Toni Kukoc | Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech

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Check out Toni Kukoc's full speech following his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame!

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Enrique Mata
Enrique Mata Prije dan
Class act ! The waiter
DjokerNole Prije 2 dana
Jordan is proud father
Mateusz Liese
Mateusz Liese Prije 2 dana
At least he didnt lick jordan*s ballz.
Марат Зиннатуллин
Марат Зиннатуллин Prije 3 dana
Jordan is happier than Kukoc here. That's all you can know about Michael selfishness....He is so real and true...
frenkac Prije 3 dana
What a MAN! 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
iLL-Nois22 Prije 4 dana
Glad to see another player from the 90’s Chicago Bulls make it into the HOF, respect to the legendary Toni Kukoč.
Yhanie Catzhelian
Yhanie Catzhelian Prije 4 dana
I really love mj during those days but i love kukoc more! Deadly lefty shooter!
Roy Daniel
Roy Daniel Prije 4 dana
Every kid in the world should be inspired. If you can be a mediocre player, average 11 points a game for your career, and consistently shoot worse in the playoffs (aka choking), but make ONE game winner that doesn’t even result in a title, you can be in the Hall of Fame…
xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx Prije 4 dana
Lmao kid you embarrassed yourself there.. first of all no 3 peat without Kukoc. Second Kukoc broke the rookie record for game winning shots all in his rookie year.. he’s had multiple game winners and clutch performances. He averaged 13 PPG but averaged close to 16 during the bulls .. the bulls I said the greatest team ever assembled and he threw up 16.. that’s how I know you have no idea what your talking about lol
A 7
A 7 Prije 4 dana
Europe legend stretch 4 Toni king
daddybars Prije 5 dana
NBA will let anybody in the hall of fame lol
daddybars Prije 3 dana
xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx Prije 4 dana
Anybody as in one of the greatest careers in basketball not just including the nba?! Ya take the L
Nikola Dlaka
Nikola Dlaka Prije 5 dana
What’s really admirable about Kukoc is that he seems like an even better guy and person, than he was a bb player. And he was a truly exceptional player. Well deserved, and a great move by Michael being there. That second 3peat Bulls are still the best team ever assembled in my view.
Dyrl Douglas
Dyrl Douglas Prije 5 dana
Dyrl Douglas
Dyrl Douglas Prije 5 dana
How did Toni Kukoc make the Hall? He was so OVERATED!!!!
Rodney Wesley
Rodney Wesley Prije 5 dana
Glad he lived to see this took to long
xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx Prije 4 dana
We’ll overdue only the real ones know
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry Prije 6 dana
Kukoc is so badass he thanked krause in front of MJ
UserInterface00 Prije 6 dana
He looks so unrecognizable from the Chicago Bulls days. If you asked me who the person on the thumbnail to this video was, I wouldn’t have guessed it was him. Underrated player and he has an awards list to fill up an entire room.
Fure ZF
Fure ZF Prije 6 dana
When i see Kukoc entering HoF, makes me wonder what Drazen Petrovic culd have become, Petro was on Jordan lvl....
Michael Cowie
Michael Cowie Prije 6 dana
I loved watching this man play while I was growing up a basketball fan! He deserves to be in the hall of fame 100%-a solid all-around player! Congratulations Toni Kukoc!!
tonsterdang Prije 6 dana
Well deserved
Mario B
Mario B Prije 6 dana
Bravo Toni bilo je i vrijeme.. Najbolji šesti igrač,vrhunski tricaš...
Frljic Marko
Frljic Marko Prije 6 dana
T'lan Imass
T'lan Imass Prije 6 dana
Thank you Cameraman! Have had a crush on Stela since she was in high school! ❤️
Vinz.A Prije 6 dana
surprised this took so long... the guy was an absolute legend in europe that he likely would have been a hall of famer even if he never went to the nba
xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx Prije 4 dana
Literally.. what 99% of people don’t realize just his career before the NBA is one of the most impressive ever accomplished
angrywhiteboy Prije 6 dana
if MJ shows up to your speech you know you made it in life
MetalManiac Korea
MetalManiac Korea Prije 6 dana
He looks like Randy Quiad
nas84payne Prije 6 dana
So pleased for him and well deserved. Bulls legend. The things like the crazy passes he’d make, are the things we love with another fellow European in Luka. He was doing shit long before him and also before Dirk as well.
D Wnright
D Wnright Prije 6 dana
what a fine gentleman. and of course a great player.
mbradley c
mbradley c Prije 6 dana
Good for him! He came into my store once about ten years ago during the off-season. He might have already been retired, I forget. But he was lit AF and had the munchies. He lived a few blocks away at the time, you see. Anyway, he was jonesing for some Nutella. I helped him try to find it, but it turned out we didn't carry it because of hydrogenated oil. He was so bummed! Totally good guy. Thanks for the good times, bud and congratulations!
Lighting Bolt81
Lighting Bolt81 Prije 7 dana
Imagine how good he would be in today’s NBA, he’d be Averaging 20 plus easy and a all star year in and year out.
M1astrey Prije 7 dana
The Last Dance: Toni special episode when?
musicandmagic909 Prije 7 dana
This man broke the Euro barrier in the NBA.
SHORTSIO Prije 7 dana
Glad to see he's finally in the HOF
george katsikeros
george katsikeros Prije 7 dana
I cannot understand why plyers like kukoc,gkalis and a lot more ,get/enter hall of fame at 50/60 etc,when players like bosh,take 5 years after they left nba ,cause they are americans....
Aaron Studley
Aaron Studley Prije 7 dana
Mak Corleone
Mak Corleone Prije 7 dana
Salute to the Legend🙌🏿
Ly The Dan
Ly The Dan Prije 7 dana
This dude should have been in the HOF way before Chris Webber does.
Terence Winters
Terence Winters Prije 7 dana
He couldve been a great 1,2,or 3 but they needed a 4 .
John 316
John 316 Prije 7 dana
Omg. Time flies….
Ben Antonio
Ben Antonio Prije 7 dana
BLUM PKIN Prije 7 dana
I knew Toni Kukoc will some day be in the Hall of Fame. Omg. Im so proud of him. For those who hasnt seen " The Pink Panther " play. Watch his highlights.
Tunisia Tucker
Tunisia Tucker Prije 7 dana
Toni Kukoc, finally a hall of famer Priceless
BOQ - RC ANTENOR Prije 7 dana
OG "Luka" 🔥🔥
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen Prije 7 dana
spiritual lover II
spiritual lover II Prije 7 dana
For me Toni was better than Drazen , one of the greatest basketball players ever !
Patrick Tan
Patrick Tan Prije 7 dana
Well deserved award.
TheRealest 811
TheRealest 811 Prije 7 dana
Was Scottie there?
Cook Poo
Cook Poo Prije 7 dana
son of serbia
son of serbia Prije 7 dana
Kukoc is a legend
허니버터의이야기 Prije 7 dana
yoe91 Rugby
yoe91 Rugby Prije 7 dana
6:30 Ahmad Rashad randomly wakes up and walks past thick blue curtains and finds himself at some Hall of Fame speech.
edmasamo Prije 7 dana
Very eloquent and classy speech, I used to love watching Toni play, his technic and fundamentals were of the highest caliber. I always wanted him to get more minutes on the court. Very happy for his accomplishments, well deserved!
Cesar Canete
Cesar Canete Prije 8 dana
Is Kukoc in the hall of fame because of his Euroleague & FIBA career? Don't get me wrong, he was a very underrated, great player in NBA, but it doesnt make sense if one of the main reasons he's in the hall of fame because of his NBA career. I cant really think of much that he accomplished in the NBA other than the sixth man of the year award. He was never an all star, all nba team or nothing. Now, if he's in because of his Euroleague & International career, then that makes much more sense because he was an 3x euroleague champion, euroleague MVP, FIBA champion, etc.
Cesar Canete
Cesar Canete Prije 4 dana
@xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx I'd figured. When I saw Kukoc being inducted into the hall of fame, I was surprised at first because he was a role player most of his NBA career, but remembered how much of an accomplished Euroleague/FIBA player he was back in the day. I think its great that the Basketball Hall of Fame are inducting non NBA greats/Euroleague legends like Kukoc on here. I wanna see Josh Childress inducted into the bball hall of fame one day. He had a great college career at Stanford & had a great euroleague career as well. I remember his jump from the NBA to the Euroleague was one of thee most viral things buzzin on ESPN & various sports new networks back then.
xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx Prije 4 dana
It’s the basketball hall of fame not nba dude and he could of made the HOF without his nba career
hotknifer Prije 8 dana
We need an NBA hall of fame.
Benjamin Scott SNEAKER JAMZ
Benjamin Scott SNEAKER JAMZ Prije 8 dana
Congratulations Toni Kukoc, I am so happy for you because you both earn it and deserve it!!!!!
adhi suryo judhanto
adhi suryo judhanto Prije 8 dana
respect Toni 🙌🏻
Gregory Emeagwara
Gregory Emeagwara Prije 8 dana
People can't bash LeBron for winning with multiple Hall of Famers. Jordan won with 3 other Hall of Famers too
Mark Johnston Maneja
Mark Johnston Maneja Prije 8 dana
But shan kemp was not member candidate for hall of famer player
Tommy Novosel
Tommy Novosel Prije 8 dana
Hrvatska Legenda!
TetsuyaIT Prije 8 dana
So blessed I could see Tony in his prime, he was playing here in Italy with Benetton Treviso, against Milano. Never seen a guy so tall shooting threes during warmup, he was unbelieveable.
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Prije 8 dana
He was part of the second three-peat of the Bulls.
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Prije 8 dana
He was part of the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary of Once Brothers.
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Prije 8 dana
A good player from Croatia. He was a good shooter.
ChickenAndDuckz Prije 8 dana
One of the most underrated players of this game, if he was in the game today he'd be averaging 20+ ppg for sure
Marcus James
Marcus James Prije 7 dana
True on that, would have averaged it if they had the wide open offense of today's game back then.
MrKapsou Prije 8 dana
Back in the day in Europe, he was a deadly point forward
Eric Watson
Eric Watson Prije 8 dana
The Waiter ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🏁🏁
Meditation Music
Meditation Music Prije 8 dana
Great guy and great team CB those years with greatest MJ, Tony and Scottie, coach Jackson era 1989-1998
paolobrossi78 Prije 8 dana
Bravo Tony kukoc bravo !!!
Tobias Harris
Tobias Harris Prije 8 dana
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Prije 8 dana
Kukoc was definitely a great continued international player and open the doors for many others!
Hrvoje Čule
Hrvoje Čule Prije 8 dana
Toni najveći si ikad ♥️
Jet Garcia
Jet Garcia Prije 8 dana
A very classy speech from Toni. 🍻
lelo uch
lelo uch Prije 8 dana
People do not realize that he was playing for best team in NBA history AND best in Europe for best team in European history!
Nikola Pavlovic
Nikola Pavlovic Prije 7 dana
Those teams were great partly because of him. And in both teams he had an important role.
A Bee
A Bee Prije 8 dana
What a fantastic player he was!
Erlando Castillo
Erlando Castillo Prije 8 dana
Congratulations Bulls Nation Salute the Legends
Michelle J. Bitunjac
Michelle J. Bitunjac Prije 8 dana
From football to basketball, many Croats put the team first which is why we have and remain invaluable to so many. Bless up to Toni and Renata for that long-haul, strong cRomance - beautiful to behold!
Philip Farnan
Philip Farnan Prije 8 dana
I'm glad he made it.
Adam’s Time!
Adam’s Time! Prije 8 dana
He paved the way for players like Luis Scola.
kev redwolf 77
kev redwolf 77 Prije 8 dana
dam.. maybe its just me.. but scottie is the only one still look the same from the bulls
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson Prije 8 dana
How did he make the hall?
Richard_From_England Prije 8 dana
The same way you didn't
Vince Foo
Vince Foo Prije 8 dana
where's pippen?
LAcijus Prije 8 dana
Mike in his own "The last dance" documentary could mention more about Toni's impact to second 3peat, apart from only showing how they locked him up in 92 olympics. Toni has great games in his playoffs career where he saved #23, #33 asses. One of the finest players Europe has ever produced.
LAcijus Prije 3 dana
@EnzoTorino Bulls dont win a chip without Toni, lets put it simple as that.
EnzoTorino Prije 3 dana
See, e.g. game 7 of the ‘98 ECF. The Bulls don’t beat the Pacers that day without Toni.
Thiago Moraes
Thiago Moraes Prije 8 dana
Why the hell so late hall of fame??? At least a decade or so late.. Toni is one of the best players of his generation, both here in Europe as well in the NBA.. He was tough, i mean after all he showed on his carrer, if he hasn't his T-shirt on the rafters of the United center yet, as Bulls fan to the heart I would say what are you waiting for??
Aleksandar Gospić
Aleksandar Gospić Prije 8 dana
Toni's list of accomplishments is simply mind blowing, one of the best in basketball history! 🤯 Glad I was alive to witness his entire career, which was incredible! Some would dismiss his Yougoslav and European success but don't forget, all the best European players played in Europe then, Yugoslav and Euro leagues were incredible then, before everyone that is worth something went to the NBA. Congrats Toni! This should have happened long time ago. FIBA Under-18 EuroBasket MVP (1986) FIBA Under-19 World Cup MVP (1987) FIBA World Championship MVP (1990) FIBA EuroBasket MVP (1991) 3× EuroLeague Final Four MVP (1990, 1991, 1993) FIBA's 50 Greatest Players (1991) 3 x Croatia Sportsman of the Year (1989., 1990., 1991.) 5 x Euroscar Player of the Year (1990, 1991, 1994, 1996, 1998) 4 x Mister Europa Player of the Year (1990-1992, 1996) NBA All-Rookie Second Team (1994) NBA Sixth Man of the Year (1996) FIBA Hall of Fame (2017) Basketball Hall of Fame (2021) European u-16 Championship - Gold medal (1985.) European u-18 Championship - Gold medal (1986.) World cup u-19 - Gold medal (1987.) Eurobasket 1987. - Bronze medal Olympic Games 1988. - Silver medal Eurobasket 1989. - Gold medal World champion 1990. - Gold medal Eurobasket 1991. - Gold medal Olympic games 1992. - Silver medal World champion 1994. - Bronze medal Eurobasket 1995. - Bronze medal 4 x Yugoslav league Champion (1988., 1989., 1990., 1991.) 2 x Yugoslav Cup winner (1990. 1991.) Italian League Champion (1992.) Italian Cup Winner (1993.) 3 x Euroleague Champion (1989., 1990., 1991.) 3 x NBA Champion (1996., 1997., 1998.)
MOADANLIVE show Prije 8 dana
Kukoc will always be my favorite international player in the NBA
Analie Bee
Analie Bee Prije 8 dana
Hello Toni. I coudn't get over of you when I was 9. Youre such a handsome guy back then. Congratulations for the hall of fame. Michael Jordan looks amazing tonight😍
Phet Tumbling
Phet Tumbling Prije 8 dana
Reggie Miller can't take a bow no more
Rag Hato
Rag Hato Prije 8 dana
Un très très grand joueur !!
Welcome2Brela Prije 8 dana
SoloPerICommenti Prije 8 dana
Just don't forget the city of Treviso as you're there, Toni
Norberto Aquino III
Norberto Aquino III Prije 8 dana
Congratulations Toni Kukoc I like it when you said "Our practices at that time were harder than many games that we played"... That shows the the kind of work the bulls into practice...I do not wonder why they had two 3Peats...
Mr. E
Mr. E Prije 8 dana
Its about time he enters Basketball HoF. He was Luka before Luka. A 6'11 pg who was amazing. 3x Euroleague Champion, 3x Euroleague MVP, 1x FIBA champion and 2 Olympic medalist. That all before being drafted by Jerry Krause to play with Bulls. Congrats Toni!!!!
christopher james Luna
christopher james Luna Prije 8 dana
Long over due
Ronaldo Farrales
Ronaldo Farrales Prije 8 dana
No disrespect to Luka... but if the bulls played the Mavs today... they would probably just be equal....... if Michael, Pippen and Rodman would be benched. Just sayin'. He could easily matched Luka.
PCTR Prije 8 dana
he aged so fast, while looking on danny ainge or even john stockton,, they look the same for like 20 years or after retirement
AXZ1974 Prije 8 dana
Ahhhh....finally!! I am Greek and even I was waiting for this! :) Congratulations!
Kristian A
Kristian A Prije 8 dana
toni could easily score 30 right now
Saya Lebrun
Saya Lebrun Prije 8 dana
Pire discours du hof
zoran Prije 8 dana
...what a gentleman!
James Perez
James Perez Prije 8 dana
but where's scottie?
Rodney grant Roxas
Rodney grant Roxas Prije 8 dana
Finally after decades and decades.. Congrats to "the waiter"
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