What Would Be Your Message to Every Black Person in America? | Keep It 100: Black in America | Cut

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We centered Black voices in America for this round of Keep It 100's first-ever nationwide production.
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What Would Be Your Message to Every Black Person in America?

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The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian Prije 6 sati
Take some responsibility
Thor Prije 6 dana
As a black man what makes you think I want to hear from these losers
Max Henn
Max Henn Prije 8 dana
All the things that were worth saying weren’t said
Jack Horswood
Jack Horswood Prije 10 dana
Ok, now make a video on every white person in America. Every latin person in America. Every Indian, Asian, Gypsy in America. Equality.
Willard Fasto
Willard Fasto Prije 10 dana
Stop acting like victims
ALEX MASON Prije 14 dana
- You are not oppressed
Rabblerouser Prije 16 dana
Holy shit I've found the worst channel on HRpost. I didn't think it was possible, but here I am watching this race pimping garbage. We truly live in amazing times
hh hh
hh hh Prije 16 dana
wtf we were the first and we will be the last? you planning on wiping out the other races bro? 🤔
Jesse McCauley
Jesse McCauley Prije 19 dana
Self accountability, work ethic, and discipline are what will make you successful in this life
Jay Es
Jay Es Prije 20 dana
Not even black but this hits some way
Camilla B
Camilla B Prije 21 dan
Pain and Joy is a way of knowing you lived a live worth living. Your struggles will give you strength to enjoy what’s on the otherside.
soapy lobster
soapy lobster Prije 21 dan
All I heard from most was “we want segregation again”
Limbo Prije 26 dana
I'm not crying you're crying.
Rabblerouser Prije 16 dana
No I'm pissed off at this self projecting bullshit
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy Prije 26 dana
isn't this like the same people from all the other videos?
shadow the hegeheg fan 420
shadow the hegeheg fan 420 Prije 27 dana
ZayvionRT Prije 28 dana
"There are black people in the future." Really needed to hear that.
Red_Echo_Panda Prije 11 dana
You know you are just as important as anyone else. Think if a zombie apocalypse happens who would really survive, I'm not the exaclty same as you and haven't had the same experiences but that's how I think of thing. I really hope you're doing well : D have a good day
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Prije 13 dana
John Smith
John Smith Prije 19 dana
Yeah ok dude, what ever you say.
Rafiq Qasim
Rafiq Qasim Prije mjesec
Never forget where you came from.
Zac Prije mjesec
The pyramids in Sudan are a bit shit compared go Egypt tho
Lobster Prije mjesec
Did that lady just advocate arming for a race war?
karabo mothupi
karabo mothupi Prije mjesec
You have no power to revenge though
Terina Prije mjesec
I wish this was longer!!! 🖤🖤🖤
Rico Sorensen
Rico Sorensen Prije mjesec
American schools are LACKING in righteous Black n African historyyy
Aglahad Prije 29 dana
No one cares about black history
eddie frank
eddie frank Prije mjesec
why do i see my old teacher in here :)
Nee Prije mjesec
If y’all got something against black people stop watching and posting negative comments😭 not everything is about you
Nee Prije 7 dana
@upturned you're a weirdo for even referring to black people as blacks, now stay out my mentions
upturned Prije 11 dana
Not everything is about blacks either. Hypocritical BLM rioter
Mo Zepplin
Mo Zepplin Prije mjesec
I got one/some!! Don’t blame white people for your problems. Respect Police. Don’t follow rappers. Don’t think because you do things the right way, you’re doing things the “white way”. Don’t hate people for their race. Don’t think you’re targeted. Raise your children with both parents. And love yourself.
Mo Zepplin
Mo Zepplin Prije mjesec
@Niyah Spam you should have your set standards when your getting grown for a man/woman before you begin dating.
Mo Zepplin
Mo Zepplin Prije mjesec
@Niyah Spam So untrue. If you would like to get to know them, find out what they want in life, give each other’s needs attention, find out values in life, morals. If you can’t determine how much of a piece of shit a dude/girl is then stop dating or having sex because then you will not know who. It used to be love making but so many people turn it into something that they don’t know who they’re dealing with
Niyah Spam
Niyah Spam Prije mjesec
@Mo Zepplin but the thing is... you don’t know whose the right or wrong dude until it happens.
Mo Zepplin
Mo Zepplin Prije mjesec
@Niyah Spam you’re blinded to the real world. But sure let’s say nobody has an option to pick the right person to have sex with and create a kid. You can’t speak on all cases cause you have no clue. Yeah some parents just up and leave for reasons being unknown but in my opinion it’s mostly a female picking the wrong dude.
Niyah Spam
Niyah Spam Prije mjesec
“Raise your children with both parents”I’m pretty sure they would if it was optional but unfortunately that’s not how it works.
The Church Guy
The Church Guy Prije mjesec
My message is: Make an individual effort to unite and become a United Front. Regardless of Religion, Politics, etc... Stop disrespecting each other- especially in public forums- and work things out. Become Manufacturers instead of Consumers. Accept your own, unconditionally and Do For Self. To my women, you NEED A MAN. And to my men, you NEED A WOMAN.
libofsharaku Prije mjesec
The hate that you have for yourself and other black people like you comes from whiteness...that is the message you want to send to all the black people? White supremacy, slavery, oppression....what in the fuck is going on here in this channel, these woke wakandians want to combat racism with counter racism? How is youtube allowing this?
Alice W
Alice W Prije mjesec
There are more pyramids in Sudan then in Egypt.... Because Sudan was part of Egypt at the time.
A W Prije 27 dana
what history book are you reading-
Girish Verma
Girish Verma Prije mjesec
MsDudette21 Prije mjesec
sounds like that first lady wants segregation
Barbara von Bärbel
Barbara von Bärbel Prije mjesec
@MsDudette21 thank you
MsDudette21 Prije mjesec
@makayla n lol liking something that is more common within another race and enjoying it isnt stealing. this isnt the 1800s anymore. she said she doesnt want them to come to the bbq simply cuz theyre white. they dont have to come cuz theyll steal everything cuz theyre white. thats her thought process. so people of different races cant like things common in another race? yeah sounds like segregation. im first generation african american. im not gonna get mad at some white guy for wearing a dashiki. you see racism everywhere, not cuz its there, but cuz u are looking for it.
makayla n
makayla n Prije mjesec
No she wants white people to stop taking culture from black people and claiming it as theirs
Jessy Soulman Scofield
Jessy Soulman Scofield Prije mjesec
5:15 how old is this 40ish Santa Claus 🤶🏾
Rabblerouser Prije 16 dana
IDK what the hell he's supposed to be
Satch Prije mjesec
Accepting Asians a the superior race.
Kitten Night
Kitten Night Prije mjesec
BetterLifeAhead Prije mjesec
The woman who said, "Fuck white people, fuck assimilating", I wonder what painful experiences she's had to feel that way. She must carry a lot of hurt.
BetterLifeAhead Prije mjesec
@Barbara von Bärbel No, it's not okay, but I still have empathy towards her. In white people those feelings are usually fueled by ignorance and being raised that way. In someone black she's probably been really hurt in some way.
Barbara von Bärbel
Barbara von Bärbel Prije mjesec
Doesn't excuse racism. Don't become what you hate. You can't fight fire with fire.
GG8383 Prije mjesec
you could say you are no worse than a person of a different skin color, and neither are you better than them.
Supreme Gentleman
Supreme Gentleman Prije mjesec
How many of them are trans black?
Amanda B
Amanda B Prije mjesec
"We can't be your Queen and your footstool at the same time" Powerful.
J. 27 O.
J. 27 O. Prije mjesec
@dB ok...?
dB Prije mjesec
Garage Qeys
Garage Qeys Prije mjesec
Tempest Ahraya
Tempest Ahraya Prije mjesec
Rabblerouser Prije 16 dana
MattEye Prije mjesec
Folx? what?
asdasda sadad
asdasda sadad Prije mjesec
4:41 this what makes people say “do black lives really matter” ignorant people like her make me so mad and I’m a 16 year old saying this grow up
Kitten Night
Kitten Night Prije mjesec
RIGHT as a 17-year-old. That's just dumb.
aBlueHipSahasi Prije mjesec
see the comments in new and u will realise why such videos need to exist in the first place !
aBlueHipSahasi Prije mjesec
some of these comments are really REALLY disgusting DONT SEE THE NEW COMMENTS EVERYONE
Jayla Prije mjesec
Why are y’all disliking
Random Random
Random Random Prije mjesec
Clearly someone's deaf
Nathan Mair
Nathan Mair Prije mjesec
1K dislikes wtf.. that video was beautiful
cat server
cat server Prije mjesec
Some of these ideas are in direct opposition of each other. Not sure how anyone can reconcile all of them. I hope this channel now asks what each of these folks would tell every white person right now. Because wanting a separate but equal society is not where it's at. Sorry, not sorry.
crazy pumpkin
crazy pumpkin Prije mjesec
As a white person, I love black people, they literally rock, love to my black step sister ❤️✊🏾✊🏼
Eckie Fleckie
Eckie Fleckie Prije mjesec
When do we get one for whites? You’re trying to make it equal aren’t you.
Femme Noir
Femme Noir Prije mjesec
4:41 A QUEEN 👏💯👍💪🙌✌️👑🖤
Chacharealsmooth Prije mjesec
You’re joking right
Barbara von Bärbel
Barbara von Bärbel Prije mjesec
So stunning, so brave 😂
Femme Noir
Femme Noir Prije mjesec
Black people need to come together and love and help one another WE all WE got!!!!
Michelle Sunflower
Michelle Sunflower Prije mjesec
Black people are absolutely beautiful but what’s with the anger and need to divide yourself from everyone else. The want to matter to everyone, how is that supposed to be reached by being aggressive to everyone else. Wouldn’t that make the hatred worse?
MsDudette21 Prije mjesec
@Femme Noir grow up. its 2021. most people get along regardless of race. if youre going around victimizing yourself and attacking those of a different race expect hostility. cuz thats what youre doing. im black myself but this mentality is fuckin ridiculous
Femme Noir
Femme Noir Prije mjesec
Black people are historically very welcoming and forgiving many times to their own detriment. We are a commuinal people. We also have experienced ( and still experiencing) a tremendous amount of trauma in a country we largely built for FREE. We can't even have the luxury of expressing ourselves without being called angry or told to get over it. If you are talking about us being allied to other races who is an ally to us?
helen K
helen K Prije mjesec
Victim mentalities all round. You live in fucking America stop crying.
CellaBella Slay
CellaBella Slay Prije mjesec
"We can't be your queen and your footstool at the same time"....a word!
Cameron Maughan
Cameron Maughan Prije mjesec
A sentence
Davina Atere
Davina Atere Prije mjesec
Caseyydarling Prije mjesec
Literally EVERY person in this video is fucking BEAUTIFUL!! All of their sense of fashion is STUNNING!
WestZen Prije mjesec
4:42 loving bit of racism
Sarah Wiseman
Sarah Wiseman Prije mjesec
I’m sorry that our world is the way that is it. But I also admire the fight, the drive, the perseverance that Black America has shown. To have that kind of dedication and heart is so ever beautifully amazing. I see your struggles and I stand with you. I love you. Black Lives DO Matter and together we can stop social injustice.
KalaDalin McFarlane
KalaDalin McFarlane Prije mjesec
4:43 F U
Micah W
Micah W Prije mjesec
I wish videos like this didn’t have to exist. What I mean is that black people are looked down upon or discouraged just cause our color and features. Sometimes having people “uplift me” for my skin color reminds me of how many people think less of me because of it.
GLBizzie Prije mjesec
And what’s with the blacks outside of America... Just asking for a friend?
Ms.Debbielynn Prije mjesec
thank you cut for this!! i find myself coming back to this video just to hear these things over and over again
Le No
Le No Prije mjesec
Tu Papa
Tu Papa Prije mjesec
My message would be to stop acting like victims and get a grip of reality
Tu Papa
Tu Papa Prije mjesec
@aBlueHipSahasi did I hurt your feelings?
Random Random
Random Random Prije mjesec
@aBlueHipSahasi That's pretty good advice, but playing victim is the easy way out - hence why people will find anything to victimise themselves over.
aBlueHipSahasi Prije mjesec
wow great advice u snowflake
Tu Papa
Tu Papa Prije mjesec
@Octavia huh
Octavia Prije mjesec
@Random Random huh
Glorp Wallaby
Glorp Wallaby Prije mjesec
I hate black "people" I hate black "people" I hate black "people" I hate black "people" I hate black "people" I hate black "people" I hate black "people" I hate black "people" I hate black "people" I hate black "people" I hate black "people" I hate black "people"
Random Random
Random Random Prije mjesec
@aBlueHipSahasi People like her 4:42 is the reason why racism also won't go away, clearly someone swims in a thick layer of bias
aBlueHipSahasi Prije mjesec
people like u are the reason such videos exist .
Octavia Prije mjesec
@Random Random were white people oppressed and enslaved by black people? No.
Random Random
Random Random Prije mjesec
@Octavia tell her to shut up as well then, or are you going to dish out excuses? 4:42
Octavia Prije mjesec
Shut up
Bellator Z
Bellator Z Prije mjesec
There should be a video like this, but replace African American people with women
Kenje Asimba
Kenje Asimba Prije mjesec
Live your life the way you wanna live it and if somebody judges you fuck them
K B.
K B. Prije mjesec
One day, may we all meet together in the light of understanding. - Malcolm X 🖤🤍🖤🤍
A P Prije mjesec
@ for the Person at 2:47??
SURPLUS_ VICTOR10 Prije mjesec
I love how diverse everyone in this video is, stay strong black people, fight for justice ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
Salty Speaks
Salty Speaks Prije mjesec
@Miock 💀💀
Miock Prije mjesec
mans said "we were the first, and we will be the last" like damn are black people planning to eliminate all whites??
Salty Speaks
Salty Speaks Prije mjesec
@bwoah at its purist form
bwoah Prije mjesec
Chaim Falkowitz
Chaim Falkowitz Prije mjesec
These people are sadly brainwashed by the left. They literally think that it is dangerous to be black! 🤣 Come on! 😂
Octavia Prije mjesec
Katherine Zelows
Katherine Zelows Prije mjesec
the white people in these comments are crazy. Black people are allowed to feel the way they feel and express it. i do agree that we need to stop on both sides putting the other race down and come together as a country but i also believe that white people need to extend an olive branch because as a whole we started the problem and some of us are still causing the problem. stop being defensive and open your mind and hearts to other peoples feelings and opinions.
Unknown 1
Unknown 1 Prije mjesec
"stop victimising yourselves."
IRON H34RT221 Prije mjesec
Jesus Christ, the weakness and racism in this video is pathetic and dangerous.
Random Random
Random Random Prije mjesec
@Qrispy. 4:42
Qrispy. Prije mjesec
Silver Cri
Silver Cri Prije mjesec
I appreciate the positivity but some of this was kind of coming off as fear mongering.
MsDudette21 Prije mjesec
it is. and im not falling for that shit just cuz im black.
IRON H34RT221 Prije mjesec
And blatant racism 🤷🏻‍♂️
Frabbe Prije mjesec
Mitt skulle vara att inte vara svart :L)
Kaiyen Fumo pegues
Kaiyen Fumo pegues Prije mjesec
I want to hear what the white people have to say to us
Kaiyen Fumo pegues
Kaiyen Fumo pegues Prije mjesec
@dave goland I’m not bothering anyone
Kaiyen Fumo pegues
Kaiyen Fumo pegues Prije mjesec
@dave goland idk I’m just curious
Tu Papa
Tu Papa Prije mjesec
Stop being victims and get some education
oh HONEEEY Prije mjesec
Who tf is disliking this video??
WestZen Prije mjesec
@oh HONEEEY black fragility is getting offended when people tell the truth about the black community
oh HONEEEY Prije mjesec
@whiteisright your white fragility is showing lmao
whiteisright Prije mjesec
@Random Random true
whiteisright Prije mjesec
@oh HONEEEY tf that is racism stop with "prejudice"
Random Random
Random Random Prije mjesec
@oh HONEEEY Black voices need policing when they overstep the line, after all you get policed by Twitter for simply having a slightly controversial opinion, so maybe get mad at all those woke Twitter cops as well? Furthermore, the definition of racism is there, so no wonder people need to "teach" you when you'll most likely be the arrogant person in the room with no sense. The world also doesn't resolve around "blackness" either, but that doesn't stop lots of black people and their woke counterparts from bringing race into every single topic.
Benjamin Navarrete
Benjamin Navarrete Prije mjesec
I want to hear what keeps you up at night, what is that keeps you going, what makes you feel alive.
whiteisright Prije mjesec
JP Sartre
JP Sartre Prije mjesec
I am proud of every black person who voted in 2020 to bring an end to this disgraceful presidency. I see you. I thank you. I love you.
BIG POPPA Prije mjesec
Best advice from this video 4:59
Yomer Prije mjesec
4:41 So this is considered ok here?
isaac Prije 5 dana
@Sandra Llewellyn you don't know opression Paul
• cherrypop - kelsey. •
• cherrypop - kelsey. • Prije mjesec
Apparently. That’s what bothers me so much. People say awful things like this and it’s normalised, people find it okay to say it and I despise the fact things are that way.
Sandra Llewellyn
Sandra Llewellyn Prije mjesec
@Ran this kind of comment right here, is the type of thing that proves the point about anti-black racism. Thanks for that:)
Sandra Llewellyn
Sandra Llewellyn Prije mjesec
Sure is! I agree 100% and all your salty tears and FOMO need to feel "oppressed" give me soooo much life:)
Ran Prije mjesec
And yet they believe they would be treated better in a different country. Go figure.
C J Prije mjesec
I love you too
iwantfrankoceansalbum Prije mjesec
I just know the dislikes are from angry white people who weren't included once in there fucking lives.
Jessica R.
Jessica R. Prije mjesec
My message to every Black person in America: I see you, I hear you, I love you. I will continue to fight for you no matter the cost as you have done for my people and me. We are in this together. Black is bold, Black is beautiful.
Jessica R.
Jessica R. Prije mjesec
@Dat Hombre ?
Dat Hombre
Dat Hombre Prije mjesec
Their response to you 4:40
Jessica R.
Jessica R. Prije mjesec
@bwoah Quit being an ass.
bwoah Prije mjesec
Quit pandering.
Random Random
Random Random Prije mjesec
4:02 meanwhile in the UK....
random person on the inernet
random person on the inernet Prije mjesec
fish girl is so annoying
Jiraiya Apprentice
Jiraiya Apprentice Prije mjesec
*From a foreign person:* GET OUT!!! Like ruuuunnn!!! Why yall tryin to stay in a country that doesnt value your life??!!
Isaiah wick
Isaiah wick Prije mjesec
I could see why a lot of people say that, but I feel like running away would be giving up and failing our ancestors who went through so much pain to get to where we are today. Because of our protest and resilience we were able to create change not only in America but also inspire other movements that go against discrimination for other communities of color. So if we run nothing will change and that’s not ok.
Flaminio Ranzato
Flaminio Ranzato Prije mjesec
When you identify yourself as black or identify other people as black then you are generating racism because racism can appear as hate but also can appear also as division, people are people as doesn't matter the color they are...
Noelle Prije mjesec
5:20 really hit me
Fedora💖 Prije mjesec
This is amazing
Alpha Hybrid
Alpha Hybrid Prije mjesec
Next episode: What Would Be Your Message to Every White Person in America? | keep it 100: White in America
chicken bone
chicken bone Prije mjesec
Why are black people so quick to throw white people under the bus? I swear these videos divide us more than bring us together.
Random Random
Random Random Prije mjesec
@keh1nde Black people do a lot more often, so stop acting as if black people are a bunch of innocent angels.
keh1nde Prije mjesec
you just generalised all of the Black community but you talk about division lolz
Logan Andrews
Logan Andrews Prije mjesec
"You don't need to always be strong." "Take a f- nap." Yes! Learn to just be.
Muhammad Medani
Muhammad Medani Prije mjesec
smile pain
smile pain Prije mjesec
How long we gonna pretend black ppl matter ?
ddot Prije mjesec
ayanna worthen
ayanna worthen Prije mjesec
This is embarrassing. Please stop this segment or get some people that aren't ignorant. Bring back the diversity of the people interviewed
Jamar Smith
Jamar Smith Prije mjesec
It's okay to take time for yourself. You don't always have to be productive
Honey Gold
Honey Gold Prije mjesec
Y’all white people in these comments are so petty like honey why did you click on this video did you not read the title what were you expecting ? I’m confused it’s one black person message to one another like .
whiteisright Prije mjesec
@Barbara von Bärbel yes
Barbara von Bärbel
Barbara von Bärbel Prije mjesec
Because 4:41 isn't really "end racism, accept yourself" of her lol
Barbara von Bärbel
Barbara von Bärbel Prije mjesec
Because 4:41 isn't really "end racism, accept yourself" of her lol
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Prije mjesec
I find it ironic that literally, black people have publicly documented their mistreatment in America for CENTURIES (from music lyrics to activism to sports) and somehow, magically, people have who have never been black or had the black experience, find a way to delegitimize a consensus over the same span of time...America, 2 sides to it, where one side understands both sides while the other lives in ignorance and bliss smh
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Prije 5 dana
@isaac and you're free to do so
isaac Prije 5 dana
@Mike Williams just a person commenting on your logic
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Prije 5 dana
@isaac and who are you?
isaac Prije 5 dana
@Mike Williams your logic is twisted
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Prije 5 dana
@isaac are you trying to start a conversation or can you only use 1 word at a time?
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Prije mjesec
If you've never been a black American or don't know what it's like to be a black American, you might want to STFU on issues you aren't familiar with💯✊🏾
WestZen Prije mjesec
Yet black people seem to know the ins and outs of what white people experience, so you're just hypocritical, which is a common woke SJW trait.
octokw Prije mjesec
This is funny. Why do you have to keep promoting blm like it's already over stfu
Kaylee G.
Kaylee G. Prije mjesec
Anytime there’s a video on Black people speaking on their culture/people specifically, there’s always an insane amount of comments saying “iF white ppl did this”, “this video is causing more division” etc. y’all bring the hostile energy here because this video & others like it do not have a divisive nature at all.
Tu Papa
Tu Papa Prije mjesec
@Kaylee G. but you claiming it What is your IQ ma'am?😄😄😄😄😄😄
Kaylee G.
Kaylee G. Prije mjesec
@Tu Papa you have to be willfully ignorant in this time if you don’t believe oppression is real so, like I said, you can research yourself cause I won’t be going back and forth with you.
Tu Papa
Tu Papa Prije mjesec
@Kaylee G. aren't you claiming oppression in the U.S is real? If you can't back it up why claim it🤔🤔🙂
Kaylee G.
Kaylee G. Prije mjesec
@Tu Papa um no, you have access to the internet. You can research just as well as anyone else 😊
Tu Papa
Tu Papa Prije mjesec
@Kaylee G. I want you to give me proof of oppression in todays modern society
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