Hayward to Hornets, Thompson to Celtics: Woj recap Day 2 of NBA free agency | SportsCenter

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Adrian Wojnarowski joins SportsCenter to recap the biggest signings from Day 2 of NBA free agency, including Gordon Hayward agreeing to a 4-year deal worth $120 million with the Charlotte Hornets, Tristan Thompson heading to the Boston Celtics on a 2-year contract and Rajon Rondo going to the Atlanta Hawks.
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j q
j q Prije mjesec
Man so much players overpaid. Inflation really doing its thing. Imagine paying Fred Vanfleet $20mil a year and Gordon Hayward $30mil a year and they arent even the top 20 players in their position lmao
Sung Shin
Sung Shin Prije mjesec
Hayward a bust. Bench player making $120m? Crazy! Jordan needs his head exam. Hayward will spend most of the time either injured reserve or bench.
Neyho Seventeen
Neyho Seventeen Prije mjesec
Ibaka joinjng Khawi.
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva Prije mjesec
From what I've read, Hayward could have gone to Denver after Jerami Grant left or returned to Utah. Hayward with Jokić, Murray, and MPJ? Or returning to his past to play with Utah's future? But sure, a rebuilding team is where it's at. 😒
FBI AGENT 02 Prije mjesec
People sleep on the impact Gallinari can have on a team
hateyouwithapassion1 Prije mjesec
Gordon better drop 30 a night ONG bro
Young Revenue
Young Revenue Prije mjesec
Why is Hayward getting much more money than Van Fleet?
Christian Meeks
Christian Meeks Prije mjesec
Woj went ahead and got that fresh line👀
STEZZ ISALAME Prije mjesec
Thomas sucks no kizzy
Rob Roy
Rob Roy Prije mjesec
Hayward isn’t worth the money. They guy is always hurt.what is MJ thinking?
Hot Mic Sports
Hot Mic Sports Prije mjesec
Legit just talked about this in my vid.
Kostini Mikado
Kostini Mikado Prije mjesec
Glad Hayward got out of Boston. Brown shouldn’t have been getting more shots than him.
kajock kijekmplei
kajock kijekmplei Prije mjesec
bro i thought thompson was klay
John Bonoan
John Bonoan Prije mjesec
Jordan's eyes are going to turn more yellowish after Lamelo breaks Hayward's confidence in practice.
vaids nomiss
vaids nomiss Prije mjesec
Hayward is trash. Wouldn't pay him anything tbh
Pure 2b
Pure 2b Prije mjesec
I thought they meant Klay Thompson I was thinking no way that just happened.
D DOGG X Prije mjesec
Hayward is way over paid jordan just throwing money away waiste
Darkside Fla
Darkside Fla Prije mjesec
Everytime i look at a Brooklyn Nets game..It always reminds me of the movie sin city
Quepid 101
Quepid 101 Prije mjesec
Sad rondo got traded!!!
Wallace Tucker
Wallace Tucker Prije mjesec
What did hayward do to earn that contract... nothing really
Chevas El más grande
Chevas El más grande Prije mjesec
Yo I got scared when title said Thompson to Celtics
Mick v2t Shaw
Mick v2t Shaw Prije mjesec
Jordan’s eyesight and hearing is way off, he thought it was Larry Bird he was signing 😂
James Prije mjesec
hayward isn't worth 4 year 120 million even when he was healthy leaving the Jazz, let alone coming back after his injury a few years ago.. what's MJ thinking? Geez, for all the trash talking he did to Jerry Krause in the Last Dance, MJ's time as an executive proves how important it is to have a good front office.
PengxueYG Prije mjesec
what seed is portland gonna get this season? just curious
Victor Kan
Victor Kan Prije mjesec
Hayward looks like he has 50lbs or concrete in each shoe
Tev Prije mjesec
if hayward got 120mill, i might have to test my free agency stock while we at it lol
Andreas Ryge
Andreas Ryge Prije mjesec
Lol Always funny when a players contract unequivocally shows they care 100% about money and would be happy never winning another game like Hayward just did.
Magicman786R10 Prije mjesec
Hayward is not worth more than 20 mil a year.
ngocchau dinhbao
ngocchau dinhbao Prije mjesec
powerfuljre leanon peeing
Cesar Garcia
Cesar Garcia Prije mjesec
Hayward’s fragile body gets $120 million and Carmelo Anthony only gets a veterans minimum? Then teams wondered why they can never win a title!! Maybe it’s time to put the GM’s on the trade block!!!!
Michael T
Michael T Prije mjesec
Jordan's on crack 120 NEVER !! Dude never Been on That level.. Jordan should have nothing to do with putting A Team Together Facts!!
John Dela Cruz
John Dela Cruz Prije mjesec
People easily forgot that Hayward carried Utah to the playoffs in a stacked western conference. You can't just recover that fast from an injury he had. It also took Paul George a while before his body and his game fully recovered. With Ball, Hayward and Graham, and if Hornets can get rid of Terry 'Prima Donna' Rozier and get a 3-and-D player in return, Hornets can make the playoffs this year.
Manne Di
Manne Di Prije mjesec
Lakers should've gotten Ibaka instead of Harrell. Better defense and offense esp the three
Pepe Lobos
Pepe Lobos Prije mjesec
The Real RsJc
The Real RsJc Prije mjesec
Michael Jordan is the worst Owner in the NBA. Hornets deserve better.
Jogn Fong
Jogn Fong Prije mjesec
Hindsight 20/20, but I think Lakers should've picked up Ibaka instead of Harrell. Big size for them having Gasol and Ibaka or McGee and Ibaka.
MrMomoneyz Prije mjesec
Getting Hayward is total waste of money. THis guy is injury prone and he probably doesn't fit in their system.
never say die
never say die Prije mjesec
Jeff teague is better than playoff kemba. Hahaha
never say die
never say die Prije mjesec
Melo for a mininum deal is nuts. Give him atleast 5 million
B L Prije mjesec
Woj looks like he’s gonna cry after Hayworth left lol
The Classic Manila-style
The Classic Manila-style Prije mjesec
terry rozier punching the air now, remember during free agency he said "he sacrificed his talent for gordon hayward" bet he's gonna be traded now lamelo is on board.
Itsjustlikemagic Prije mjesec
The hornets have officially become the knicks 2.0. Organization is run by a horrible owner who cannot get A level free agents to come, overpays for B level players, and has a terrible draft record.
king quad s
king quad s Prije mjesec
Clippers needed a loud ball handler, like Rondo or Chris Paul, it's over now.
MC the Natural
MC the Natural Prije mjesec
woj makes millions
king quad s
king quad s Prije mjesec
Who advises MJ though?
atlanta is a playoff team, stop trying us,., we just sign bobjan also and kris dunn
Patrick Ruch
Patrick Ruch Prije mjesec
Gotta say Gordon Hayward 4 years 120 million in Charlotte North Carolina Playing for the Hornets alongside Miles Bridges and LaMelo Ball. The Hornets I think will make the 2021 NBA Playoffs as the Eastern Conferences 8th seed.
Mizzy Miles Da NCMC
Mizzy Miles Da NCMC Prije mjesec
Happy for Hayward getting $$$, but he's nearly done, hopefully I'm wrong about him
rjdraper205 Prije mjesec
30 million a year. Somebody slap Michael Jordan
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Prije mjesec
Good luck to Hayward. The Celtics need to get playing time to their younger guys and they have lots of those.
allan jaamz
allan jaamz Prije mjesec
Woj deserves an annual award every free agency lol
Last season was really balanced, this one is still balanced so far but it feels different
Trust Me
Trust Me Prije mjesec
Jordan fire your GM Mitch asap
Madara Prije mjesec
how did melo only get the minimum🤦🏽‍♂️
Aj Prentis
Aj Prentis Prije mjesec
Potential sign and trade?
RidicuLuZ508 Prije mjesec
Seriously, I wish Hayward the all best in Charlotte. I hope he does well. “Break a leg,” Gordon!!! 🤣🤣🤣
RidicuLuZ508 Prije mjesec
I guess what I said was being unprofessional too. . . .but agreeing is worth 4 years and 120 million. Cheers bro!! 🤣🤣🤣
Trollificus Prije mjesec
Cool. That's just what I said when he jilted Utah (in a really shitty, borderline unprofessional way).
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Prije mjesec
Jordan loves to throw money away I see. Horrible!
4EverPure Prije mjesec
I feel like Carmelo Definitely deserves more than a minimum deal.
Anto Chan
Anto Chan Prije mjesec
wanted to hear what Woj had to say about Vanvleet deal, thats a huge contract compared to what he spent his time talking about but ahhh well
72impalaboi Prije mjesec
Although Hayward's a GOOD player and he secured the 💰 he's not worth 30 million a year.... He hasn't played since he signed with Boston 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
gshock knick
gshock knick Prije mjesec
Hey Woj. I disagree with you. Curse me out over Twitter
Kahlil Poet
Kahlil Poet Prije mjesec
I think Garden this was a good pick up for the young Hornets
Forrest Ennis
Forrest Ennis Prije mjesec
Hawks are definitely a playoff team
Hayden Sigurdson
Hayden Sigurdson Prije mjesec
Hopefully rondo can teach trae young how to play defense
Travoris Harris
Travoris Harris Prije mjesec
At this point Mj should no longer be allowed to sign players or have say over roster moves. He clearly ain't about winning. This guy has yet to sign a major player in this game.
Gautam Aggarwal
Gautam Aggarwal Prije mjesec
Is it just me or did anybody else think that the caption referred to Klay going to the Celtics?!
Ayrton Pazsoldan
Ayrton Pazsoldan Prije mjesec
Idk why people are mad sure he’s overpaid but the hornets aren’t going to land anyone else, also going to relieve some pressure on melo and graham this year
Frank Beans
Frank Beans Prije mjesec
Waiting for Lavars comments about Hayward and his son now 😂🤦‍♂️
The Rtisan
The Rtisan Prije mjesec
who was jordan bidding against?????? Bro what!!!???? like how man??
oinkpiggin Prije mjesec
Neil is simping Adrian. The comment at the end is cringe.
Ben Womack
Ben Womack Prije mjesec
When I saw the title Thompson to celtics, I was like, OH HECK NAH. Then I realized it was Tristan Thompson
Patricia Lucero
Patricia Lucero Prije mjesec
Same hahahahaha
MrShanester117 Prije mjesec
Tristan Thompson is cool. He just has this one fatal flaw where he sucks at basketball
MrShanester117 Prije mjesec
@Patricia Lucero 😂
Patricia Lucero
Patricia Lucero Prije mjesec
He not cool if he can't play right
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
LeBron can go mentor Montrezl to go hit a 3-PT shot. Even if Trezz could, his shot can easily be blocked by one of the Morris twins who are just as tall and more accurate from distance.
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
The fact Markieff Morris wants to leave the defending champions tells me these dudes were never loyal... 🤣 Trezz goes to the Clippers but Dwight, Rondo, Avery, and Keef all want to leave the Lakers..
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
Make it happen, LA Clippers. Keef can just sign the veteran's minimum. It's not against the cap. He only has to be the 9th and 10th guy on the team. Keef was huge in some of the Laker playoff games.
Masoud Abdun-Noor
Masoud Abdun-Noor Prije mjesec
How’s GH getting more than Van Vleet? FOH
Perfect I said Perfect.
Perfect I said Perfect. Prije mjesec
Jordan is the worst owner in history. Honestly. Lamello is the only decent choice they made. It really wasn't a choice it just was mns screw up.
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
Clippers still need to address their point guard / lack of a vocal leader / glue guy issues. We know Kawhi is a poker face whether he's winning or losing 🤖.
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
Clippers need to shorten their rotations a little more so each guy can get enough minutes to build rhythm. You can't just keep playing 10+ guys all the time. Sometimes having too much depth can be a bad thing.
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
PG: Beverley / Williams SG: George / Kennard SF: Leonard / Patterson PF: Morris / Morris C: Ibaka / Zubac
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
Do it, Clippers. Go after Markieff Morris after the Lakers sign a very offensively washed Marc Gasol. Ask Raptors how they felt about Marc Gasol? They weren't happy. They're more pissed they lost Serge Ibaka to us...
Major Price
Major Price Prije mjesec
Looks like another major mistake by MJ. How can a guy be the greatest player ever, and doesn’t have a clue on evaluating NBA talent???
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
It's a game of three-point shooting. And the Clippers will have Serge, Marcus, Keef, and PatPat bombing away from there while JaVale and Trezz have no range and Marc Gasol's offense is horrid.
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
Marcus already bagged that $64M. So he's sharing it with his twin. Think of the $64M for having both twins together. So Clippers aren't really overpaying for Mook if Keef is part of that package.
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
Clippers should just add Keef for the vet's minimum and he can back up his brother for PF. Keef is a solid replacement losing JaMychal. While Lakers added Trezz who can't even hit a 10 foot jump shot.
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
Laker fans getting excited they're getting Marc Gasol! 🤣 Dude is washed. He's on his last legs. But here's the twist. Markieff Morris wants to join his brother on the Clippers! 🤣
Jonathan Hancock
Jonathan Hancock Prije mjesec
Man the hornets had kamba didn't resign him then they sucked last season now they have hope with the draft then they get hayward someone they know is gonna get hurt this season just like every other season it must be hard to be a hornets fan
Stephen Lord
Stephen Lord Prije mjesec
Celtics open cap space by losing an underperforming player. Then sign 2 reliable players they needed!
deonta holmes
deonta holmes Prije mjesec
Ibaka a huge upgrade for clippers
Moe Prije mjesec
MJ is a total failure at being a owner.
HECTORY Channel Prije mjesec
did Woj ever apologize to Gobert, for the way he conducted himself as a prosecutor for days, ( Gobert make a mistake, pay for it largely, and, apologize promptly when he realize) did this gentlement do the same, before going on all media to show of ?
Josiah Hall
Josiah Hall Prije mjesec
Who thought Thompson meant Klay Thompson in the title lol...
Rebel86 Rebel86
Rebel86 Rebel86 Prije mjesec
Jordan makin moves finally...
Frozen Bean
Frozen Bean Prije mjesec
Whew thankful melo is still in the league.
Isaiah Santana
Isaiah Santana Prije mjesec
Danny Ainge needs to start being held accountable for his failings and mis handlings of things the last few seasons
Jodbir Waraich
Jodbir Waraich Prije mjesec
Lakers should have kept either Rondo or Dwight Howard they slipped
Dion Guthrie
Dion Guthrie Prije mjesec
How does Gordon Hayward get more money than Serge and Van Fleet? He stays hurt. Smh
Tito Medina
Tito Medina Prije mjesec
Hayward is overpay yes but Charlotte needs good players and they need to get revelant and he's gonna help that team.
Greg Galloway
Greg Galloway Prije mjesec
Gordon Heyward, LaMelo Ball, and Cody Zeller. Can’t wait to purchase my 2020-2021 season tickets. Wait, I forgot I took up Train Spotting as a hobby. I’m busy!
Pat4Clippers Prije mjesec
Montrezl worked with the Clippers because he had Lou there to help him pad his scoring. Lou won't be there. And LeBron and Trezz can't play together a lot because Trezz will clog the lane.
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