Among Us but we ROLEPLAY characters..

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I played a crazy person then realized its just me on caffeine...
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check out my friends in this video!
Corpse (Crops)
Fuslie (Yeehaw)
Ryan Higa (Regina)
Disguised Toast (Sherlock / Yoda)
Sykkuno (Wattskuno / Squidward)
Pokimane (French Celine)
LilyPichu (Paimon)
Masayoshi (Jonathon)
AriaSaki (Grandma)
KristopherYee (Tina)
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Keith Margaux Ignacio
Keith Margaux Ignacio Prije 2 sati
zyNite Prije 3 sati
I'm shippin corpse Nd batman
Jordan Blanco
Jordan Blanco Prije 16 sati
Imagine Bret doing this, I could see it now, he could play as Straight, or as Tita B
TheNightOwl Prije 19 sati
Pokimane "I'm just running around like a craizy person". Hey it's rias job to be craizy
why you so stinky?
why you so stinky? Prije dan
i missed regina so fookin much
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers Prije dan
Ollie Vendor
Ollie Vendor Prije dan
Rae, this is gold.
Liam Connolly
Liam Connolly Prije 2 dana
I like this style of among us, and I think you guys should do it again.
Casey Baca
Casey Baca Prije 2 dana
If your a real fan and watched the entire vid you would here Rae say “I love crack”😂😂
Tom Scott-Cound
Tom Scott-Cound Prije 2 dana
Who else saw no personality change whatso ever
Lobster Prije 2 dana
Omg this is ACTUALLY hilarious
-sour dinos-
-sour dinos- Prije 2 dana
Rafa Adrian
Rafa Adrian Prije 2 dana
Mary Joy Lamson
Mary Joy Lamson Prije 2 dana
valkrae: I love blood so much pink: "stabs"
Shane Smith
Shane Smith Prije 2 dana
Crops: "I can't count past 1" Me: "Me either Crops" 🤣
dog issad
dog issad Prije 3 dana
Kallywally 2010
Kallywally 2010 Prije 3 dana
I love when CORPSE laughs ❣️❣️❣️❣️ CORPSE should be Batman No You would be such a good Batman No You No
kurs gaming
kurs gaming Prije 3 dana
tips on how to spit close ur mouth and roll ur tongue as fast as possible everywhere then boom spit
Ω 3lbowoop Ω
Ω 3lbowoop Ω Prije 3 dana
oh you know dat one local from the 808 who always uses the role-play eh Kimo
quackay Prije 3 dana
everyone that got killed got saved from needing to act as their character in front of everyone else.
dahlia Prije 4 dana
corpse speaking french😍
King Hertin
King Hertin Prije 4 dana
ryans pidgin (hawaii accent) is flipping accurate 😂😂
A D Prije 4 dana
Love the intense intro lol
Amir Hossain
Amir Hossain Prije 4 dana
aria went from age 100 to 0 real quick
Wayne Coman
Wayne Coman Prije 5 dana
corpse i have mental problems me to bro me to
Izzy Anne
Izzy Anne Prije 6 dana
oh my gawd. regeeners.
be Miles
be Miles Prije 6 dana
this version is so fuuny should be sponsored by amoung us
zara Prije 6 dana
no one else gonna talk about pokis accent in french its so beautiful-
tackyjack Prije 6 dana
Rae isnt even roleplaying, shes just playing as herself.
Aware Prije 6 dana
Hunger games in among us that will be fun i think
Yalina Shimaaz
Yalina Shimaaz Prije 6 dana
Imagine being Tina and Rae saying Tina is mine (idk if Tina is their real name or not I have a feeling it’s not)
Robert Bray
Robert Bray Prije 6 dana
cRAEzy likes to stab and likes blood........This is giving me ✨Toga✨ vibes
Mars Apfelnautics
Mars Apfelnautics Prije 7 dana
It's complicated.
Teehee tiktok memes
Teehee tiktok memes Prije 7 dana
Rae:Talking about how she likes killing Poki:Kills her Rae:👁👄👁
Cynnae Brown
Cynnae Brown Prije 7 dana
They should be voice actors.
Ari Redeemer
Ari Redeemer Prije 7 dana
My name is ari 😮 was I in Vegas talking to Valkyrae!
Cyber Do
Cyber Do Prije 7 dana
jace jenniskens
jace jenniskens Prije 7 dana
You guys should do a roleplay game as each other haha that could be funny.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Prije 7 dana
Bread Jin_06
Bread Jin_06 Prije 7 dana
0:27 it's so funny
Polar Prije 7 dana
dont mess with Grandma or you get NO COOKIES
Estelle Batchelor
Estelle Batchelor Prije 7 dana
corpse speaking french followed by him giggling???? i simp for him so hard
Kiara Amparado
Kiara Amparado Prije 7 dana
speaking in French: hot having a deep voice: mediocrely hot (depends really...) crops speaking in French: scarily hot
Kaiden Morsee
Kaiden Morsee Prije 8 dana
No one gonna mention that "I love crack." At the end? Okay.
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguez Prije 8 dana
Corpse southern accent in wonderful🤩 They know how to speak French oooooooo
Hello there!
Hello there! Prije 8 dana
''wHaT aPpEnEd To YoUr AcCeNt??'' 12:55 Yes I know it's spelt ''Happened'' but it sounds like ''Appended.''
The Pandemonium o7
The Pandemonium o7 Prije 8 dana
When Ryan talks pidgin its just yessir
LBSC 108 GB Prije 8 dana
Corpse and Poki have a good pronunciation when they were speaking French. I should know, I'm Canadian and I speak French which is my native language.
Naruto Uzumaki aka Reefing
Naruto Uzumaki aka Reefing Prije 8 dana
Imagine if proximity chat was added onto here
Brooklyn Lewis
Brooklyn Lewis Prije 8 dana
" I love crack " LOLLLLL
aka Prije 8 dana
4:48 omg u would 🙄🖐
Cristan Prije 8 dana
Corpse as spongebob
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf Prije 8 dana
CORPSE XD THE "I can't count past one" LMAOOO
fuckingcunts Prije 8 dana
they should role play as each other like corpse be sykkuno, jack be corpse and so on
Christian Jeremy Calimlim
Christian Jeremy Calimlim Prije 8 dana
I was eating while watching this and then the last part became a conversation about spit 😂
Alysha Cabigting
Alysha Cabigting Prije 8 dana
It's true corpse would make a great batman.
patrick graser
patrick graser Prije 8 dana
Rea: I love crack LMAO
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo Prije 8 dana
Rae is Harley Quinn
Amanda Waldo
Amanda Waldo Prije 8 dana
"corps would be such a good batman!" "no......" me: yesssssss
Davi__Exo Prije 9 dana
Rae: Ari said Nobody has made Among Us Roleplay NewScrapePro: Am I a joke to you
zaynab bentchakal edits
zaynab bentchakal edits Prije 9 dana
I knew everything celina said since im french hehe
zaynab bentchakal edits
zaynab bentchakal edits Prije 9 dana
Wait is celina french
•KittenCass924• Prije 9 dana
Your squidward, HE'S squidward!? I'M SQUIDWARD! Are there any more SQUIDWARDS I should know about!?
Milan Radivojevic
Milan Radivojevic Prije 9 dana
It's confirmed Rae loves coke
Mintyy Prije 9 dana
Oh no. Coprs iz by Paimon. one of us is lying, zat iz so sad
K Bizzy
K Bizzy Prije 9 dana
Azmaniac Prije 9 dana
I love crack kilt me
disneyrockz12 Prije 9 dana
Rae, you didn’t even play a character...
Hølløw Prije 9 dana
I need help, what live stream was this one?
Rirei G Maki
Rirei G Maki Prije 9 dana
"That was so smooth I could kiss myself." 🤣🤣
•KittenCass924• Prije 9 dana
Scarlet Skies
Scarlet Skies Prije 9 dana
5:42 what Crops said, relatable
Veziah Prije 10 dana
"I'm gonna beat him with a stick and make dog noises" -Sykkuno LMAOAO
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith Prije 10 dana
I actually roleplayed in among us w/ my friends.
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith Prije 10 dana
It was my idea!!
Teen Designs
Teen Designs Prije 10 dana
0:27 you said stabby stuff and u got stabbed
Kenzi Negron
Kenzi Negron Prije 10 dana
the editing in this is IMMACULATE
GamingCarmelo Prije 10 dana
Regina is the best mood.
saroja eluri
saroja eluri Prije 10 dana
Do a roleplay again in among us but it's proximity chat
Elxctro Drxgon
Elxctro Drxgon Prije 10 dana
CORPSE should be Batman *THAT HAD ME*
-IshiWolf- Prije 10 dana
Roleplay? 👌👌👌👌 Roleplay is fun
• Fariza •
• Fariza • Prije 10 dana
The bloopers is so funny cuute
EatSleepDie Prije 10 dana
This one was probably my most favorite among us video from you rae
Mung Hanghal
Mung Hanghal Prije 10 dana
Sabrina King
Sabrina King Prije 10 dana
13:05 when they were doing the stream i had to walk aout of the room for a sec and as soon as i come back i hear wattskuno say "im gonna beat 'em with a stick" and i was so confused
Gabrielle Martin
Gabrielle Martin Prije 11 dana
When i saw the picture of crops and French bread i got scared
Lejla Subasic
Lejla Subasic Prije 11 dana
Its Reginers XD XD XD XD XD. Life complete. Real full-circle moment for me. Ty
Xp3rt BG
Xp3rt BG Prije 11 dana
why does rae actually look like a evil little girl with her hair haha
limbo Prije 11 dana
CROPS: i can't count past 1 Also CROPS: talks both english and french in perfect accent
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy Prije 11 dana
What's the video where rae goes lalalala in a killing spree yall??
Vanguard16 Prije 11 dana
Rae talking about trying to spit made me sad. When I went to the dentist to have baby teeth pulled out (because they were stubborn and didn't want to come out), they would have to use tons of gauze just to keep my mouth as dry as possible. ;w; I can produce so much saliva and I don't even know why- I don't even drink that much water, either. :/
Praise Bingus
Praise Bingus Prije 11 dana
Crops is my favorite lol
NaTaLiE343 Prije 12 dana
when lily said "corpse should be batman" I just laughed and nodded my head
Chiaki Nanami
Chiaki Nanami Prije 12 dana
you guys should do this again but with proximity chat
Natalie hdez
Natalie hdez Prije 12 dana
Rae please do ANOTHER ROLEPLAY BUT THIS TIME ROLEPLAY EACH OTHER! (ex. rae act as sykunno, toast act as fuslie, spedicey act as corpse, etc..)
Shadowkyu Prije 12 dana
Lilypichu does sound like paimon tho ngl
•S P O O P Y•
•S P O O P Y• Prije 12 dana
hey rae can u convince the group to give us some episodes of this like a reality show au
RSC_ Harmonious
RSC_ Harmonious Prije 12 dana
Whats stream called??
Alpha_ Wolfie
Alpha_ Wolfie Prije 12 dana
Grandma is a good actor, that is EXACTLY how my grandma talks
Almena Adams
Almena Adams Prije 12 dana
Sykkunos squidward and Toasts yoda 😂
Miracle._. maker
Miracle._. maker Prije 12 dana
French CORPSE is SeXy 5:42
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