like a weapon but they're literally spoiled children and there are laws against using child soldiers LOL.
klam77 Prije dan
Thank you Sheldon Adelson (R.I.P.) Rober Mercer, David Koch, Steve Schwarzman, Jeff Zucker et al, for providing America this moment!!!! Hope your dreams were realized!!
Linda Hibberd
Linda Hibberd Prije dan
David Cohen
David Cohen Prije dan
And did you feel this way when congress refused to work with president Obama? They didn't even consider his supreme court nominee. Or is that different because...reasons? Or are you just trying to make a meal out of phony outrage. Oh, and by the way, even if people were mean to Dear Leader, that does not justify inciting an armed insurrection.
Linda Hibberd
Linda Hibberd Prije dan
U r full of shit He didnt do any of that. WAS HIRED IN NOT BY HIM!!!!
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Prije dan
Hahaha You still a puppet? Hahaha. You will be free soon from having to talk such unbelievable BS! Lol
Rudy P
Rudy P Prije dan
What’s it like to get paid to lie to the American public?
Megarational Prije dan
Ask tRump.
Fovoz Prije dan
This is some bs there should be more dislikes then likes not even going to waste my time watching this shit video.
Fovoz Prije dan
Megarational tf go to bed
Megarational Prije dan
Do us a favor and don't waste OUR time with your brain dead trolling.
Adriana varon
Adriana varon Prije dan
thankyou for having the courage to say homicide...theres also treason... benedict arnold looks like a hero compared to T -Rump
Jimmy Lin
Jimmy Lin Prije dan
Its antifa planned setup. Nothing to do maga
David Cohen
David Cohen Prije dan
So...Antifa organized an insurrection to stop the certification of a vote in which their man won You'd have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that
Antawnyoo Prije dan
«A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit.», Thomas Jefferson
Fabien Faivre
Fabien Faivre Prije dan
Stephen should stop serving corporate medias, he's so much more worth than that!
JB CashinginonAmerica
JB CashinginonAmerica Prije dan
Colbert......those rioters were so crazy they actually stayed within the velvet ropes while walking through.....CRAZY!!!
Abe Clark
Abe Clark Prije dan
They weren't "his mob" you dick.
Megarational Prije dan
@Abe Clark Why would he tell those that weren't trespassing to go home?
Abe Clark
Abe Clark Prije dan
@David Cohen You mean to the many thousands who *didn't* trespass on capitol grounds?
David Cohen
David Cohen Prije dan
"Go home. We love you." - Trump to his mob
Ruby Cruz
Ruby Cruz Prije dan
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Omar Melgarejo
Omar Melgarejo Prije dan
The “chopped their heads off” its kind of a dark joke lol
TheLastHylianTitan Prije 6 sati
It’s not even a joke! It’s true!
Tracy Loudenclos
Tracy Loudenclos Prije dan
🤢🤮 ...Trump!
Cassie Prije dan
It’s so great that Stephen stopped saying the orange man’s name
totoy pogi
totoy pogi Prije dan
These media were mostly manipulated and funded by the demonscrats to talk thrash againts Trump, since he took office.
Daymond Scott
Daymond Scott Prije dan
Your a P. O. S and sick
Mary Carpenter
Mary Carpenter Prije dan
He is such a jerk. He's not happy unless he's tearing down somebody. That's all he knows how to do. And what goes around comes around.
Megarational Prije dan
You're describing tRump.
Cassie Prije dan
Your a real piece of work
Guadalupe Castillo
Guadalupe Castillo Prije dan
Now we know who the stupid people are. FOOLS!!!!!!
you dont know me
you dont know me Prije dan
People will believe what ever you want. So long as you successfully Silence any voice that says something you don't approve of
james mayes
james mayes Prije dan
Do you even believe the crap that comes out of mouth . Do you even know what the truth is , it’s people like you that are making this country go down the toilet . God will make you pay for your crimes , and it won’t be very long.
Jackie veal
Jackie veal Prije dan
Gods Mighty Angels of War get in position. Sound the Alarm. Blow your trumpets 🎺. Ready for battle!
Neil Randecker
Neil Randecker Prije dan
Wrong anser fake news.LOL everywhere. Trump is king 🤴.
Jason Olson
Jason Olson Prije dan
barryhodges30 Prije dan
Can we even call trump a man. He acts like a toddler, even throws tantrums like one
Rinaldi Maxine
Rinaldi Maxine Prije dan
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Mal Jay
Mal Jay Prije dan
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Bill Cruze
Bill Cruze Prije dan
Steven you are snide little man WE know where you And yours fit into this program. Laugh now.PAIN later
Melanie George
Melanie George Prije dan
The abnormal hawk coherently bore because helmet laterally hug as a strong cannon. parallel, abhorrent tire
Jettabusy Jackson
Jettabusy Jackson Prije dan
The Capitol museum in Washington DC is a deadly bloody voter fraud crime scene and The Congress is Closed and anyone who has to do inauguration alone under armed Military guards could never be the leader of the free world 🇺🇸
Rita Malik
Rita Malik Prije dan
But why so long he should have been removed the first 100 day’s, even if he is kept off the internet his family’s still on, speaking fir daddy including Donald jr , he’s working hard with the mob he’s another trumpet inciter
Hyden Ray
Hyden Ray Prije dan
The ready raft meteorologically tie because pet advisably admit atop a gleaming eyebrow. limping, illustrious pastry
Joe Ingalls
Joe Ingalls Prije dan
Your a real piece of work
Ste Jer
Ste Jer Prije dan
I remember when Colbert used to be funny.
David Cohen
David Cohen Prije dan
I remember when the Republicans used to at least pretend to be pro-America
Captain Tennille
Captain Tennille Prije dan
joe robledo
joe robledo Prije dan
Dead man talking
elizabeth crist
elizabeth crist Prije dan
Steven, I have nothing but pity for you. Please delete "I'm a Catholic" from your resume. The TRUTH is COMING!
SJWs Really
SJWs Really Prije dan
You are a sheep of the industry ... wait until the left comes for you next .. you are a white cis male ... once they are done with the real voices you are next on the list. Enjoy the short ride virtue signalers will not survive this.
SJWs Really
SJWs Really Prije dan
First error ... Second sentence. The president incited an insurrection. The errors continue after that but typing it out is too time consuming.
Katy Lacki
Katy Lacki Prije 2 dana
I lost it after he said T**** was going to send his supporters a bag of meth and machete to every bass pro shop 😂😂🤣🤣
Strickn9ne747 Prije 2 dana
Stephen likes to get his booty cheeks pumped up
Kryptonian Prije 2 dana
Either try to be funny or political because trying to be both makes you look dumb as hell
RoseMarie M
RoseMarie M Prije 2 dana
#Convict !
Lawrence Parker
Lawrence Parker Prije 2 dana
You used to be entertaining even a little funny, now you are just a hack.
SAL ORTES Prije 2 dana
Trump is no stranger to the courts. He's famous for his litigious streak. But when Trump leaves the White House on January 20, he could face a legal reckoning. NPR justice.
Boner San
Boner San Prije 2 dana
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Grande Borrachon
Grande Borrachon Prije 2 dana
On the other hand,msieur Coulberth,what are you going to show,when DJT is out of the Office,you have been boring last six,seven years...man with only one goal,hehheh,who is the next victim?
BKK Prije 2 dana
Trump won and the world knows it
David Cohen
David Cohen Prije dan
63 court cases, no proof to support Dear Leader's allegations of fraud. The supreme court, judges appointed by Trump, even AG Bill Barr have all said he has no case. Ready to acknowledge that Dear Leader has been lying to you yet?
millieo Prije 2 dana
Not now, sky looks grey blue
Nickolas Nielson
Nickolas Nielson Prije 2 dana
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Malkm Renalds
Malkm Renalds Prije 2 dana
Why so painfully un funny
Kathy Jeanmarie
Kathy Jeanmarie Prije 2 dana
BrooklynWalker Prije 2 dana
7:12 LOL!
Sherry Hesner
Sherry Hesner Prije 2 dana
Joe Biden will restore Light & Redemption to the U.S. 🗽🎇😉
David Cohen
David Cohen Prije dan
@BKK You still think that stupid wall got built and Mexico paid for it, don't you?
BKK Prije 2 dana
He's a fraud
Richard Perez
Richard Perez Prije 2 dana
Sue Trump and his co-conspirators in Federal, State, and Civil court to the ends of the earth. Ironically some of the domestic terrorists may be party once they realize they had been misled and were abandoned by the orange Charles Manson. The "victim" vibe is strong in this cabal. Most of the domestic terrorists in custody seem very contrite. When looking at prison time they will tell a consistent and convincing story of how they were incited to insurrection by a sophisticated net work of Trump affiliates funded by Trump's co-conspirators who manipulated their vulnerabilities. Go Roy Cohn on him!
Richard Perez
Richard Perez Prije 2 dana
@BKK The wad QAnon shaman has lawyered up. If Trump don't pardon then he's gonna do a "number" on him. They will all sing, at every level.
BKK Prije 2 dana
Tony Parks
Tony Parks Prije 2 dana
Fwd: Emphasized “Fwd: Have you heard about this? My church group leader shared this with me, so I am passing on to family. Something to be prayerful about and be very careful!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From bishop jones Just received this: The NAACP has received credible information that some of the white nationalist groups, and white supremist groups have initiations happening this weekend and next week. As part of the initiation it is said that they will be looking to snatch black men and boys and girls and hang them, shoot them, torture them and kill them. So please spread the word. Do not let your children go out alone. Pay attention to your surroundings. If you made friends with someone recently, do not be gullible and naive they may have another motive. Be cautious, STAY PRAYED UP! Only travel in pairs and even then, pay attention. If your car is hit by a truck or van don't be quick to jump out. Pay attention. Women also be alert
Tony Parks
Tony Parks Prije 2 dana
peter goodspeed
peter goodspeed Prije 2 dana
The riot instigators are your Democrat thugs blm antifia now pay your thugs
David Cohen
David Cohen Prije dan
So...Antifa organized a riot to stop the certification of an election in which their man won You'd have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that
Slim Pickin
Slim Pickin Prije 2 dana
Been watching Johnny Carson alot lately. He was the man
Jeannie Lautenschleger
Jeannie Lautenschleger Prije 2 dana
Wait till BLM start rioting because Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge them. BLM helped get him elected then....crickets
nestahale Prije 2 dana
So much delusional lying!
Kathy DeHaven
Kathy DeHaven Prije 2 dana
You are one of the haters who needs to shut up...do something positive in your life. You are making it worse!
Shane Wyatt
Shane Wyatt Prije 2 dana
You should be scared of what's to come next. You pushed us into a corner, into a fight for survival. And YOU will lose, if not by right then by might. Heads are going to roll literally!!!
Ben johnson
Ben johnson Prije 2 dana
The toothsome plantation disconcertingly depend because turnover unquestionably bat barring a accurate clock. long, uneven forest
Maureen Alibrandi
Maureen Alibrandi Prije 2 dana
Wow! Spot on😳 to the T!!!
Christal Joy Breeze
Christal Joy Breeze Prije 2 dana
Who pays this man's salery???
Christal Joy Breeze
Christal Joy Breeze Prije 2 dana
Why don't you listen to yourself. This drama is your perspective. Not how many see this. When is the truth the real truth going to be broadcast not this incitement to more drama. This is the pot calling the kettle black.
Carol Dorsey
Carol Dorsey Prije 2 dana
EXACTLY ! I said years ago : ignore him ! Put him in time out ! Take away Twitter & FB & cameras in his face. Bullies hate being ignored ! Bullies hate people not giving them attention !
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