I played Battle Royale against 9 highly skilled Geoguessr players. It didn't go well (Part 1)

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Two weeks ago I was invited by members of the Geoguessr community to take part in a game of Battle Royale against some of the best players out there. It was the first time I had played against other skilled players, even in a one on one, so I was pretty tense (and that certainly showed at times) but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer speed of some of these games and the pressure that came with that.
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Cookie Kunty
Cookie Kunty Prije 2 dana
Muhilan Prije 6 dana
It was not a stupid assumption that everyone would be chatting during matches, if you watch nearly any other groups Geoguessr battle royale on HRpost they're all chatting during the game. But pros are different I suppose
Mack Williams
Mack Williams Prije 8 dana
that Nissan 300zx Z32 tho at 12:57 😳😳😳
jakesterr_19 Prije 8 dana
Join in one of our ding dongs
Orange123 Prije 8 dana
I still don’t get that Uganda pick or the Kyrgyzstan pick
D Zav
D Zav Prije 8 dana
These mfs gotta be looking at the car and those other weird non geo strats. Also I’m pretty certain you’ve had that exact Bhutan map in a video before lmao
OriginalBritishMan Prije 9 dana
I just realised I watch your videos all the time!! For nearly a damn year!! I wasn’t even subscribed!! So sorry... I absolutely am now mate!! If I have a spare 30minutes I usually throw a video on. Like now sitting waiting to pick up the other half from work, on the phone. Cheers for the content.
Diederik Eenschooten
Diederik Eenschooten Prije 9 dana
How was Uganda so obvious!? I literally had 0 clues
Светослав Веселинов
Светослав Веселинов Prije 10 dana
Watching the worlds best geoguessr players trying to guess Slavic countries and failing is so funny for some reason
Evan Ditto
Evan Ditto Prije 10 dana
While watching this I was guessing what I though it was going to be and I got 1 right which was Mexico and I’m proud of myself
BaronRhino Prije 11 dana
Ive noticed with battle royale, if you ever think it's india, its actually bangladesh
josem138 Prije 11 dana
A street with no information to me "its gotta be uganda >> yesssss" wtf man
Derpy Derp1
Derpy Derp1 Prije 11 dana
You did really well. With more practice you'll be able to keep your calm better and do better 👊🤟
Selvek Prije 12 dana
Wow. Can you do a follow on video where you take a few of these rounds and break down what all clues you're seeing? What exactly is it about that generic-looking dirt road with cows that distinguishes it from a thousand other places that have generic dirt roads with cows?
BakchormeeMan Prije 12 dana
It’s kinda weird to be a “pro” in this game isn’t it.. basically anyone who can recognize places well and can search through maps quickly can be a pro.. or has plenty of time to just search through the map endlessly
DigitalYojimbo Prije 13 dana
"a spade in the jungle" =0 oh that's what you were referring to. Kekw lol.
Kevin Thibodeau
Kevin Thibodeau Prije 14 dana
He reminds me of Darren brown in the way he thinks
Mithrandir the Grey
Mithrandir the Grey Prije 14 dana
Nooo not Serbia with Latin writing, Tom.
No Name
No Name Prije 14 dana
That definitely was not Greece
Elizbeth Soto
Elizbeth Soto Prije 14 dana
The festive gymnast secondly rob because gray neurologically stamp but a better hardware. burly, future futuristic mint
Dimitris Kontoleon
Dimitris Kontoleon Prije 14 dana
OK if he had play the game looks like 10.000 times he just learn all the picture of the game
matias schmidt
matias schmidt Prije 15 dana
That street in santiago is were i live
Tanner Broyles
Tanner Broyles Prije 15 dana
*Sees a road with trees on each side* “Ahh Russia”
Simón Fraile
Simón Fraile Prije 15 dana
anyone from spain?? cause the one in "sol" was pretty ez
Villy Prije 15 dana
Sees pile of trash: It's gotta be Hungary :D
Graham Montgomery
Graham Montgomery Prije 15 dana
No freaking way. I just got that Cambodia spawn in a country streak game. How did everyone get it so fast?
The Real Pontiac Bandit
The Real Pontiac Bandit Prije 16 dana
Tom: looks at hill and cows Me: could be anywhere Tom: has to be Kyrgyzstan Me: the shiiiiiiiiii
sardothien mild
sardothien mild Prije 16 dana
*sees rock* those guys: oh yes that's Nauru for sure
arahman56 Prije 17 dana
3:52 That Rickshaw and the pile of bricks is very quintessentially Bangladesh...😁😁😁
Oriol Prieto i Soler
Oriol Prieto i Soler Prije 17 dana
Robin van Leeuwen
Robin van Leeuwen Prije 18 dana
Some random ally: this must Uganda, no question
Nakamura Prije 18 dana
I know that for people that don’t speak Japanese or Chinese it might be difficult to distinguish whether you’re in Japan or China, but one tip you can use is that Japanese signs might contain simpler characters (aka, hiragana and katakana)
Ryan Kirk
Ryan Kirk Prije 18 dana
Hope the other half isn’t on the laptop helping you....😜
John Walters
John Walters Prije 18 dana
How the heck did they guess Macedonia?!
Matheus Acioli
Matheus Acioli Prije 18 dana
I´ve seen "stop a douchbag" videos so much that i knew it was Russia and Tom didn´t. I felt powerfull.
Miika Kotaluoto
Miika Kotaluoto Prije 18 dana
Ludwig needs to react to this
No one in particular
No one in particular Prije 18 dana
17:28 >sees some bushes >that's gotta be uganda
Κυριάκος Λιούρτας
Κυριάκος Λιούρτας Prije 18 dana
*Sees a buck of rocks and trees* Everyone : ah yes it’s obviously Italy
Thomanski Prije 18 dana
Yep, gotta be Kyrgyzstan
kerry mackey
kerry mackey Prije 19 dana
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Pyroon Prije 19 dana
Bro, if you can't click on Taiwan as China claims it belongs to them, I'm mad disappointed with geoguesser
DeeZe SVK Prije 21 dan
You are so bad at languages :D
Timothy Choi
Timothy Choi Prije 21 dan
15:38 *sees a bunch of kanji and Japanese characters* "gotta be taiwan"
Diesel Jr
Diesel Jr Prije 23 dana
15:41 - 15:56 perfectly sums up all of my geoguessr battle royale experiences so far 😂
GopnikTheGreat Prije 23 dana
“Members of the GeoGuesser community.” That’s a first-
Alex G
Alex G Prije 24 dana
"A spade in the jungle..." my reaction: 😯 "Fuck me Tom, you can't say that!" I then realised he was talking about what the men were holding. 😂
Zg pirotehnika
Zg pirotehnika Prije mjesec
Why you think is Croatia Croatia doesn't look like that
Bob n Weave Gaming
Bob n Weave Gaming Prije mjesec
Hollly fuck at 18:45 that gave me a flashback to my foreign exchagne trip to spain LMAO
Michael Kass
Michael Kass Prije mjesec
The secret asia lally soak because cone minimally tow about a absent tax. condemned, aggressive permission
Paul Emsley
Paul Emsley Prije mjesec
Having watched a number of Battle Royale videos I'd like to express my support for the 3-in-a-row Battle Royale vs randoms. There is some chance that you will lose, so it's exciting, but you are mostly relaxed. You often have a chance to explain your decision and sometimes have time to move around to find extra evidence for your guess and that's super-valuable for us who want to learn more. NMPZ means "it a bush, now choose" and is not so much fun for the rest of us. Playing vs good players (like here) is good, but too fast to be the best format. 3-in-a-row vs randoms is the most content-rich, educational and entertaining. I'm glad that I've discovered you and plan to watch all your videos.
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas Prije mjesec
I'm new here, completely hooked and loving it
Lord Gothajix
Lord Gothajix Prije mjesec
How did the last one guess Poland correctly if his two previous guesses were Spain and Portugal...
607 Prije mjesec
That's crazy! Very exciting!
607 Prije mjesec
I was going to say, do they use Japanese in Taiwan? I now again assume they don't. :P
Damon Adams
Damon Adams Prije mjesec
Can’t believe I did better than ya hahah
mk Prije mjesec
Juxerr Prije mjesec
16:29 did he move? :D
The Groovyy
The Groovyy Prije mjesec
The graceful mother-in-law unusually thaw because fly industrially travel via a exultant drum. loud, narrow shears
Oddish Prije mjesec
Oddish representation!!
xBlueWolf Prije mjesec
This would be awesome
republicansridiots Prije mjesec
13:03 that is so relatable man
bcnt Prije mjesec
7:17 Is there a flag there? 7:26 *a random chilean flag appears in the background*
JAZZ Prije mjesec
People are trying to recognize different camera types now? That's just lame.
Elis Prije mjesec
15:50 yeah you can't click certain places on the map. Some countries & cities are places you won't visit in battle royale, thus they are unclickable.
Soledieair Videos
Soledieair Videos Prije mjesec
Thomas is great but I have to say such a Boomer when it comes to tech lol
Nico Perez
Nico Perez Prije mjesec
As an Uruguayan I surely never expected to see my home in one of Tom's videos lol
Tapirman Prije mjesec
The japan round rly hurt. Sorta surprised he didn't get that those were japanese symbols, but i suppose the pressure got to him.
Julian Nicholas Frederickson
Julian Nicholas Frederickson Prije mjesec
"They're so good they just know that's Bhutan straight away" I might be waaay off here, but couldn't that be the Himalayas in the background, at the very beginning? Slightly covered by clouds. I think if he panned upwards he'd see it better.
Rice Cube
Rice Cube Prije mjesec
Mirza Munif
Mirza Munif Prije mjesec
This guy makes so much money and still won't get a better camera 😂
Seb Prije mjesec
>sees trees >7/9 players answer Ukraine correctly in a matter of seconds... jesus the speed of these guys
Destiro Prije mjesec
chile flag in top right at 7:27
agelem Prije mjesec
7:26 chile flag right there
Hudson DeBoer
Hudson DeBoer Prije mjesec
Love any future Tom content
thesilkymango Prije mjesec
after seeing him not guess japan im not as impressed
i like sports
i like sports Prije mjesec
Just when I thought that geowizard was the king of geoguessr I find out about these people......
Malkovith1 Prije mjesec
how did they know the Bhutan one?
OUTPLAY_Matador Prije mjesec
this man is goated
CharZy YT
CharZy YT Prije mjesec
I’ve played against Geometer before many times it was very hard
Mathys Cazenave
Mathys Cazenave Prije mjesec
7:28 theres a flag oops
S C Prije mjesec
wait so arent you the best geoguessr player ever
Michał Prije mjesec
such a sweat... try going outside lol
Jonas Soellner
Jonas Soellner Prije mjesec
So that’s what Aaron Rodgers does in offseason...
Ceesarr Prije mjesec
dudee... 7:14 it's written in Spanish, and u know Brazil speaks Portuguese right? But noice video!!
frediiis Prije mjesec
Why wasn’t Ludwig invited? LOL
Michael Kass
Michael Kass Prije mjesec
The aggressive coal temporally shock because liquid intralysosomally land apud a calculating knight. efficacious, rhetorical polo
illidan Prije mjesec
very handsome dude
KubaBooba Prije mjesec
He missed the flag at the top right of the screen on 7:26-unlucky mate.
Rio Dolmetsch
Rio Dolmetsch Prije mjesec
His channel is high quality but his camera really do be like: 🔲
Danny Naidrich
Danny Naidrich Prije mjesec
At 19:57 I said when in doubt go Bhutan. And i suck at this game and i didnt expect to get it right
Sparooga Prije mjesec
The pressure and anxiety defo got the best of you mate. Nice video
Reid Rohrich
Reid Rohrich Prije mjesec
Where speedy at tho
zedommfir Quarantaine
zedommfir Quarantaine Prije mjesec
13:27 me as a Luxembourger, have never seen this place in my life :O
MrFEIKS Prije mjesec
my fav youtuber
Dragon Prije mjesec
Did it not let you click Taiwan because it's part of China?
ChronicBackPain Prije mjesec
Geowizard: I've never played with good players Ludwig:
Crappy McCrappen
Crappy McCrappen Prije mjesec
dude chile and uruguay have the western europe vibe to their cities. wtf was this columbia choice
D Po
D Po Prije mjesec
ding dongs
Pau Castelló
Pau Castelló Prije mjesec
13:44 I'm sure that is Valencia (Spain)
rava prasetyo
rava prasetyo Prije mjesec
Tom in Japan: gotta be Taiwan Me seeing the "No" Hiragana: JAPANNNNN
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