is this the end...? | Raft

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We found a giant domed city in the middle of the ocean in Raft. Perfectly normal discovery that doesn't have any bizarre implications...
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Salt & V
Salt & V Prije dan
Caper: Yo Capo Tu Capes Usted Cape Nosotros Capemos Vosotros Capéis Ustedes Capen
Λndrés Valeriano
Λndrés Valeriano Prije 2 dana
mark sux xd
evilzombie Prije 3 dana
I too imagined sideways planters on the wall til it was explained
Boba Ouma
Boba Ouma Prije 5 dana
i think cap means “faking” or “joking” i’m still new to the word...
shadowsyus Sentry
shadowsyus Sentry Prije 5 dana
you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian
ItzTyra 20
ItzTyra 20 Prije 5 dana
did anyone else say bless you out loud when wade sneezed? Just me? Yea I’m crazy...
Silencedream Prije 8 dana
Maybe don’t waste battery??????
Kremplin Prije 10 dana
No one talks about the red hair in the thumbnail
Mia's Corner Malaysia
Mia's Corner Malaysia Prije 11 dana
Takoda Mcclinton DeerQueenYaaas
Takoda Mcclinton DeerQueenYaaas Prije 11 dana
is their a kacchan on this video
Bong.Breath Prije 11 dana
Lmaoo You don't know that skateboard vine?? Wtf
Onnigamer16 Prije 11 dana
1:59 You dont suck :(
pop5678eye Prije 11 dana
When having to crash-land dry land is almost always preferable to water. Yes there was the 'miracle on the Hudson' only because it was the only open flat space available during that special situation but most emergency landings, which are rarely reported as much are on actual runways (where emergency equipment is immediately available) or at least open fields. (where passengers can easily get out and run to a safe distance) The Hudson landing was very dangerous and the passengers survived only because there were plenty of boats around to immediately pull them from the freezing waters. Landing in water anywhere else would have pretty much doomed many of those passengers. The crew of those boats around coming to the rescue were never given enough credit. I am not criticizing 'Sully.' He did do the best he could given the circumstances. He is still a hero for his quick judgment to save all those people. All I'm saying is that there is an overemphasis on the water landing scenario. (compare with the casualties from Ethiopian Airlines 961 where a captain also made a heroic effort to ditch the aircraft)
pop5678eye Prije 11 dana
It's 'garbage' if it is recent. It is 'salvage' if it can still be used. It's 'a find' if it is archeology. (a history teacher told me this joke)
SuperSaiyan Nation
SuperSaiyan Nation Prije 12 dana
Rest in peace unus annus
Chipperbane Prije 12 dana
I didn't think I'd hear a fucking Mr. Bucket reference.
Zoëy Xaviera
Zoëy Xaviera Prije 12 dana
Smoking game, smoke everytime you see the stoner chest or it gets brought up
James Lionheart
James Lionheart Prije 12 dana
Thank you for the explanation. We don't have Mr. Bucket here where I live.
Blake Cruz
Blake Cruz Prije 13 dana
You know what would be funny if Annus actually survived the last day of unus annus and Mark died. But that didn't happen.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Prije 13 dana
Mark/Lixian: adding Unus Annus references Everyone: **nostalgia.exe has been installed**
Joe Prije 13 dana
I'm mad nobody has said OOH HA HA after shark bait
CactusAesthetic2460 -
CactusAesthetic2460 - Prije 14 dana
Hebe hyperdog
Hebe hyperdog Prije 14 dana
A1x G1anden
A1x G1anden Prije 15 dana
Jack black has the best tiktok
sarahhhj17 Prije 15 dana
Mark: “tooooooooooooollllssssss” CC: what the fuck are you saying? two year olds??? two year olds???? twitters???? TROLLS????? Bob: tools!
Bonnie D.T.
Bonnie D.T. Prije 16 dana
I would definitely watch Beauty and the Princess
Bear 707
Bear 707 Prije 17 dana
been binging these all day finally 2021 is now! if your reading this, happy new year and thank you mark for entertaining me for a whole 2 days :)
Justine Wilken
Justine Wilken Prije 17 dana
the formal "you" form of "cap" is "caprese"
Dasher5200 Prije 17 dana
I have a feeling that marks brain is mush
Daniel Hornberger
Daniel Hornberger Prije 18 dana
Tiktok is crazy? Wait till you hear about ifunny
Katelyn Kirby
Katelyn Kirby Prije 18 dana
Cap means lie
Elizabeth Maloney
Elizabeth Maloney Prije 19 dana
I have noticed (and decided to share) that this is the only Raft video that markiplier has uploaded that has "Raft" instead of "RAFT" in the title....yes.....useful info
c h a o t i c s t e v e
c h a o t i c s t e v e Prije 20 dana
"the chicken man whos laying the eggs" "u right" on this episode of markiplier and friends being gender-inclusive in the most chaotic ways possible
JT Henry
JT Henry Prije 20 dana
Bob: “I’m gonna put one shark head and we’re gonna have so many BYAFEWLS.”
fairytailfan 9381
fairytailfan 9381 Prije 20 dana
When he says tangaroa i usually think the Polynesian God of water lmao
Juan 2.0
Juan 2.0 Prije 20 dana
Memento Mori, Unus Annus
Charlie Gillam
Charlie Gillam Prije 21 dan
25:32 E
poggzon is not me
poggzon is not me Prije 21 dan
25:20 I going to tell limenade (the guy in the raid shadow legends ads) that you said that.
Elijah Bigger
Elijah Bigger Prije 22 dana
Cap = lying
Atrooper08 Prije 22 dana
Cap means lie so no cap is just sayin I’m not lying and your capin is someone callin ya bluff
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Prije 22 dana
Beauty and the Beast
Braveryrain Prije 22 dana
Put the bird nest above the ground floor or on the 3rd floor
Jake DeSilva
Jake DeSilva Prije 24 dana
This is the series that has made me happy every time I've seen it
Juanfranchu Luna
Juanfranchu Luna Prije 25 dana
25:35 E
xennie Prije 25 dana
18:45 (saved just incase i need to get lightheaded from laughing)
Devin Henning
Devin Henning Prije 25 dana
Saying there's good content on TikTok is technically correct but he didn't clarify that you have to sift through thousands of bad and bland copycat videos to get to anything "good"
Liiz S
Liiz S Prije 26 dana
Everytime "sharkbait" is said I think sharkbait oo ha ha
Lucas Prije 26 dana
SkyCaptain Luna
SkyCaptain Luna Prije 27 dana
Lixian is the best at editing!! He really knows how to enhance the humor in lets play vids lol im crying laughing rn! 😂🤣🤣🤣
Iwouldshipyou butno
Iwouldshipyou butno Prije 27 dana
Any fans of Chuck out there?
Juicity YT
Juicity YT Prije 27 dana
27:54 omg he be tryhard
X.T.S Prije 27 dana
6:40 - The biggest jumpscare since I've been on Markiplier's channel. HOW?!? IT'S RAFT!
Rantaro Toast
Rantaro Toast Prije 27 dana
mortalfungus 577
mortalfungus 577 Prije 28 dana
Can you Killing room again
Game Knight
Game Knight Prije 29 dana
That was a punch to the gut when he shod "footage unavailable "
Eliza 1987
Eliza 1987 Prije 29 dana
Thanks for the Unus Annus war flashbacks
Little Hyena
Little Hyena Prije 29 dana
0:10 Hello Darkness my old friend... 9:15 Please Mark...Stop it...
Malissa Boone
Malissa Boone Prije 29 dana
bruh i almost cried in the beginning tbh. momento mori
Overactive Imagination
Overactive Imagination Prije mjesec
It still sounds weird when they talk about the material "clay" cuz that my irl name
Poisonous Cheesecake
Poisonous Cheesecake Prije mjesec
i feel bad for the people who dont know what [channel name redacted] is lmao
The Invincible Shagginator
The Invincible Shagginator Prije mjesec
17:35 "Master Reynolds! Master Reynolds! The bees are in the garden!"
Abigail Stones
Abigail Stones Prije mjesec
"capamos?? That's probably a Spanish thing" The verb Capar means to castrate XD
JuanDissimo43 Prije mjesec
Footage Unavailable 😔
squirrel Prije mjesec
that footage unavailable really hit different
-G-Shane-G -
-G-Shane-G - Prije mjesec
Bro mark said “wade sneezes annoyingly captain. I’m gonna do something about it” *as he pulls out his machete*
Shut-ins System
Shut-ins System Prije mjesec
Everytime i hear wade make the "so no head?" Reference i snort
Brendan Risney
Brendan Risney Prije mjesec
Fun fact (three weeks late), the membrane in an egg can be used to bandage wounds! Ig- Ignore the potential salmonella. It's not important.
Sarah Nicole
Sarah Nicole Prije mjesec
Mark not knowing about "no head?" Is quite shaking
Tanisha Rosa
Tanisha Rosa Prije mjesec
When you watch this series late and you see 3 more episodes: No, I don’t think this is the end.
stacia2016 Prije mjesec
Mark: the mayor Bob: the pilot Wade: the pufferfish
Connie van Kley
Connie van Kley Prije mjesec
Bob finally got the skateboard joke
Pumpkin Queen
Pumpkin Queen Prije mjesec
Me still mourning the loss of unus annus. This video in the first few minutes: *stabs the wound back open*
Benji is here
Benji is here Prije mjesec
Mark: References Mr. Bucket Me: Has a Board James flashback.
Renad K
Renad K Prije mjesec
i appreciate wade explaining what mr bucket was😅
Inkia io
Inkia io Prije mjesec
Mark trying to understand what cap means is hilarious
Purp1eM0nsta Prije mjesec
The fact you called the chicken a he hurts me
Brandon Medrano
Brandon Medrano Prije mjesec
anyone notice the shadow running by at 16:54 ?
Aishitomi Toya
Aishitomi Toya Prije mjesec
Okay but where are the comments about Wade saying "beeceful"
Aishitomi Toya
Aishitomi Toya Prije mjesec
**Footage Unavailable** Almost literally everyone in the comments: *sobs in black and white* Edit: I have a feeling that the scene where Mark said "resurrection is a thing" being turned black and white was a reference to Unus Annus again. Lixian you cheeky, heart breaking bastard
Aishitomi Toya
Aishitomi Toya Prije mjesec
That was a big ouchie right on the feels
BlueMaster75 Prije mjesec
"Resurrection is a thing!" UA people: "Quit sitting on the fence! It is and UA comes back or it isn't and UA fufilled its purpose!"
Shana Zoë
Shana Zoë Prije mjesec
new game my sister and i play while watching these: everytime they mention "shark bait" in unison we yell "HOO HA HA" like the fish in Nemo
Acey Boi
Acey Boi Prije mjesec
"beauty and the princess" *the alphabet mafia is typing...*
Green Horizon
Green Horizon Prije mjesec
The 1k dislikes are the people who are afraid of the ocean.
Cornelius Maze-Eye
Cornelius Maze-Eye Prije mjesec
Eerie to be in a stage of life where Unus Annus only exists in our memories and dark references to it from Mark every once in a while.
Maddi J
Maddi J Prije mjesec
That Unus Annus footage unavailable made me sad.... I miss them
Toklo Amaruq
Toklo Amaruq Prije mjesec
"We have.." "Coke" "Cokeables?" "Cookables?"
25:35 E
Imad Mukhtar
Imad Mukhtar Prije mjesec
“Resurrection is a thing” Unnus annus reuploads
Reid LeBlanc
Reid LeBlanc Prije mjesec
Nothing could have prepared me for Wade casually knowing Latin
Music Master
Music Master Prije mjesec
The absolute butt ton of references in this video is actually amazing
The Awkward Potato
The Awkward Potato Prije mjesec
The second he said the vine reference I understood😂
Ariel Harloff
Ariel Harloff Prije mjesec
Did Wade learn Latin at some point?
Life is Fresh
Life is Fresh Prije mjesec
Bless you, Markiplier :)
just some dude
just some dude Prije mjesec
I love that it said "footage unavailable" it works so good. Love it 10/10
Halle Burgess
Halle Burgess Prije mjesec
Okay so this was really creepy, I had never heard of Mr. Bucket until last week when I heard it in one of Gabbies podcasts, THEN MARK COMES OVER HERE AND STARTS SINGING IT TOO
Exit Sandman
Exit Sandman Prije mjesec
Yeah yeah yeah cooking tiktok is good but gay tiktok... ...and vine
Bluerockslide Gaming
Bluerockslide Gaming Prije mjesec
I love the footage unavailable
JoystickNoodles Prije mjesec
I'm so glad they finally noticed wade's "breaks skateboard" joke. he's been saying it this whole series and I laugh every time
CK The Ok
CK The Ok Prije mjesec
Memento mori
Lil_ Sh0rty
Lil_ Sh0rty Prije mjesec
I was born in 2005, yet I remember Mr bucket-
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