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Emily Artful

All of these allegations are alleged.
LOL Cow Allegations Thread:
Truth Sleuth's Video:
Hopeless Peach's Video:
The Rewired Soul Drama:

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If I find any more receipts, I will post them here on my Twitter. Eventually I will be making a google doc and that will also be posted here.

Emily Artful
Emily Artful Prije mjesec
**CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES/CLARIFICATIONS** LOL Cow Allegations Thread: Truth Sleuth's Video: Hopeless Peach's Video: The Rewired Soul Drama: TWITTER ♦ If I find any more receipts, I will post them here on my Twitter. Eventually I will be making a google doc and that will also be posted here. The majority of the receipts are in the second half of the video. At the beginning, I give you backstory and context for all the receipts and talk about my relationship with Anthony. Also, yes I put ads on this video. I am STILL paying for all the therapy I had to go through so the money from this video will go straight to those bills and I will also be donating to National Women's Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation. ( *UPDATES/CLARIFICATIONS* + Additional Receipts Thread: +To be clear, Anthony did NOT break into my home and assault me. I knowingly invited him in but because I was so heavily and visibly intoxicated, I was not able to consent. + To be clear, Shanthony didn’t initially know 2 of the photographs they were using against me were of me when I was 15/16. I pointed it out to them at one point but they sort of just ignored me. +To be clear, the Snapchat photographs were most likely NOT taken in my city. I’m guessing it’s somewhere in their area and they were just piggybacking off of my fear that they were here. +​Looks like Shannon deleted that rant video she made about how every artHRpostr makes a "My Art Teacher hates me" video, in which she used my vid in her thumbnail as an example. Interesting. +People are saying that in Shannon’s stalker video she mentions “Amy” having “emo boys crawl through her window” to visit her when I’ve stated publicly that when I lived with my Dad, that is how I would sneak people in and how I would sneak out. +Someone one else pointed out that Shannon has specifically mentioned “not having enough money for a PI or an attorney” when she referenced her stalker. She posted this video after I confronted her wherein I tell her I have hired both. +Someone pointed out that I talk about a “void” in my email to Anthony and then he uses “void” as a taunt in the Snapchat exchange. Might be an actual coincidence since the exchanges were several years apart, but they obsessed over every little thing I did so this might be of note.
Alfred f Jones
Alfred f Jones Prije 15 dana
you have my support
Krabby Prije 16 dana
@Finite Accept I’m not a Shannon fan lol and your the one that needs to get bent sunny boy
Finite Accept
Finite Accept Prije 16 dana
@Krabby I dont believe she was being one sided, seeing how shes trying to be honest about her POV during all of this. Unlike shannon and Anthony, emily wasnt stalking them, so how would emily know thier POV? Are you expecting Emily to tell thier side? She wasnt around them as she clearly states over and over that she wanted to stay away from them. It's not Emily's fault that she has a POV in this situation in any way. It sounds like your victim blaming that they stalked her. In any case, no one is stopping shannon and Anthony from telling thier side of the story, yet they haven't said anything, because they know Emily is saying the truth. The fact that your implying that Emily is being deceitful shows that your some rabid fan of shannon, or you are shannon with another sock puppet account. Get bent.
Gavin Polansky
Gavin Polansky Prije 22 dana
You’ve been my favorite HRpostr for about 1 1/2 years and I wanted to let you know that your awesome and that those people don’t deserve to breath the same air as you because you are what makes this planet bare-able. Every time I felt down I watched your videos to make me feel better and I hope you will keep posting and be happy. ♥️
UpsyDaysy Prije 25 dana
@Carrie Chavanne yup! Self-styled boyfriend of Creepshow Art
Samantha D
Samantha D Prije 4 sati
I'm a current abuse and revenge porn/stalking victim too. No one really understand unless they've gone through it, and I know how it feels. I'm so sorry, be strong and you will get through this.
Maryam Dadar
Maryam Dadar Prije 5 sati
“He’s got 99 views, and they’re all Shannon except one” - The one view Emily used for reference in this video. Anthony’s obsession with you (and in turn, Shannon’s jealousy of you) is criminal. Take this to the DA. Please.
Maryam Dadar
Maryam Dadar Prije 6 sati
Wow. You are one strong woman to have endured all this and still kept your sobriety, sanity, _and_ humanity. Clearly the same cannot be said about these criminals, Shannon & Anthony. You absolutely did and do _not_ deserve any of this. No human being does. I am so sorry you had to endure so much abuse at the hands of these people. It’s clear that Shannon has been jealous of you since Day 1, and has been attempting to *become* you, in a sense; she legit gives off SWF vibes. And you truly dodged a bullet by breaking up with that Anthony guy - he sounds as cuckoo as Shannon. God did you a solid by removing him from your life, this decade of abuse and stalking notwithstanding. With that being said, I’m an attorney and you may have a legal case against them. Revenge porn is one of the first crimes that came to mind when listening to your story, not to mention stalking and both the theft & possession of nude photos of you as a minor. (Disclaimer: this comment should not be taken as legal advice nor does it establish an attorney-client relationship) Side note: did he really say the Bay Area has no culture? The _BAY_ ???? FOH
Sandra Morales
Sandra Morales Prije 9 sati
I know that this must've been so hard on you... but This is a MOVIE! Keep the copy rights of this.
-Coral- Prije 9 sati
your stalker is SICK why would he do this to you cant believe you had to go though this i cant imagine how it feels to be scared of a psycho for almost a decade LIKE WHY WOULD HE FUCKING DO THIS AND CREEPSHOW ART CALLS YOU THE STALKER WHY LIKE WHAT THE FUCK
juniper poulton
juniper poulton Prije 10 sati
This video was so horrific that half way through when he was harrassing her on snap, i had to take a step back and watch other videos and play some video games before playing again because of how much that made me afraid. Afraid of what some people in the world are capable of and afraid that i have to live in of of the most dangerous citys in America. I am truly sorry you have had to go through this and i really wish the best for you and your family.
juniper poulton
juniper poulton Prije 11 sati
You can really hear the joy in her voice when talking about her son and the video series and when she kinda moves on a little bit to what Shannon said, you can hear her go back to having no emotions. You can really tell how much she loves her kids. You are a good mother.
Chel Cole
Chel Cole Prije 15 sati
"They wanted me destroyed. They wanted anything good that I had destroyed. And anytime I saw that light, they'd snuff out that light so fkn fast." Oh girl. I'm so sorry this happened to you. The thing I've learned in 29 years is that these types of people sadly exist. It's not a rare occurrence. The internet just made it easier for them to hide and operate with malice in the dark. Narcissistic cowards feel empowered when they think they have a person stronger than them under their thumb. You are a very strong person and will only be that much stronger coming out of this. I went through a few similar things in my life with toxic people and thought I'd never come out of it. It takes a toll on your mental health, especially when you're already struggling with it. I'm 2 years sober now with zero relapses and have a wonderful husband and beautiful, happy son, friends who I'd trust with my life. My writing muse came back full force and I'm now in a better place than I've been in years. That being said I still have to use alias accounts for my personal stuff and writing because my lovely cyberstalker still monitors my main accounts and I want her knowing nothing about what's going on in my life. I planned to address everything publicly like this but then decided I was just going to move on with my life, keep the door closed and things have been amazing. I wish all the best for you on your recovery from this. ❤
Emptee Errorhart
Emptee Errorhart Prije 16 sati
Creep show is POS sorry that happened to you. I kinda picked out on that when she started spewing Anti Trans stuff.
Amer Ki
Amer Ki Prije 19 sati
I just realized that her Ed could be fake to and could be just a copy of what u went through- the mind games of this situation is sickening
bobthesquare69 _
bobthesquare69 _ Prije 19 sati
This is the first video of yours I have seen I am so sorry about what happened to you💕.I used to watch Shannon but now I will never even consider clicking on her videos.Absolutely sick
Clarissa Marie
Clarissa Marie Prije 19 sati
horrid horrid people. both shannon and her boyfriend.
mzsurr Prije dan
I knew nothing of these channels but holy shit this is heartbreaking. They got off on torturing this poor woman and they clearly belong behind bars.
tim roth
tim roth Prije dan
Anthony thinks he's a whole ass Edgelord to terrify a woman smaller than him and I made this account to say that. Honestly, he thinks he's so cool, yet he's the type who up against a guy would cry like a b I tch. Emily is so strong and brave and she is a survivor.
Tobi Lockerbie
Tobi Lockerbie Prije dan
As someone who had shanon as a comfort creator, Watching this makes me physical sick. This is absolutely disgusting. After all the good I spread about her, how much I supported her and she does this? I hope she gets what she deserves.
Appcie Prije dan
I’m sorry you had to go through that! I hope you get better! 💐💐 it’s also takes a lot of guts to own up to things you did wrong,a nod I applaud you for that!
Diana Prije dan
Dirk Spencer
Dirk Spencer Prije dan
There is no better revenge then surviving and moving on.
🇺🇸Freedom 🇺🇸
🇺🇸Freedom 🇺🇸 Prije dan
Wow this couple needs locked up and the key thrown away.. dark and evil. I’m so saddened that you had to endure their evil. ❤️
mackenzie Prije dan
Shortfuze💣 Prije dan
You are so strong for fighting through this. I’m sorry that Crapshow did this to you. I hope that this can all stop and you can feel better once Crapshow gets arrested.
Kitty.k0re Prije dan
This was already 1 month ago?
Steve Marshalek
Steve Marshalek Prije 2 dana
Find out about this through hot tea with rey rahimi. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this and these horrible people
00 00 00
00 00 00 Prije 2 dana
new corndog on my wrist
R J Prije 2 dana
In the beginning of the video you can see what look like self inflicted cuts on emily's elbow :/
Andrea lee
Andrea lee Prije 2 dana
This is illegal n they need to be charged
Andrea lee
Andrea lee Prije 2 dana
@Calla Nightshade absolutely
Calla Nightshade
Calla Nightshade Prije 2 dana
@Andrea lee I do too. Our justice system is very broken
Andrea lee
Andrea lee Prije 2 dana
@Calla Nightshade its jus not right. I honestly feel really bad
Calla Nightshade
Calla Nightshade Prije 2 dana
Yeah but like she said, she went to those who can help and was turned away
Andrea lee
Andrea lee Prije 2 dana
I heard about this through so many tea channels n I don't kno creep or ur channel until nw . I had to hear for myself meaning comin to ur channel. I am so sorry to hear about this nightmare u have gone through. 🙏❤
Galaxy- S
Galaxy- S Prije 2 dana
It's still hurts in different ways to watch this.
junsoil Prije 2 dana
40:56 the fact that he called emily a meanie and proceeded to put a tag saying black lives matter- 💀
Hanashi • Nuggets
Hanashi • Nuggets Prije 2 dana
This may be off topic, but your art is so incredible the way you draw flowers is so perfect in my eyes ,, You endured so much and you still manage to radiate beauty and happiness to your fans and that’s truly inspiring
William Acosta
William Acosta Prije 3 dana
i think shannon watched too much pretty little liars 😭😭🤚🏽
hollyobaby Prije 3 dana
Them trying to ruin Vonnegut for the rest of us… don’t let them. Losers.
NIA ༒ Prije 3 dana
casanova Prije 3 dana
This isn't even yt stuff anymore, this is criminal stuff.
ShillsDon'tSpookMe Prije 4 dana
These people are malignant narcissists and what they have done is absolutely criminal harassment. Also, sharing or saving pictures of you nude at 15 qualities as distribution and possession of child p*ornography. You are one brave lady and so so so strong. Thank you for sharing your story, I know how hard it is, but you may have helped more people than you'll ever know find the strength to do the same.
Reitanna Seishin
Reitanna Seishin Prije 4 dana
i went through (and by a small amount, am still going through) a traumatizing ordeal during the entirety of 2020, but jesus christ. i nearly killed myself last december. i can't imagine eight years. i would've been dead. at least with my tormentors, i didn't know them in person and i don't have a job for them to get to (i'm disabled). the worst part was being called a pedophile. for years, i've openly expressed my extreme disgust toward pedophilia, yet here they were, calling me one of the things i hate most in this world. lesser was them calling me transphobic, even though i'm part of the LGBTQ community, there was a literal army against me. they made a hate discord and sub reddit about me. they all claimed it was "criticism," but meanwhile, they were spreading defamation, cyberstalking me, cyberbullying me, creating fake accounts to look like either my friends or ME, and making tons of videos about me, calling me by name. they were trying to chase me off the internet, but the ones from kiwi farms were trying to get me to kill myself, knowing i'm mentally ill. i tried fighting back, ignoring them, and being civil. NOTHING WORKED. i was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by my mother, to the point where i suffer from PTSD, and they said, "she complains about her mother all the time, we should be able to complain about her." strangers i've never spoken to were leaving insulting comments, there was no proof to the accusations, and the only "proof" they had were things either taken out of context, or very misunderstood. i sent them a cease and desist letter. they didn't stop. i lost YT subs because they believed the lies, which hurt me financially, and that is what needs to happen to successfully sue someone for defamation, but i can't find a fucking lawyer who specializes in defamation. then i was fucking doxxed, so now i was afraid for my life and the life of my family. i thought my husband would be shot on his way to work. i'm already afraid of people, but this took it to a whole new level. there were more than fifty people involved in this thing, maybe more, and currently, two of them were still making videos about me, HUNDREDS of videos about me, up until recently as far as i know. i never did any of the things they did to me to them. i never made videos calling them by name. i made videos explaining why they were wrong and begging them to stop. because of covid, i could not get a therapist until this coming up august. i managed to console a lawyer in a different field who told me that, yes, yes i would win a case. i was forced to hide, and only this year have i slowly been coming out. do you want to know why this happened? because a rude bitch stole a character of mine, and i called her out. i didn't know she could cause so much damage with fake "proof" supporting her allegations. i'm way more sensitive to pedophilia than i was before, which i guess is a good thing, but there was never a problem in the first place. never had the urge, never had a thought, never even questioned myself with "what if i turn into one?" nothing. to me, children are unable to have sex because they are not sexual beings, but they relentlessly called me one despite my utter hatred toward the real ones. now i have dreams of minors trying to get with me, and i have to reject them, but it led to the worst nightmare i've ever had in my 30 years of existing, and it'd be cruel to tell you about it. hell, i'm mentally still a child myself. i don't like being around children because i find them annoying, and i'm afraid i'll hit them like my mother did to me. then again, i'm not on drugs. still, i HAVE babysat kids before, and i've never once had any sort of problem. but these psychopaths convinced tons of people that i am one, so when i was doxxed, i was afraid that they'd come kill me for that specific allegation. they did many things that your stalker(s) did to you, but more people, and within a year. still, my experience is a bug bite compared to yours. i am jealous that you could go through all of that and still be living to this day. i wish i could be strong, but everyone, EVERYONE, save for small handfuls of people, have beaten me down into mush. i have NO self esteem, i hate myself, i know i'm worthless, and there's nothing that makes me special. my husband (then fiance) saved me last december. he is one of the only lights in my messed up life. you'd think it'd make me feel better knowing that others have it worse, but it doesn't. people like you, people with even WORSE experiences... knowing that these things that should be unspeakable actually happen to people makes me feel even shittier. i want to snap my fingers and make it all go away. if you've read this far... people are evil. PEOPLE. ARE. EVIL. my number one rule in life is never trust anyone, and after what happened to me, it's even stronger. never trust anyone unless they can truly prove they're sincere. if someone is kind to you, be civil back, but don't lower your guard for a second. NEVER TRUST ANYONE. NEVER.
Павлик Морозов
Павлик Морозов Prije dan
I'm so so sorry. I hope everything will be okay with you
mac 。
mac 。 Prije 4 dana
Damn Shannon what happened to you….. You’re ruined.😔
Sir. Grumpy Pawson
Sir. Grumpy Pawson Prije 5 dana
jesus fucking christ this is a modern day horror story. Why, just why
Stacey Bride
Stacey Bride Prije 5 dana
I'm only part way in ( I'm definitely listening to the rest ) but I'm up to the part where you take ownership of things you said about Shannons voice. It's one thing to be catty and I get that yo uu feel bad about it- but as someone who's involved in art and music, it's important to be honest. If her voice WAS weak , then you were being HONEST. It's not a put down.
Astrid Lejeune
Astrid Lejeune Prije 5 dana
i can't fathom how a person could do all these horrible things and think it's ok and justified, both shannon and anthony need to be in jail at this point
Tsundere Prije 5 dana
This should be a Lifetime movie. Also I’m sorry you’ve endure this situation. It’s very traumatic.
SpecialEdge Special Birb
SpecialEdge Special Birb Prije 5 dana
20:03 wait is she trans? Or are they just trying to say she looks like a boy Edit: I got an answer, thank you
ronswasonbutcuter Prije 4 dana
They're basically trying to say she looks like a trans woman who doesn't "pass". She is natal female, but Anthony and Shannon are just going for any low blow they can think of
no, emily isn't trans, shannon is just transphobic
Crazyboy The 1st
Crazyboy The 1st Prije 6 dana
I just found out what happened earlier today and I want to say I’m really sorry, I watched her videos once in a while, so I didn’t know she was like this and I don’t know who you are, but I can really tell that you didn’t deserve that and if you’re a Christian, I’ll pray that this ends really soon and you get no more dumbass sock puppet comments and if you’re not a Christian, then I still hope that this dies down and I hope and pray that those two sick fucks get what they deserve soon and I’m sorry for my language, if you don’t like cursing. But I won’t talk about that anymore because it sickens me describing it and you probably get tons of comments about that already, so I’ll change the subject. You’ll be the first and probably only art channel I’ll sub to and I have a question if you reply to comments. Do you have any tips on how to draw better because that’s something I need to work on and I can barely draw a straight circle, that’s how bad I am
btd0ja Prije 6 dana
Can we also just agree that Anthony is cringe af
K War
K War Prije 6 dana
I heard a good quote the other day and I think it’s a good one for you, “people who try to bring you down do so because they know they are below you.” The girl in that relationship must feel like crap because the guy is blatantly obsessed with you. If my partner were to focus on another woman like this guy does with you I’d be fucked off and hurt. You’re such a strong ars artist, talent coming out your ass fuck them. When they were homeless they probably lived under a bridge like all trolls do. X
The Kujo Files
The Kujo Files Prije 6 dana
Stay strong queen they'll be hunted down I'm sure of it
theprettyredcat Prije 6 dana seems straight out of a movie🤐never knew people could go to such lengths to disturb others😔why don't they focus on their lives instead,anyways you are really strong and I love your work ♥️♥️♥️ I have been following you for 3-4 years now... Hope everything turns out well and know that you will emerge stronger ♥️♥️♥️
s01 Prije 6 dana
this literally made me cry, the fact that you went through SUCH literal torture, anguish, fear and paranoia and STILL are such a pure, kind soul as to still not attack your abusers & be respectful of Shannons personal information.... that just proves how genuine and good of a person you are, you have unparalleled strength for putting up with this for years. thank you for continuing to still be alive and not only that, be the mother of your children, they are incredibly lucky to have a person like you be a mother to them.
Meow meow and Woof
Meow meow and Woof Prije 6 dana
When Emily almost cried and tried to push it back it was heartbreaking, thank you for trying to improve when you realized you were wrong, not everyone does that♥️ I hope you will get better 💓
George Wilkinson
George Wilkinson Prije 6 dana
hey emily i really know what it feels like to be abused by your peers and doing drugs at the same time, how people can take low blows without any concious and how it effects the altered mind….. just like you i found home in art and what you draw is truly amazing ❤️ youre not alone out there bud and i pray for better days, both for you and your children. ✊🙂 chin up. NEW SUB ❤️
All_seeing_eye91 Gaming
All_seeing_eye91 Gaming Prije 6 dana
My biggest confusion is if she was supposed to be homeless and working different jobs and struggling in life why the hell would she attack another woman or man whoever person and put stress on them and honestly how do you have time for that if you're going through all that. I've had friends and family and myself have been homeless or had to struggle through life at certain points and I can promise you when those times were happening for me I didn't have time to go through fake arguments and stir crap up..
wild iris
wild iris Prije 7 dana
This reminds me of the movie single white female geez how insane do people have to be to do this to another human being. Glad you are strong and have a solid support system to get through this.
hannah Flynn
hannah Flynn Prije 7 dana
It’s so sad to hear her try and justify how she handled her situation. There is no perfect way to handle something as sinister as this, and she handled it the way she needed to. What a nightmare to live through. I’m so sorry❤️
Charlie Sharp
Charlie Sharp Prije 7 dana
Wait please take this to the cops. They wrote you a whole novel where they admitted to all of that information of yours being retained by them. That’s ridiculously easy to check since they clearly are sloppy with their IPs. They wrote a whole huge confession. And then DM’d it to you.
Charlie Sharp
Charlie Sharp Prije dan
@Reese That’s awful :(
Reese Prije 4 dana
she tried to, but the cost of a lawyer and court is too much for her, plus they won't help her without proof of Shannon owing CP.
MelonB0mb Prije 7 dana
I just wanted to say, I sincerely appreciate the sheer amount of time, effort, and emotional strength making this video must have required. But thank you so much for sharing such a personal and traumatic experience (and in such a well-articulated way, no less) in the hopes that no others are harmed in the same way.
JokerSalvar Prije 7 dana
I know that I'm late for this but sorry that you went through the torture by these evil toxic two people who went through out the 8 years trying to bring you down. You are amazing in your work of art and you are a person that deserves love and praise. May you have a bit of peace knowing that you are free from the chains of your past of 8 years of torment. Your fantastic as a artist and a person.
puppyhowler Prije 7 dana
creepshow art has been real quiet since this dropped
RavenC1357 Prije 7 dana
Omg this guy is lame af. I get that he terrified you and that's valid but what a fckn lsr he is. Also, alas, alas. 🙄🙄🙄 I'm sorry you went though this.
JIAYI WU Prije 7 dana
I just hope that she gets arrested.
Just Another Comment
Just Another Comment Prije 7 dana
Jesus, I’m so sorry you had to go through all of this.Sending much love and strength x Also, the “being friendly to avoid getting hurt thing you mention”, is actually a _very common_ response to danger. As well as “flight, fight and freeze” there are actually some more lesser-known danger responses people have, one of them being “fawn” (I.e being submissive and kind in the hopes they’ll spare you) so you’re definatly not strange or wrong to respond in such a way. Again, sending much love and hope you’re alright x
Axolotl Prije 7 dana
Emily: reflect reflect reflect Shannon: DEFLECT DEFLECT D E F L E C T
Martin Zuniga
Martin Zuniga Prije 7 dana
• Pixie-Pop •
• Pixie-Pop • Prije 8 dana
I had no idea that Shanon is like that- I used to idolize her and also I’m just- so upset that I actually looked up to her and supported her. I’m so sorry.
eren yeager
eren yeager Prije 8 dana
No because this isn’t internet drama. *it’s a whole god danm crime*
She-Ra Princess of Power
She-Ra Princess of Power Prije 8 dana
advice: don't use the sympathy card for your actions because you were a drug addict. wont go over well, plus it makes you appear hypocritical. also find it interesting how these comments have been censored an all negatives deleted, wonder how long this one will stay. deleting dissent is only going to hurt your credibility. ok, my bf is a lawyer, im trying to help you.
ronswasonbutcuter Prije 7 dana
K Anthony lol
Lily Eileen Snape
Lily Eileen Snape Prije 7 dana
its not pulling the sympathy card. She did not once ask for forgiveness for her actions and she went through therapy to heal herself instead of abusing and keeping the bad person she used to be around. Do you know how hard it is for a drug addict to give up all that while also being homeless and harassed? When your abusing substances you don't care how anyone is going to perceive you. Emily also had someone else abusing her that she didn't go into detail with and was probably the main cause for her drug abuse along with andrew and shannon.
Nicole Dempsey
Nicole Dempsey Prije 8 dana
Strange form of "help". Sharing a story of abuse and being real about her history with abuse isn't asking for sympathy. Advice: this is her video and forum, not a trial. She can and do as she pleases to save her own mental health. You sound like a Clarence Thomas stan.
holherth Prije 8 dana
I’m listening to this entire thing because I’ve had the same problem for 3 years and still have no idea who it is, but have some idea who it could be. And every time I think they’re gone, they pop back up. Why people do this is beyond me but I’ve never been able to relate so much so I really appreciate you coming forward about the years of harassment, gives me hope I’ll eventually get a more defined conclusion. Everything you’ve felt and expressed I totally empathize with and understand. Thank you.
Lev is a tall cheesestick
Lev is a tall cheesestick Prije 9 dana
50:01[time stamp] I need to take a moment before I come back.
Deez nutz
Deez nutz Prije 9 dana
Both creep and her husband
jcrafthouse Prije 9 dana
Emily, holy fuck. I am sorry this is happening.
Teresa Jenkins
Teresa Jenkins Prije 9 dana
Who’s here after the families ep
Jane Morrison
Jane Morrison Prije 9 dana
Thank you for sharing all of this. I will go listen to a couple versions of "Rise" to patch up my psyche. All this time I've been enjoying the tips and reviews and humor. Sending love and thoughts of wholeness.
Jann Stoetz
Jann Stoetz Prije 9 dana
I get that you can't have her arrested, unfortunately :/ But have you contacted HRpost to see if at least they will terminate her channel? You deserve at least some justice. Doesn't HRpost even care?
Flan UwU
Flan UwU Prije 8 dana
She can get her arrested actually, and I hope that she does tbh
Yandere Bich
Yandere Bich Prije 9 dana
Girl I am so sorry for what they put you through. I hope you get the closure that you deserve. (Your art is beautiful by the way. You are talented don’t ever let anyone take that away from you) There’s a special place in h-e double toothpicks for them. Thank you for telling your story because no one could guess she would do that. (Probably) I Hope you have a good rest over your day. 🧡🌸
NT Prije 9 dana
...I had no idea any of this was going on, I just thought creepshow was just a channel about discussing drama, I had no idea she completly flipped the narrative and said that she was the one harassed for years, I'm sorry this happened and that I believed her, I didn't hear about this side untill now.
Rae Hobbs
Rae Hobbs Prije 9 dana
Honestly this video gave me hope, maybe that’s the wrong word but regardless, thank you. I’m currently still in a very similar situation and sometimes it’s hard to not give up or roll over. (Especially when the ex drags and delays the court dates until you can’t afford your layer anymore). Anyways, thank you for speaking your truth and I’m so sorry that you’ve had to experience such utterly cruel treatment. Wishing you all the best!
chris Prije 9 dana
That's screwed up, but in a way is life for some, you could only wish that this kinda thing didn't exist and that nobody got away with this but there's only so much you can do to make a change, as a person with apathy for self, I'd rather take care of others than self, so just know as a person no one tells you what to do, as nobody tells me to not help others, and thank you for telling us so this doesn't go unnoticed and hopefully the people that wronged you wont get away with it.
Loffter Prije 9 dana
It's crazy, this morning i realized I hadnt seen a video from creepshow in a while and got curious, and hooooooly shit. I'm sorry yall went through all this.
DianaBelikova Prije 9 dana
Huge hugs, Em! You are an amazing artist and one very strong person who fought and overcome character flows. Those who are lesser humans and pity will always be. Sue those 2 pity as*es now to the end of the world cause they deserve to never see the light of day.
98Unicorns Prije 9 dana
when i watched shannons video about 'being stalked' i noticed the only emotion she displayed was anger, unlike you, who actually got emotional. if she was actually caused this much hell for 8+ years she would surely show some other emotion than just creepy half anger
Elizabeth Marie
Elizabeth Marie Prije 2 dana
she only expressed that emotion because she was probably reliving everything she did to Emily as she lied about it being done to her and she was feeling the vindictive anger she felt when she was harassing Emily
Greg Jayonnaise
Greg Jayonnaise Prije 7 dana
Not to mention how she supposedly made up with her stalker in the end. That’s how you can tell that she’s never ACTUALLY been stalked. Shannon felt insincere and detached from the experience in that video, almost like she was trying to convince her audience that she was genuine by pretending to be angry.
Tiny Bird
Tiny Bird Prije 10 dana
All that time spent spreading fear and hate - they could have gotten better jobs and got on with their lives.
Lindy D
Lindy D Prije 10 dana
These people are evil! So sorry you had to suffer for so many years because of them. They should be in shackles.
Miss Strawberry
Miss Strawberry Prije 10 dana
I know how this feels, and it is HELL. It feels like they are always watching, always there. But when the psychotic, obsessive behavior is brought to light, it feels so vindicating. I know how it feels to have to become a gun owner because of stuff like this- youre not alone, and I hope you are protected in the purest light, and that you can move a little further away from this hell each day until the days when it will mean nothing!! Take care of yourself, I know it's exhausting!
idk Prije 10 dana
Your baby is adorable and you’re obviously a great loving mother, they are jealous that they feel that they have no purpose in life. ❤️
rose champagne
rose champagne Prije 10 dana
We love & support you, Emily. Thank you for bravely speaking out about all of this trauma you endured, and massive congratulations on getting sober and turning your life around, despite all the ways they tried to make you fail. Ultimately, they ended up being the failures, and you survived. ❤️ Never forget that
Azul Marine
Azul Marine Prije 10 dana
I didn't know neither you or Shannon before all of this came about and took over my home page here on HRpost, but I am deeply a truly sorry for what you've been through, you are a survivor, a true inspiration on resilience and self control. Many people, and I include myself in this, would probably have fallen victim to this vileness and this amount of sheer hate. No human should go through this, and I'm sincerely moved by your story. You are completely correct when you say that we all have flaws, and shouldn't have these flaws hanging over our heads like we're forever defined by the worst things we've ever done in our lives, and the fact that you could bring this TERRIBLE story to light without even saying what most of us would, that would be calling these two A COUPLE OF PSYCHOS THAT SHOULD FUCK THEMSELVES AND ROT IN JAIL, you're here being rational and collected about it. Congrats Emily, for real!! This that you just did here, THAT'S HARD TO DO GIRL!!! I wish these two can have some long, insightful time to think in prison. I really do.
GGFNAF64 Prije 10 dana
You seem like a good person😁😁
mynameisreza1 Prije 10 dana
damn after watching this my problems don't seem like problems no more sorry for everthing you have been through
Calla Nightshade
Calla Nightshade Prije 10 dana
Honey your problems are still perfectly valid. By comparison, yeah Emily has it worse but that doesn't mean your problems are any less valid. Sending love to you ❤️
Chloehorseshoe Prije 10 dana
Even though all of those awful things happened to do, I’m so glad that through all of it you were able to pick yourself up and keep going You’ve been so brave though all of this and you should be really proud of yourself ❤️ Love you and I hope for justice
diamonddva Prije 10 dana
I feel so stupid.. I loved her channel and her art and wow.. She stole everything from you.. What a down right bitch!!! 🥺 I hope your doing okay and I hope you get the justice you deserve, I'm so sorry ☹️ I know this might now help, but you earned a new subscriber, keep your head up girl!! 🥰
taxevasion Prije 10 dana
People like this deserve the electric chair idfc at this point
047 Prije 9 dana
You're right, some people deserve it
idk Prije 10 dana
Someone showing this much of a lack of empathy really seem irredeemable
angel powers
angel powers Prije 10 dana
Sorry this happen to you
Ray My Beloved ✨
Ray My Beloved ✨ Prije 10 dana
I honestly feel so bad for you
Vanity Prije 10 dana
im probably late to this, but i am so sorry about what has happened to you, i hope you get better.
Ravna B.E.
Ravna B.E. Prije 11 dana
FC_CT C Prije 11 dana
Hi Emily - I wondered as seeing how they love working breadcrumbs into their harassment of you, if the Mind Bending Thumb Bending reference had more meaning so I looked it up..... the urban dictionary definition is: “a seminal work of the 21st century avant-garde cinema boom; inspired a wave of nerdy imitators wearing green hats, eg: “though somewhat entertaining, her body of work isn’t as profound or as illuminating as the mind bending thumb bending video” That’s why he said “avant-garde” in the text about the void and your work not being up to par etc, they wanted you to google it and see it was an insult, that they thought was intellectual and clever 🙄 I’m so truly sorry you went through this and had to deal with these awful humans.
Music Junkie
Music Junkie Prije 11 dana
Jesus Mcfucking Christ
pizza slice
pizza slice Prije 11 dana
Off topic but your talking voice reminds me of Selena Gomez lol
eg Prije 11 dana
There's already plenty of comments on this video about what happened and yes, its really bad and i agree with all the comments. But i would like to say the art in this video is great, they all look like neat tattoos. :)) keep up the good work, and im sorry about what happened, no one deserves that.
Everythingisgreenandsubmarine Prije 11 dana
Anthony is also totally out of his mind. Those texts where he tries to sound all "deep" is embarrassing
Reitanna Seishin
Reitanna Seishin Prije 4 dana
i agree. i've known people like this. they try to sound like high intellectuals, or that they know what lays beyond our current existence. psychopaths are not crazy; they know exactly what they're doing and the consequences, they just don't care. would i like revenge on all of my bullies? yes. am i going to plan or take any action to do it? never. that's supposed to be a fantasy that you don't try to reach because you know it would ruin your life. HE doesn't care. he cares about no one. he only cares for himself.
kitty Prije 10 dana
mind bending thumb bending 💀👿💔💥💣🔪🔫⛓🥀
Gabbie Hanna will never stop.
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