kylie skin - introducing my walnut scrub

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Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Skin walnut face scrub. my secret to a fresh face. xo, Kylie
Kylie Skin launches on May 22 at
🍸 Squalane - a highly-refined moisturizing oil from olives helps to strengthen and restore skin’s moisture barrier
💧 Glycerin - helps balance the moisture in your skin
😊 Sodium Hyaluronate - derivative of Hyaluronic Acid, hydrates and helps to plump the skin
🍊 Blend of fruit extracts and fine walnut powder- to help gently exfoliate
✨ Ginseng Extract- helps energize the skin
☑️ Fragrance Free

Natalie Mak
Natalie Mak Prije 12 dana
This is an amazing product😍 to use on your feet....
Bryasha Patton
Bryasha Patton Prije 21 dan
I just want it caus its pink and pretty and it has many reviews of people saying that it works and even miss darci approves so I am going to by it from kylieskin for myself
Galialoiselle Official
Galialoiselle Official Prije 24 dana
I’m allergic to walnuts is it real nuts?
Mia Sall
Mia Sall Prije 28 dana
Love this ❤
abortion Prije 28 dana
Zyrhyl Villaflor
Zyrhyl Villaflor Prije 29 dana
Why y'all just said negative comments about the product and kylie,y'all being annoying i swear.!
Kat Prije mjesec
I bought this and have been using it for the past month, it honestly makes no difference on my face. I wanted to love kylie’s products but I was kinda disappointed :(
روائع بسمة فلوك RAWAIE BASMA VLOG
روائع بسمة فلوك RAWAIE BASMA VLOG Prije mjesec
Kimberly Neal
Kimberly Neal Prije mjesec
That bitch knows good and well that she doesn't use that walnut scrub. Walnut scrubs are one of the worst things anyone can use on their face (just ask a Dermatologist) since it's not finely milled and causes micro tears. There's no way someone who proclaims to be worth "billions" and is extremely shallow and has made her whole career based off of the plethora of plastic surgery she has had and the thousands of useless selfies she takes a day, would intentionally ruin her facial skin. If she did ruin it, then she would be out of a job because Lord knows she's not educated enough to do anything else besides taking selfies and lying on her back.
worst product from this line and the fact that she lies is horrible
Stephen Bailey
Stephen Bailey Prije mjesec
Noooooo. Come on. The number one rule in skincare is NEVER USE physical exfoliants. Ever. If a product has beads or walnut powder or particles or anything scrubby ignore it and walk away. It causes micro tears in your skin that can irritate your skin and cause aging. Can also cause infections because of the micro cuts. Just save your money on cleansers and use Cerave. Cleansers aren’t really an important part of a skincare routine since they serve a simple purpose and are rinsed down the drain anyway. Just use a cheap fragrance free one like Cerave.
Norii Diane
Norii Diane Prije 2 mjeseci
Be Kind
Be Kind Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow this aged well
Joao Lucas
Joao Lucas Prije 2 mjeseci
Aceitem, a Luisa Sonza nao passa de uma copia da Kylie.
Grasswood Films
Grasswood Films Prije 2 mjeseci
Maria Mary
Maria Mary Prije 2 mjeseci
For some skin type they’re good but for some skin type might get red and itchy maybe some people are allergic what inside them
Jenny Williams
Jenny Williams Prije 3 mjeseci
I thought this product worked for me it makes my face smooth and less pimples on my face thanks Kylie Skin!
Kavitha Duraivelu
Kavitha Duraivelu Prije 3 mjeseci there really only 1k comments
Alina Ash
Alina Ash Prije 3 mjeseci
shitty ass scrub
Yadveer Rai
Yadveer Rai Prije 3 mjeseci
I will admit 2 things that I like 1# the background music 2# the cute walnut scrub bottle
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
I have a weird feeling rubbing crushed up walnuts on your face is uh ya probably not great for your skim 🙄
Kenzie Scott
Kenzie Scott Prije 3 mjeseci
If u don’t like her why lose ur time dragging hate, damn go do something
Awais asghar
Awais asghar Prije 3 mjeseci
Why Kardashians Are Rich
Laura Huynh
Laura Huynh Prije 3 mjeseci
Kylie: “This is gentle. You can use it everyday.” Me: *Screams* OVER-EXFOLIATION AND MICROTEARS!
Shtaolda Félix
Shtaolda Félix Prije 4 mjeseci
Je ne parle pas anglais, mais J'adore Kylie
Cristina Samaniego
Cristina Samaniego Prije 4 mjeseci
Regan Treece
Regan Treece Prije 4 mjeseci
Chicken nuggie
Chicken nuggie Prije 4 mjeseci
It can make you bleed hunny
Celina Yishan
Celina Yishan Prije 4 mjeseci
0:08 yepppppppppppp, it's REAL gentle, so gentle that nearly half the people who use it has terrible red dry unsmooth skin with micro tears in your skin. It's REAL gentle 🙃
Katherine Martin
Katherine Martin Prije 4 mjeseci
guys she’s telling the truth-
Andrea Lupardo
Andrea Lupardo Prije 4 mjeseci
Orivle sentite inservivle y lo sos creida luser👹👹👹😈😈😈😡😡😡😠😠😠👺👺👺
Jocelyn K
Jocelyn K Prije 5 mjeseci
Her face is so swollen from botox she wouldn't know of something is too abrasive to be safe.
zenan kaya
zenan kaya Prije 5 mjeseci
I watched zenan. danla bilic and i came
VSCO girl tips
VSCO girl tips Prije 5 mjeseci
that face wash is worse than stives
Linda Rodriguez
Linda Rodriguez Prije 5 mjeseci
Why did she make a walnut scrub if her daughter is allergic to nuts
schahed Kourdi
schahed Kourdi Prije 5 mjeseci
To all this assholes out there who are hating her just shut the fuck up, no one asks for your opinion and if you dont like her leaveeeee and don't watch her videos just stop hate her shes a human she is living just like you do so stop hating on her!!
Oi feLiX cOME HErE BrAOh
Oi feLiX cOME HErE BrAOh Prije 5 mjeseci
Taylor Toy reviews
Taylor Toy reviews Prije 5 mjeseci
I wonder if Millie Bobby Brown copied Kylie Jenner or Kylie Jenner copy Milli.FLORECE VS KIYLIE SKIN...😂😮😲
Carlos Dias
Carlos Dias Prije 5 mjeseci
Gente ela é fofinha 😐
Ainsley Noreen
Ainsley Noreen Prije 5 mjeseci
There is litterly a Powerpuff girls version of this just search Kylie Jenner Powerpuff girls
Kenzie Ohms
Kenzie Ohms Prije 5 mjeseci
You are my fav
Crystals Are Horrendous
Crystals Are Horrendous Prije 5 mjeseci
Relaxation and Meditation
Relaxation and Meditation Prije 6 mjeseci
Love You
Love You Prije 6 mjeseci
what’s the background song?
Maddy Oliver
Maddy Oliver Prije 6 mjeseci
'The walnut scrub' is almost a curse word at this point.
Astarloa アスタロアNatàlia ナタリア
Astarloa アスタロアNatàlia ナタリア Prije 6 mjeseci
#nomakeup (⚠️just had a little entire face plastic surgery)
J.T Prije 6 mjeseci
So no ones going to talk about how pretty her face is without makeup
Khushee Choytun
Khushee Choytun Prije 6 mjeseci
3sther Sicard7
3sther Sicard7 Prije 6 mjeseci
I want to buy that Walnut face scrub
Hrihne Vemai
Hrihne Vemai Prije 6 mjeseci
Who else here after watching Hyram's video.
Alifya H Dahodwala Alu
Alifya H Dahodwala Alu Prije 6 mjeseci
Omg it launched on my birthdsy6
CANCELLED Prije 6 mjeseci
My sister's wounds still haven't healed Fuck you Kylie
j Prije 7 mjeseci
Hi Kylie luv ur vids💕💕
Estephanie Alba
Estephanie Alba Prije 7 mjeseci
Just buy sandpaper you'll get the same results.
Lavi Beauty Channel
Lavi Beauty Channel Prije 7 mjeseci
Hi I'm lavinia from Malaysia. if I wanted to buy your products how should I get it. I need your advice ☺️
Aaliyah Williams
Aaliyah Williams Prije 7 mjeseci
And r u tryna kill us? Using this Is basically like smashing glass on ur face plus it's expensive I'd rather smash my head into glass for free than buy this.
Aaliyah Williams
Aaliyah Williams Prije 7 mjeseci
LMFAO THIS REMINDS ME OF THAT PARODY POPTOONS MADE ABT DIS VIDEO💀💀😭😂. Also in her video of her "everyday makeup routine" her skin is flawless before she adds the products which basically proves she got surgery 💀
PUREPULI Prije 7 mjeseci
Gholam Sakhi
Gholam Sakhi Prije 7 mjeseci
کمک کمک کمک من فقیر هستم
Summer Kem
Summer Kem Prije 7 mjeseci
Ok she turned off the comments on the previous video about the toner but i had to comment about the fact that on her website it says that the toner contains alcohol in it while she claimed in the video that it was alcohol-free, yes ladies and gentlemen that’s what happens when you don’t create your own products and participate in the making of the formula and ingredients, lol she doesn’t even know what’s on her products, and they call her SELF-MADE
Dream Big
Dream Big Prije 7 mjeseci
what's going on in the world??
what's going on in the world?? Prije 7 mjeseci
Buy Kylie makeup products from amazon
Exclusively K'Nai
Exclusively K'Nai Prije 8 mjeseci
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T Prije 8 mjeseci
She just care about the money
Thanks Food
Thanks Food Prije 8 mjeseci
yeah there's no way she uses this because stormy is allergic to all nuts and if she's using actual walnuts in this face scrub it would probably cause a reaction for stormy if it's so bad that they can't even physically have nuts in the house
Escudera Producciones
Escudera Producciones Prije 8 mjeseci
REPUGNANT, this is repugnant. SLAVE CHILDREN create your stupid makeup. On Refinery29 you can know the TRUE
Rebecca Cox
Rebecca Cox Prije 8 mjeseci
your walnut scrub is cutting peoples face DO SOME THING ABOUT IT
JM Chavez
JM Chavez Prije 8 mjeseci
I love ur Walnut face scrub, Foaming cleanser & milk toner💓👍💯
jay jay is awesome
jay jay is awesome Prije 8 mjeseci
This video accurately represents me when I'm done making food and eating it, then instantly regretting it
Karolina Calderón perez
Karolina Calderón perez Prije 9 mjeseci
Karolina Calderón perez
Karolina Calderón perez Prije 9 mjeseci
Mireya Lopez
Mireya Lopez Prije 9 mjeseci
Zainab-Rana Anjum
Zainab-Rana Anjum Prije 9 mjeseci
Ya'll r dumb as fuk the products r AMAZING literally all my acne went within 15 days
yowzahful Prije 9 mjeseci
It's sad but true, anything that is crushed or has jagged edges is damaging 2 the skin. Walnuts, sugar, salt, apricot, coffee, sand etc the list goes on. The only thing that is gentle enough and also environmentally friendly that I've found is jojoba beads. Also it is only recommended 2 use a scrub 1 - 2 times a week. Anything more than this is 2 abrasive 4 the skin.
sexual taco
sexual taco Prije 10 mjeseci
Love how the comments are turned off for most videos 😭😭
mom Prije 10 mjeseci
Jeff Tolton
Jeff Tolton Prije 10 mjeseci
You're fucking 22, that is your trick to a "super baby soft...fresh face" wtf is wrong with you!? not your "products"
Jeff Tolton
Jeff Tolton Prije 10 mjeseci
Kylie, you are what is wrong with this world.
brubru_18 iam
brubru_18 iam Prije 10 mjeseci
Its just upsetting how you have SOOOO much leeway to actually put out a great product but you choose to put your name on this solely because you know that anything with the name " Kylie" will sell. You have world renown dermatologists in your back pocket, medical estheticans on call, experienced lab techs that could teach you so much about what's safe and beneficial in skincare if you showed the LEAST bit of interest. Instead, you come out with a very mediocre underwhelming skincare line and slap your name on it .... Like that joke of a $360 brush set wasn't bad enough.. Lord have mercy on her customers 🤦
Bruce Humphrey
Bruce Humphrey Prije 10 mjeseci
Walnut scrub as an exfoliator? Yeah, Kylie got her MD at University of Clowns Los Angeles.
J Prije 10 mjeseci
You mean wallet scrub? Scrubbing the money out of all these poor girls wallets
Tessa Mae
Tessa Mae Prije 10 mjeseci
Mishca Mushca
Mishca Mushca Prije 10 mjeseci
your face looks hella scary. Slow down on the botox or your pushin Kris jenners age.
Angel Howlter
Angel Howlter Prije 10 mjeseci
all i see Is bashing
Tijana Miladinovic
Tijana Miladinovic Prije 10 mjeseci
Makes a video to introduce a product but doesn't explain anything about it...
Madyson Eldridge
Madyson Eldridge Prije 10 mjeseci
You know what go get for doing what she does who cares if she don’t use them and shit grow up and stop hating on celebrities for everything they do
Digital Carboot
Digital Carboot Prije 10 mjeseci
@yesstyle Extra 5% off on top of promotions of Asian skincare and makeup 💋 - AMUD2G
Rennie Trevino
Rennie Trevino Prije 10 mjeseci
It made me itch
Roni Rawlins
Roni Rawlins Prije 10 mjeseci
I feel like this is an episode of Mean Girls...remember when she gave the candy bar to make the girl fat but told her it would make her skinny. But she really wanted her fat so she would look better than her? I feel like Kylie is giving everyone the Walnut scrub trying to make them think they'll look like her but then the world gets uglier and shes the only pretty bitch. Bc faces r messed up from her walnut scrub she doesn't use lol.
Roni Rawlins
Roni Rawlins Prije 10 mjeseci
This is LIES! I used the walnut face scrub 2 days in a row and my pores swelled up and looked like ZITS! I guess it caused some of my pores to tear which caused inflammation which caused bacteria to be trapped in my face which cause break outs. It wasnt zits tho it was like giant welps from the swelling. Go get a good face cleanser and moisturizer for cheaper lol and actually look pretty instead of like a monster. She does not use this shit and she looks to the left when she describes it (body language for lies)
Elwan Askerov
Elwan Askerov Prije 10 mjeseci
Ты рождена для любви
Wasp Prije 11 mjeseci
Nakiya Allen
Nakiya Allen Prije 11 mjeseci
All she cares abt is the money 💰.. I hope she test the products before people use it.
WIN Free Cash Money
WIN Free Cash Money Prije 11 mjeseci
Kylie jenner first mixtape choice?
aqsa raheem
aqsa raheem Prije 11 mjeseci
It seems ppl in the comment section are more literate and they even care more than her
Copacabana Beach
Copacabana Beach Prije 11 mjeseci
I am not convince
angelicviktoria Prije 11 mjeseci
tt km
tt km Prije 11 mjeseci
Causes micro tears in skin
helen Prije godine
When she puts it on, her face gets red.
Martin Barrera
Martin Barrera Prije godine
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