What does the world without the gender binary look like? | Trans Women & Non-binary People | Cut

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"We partnered with the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, the educational arm of the nation’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization to interview transgender women and non-binary people of color about some of the most pressing issues facing the community.
To learn more about the things that you can do to take action go to bit.ly/hrc_trans.
Directed by: Rain Valdez | She/Her/Hers
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What does a world without the binary look like? | Trans Women & Non-binary People of Color | Cut
#translove #pride #Cut

RainPuddles Prije 6 sati
Jacob Cuaresma
Jacob Cuaresma Prije 7 sati
it’d be in disarray....science would no longer advance because there’d be way to many categories to appeal too
Em Korczak
Em Korczak Prije dan
It’s really telling to me that ten years ago the videos with gay people would have gotten SO much more hate but now the top rated comments are positive and encouraging - and now trans people are dealing with that same visibility, being positively portrayed by media, telling our own stories and providing our own theories on life and gender, and the reaction from many cis people is negative. But we need this visibility for people to get used to us, to have those conversations about what they don’t understand. In ten years I bet being trans will be as supported as being gay is now. Still a long way to go for both though.
Em Korczak
Em Korczak Prije dan
The lack of compassion and understanding in the comments is mind blowing. Really shows how far behind we are.
Chris 1985
Chris 1985 Prije dan
The lack of compassion and understanding for people fantasizing about what the world would be like if people who aren't like them didn't exist? Your mind is blown by the lack of compassion and understanding for that?
Karina Miller
Karina Miller Prije dan
Right...so the world is an evil place because binary people exist. Tolerance is one thing, but it seems these idiots are trying to superiorize themselves over binary people. They do realize that you need binaries to reproduce? You can't do that if you have had sex surgery. I don't mind someone being trans in the least, but don't make us look bad or wish us away. That is species extinction
Sbvxz Prije 2 dana
Damn the ratio tho :/
Duane Sifuentes
Duane Sifuentes Prije 2 dana
Without a binary you wouldn't be born or exist.
Jacob Wildbore
Jacob Wildbore Prije 2 dana
if you hate fitting in then don't fit in. simple as that.
Z3LBY Prije 3 dana
Disgusting channel. I hope you get taken down. Anti-white propoganda designed to divide us all.
Malcolm Holmes
Malcolm Holmes Prije 4 dana
Ironic that they have trans people in this video
Isaac Lorr
Isaac Lorr Prije 4 dana
This is gay
riley botha
riley botha Prije 4 dana
if you chose to be different, you should be ok with having a different reaction from others when u tell them u aren’t what they’re expecting 😂
Ricardo Prije 4 dana
Thank God gender is binary. And you still can't change sex Chromosomes in people's DNA. So is XX or XY, for female anda male.
Ahmed Prije 6 dana
Why do trans women or men seek so much attention? Like we get it everyone has a rough life everyone goes through shit yet they try to just push it in our faces like we havent seen it a few hundred times already. I dont have any problem nor am i homophobic everyone has their own lives, but actual world problems and people who have it 'rough' should be up in the news not these ppl
kaylee belle
kaylee belle Prije 7 dana
i really respect this video. one thing that was said that kind of needs to be addressed tho is that genitalia does matter. like people who are gay are usually born gay and can't help what they like. like a gay man is sexuality attracted to another man because he's gay. nothing wrong with that. a woman who is a lesbian is sexually attracted to women because she's a lesbian. sexuality has to do with sex, not always gender...and that's really important. i know it sucks, many people can fall in love with a gender they're not sexuality attracted to and it's sad. but sexuality does have to do with genitalia, love doesn't have to. it would be awesome to live in a place where sex didn't matter, but to a lot of people it does and they can't help it. and it's a lot of stress to force yourself to be attracted to a certain gender in a sexual way when you're just not made that way.
TorQueSS J
TorQueSS J Prije 8 dana
I love all people, but we are born a boy or girl, if you want to be the other, or neither, then go for it, no prob from me, but truth is we only have the two sexes over most of our world, (other than asexual critters that produce clones) that’s just the way it is, I dunno what to tell ya. That’s just nature, on earth.
Ayana C
Ayana C Prije 9 dana
People need to learn to except the fact that there are some people that just not attracted to trans or non-binary people and that’s OK .there are some people that fit the profile of both attractions to trans or non-binary that are not considered heterosexual but gender neutral. Another argument to take away the gender norms from society will be pointless because it defeat the purpose of trans people being male or female or other 🧐
jencen blanco
jencen blanco Prije 9 dana
The world without binary. The world would crumble 1 and 0 is the computer language.
Jordan Prije 10 dana
You can be male or female and do things that are typically associated with the opposite gender. A girl can watch football with out it being compared with “the binary system” The 1% wanting to destroy the “social construct” that is natural to the rest.
mskalabrown Prije 10 dana
Cope harder
Melchizedek Henry-Damian
Melchizedek Henry-Damian Prije 10 dana
This is all bullshit!!!
Em V
Em V Prije 10 dana
Fuck yeah
gfi ti
gfi ti Prije 10 dana
I see what world would look like and i dont like it, its actually scary, but we are going there, just know when you are crossing the line because there will be more people that are connecting with things that are today not for connecting, but in that time people will look for their freedom
San Andreas
San Andreas Prije 10 dana
god what is this comment section 😭
Saad Ahmed
Saad Ahmed Prije 11 dana
Short answer? Better
Bsnyddd Prije 11 dana
The more I read the comments the more angry I become haha! Ah!
Bsnyddd Prije 11 dana
The comments made in this video from the first half to the second half were so contradictory. If there were no binary trans people couldn’t be “trans” because there’s no binary to fall into. They all said “freedom, fun, blah blah” then “we need the binary”... like what? Lol
john johnson
john johnson Prije 11 dana
It would easier to convince a 5 year old that the earth is flat then co vince him that men and women are the same
flwrchldent Prije 11 dana
Hasnae Bakhouch
Hasnae Bakhouch Prije 11 dana
Be a trans/non - binary is fine, just don't try to convince the absolute majority they should consider adopting your beliefs....what a weird world
Kate, The Kpop Multistan
Kate, The Kpop Multistan Prije 2 dana
Finally someone said it lol
upside uʍop
upside uʍop Prije 7 dana
Yea you’re right. And just be whatever you wanna be, be sincere and don’t do it for clout
Ray Val
Ray Val Prije 12 dana
This radical gender THEORY is harmful.
Daniel Tomczak
Daniel Tomczak Prije 12 dana
noey d
noey d Prije 12 dana
youtube comments make me realize just how far behind we still are as a society, damn.
noey d
noey d Prije 9 dana
@TLG Rahul huh
TLG Rahul
TLG Rahul Prije 9 dana
Maybe you are
Rory Denholm
Rory Denholm Prije 12 dana
This is what the world has come to...😔
Simeon Stoyanov
Simeon Stoyanov Prije 12 dana
As an Eastern European, I think you Americans have too much free time. Cheers. Goin back to work. :D
Simeon Stoyanov
Simeon Stoyanov Prije 41 minute
@я думаю, что я тебя люблю :/ Thank you, ya lyublu tebya too :D
я думаю, что я тебя люблю :/
я думаю, что я тебя люблю :/ Prije 6 sati
You sound cringe (•̀ᴗ•́)و
StormHaven Prije dan
F.B.I Prije 5 dana
Max Bell
Max Bell Prije 12 dana
“People would stop caring about genitals” nah people still wouldn’t be attracted to ya dick
darkspy666 Prije 12 dana
A lot more sensible, that’s what!!
Jesus Fried Christ
Jesus Fried Christ Prije 12 dana
What does the world without the gender binary look like? It doesn’t look like anything, because things that aren’t a part of reality tend to not look like things that are in reality. There are a PAIR of genders based on a PAIR of sexes. Facts don’t care about your feelings.
axbeuphoriaa :
axbeuphoriaa : Prije 13 dana
exactly the reason y im pan sexual :)
DonkeyKong Prije 13 dana
Do want you want just expect everyone to look at you like your crazy
Wind Surfer
Wind Surfer Prije 13 dana
Why does this bizarre channel not show white trans women??? Always using POC as the face of their agenda. Show the white trans women, after all its western culture!
zmaldo yes
zmaldo yes Prije 14 dana
We all have preferences right?
CJ BVD Prije 14 dana
Ash Mohd
Ash Mohd Prije 14 dana
What a load of bollox
Sdrrshock1 1
Sdrrshock1 1 Prije 14 dana
The vast majority use fashion as their main gender expression. It’s a complete joke!
hendersonsteven25 Prije 15 dana
Are all these people men dressed as women?
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia Prije 11 dana
Yea or people who think the aren't neither
Sarah Evans
Sarah Evans Prije 16 dana
And what about straight people? Should we be forced to conform to the very small minority? Trans people feel that being deceitful is ok and yet get upset when a person reacts to that deception in a negative way. Why are you pushing your belief on someone when you don't appreciate someone else pushing you to conform?
Ari KM
Ari KM Prije 16 dana
It would be an interesting experiment to have a dating app that didn't necessarily pair you to a "gender" but more like their expression of themselves and genitalia if you're into that. People tend to be focused on the genitalia aspect of a relationship and that's perfectly okay. If you like someone with a penis who acts masculine there would be a preference for that. If you don't care about genitalia but prefer a feminine person then there would be a preference for that too. It would be your choice to label yourself a woman or a man or an individual. That's what I think the world would be like without a binary.
Klevin 420
Klevin 420 Prije 16 dana
Wtf??? Listen, if you like wearing dresses wearing make up , etc. whatever good for you but you ain’t a women! By saying a man can be a women your devaluing women. Now any anyone can be a women just great!
Sinister Gaming
Sinister Gaming Prije 16 dana
you can't force people to be pansexual
KiNG Dv Prije 16 dana
Damn only one person cute here the rest😖🚶🚶🚶
your favorite neighborhood guatemalan
your favorite neighborhood guatemalan Prije 16 dana
I'm here to spectate, don't mind me
Sherly Van
Sherly Van Prije 17 dana
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honestlyerika Prije 17 dana
Who is the woman at 0:22 and whyy does she look so familiar?? Has she been on tv shows?
Jutto958 Prije 17 dana
These video topics are getting dumber and dumber
Clien Tornaka
Clien Tornaka Prije 17 dana
If this is what a non-binary future looks like then I think I'll keep the binary lol
RP Prije 15 dana
That's the cool thing about trans/non-binary people. They merely advocate for being able to live THEIR lives as trans/non-binary without preventing you from adhering to binary genders if YOU want.
Алексей Ст
Алексей Ст Prije 17 dana
Вы ломаете свою жизнь
Алексей Ст
Алексей Ст Prije 17 dana
Вы что с собой делаете дураки вас разводят не слушайте этот бред
Mostly Toasty
Mostly Toasty Prije 17 dana
Neni Prije 17 dana
I want all of them to be normal
Ben Mortimer
Ben Mortimer Prije 17 dana
I answer to the title is the word fantasy.
Mini Diva
Mini Diva Prije 18 dana
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Antoinette p
Antoinette p Prije 18 dana
This video made me so fucking mad
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin Prije 18 dana
What is Love in your lifestyle? Your Black Trans Women of Color
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin Prije 18 dana
Can you do videos on Gender Non Conforming Men of Color in Asian and Mix Individuals? From Asian Background Videos Ideas How is different than Women than you? Are You Sure not Trans Woman? Similar Videos too.... With Black Trans Women of Color yet
Ninja Muffin
Ninja Muffin Prije 18 dana
It look like a straw man argument. If gender is just a social construct then you can get away from the bad parts by simply not dressing like that. If it isn't than what is your argument 99% of people would still act the same becuase it isn't a choice. Your argument is offensive to the LGBTQA+ becuse no one has a choice STOP arguing that you do it doesn't help.
Ella Adams
Ella Adams Prije 18 dana
alex Prije 18 dana
nut Prije 18 dana
transman here: i actually love being masculine. i love being a man. it makes me happy. and ik thats not everyones experience w gender but theres a HUGE difference between the gender binary and gender roles. without the existence of the male gender, i would be so uncomfortable in myself. gender roles are things like “women like pink, and cooking. women are feminine and polite and quiet.” and “men are strong and know how to fix cars. men like beer and sex.” while the gender binary is simply just the genders male and female. a woman who is masculine is gender non conforming and vice versa, however being gender non conforming DOES NOT equate to being trans. adding to that, trans people can absolutely be gender non conforming.
Sarah Prije 9 dana
hi! i have a few genuine questions about trans people because i have a difficult time understanding your perspectives and would like to be more educated but don't know where to start. to you and the trans community, what does it mean to be male or female or neither? most definitely not the gender roles or the genitalia, right? (considering there are many trans people who do not change their genitals) after biology and social constructs (gender roles, stereotypes, masculinity, femininity), what else is there left of a gender? as a cisgender, i never had gender dysphoria and just always *knew* i was female. i don't feel like a particular gender, i just seem to know it so i find it difficult trying to understand transgender people's perspectives. what is it like for trans people? secondly, this is a purely a question and i do not intend to offend anyone and only want to learn because to me the lines feel a little blurred. at what point do things stop being unnatural/abnormal? most people would agree that being certain types of "trans" (wanting to transition to a different animal, BIID, etc) seems a bit bizarre. how is this different from being transgender? i genuinely do not mean to be rude in any way!! i would be very grateful if you could answer these questions because you seem like a kind person and i just want to understand others better instead of living ignorantly.
Abdiel Aviles
Abdiel Aviles Prije 18 dana
Sounds like a lot of HOOPLAH
Ez cheezy
Ez cheezy Prije 17 dana
U wrong for that
Yeidi Prije 18 dana
These women are so beautiful inside and out. 💕 I teared up with this compilation: a beautiful kaleidoscope of freedom, love and security. 💕 I hope we can get there one day.
Poopy Butt 111667
Poopy Butt 111667 Prije 18 dana
All these videos do bad
Cody Prije 19 dana
I'm all for gender diversity, but shooting up hormones, with cosmetic implants and hacking up our natural bodies actually limits the diversity / kaleidoscope by impersonating ideal features.
Maddy_Mozell Prije 19 dana
The person with the semi-mullet and tattoos was💋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍
Princess Azula
Princess Azula Prije 19 dana
Hahaha they turned off comments for the 7 High Schoolers Decide Who Wins $1000 video probably because nobody could decide if Jordyn was a boy or a girl in the video lmfao. And what makes it worse is that Heather cried to win the entire thing lmfao. Edit: Here is the link for the video I'm talking about hrpost.info/history/dsVlhqywdciwlX4/video
Ryan Jasso
Ryan Jasso Prije 19 dana
Girls date guys and guys date girls there that is it
Hello Mr
Hello Mr Prije 10 dana
@Cynthia Markarian lgbtq is 3-5 percent of the population so not many gay people
Cynthia Markarian
Cynthia Markarian Prije 18 dana
Search for definition of gay on wikipedia for a start, it wont take much time, promise. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay
Stephanie Marie
Stephanie Marie Prije 19 dana
Ask yourself why this is being pushed so hard in the last few years.
Zerg Venegas
Zerg Venegas Prije 4 dana
​@HRpost Will Not Silence Me lol. who said anything about antifa and their completely real, not made up plan to dominate the government by doing street demonstrations that are promptly interrupted by police action? The issue here is more about the rights of citizens to do what they want with their bodies and to engage in relationships and all that, and different opinions about it
Youtube Will Not Silence Me
Youtube Will Not Silence Me Prije 4 dana
@Zerg Venegas It is not yet, but can you garuantee it stays the same? And it is a life and death thing with Antifa around. How log Antifa becomes 100 percent of the goverment? These type of people already have the majority of control over people, it is only a matter of time until they have the full control.
Youtube Will Not Silence Me
Youtube Will Not Silence Me Prije 4 dana
@IsntReal318 Showing that american men have record low levels of testostrone is hate speech? Then wht that comment was deleted. You mean even mentioning N*zis is hate speech. Good fucking lord. Open your eyes they do not want any form of conversarion to be had in these subjects and they keep pushing these prooaganda down our throats. Comment censorship, and shadow bannig is a proven fact at this point, there is no need to deny it. Hate speech is not the speech you hate.
Zerg Venegas
Zerg Venegas Prije 4 dana
@HRpost Will Not Silence Me well it's not a life and death problem, until you are being pushed around (or maybe even killed) for not conforming to some standard and that kinda stuff. Other than that, it is something about being nice and polite to others
Zerg Venegas
Zerg Venegas Prije 4 dana
@Capt obvious chill dude
mgollow Prije 19 dana
This is one series that I like. All of these people and women are beautiful open and understanding. They have a look at both sides of the spectrum
Hot Prije 19 dana
The trans girl in the thumbnail is From ex on the beach
MyBeliefOfUnique Prije 19 dana
I just want to be friends with all of them.
T. G.
T. G. Prije 17 dana
@Cyn kinda mean ngl
Cyn Prije 18 dana
@Larenzo Speed Your name's Larenzo bro sit this one out
Larenzo Speed
Larenzo Speed Prije 19 dana
Not me🤢
F R Prije 19 dana
I didn't choose to be transphobic. I was born this way.
F R Prije 17 dana
@1-800-sparklii so are transexuals
1-800-sparklii Prije 19 dana
Im so confuse with this comment.
nine inch snails
nine inch snails Prije 19 dana
everyone is getting so triggered in the comments. just let them do what they want and present how they want. their gender is not hurting you in any way so why is it any of your business to judge?
Patrick Will
Patrick Will Prije 19 dana
You should try to get farm kids on to the channel and see how they react to the stuff
Ismail Woschild
Ismail Woschild Prije 19 dana
A wasteland.
Geoff Heneghan
Geoff Heneghan Prije 19 dana
If they don't believe there are men and women, why do they want to look female? It's all soooooo confusing 😕
Geoff Heneghan
Geoff Heneghan Prije 18 dana
@Michelle Bailey I've watched it several times and just watched it again. I understand it to mean that these people think that there are more than two genders. Am I correct in thinking that?
Michelle Bailey
Michelle Bailey Prije 19 dana
you clearly didn't watch the whole video
Geoff Heneghan
Geoff Heneghan Prije 19 dana
I wouldn't worry too much about people thinking you're a tomboy buddy.
Sachin Kumar
Sachin Kumar Prije 19 dana
Is being gay non binary?? I'm a simple boy attached to dude does this make me non binary or only trans people are non binary, I really don't understand the concept on non binary?? Please share your knowledge.
peq23 24
peq23 24 Prije 19 dana
0:34 "People wouldn't be so hung up about genitals" - A person who got an entire surgery to switch their genitals.
peq23 24
peq23 24 Prije 19 dana
0:06 she hates fitting in because she can't fit in
HexerPsy Prije 19 dana
Non-binary wouldnt solve anything, because the issue is that the other person has a preference and is attracted to some type of person. Part of that is hardwired; we prefer people with certain scents as a result from evolution. Part of that is culture and media. It sounds you are looking for acceptance.
Ifyouwantoreplyjustclickthethreedotstotheside Prije 18 dana
Exactly. Its like saying, just because youre a straight woman you are probably attracted to all men of all ages, races, heights, education, size, crimnal backgrounds, hair colors, curly and straight hair, acne or no acne, facial hair, physical disabilities or not, personalities, religious beliefs, etc. There will always be differences. Thats the difference between humans and animals. Animals just mate with whoever can fight off the other person competing for attention. Humans look for more than that.
SkatZ Prije 19 dana
just gave a view so i can dislike the video. you are overdoing it with promoting binary and homosexuality etc etc. yes we AGREE everyone has its own rights and they can do with their lives whatever they want, but this wont get you views, and honestly you are getting boring.
SpongeyJeffy Prije 19 dana
i wish these people would've gotten some help before they gotten the transition
kaylee belle
kaylee belle Prije 7 dana
why do you say that?
thic nos
thic nos Prije 9 dana
At least if it's a child because most children (factually) change their mind by the end of puberty.
seo master
seo master Prije 19 dana
Here is the beautiful solar post cap lights I like so much : amazon shops Sogrand
Rebecca Tobena
Rebecca Tobena Prije 20 dana
The last guest hit the nail right on the head👏
Lildickgirl666 Prije 20 dana
Fuck going on with these recent videos
JP Sartre
JP Sartre Prije 20 dana
Being non-binary is a contruct too folks. Upvoted for the perspective but this dude is staying a dude.
Rullies 123
Rullies 123 Prije 20 dana
Even without the binary in a world there will be inevitably a term or even another construct of binary because of people feeling lost or even confused in their identity. love will always be there though with or without binary
Lxbrinyth _
Lxbrinyth _ Prije 20 dana
The inspiration ✨ Also idea: match cat to meow // match dog to bark
pranav r
pranav r Prije 20 dana
Without binary no computers
Shawn E
Shawn E Prije 20 dana
Wow this comment section is sad. The hatred towards the trans community is actually disgusting🤢 why even click on the video? just move along. Or do you really have nothing better to do?? That’s sad too😂
1-800-sparklii Prije 19 dana
Right?? It's just sad
nine inch snails
nine inch snails Prije 19 dana
i agree! why are they so upset. it does not affect them so why are they so mad? 🙁
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