Handyman Tips & Hacks That Work Extremely Well ▶3

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These tips and hacks will maker your handyman life much easier. Do you know any other? Leave it in the comments below. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this review of Tips \u0026 Hacks!

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SFAKEMOON Prije 6 sati
Purple Pixie
Purple Pixie Prije 7 sati
That pencil will be a bugger to sharpen hahaha
Woof Bark
Woof Bark Prije 7 sati
That pathway with the concrete in plastic bags looked like...dare I say it... crap! Otherwise some great ideas!
M.A.C. Barry
M.A.C. Barry Prije 13 sati
Most of these hacks are absolute garbage
Fidelia Melissa
Fidelia Melissa Prije 14 sati
The responsible caravan comparatively precede because dinner principally retire before a stingy geranium. gifted, ajar toad
Hugh Kilpatrick
Hugh Kilpatrick Prije 15 sati
Joseph Stokes
Joseph Stokes Prije 15 sati
Weak! Terribly weak!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Prije 15 sati
다양하게 유용하네요
David Shumski
David Shumski Prije 15 sati
I like that card trick
R Bunch
R Bunch Prije 18 sati
Where is the rack one
Advanced Tech
Advanced Tech Prije 20 sati
Just Brilliant ! Keep it up !
Barry Titone
Barry Titone Prije 21 sat
Great ideas and nice soundtrack too!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Prije 15 sati
Грабли не увидела
Ghost2Coast Prije 22 sati
I'm kinda shocked how many of these are actually useful
SKID Prije 23 sati
So where was the lawn rake showed in the thumb nail?
Ann McQuaid
Ann McQuaid Prije 23 sati
‘Sea gul
Todd Rey
Todd Rey Prije 23 sati
Where is the rake hack in the intro photo???
Peter L.
Peter L. Prije dan
Some water would leak underneath the gutter connector at 6:05 where 2 larger pieces meet and get worse over time as the pieces shift slightly over time. Maybe it’ll be fine as long as the connection point isn’t over a walkway. I wonder if a strip of 3M VHB foam tape would work well as a safeguard. It seems like it would hold better than paint.
C-130 Prije dan
Ok 👍…. Where is that water 💦 jug ⚡️💥 🤸‍♂️
Gordon Warlow
Gordon Warlow Prije dan
I guess I won’t be needing a “swear jar” now. Thanks!
chip bryant
chip bryant Prije dan
I often come here just to listen to the music.
Joe Hatchet
Joe Hatchet Prije dan
What is the first tool that you made the ellipsis with called
Таисия Щепкина
Таисия Щепкина Prije dan
На 8,27 минуте понравилось,как ниткой овал нарисовали
Tayson TT
Tayson TT Prije dan
Грабли не увидела
4Maestro1 Prije dan
Project at :53 skipped over an important detail. While we see the male end of the wire being drawn in to the spout of the jug, we never see the female end. Apparently, the end of the wire that is being fed into the pipe and run to the end opposite the crank, would be connected to the female receptacle.
Que Mar
Que Mar Prije dan
This music tho
Haunted Rod
Haunted Rod Prije dan
Ok I'm digging the ziptie trick
Dennis Lloyd
Dennis Lloyd Prije dan
So what was the rake/foam thing
Not gay
Not gay Prije dan
I’ve done metal framing for 25 years and I haven’t seen the trick in this video. It’s good and all but usual if you scab a stud you need 24 inches each way for code. That’s 4 feet. I wonder if it’s doable at that length, and forget about anything thats 20 gauge or under.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Prije dan
다양하게 유용하네요
Michael Mcdonald
Michael Mcdonald Prije dan
JJ was
Wandar0115 Prije dan
I fast fwd to the rake and didn't see it. I learned to do that with videos like this.
Steve Campbell
Steve Campbell Prije dan
So you cut up a cord then so you can make a retractable one.
Jeff Lieurance
Jeff Lieurance Prije dan
Very good! Thank you. But what about the rake hack??????
npoudre. Dragon eye products
npoudre. Dragon eye products Prije dan
Wow & I thought I was athe primetime problem solver some of these I have done but this is the best
Вениамин Чуланкин
Вениамин Чуланкин Prije dan
Насчет рулетки с картой.что мешает с обратной стороны замерить.?и прибавить длину релетки (корпуса)
Alittlebitofeverything AZ
Alittlebitofeverything AZ Prije dan
Another good video ruined by click bait boooo quantum tech boooo
Treble Walker
Treble Walker Prije dan
Donna Marie
Donna Marie Prije dan
Where was the rake thing? That's why l clicked on the video 🙄
Donna Marie
Donna Marie Prije dan
Fantabulous! Thanks for great must have tricks and easier ways to do things.👍👍👍👍
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Prije dan
다양하게 유용하네요
Caleb Alt
Caleb Alt Prije 2 dana
okay I’m using some of these
impetus444 Prije 2 dana
TFW you I think you are smart, have been on HRpost long enough to know that you can just skip to the end of the video to see the rake... Thumbs down
Kyle's Corner
Kyle's Corner Prije 2 dana
The funny thing about life hacks, is that they are usually performed by hacks.
Xy YX Prije 2 dana
click bait 5hit
Justice Carter
Justice Carter Prije 2 dana
Interesting and fascinating and intriguing lol
Dexter’s lawn mowing service
Dexter’s lawn mowing service Prije 2 dana
they skip the video on purpose to scam us
Peter Rivney
Peter Rivney Prije 2 dana
You show something with the garden rake at the beginning but not in the video ???
Peter Rivney
Peter Rivney Prije 2 dana
When you did the drywall repair you forgot to put tape it will crack all along the joint with the tape being there.
The Ideas Guy
The Ideas Guy Prije dan
I thought the same at first but I’m pretty sure that what they showed was just them filling the bevel with fresh plaster to then pop the tape on top of.
wingerrrrrrrrr Prije dan
Without? The blocking should immobilize the patch pretty well though, which should minimize the chances off that. Far better fix than some repairs on some videos I've seen that suggest just using drywall paper as a patch, which I found hard to believe was actually a common technique.
Tyran Ocisari
Tyran Ocisari Prije 2 dana
Why not use a thumb from the video? Using a thumb that's not from the actual video is just annoying.
Peter Rivney
Peter Rivney Prije 2 dana
The 90 degree pencil is interesting but a short pencil would work just as well and you would not have to glue it together.
Doro *
Doro * Prije 2 dana
Das geworben Bild mit dem Rechen kam natürlich nicht im Vidio vor🤢🤮
Evelin Ordoñez ordoñez
Evelin Ordoñez ordoñez Prije 2 dana
Wow 🤩😍👍👍
Just10tv. inc
Just10tv. inc Prije 2 dana
Respect 🙌 for this Video genius 👏
ابو على الاسيوطى
ابو على الاسيوطى Prije 2 dana
Beautiful and wonderful work I also have a channel called Abu Al-Asioti in Arabic, I am honored to subscribe to your channel
Nadiia Beliablia
Nadiia Beliablia Prije 2 dana
Bellissime Idei-Complimenti👏👏👏
Randy Crew
Randy Crew Prije 2 dana
Hey who is playing the background music at the beginning… love it
Kareem Nesbey
Kareem Nesbey Prije 2 dana
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije 2 dana
This was the most educational video I have watched I've been a Tradesman for 25 years and learn something today thank you for the videos
TheMightyWookie351c Prije 2 dana
Just melt the plastic with a torch and let all those carcinogens float away into air? Wow 😮. Why not show them burning plastic in a 50 gallon drum and saying how much easier it is to burn the plastic than to recycle it.
Pretired Prije 2 dana
For everyone disappointed that there was no rake in the video, here it is. hrpost.info/history/gMKGqNOtjLmrmJw/video
Tim and Julie Raymer
Tim and Julie Raymer Prije 2 dana
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije 2 dana
No rake from the thumbnail. I'm retracting a like
Frank Sagi
Frank Sagi Prije 2 dana
As a kid in fifties, got a smack from my Father under kindergarten age. Touched something I was told not to. Didn't notice when I fell I fell right onto the Rake tines going right into my left knee, didn't notice due to slap, walking back to house felt knee itchy, saw all the blood and then my crying became a wailing. Back then not provincial medical coverage his job had a medical clinic for employees. Told do not say what happened.
Relaxation channel
Relaxation channel Prije 2 dana
Music please ?
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet Prije 2 dana
Besides the great background music, 90% of these I've never seen or used before. Outstanding!
creekfreek1970 Prije 2 dana
whats the rake trick?
SanDiegoConfidential Prije 2 dana
The dude doing the drywall patch was going good untill after he screwed the piece of drywall up by cutting the fucking drywall patch that was unnecessary he couldve used mesh tape LIKE YOUR SUPPOSED TO FOR TAPING DRYWALL WTF KINDA SHIT IS THAT 🤣🤣🤣 but i like videos like this cuz wen diyers fuck shit up they call the pros 😂🤣
Angelia Hamilton
Angelia Hamilton Prije 2 dana
Thank you for all the tips
wendytravel1 Prije 2 dana
Super tips,,thanks
SomewhatHonest Prije 2 dana
Thumbs down is because this is clickbait . I was curious what that pool noodle was doing on that rake . But alas, it didn't show up
Karl Tadlock
Karl Tadlock Prije 3 dana
WOW great tricks that I can try
t34 fan
t34 fan Prije 3 dana
Please show the rake !
pocket83² Prije 3 dana
The rake "hack" in the thumbnail is the stupidest idea ever. What happens when you step on foam that has spikes behind it?
Mini CooperUSAF
Mini CooperUSAF Prije 3 dana
Some good tricks, thank you!
Jade Stone
Jade Stone Prije 3 dana
Lynette Prije 3 dana
I really admire men that can come up with hacks such as these....I won't be using any of it but still watched the entire video in amazement.
Tyler Hiddema
Tyler Hiddema Prije 3 dana
No rake from the thumbnail. I'm retracting a like
Ravi Singh
Ravi Singh Prije 3 dana
NTV minus
NTV minus Prije 3 dana
Тупой и ещё тупее
Nurettin Sönmez
Nurettin Sönmez Prije 3 dana
İnsanlarla bu bilgileri paylaşıp yardımcı olduğunuz için teşekkürler.
Chris Parker
Chris Parker Prije 3 dana
Finally a hack video that is helpful
31K4L Prije 3 dana
Might be useful in ruski
kingdom music
kingdom music Prije 3 dana
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Christina Navarre
Christina Navarre Prije 3 dana
Great video thanks. Learning something everyday should be required.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Prije 3 dana
Ni channel indonesia?
PlatypusVomit Prije 3 dana
Some clever stuff and some really fucking stupid stuff. But eh
Jens Sonnenmann
Jens Sonnenmann Prije 3 dana
cool :-)
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Prije 3 dana
Irony: The material @18 would have been perfect to use as a softener for the corner @13 lol Abrasion caused by thermal expansion/contraction anyone? I click on something useful now.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Prije 3 dana
Where is the thumbnail idea ?
Mike Cozzi
Mike Cozzi Prije 3 dana
😳 Nice Educational video BUT very distracting Drum Beat SUCKS! Poor choice of Music if you want to call it Music! 😳 Don't get me wrong! Nothing like good instrumental background music! (Not played Loud)
Mona Me
Mona Me Prije 3 dana
Freaking amazing!!
J. Ellis Wood
J. Ellis Wood Prije 3 dana
Clickbait thumbnail. 👎 No Sub
Bret Green
Bret Green Prije 3 dana
Where's the rake from the video thumbnail?
Łukasz Panek
Łukasz Panek Prije 3 dana
Qwa jakbym miał tyle czasu co on te głupoty to bym sobie inaczej życie ułożył 😵
M T Corner
M T Corner Prije 3 dana
So proud of yourself every time 👏👏👏😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳👏👏👏👏👏
Lemony Skunkketts
Lemony Skunkketts Prije 3 dana
Oh cool he's making a pipeb.....a hose reel
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