Mocking FaZe Adapt

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FaZe Jarvis

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Mocking FaZe Adapt! @FaZe Adapt is known for his series Mocking FaZe Banks so I decided to prank him with his own medicine with @TeaWap. He got so mad LOL. I also got him chicken because he played my whatever you draw I buy challenge so we're cool now.
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CRN HurriKane
CRN HurriKane Prije 6 mjeseci
Abdool Kader Randeree
Abdool Kader Randeree Prije mjesec
@shinny_x it's because he was first to comment
Unknown G
Unknown G Prije mjesec
How did he get that much likes for that
Charles Chicken legs
Charles Chicken legs Prije mjesec
WTF... just for that bru
Skrimmz➊ Prije mjesec
My man got pinned for this lmao
CRN HurriKane
CRN HurriKane Prije mjesec
@M12 Ad4m thanks
Oliver Trasatti
Oliver Trasatti Prije dan
Adapt thinks he’s hard
Meshawn Roberts
Meshawn Roberts Prije dan
Can I join faze pls
Realperson 75
Realperson 75 Prije dan
Stop teawap abuse
x2wL_3bn Prije 2 dana
brawed t
brawed t Prije 2 dana
The way ur face actually looks bothers me 😂😂😂😂😂
Logan Bennett
Logan Bennett Prije 4 dana
emsko Prije 5 dana
Make a 2 3. 4 5 6 7 8 9
im botty
im botty Prije 5 dana
Jarvis content is getting better without fortnite, this shows how fortnite is dying
BlueOulu Prije 6 dana
Greek τύπου
Josh Rajasekaran
Josh Rajasekaran Prije 7 dana
is it just me that’s trynna figure out if adapts controller is a ps4 one or xbox one??
KAKASHI Cocky Weak Gay
KAKASHI Cocky Weak Gay Prije 7 dana
Adapt is The New Banks & Jarvis Is the New Adapt
Daniel Avila
Daniel Avila Prije 8 dana
6:32 whats david dobrik doing at the faze house
OG King Leo
OG King Leo Prije 10 dana
Flowzz Prije 11 dana
Save teawap
Faze Arda
Faze Arda Prije 12 dana
The tumbnail and jarvises face lolllll
Axyo Prije 13 dana
anybody else remeber when adapt used to say the n word
Dean Jones
Dean Jones Prije 13 dana
Rip javes
Faris Alezzani
Faris Alezzani Prije 16 dana
Raphy Datoc
Raphy Datoc Prije 16 dana
Oh well... "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that's why it's called the present." Master Oogway
FaZe rain611
FaZe rain611 Prije 18 dana
Teawap no
Viperjaxx Prije 18 dana
Adapt is wild with flamethrowers?
MysticGaMing 76
MysticGaMing 76 Prije 19 dana
Jarvis: You want a Ting I can get you a Ting 20 min later Adapt: when jarvis said you want a ting I'm pretty sure he ment his new assistant 20 min ago Adapt: I KNOW JARVIS GOT A ROSTER TING
Iyad Haj
Iyad Haj Prije 22 dana
is that a reall gun adapt??
FLIX 231
FLIX 231 Prije 22 dana
Weres Frazier
Lukas Nikoloski
Lukas Nikoloski Prije 22 dana
Is this what jarvis is doing now that he is banned
Alejandro Rovelo
Alejandro Rovelo Prije 24 dana
0:22 I got scared I thouught I saw an egg
LG Wally
LG Wally Prije 25 dana
ViperFN Prije 26 dana
why hate on teawap
ViperFN Prije 26 dana
your going to be a nugget
Maneesh Kumar
Maneesh Kumar Prije 26 dana
Goat Vibes
Goat Vibes Prije mjesec
Alex is a bit crazy you guys should send medical help ASAP
Mohanned Abdulaziz G10
Mohanned Abdulaziz G10 Prije mjesec
Bruh FaZe Adapt is such a hypocreite. He annoyed Banks so much and now is making such a big deal when its happening to him
3315 LR 2.0
3315 LR 2.0 Prije mjesec
Mock Adapt part 2
Faze Agent peely
Faze Agent peely Prije mjesec
Kick adapt from faze for me
Texanssuperfan Prije mjesec
Easydoesit Prije mjesec
The big macs are outdated
FaZe Minty
FaZe Minty Prije mjesec
I literally have a better gaming chair than adapt
kateshanahan78 Prije mjesec
Everyone like this video please
Sayf Elnakib
Sayf Elnakib Prije mjesec
damn that slap
Prometheus Strive
Prometheus Strive Prije mjesec
Adapt had a taste of his own medicine.
Absalom Marin
Absalom Marin Prije mjesec
ixdj 123
ixdj 123 Prije mjesec
ixdj 123
ixdj 123 Prije mjesec
@faze adapt
Tito Colin
Tito Colin Prije mjesec
Jarvis says how are you in faze how is he in faze his banned he can't do shit
Craig Spielberg
Craig Spielberg Prije mjesec
Nice grammar
Trix wind
Trix wind Prije mjesec
Faze up
Underthe-Mask_ Prije mjesec
# freejarvis
Homyon Kabir
Homyon Kabir Prije mjesec
If you don't like you will end up like jarvis with AiMbOt
Homyon Kabir
Homyon Kabir Prije mjesec
Like the video if you do FaZe jarvis will be in your house
da_Clutchey Prije mjesec
Mocking FaZe Adapt
no one
no one Prije mjesec
Stop bullying jarvis cameraman!!!!!!!!!!
Thouen Thach
Thouen Thach Prije mjesec
This is how many times Adapt has been annoyed ⬇️
i81x Prije mjesec
lol only 1
songokurocks123 Prije mjesec
ever sense jarivis and kay joined " faze" i stop watching they post the dumbest videos and faze rug like i miss the cod trick shots not these dumb vids
Tatorz Prije mjesec
I mean like 6 months ago Dave opened a store where I live in sd and it bomb
Frosty iOS
Frosty iOS Prije mjesec
Worst thumbnail ever no offence tho I love ur videos!
Quss40 !!!
Quss40 !!! Prije mjesec
this is my nick lionbulgaria
Quss40 !!!
Quss40 !!! Prije mjesec
yo @jarvis can i join faze plz bro
Creative Arena
Creative Arena Prije mjesec
I want to catch adapts hands
Shian Mattew Penuliar
Shian Mattew Penuliar Prije mjesec
kajal malik
kajal malik Prije mjesec
Jarvis thumbnails are sick
Arav Playzz
Arav Playzz Prije mjesec
Everybody gangsta until the flame thrower comes out
Ace oxxied
Ace oxxied Prije mjesec
At the end jarvis was trying so hard to get a phum nail. 😂
Prentice Griffin
Prentice Griffin Prije mjesec
How you gonna hurt teawaps feelings
Yurian Crespo
Yurian Crespo Prije mjesec
Did anybody see the guy who used to be in faze
Yopa Prije mjesec
Roses are red Violets are blue We got scammed And give him a view
Theo Laws
Theo Laws Prije mjesec
ithink alex is the one that needs aimbot
Ryan Jorgensen
Ryan Jorgensen Prije mjesec
Ryan Jorgensen
Ryan Jorgensen Prije mjesec
says the busted face* :adapt:imma f you up
Dropz Prije 2 mjeseci
Kate Harmon
Kate Harmon Prije 2 mjeseci
jarvis im the best 9 year old in fort
calebplaysFN Prije 2 mjeseci
Why teawap
Sebastian Bertelsen
Sebastian Bertelsen Prije 2 mjeseci
Teewap looks like my uncle
Nxzy Prije 2 mjeseci
BAHAHAAHHA Maybe i Get pinned:)
50 k Subscribers Without Video
50 k Subscribers Without Video Prije 2 mjeseci
help me reach 50 k for some good luck!!
BrodyOnWxfx Prije 2 mjeseci
6:32 looks like David Dobrik and Jarvis had a child
FaZe ㅤ
FaZe ㅤ Prije 2 mjeseci
Baagagahhahahahahahahahha dum
2Kvalenc Prije 2 mjeseci
3:37 LMAO
2Kvalenc Prije 2 mjeseci
4:32 also
Kuno FN
Kuno FN Prije 2 mjeseci
Plot Twist: Banks Hired Jarvis To Mock Adapt.
Naz YT
Naz YT Prije 2 mjeseci
*Literally 99% won’t see this : Your amazing and wonderful, stay safe during this rough times🕊*
Naz YT
Naz YT Prije 2 mjeseci
*Literally 99% won’t see this : Your amazing and wonderful, stay safe during this rough times🕊*
clouds_on_yt Prije 2 mjeseci
say to teawap i love him
Andres Mendez
Andres Mendez Prije 2 mjeseci
Can we get some f in the chat for tewap
32Lonks !
32Lonks ! Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how there making fun of his setup even though it’s better than everyone In the comments
qtjimmy Prije mjesec
1000 Subscribers Before Tomorrow Challenge!
1000 Subscribers Before Tomorrow Challenge! Prije 2 mjeseci
Only OG's remember when Adapt used to mock banks
Alex Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s not the same I like adapts mocking videos
WordyBalloon Prije 2 mjeseci
Adapt mocking Banks will forever be the best
Oliver Nicholson
Oliver Nicholson Prije 2 mjeseci
Poor tewap
GliZ Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis: unplugs monitor Alex: lights him on fire
Faze Arda
Faze Arda Prije 2 mjeseci
Fab bat
Gaming With ZEUS
Gaming With ZEUS Prije 2 mjeseci
The thumbnail though 😂😂
Blizzy FN
Blizzy FN Prije 2 mjeseci
Dom tracey and faze Adapt kinda look a little the same in facial features
Lightning n4r4njit4
Lightning n4r4njit4 Prije 2 mjeseci
3:37 Alex got a blessing
Lightning n4r4njit4
Lightning n4r4njit4 Prije 2 mjeseci
Part 2?
asianboi _keith
asianboi _keith Prije 2 mjeseci
Whys adapt so agressive 😂
elite prime Yoo
elite prime Yoo Prije 2 mjeseci
Teewap is amazing
extrortornat3r Prije 2 mjeseci
jarvis i recon summer the one for u
stable smog
stable smog Prije 2 mjeseci
its my bday
IceDevil Darkness Soul
IceDevil Darkness Soul Prije 2 mjeseci
Hi apt
Detatch N9
Detatch N9 Prije 2 mjeseci
Rip teawap
Caststover Is good
Caststover Is good Prije 2 mjeseci
Th is vid has three mill views but only 1k comments
Mort FN
Mort FN Prije 2 mjeseci
4:55 And this is why there are fires in california
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