Highlights | Aston Villa 1-2 Man City | Carabao Cup Final

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Not Hyp3rs
Not Hyp3rs Prije 3 mjeseci
i cant belive that that corner was given
Jamie D
Jamie D Prije 8 mjeseci
Bin Prije 8 mjeseci
Come on ASton villa, you will win leicester tomorrow !!!
Daudi Mallumbo
Daudi Mallumbo Prije 8 mjeseci
Sama Gooool
MiaSanTriple2020 Prije 8 mjeseci
As a Bayern Fan. Aston villa deserve to win.
Noel Kaaya
Noel Kaaya Prije 8 mjeseci
Aston Villa Players stop selfish Samata is a great he can help the team. STOP SELFISH . We proud of you SAMATA The all National pray for you brother show them what you have.
Mntwana Wabantu Academy
Mntwana Wabantu Academy Prije 8 mjeseci
stuoidiest comment of ll time,so whongave Samatha a ball, isnt Aston Villa mates, stop these nonsense
Olly smjt
Olly smjt Prije 8 mjeseci
terrible decision by the linesman, VAR should of been used. I dont why no one is talking about this it needs to be sorted out.
SupernidaTv Prije 8 mjeseci
Hatari Moto Wakuotelea Mbali
officialzed_ Prije 8 mjeseci
grealish can be perfect replacement for d.silva and aston villa can benefit from city youngsters...pep will make him the greatest English player.
Anto Hebby Prabavianto
Anto Hebby Prabavianto Prije 8 mjeseci
Tim lemah bgt
Anto Hebby Prabavianto
Anto Hebby Prabavianto Prije 8 mjeseci
Lawan tim kecil aja make full tim
pu_fficial Prije 8 mjeseci
LAJJ FC 2019
LAJJ FC 2019 Prije 8 mjeseci
Does anyone know the music for when the players were coming out
Blue Nose 8
Blue Nose 8 Prije 8 mjeseci
Yeah it’s called shit on the vile he he
The MLG Bear
The MLG Bear Prije 8 mjeseci
When you realise all the goals were headers
Blue Bamboo Music
Blue Bamboo Music Prije 8 mjeseci
They weren't
JOHN MWANGA Prije 8 mjeseci
Ola Williams
Ola Williams Prije 8 mjeseci
Well done City and big congrats Villa. You guys made a competition of it. Very nice. More to your memoirs.
Jason Best
Jason Best Prije 8 mjeseci
Ha ha at least Blues won the cup when we got relegated. Relegation from the prem and beaten finalists. In the words of Fats Domino,now ain't that a shame
Blue Nose 8
Blue Nose 8 Prije 8 mjeseci
Blue noses were watching Man City beat a bunch of jokers lol bet you didn’t even go to the game 😭😭
Jason Best
Jason Best Prije 8 mjeseci
@Hip 2 Da Game ya div, it ll be a fire sale RELEGATION!!!
Hip 2 Da Game
Hip 2 Da Game Prije 8 mjeseci
And at least Scott Hogan's valuation keeps going up. Everytime he scores you make us money. Shame you won't be able to afford him in the summer. 😉
Name Prije 8 mjeseci
15th in the champ ha ha I'd watch villa aswell don't blame you
Amoury Prije 8 mjeseci
Kudadeki samata Ni amsha
Tim Wattison
Tim Wattison Prije 8 mjeseci
Robbed by a dodgy linesman and a shit Referee. I believe if Villa had played the first half like the second it might have been a different result. Again Villa showed City far too much respect in the first half. 🙄
Robert Peter White
Robert Peter White Prije 8 mjeseci
Hard luck lads you all played well. Hope you keep up this performances in the up coming games from now on.
Natalie Roblox
Natalie Roblox Prije 8 mjeseci
The corner city had for their second goal wasn't a corner it was a goal kick. The ref robbed us that game. Good try boys and well done now just try and stay up UTV
broken1394 Prije 8 mjeseci
Loved seeing Deano suited up for the occasion.
Abe Prije 8 mjeseci
1:02 great defense from the turf monster. We've all been there.
Avfc Callum
Avfc Callum Prije 8 mjeseci
Mohamed Nabil_76
Mohamed Nabil_76 Prije 8 mjeseci
Hard for you, Aston Villa. A good journey to the final. Amazing Samata, who needs to deliver to John a lot, city won the ball on the ball. A goal kick in front of the referee and the flag bearer is counting a corner from which a second goal comes, and without the referee returning to the VAR
Matiko Mohabeshi
Matiko Mohabeshi Prije 8 mjeseci
Edward Williams
Edward Williams Prije 8 mjeseci
John Stones is finished. Unless he moves
Openes israel natai
Openes israel natai Prije 8 mjeseci
I proud u sammata goal
Red Arrow
Red Arrow Prije 8 mjeseci
How much was ref Mason paid by his twin bald-headed brother,Pep? Hopefully enough to go down to SpecSavers,the blind ugly bat!
Dan Msimamo
Dan Msimamo Prije 8 mjeseci
congratlation mbwana samatta 👏
Pablo Ireland
Pablo Ireland Prije 8 mjeseci
bravo Bravo!
Super tenchoo
Super tenchoo Prije 8 mjeseci
am happy to see Samata score for villa.one thing for defender sacrifice for the team be crazy defender like ramos pepe dont let some score easy
Dickson Sheja
Dickson Sheja Prije 8 mjeseci
Samatta noma aseee duh
Daveena Dhillon
Daveena Dhillon Prije 8 mjeseci
Jack it is a pleasure to have you in our squad!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥😍 #UTV
D R Prije 8 mjeseci
He's average
AJ !
AJ ! Prije 8 mjeseci
Was a pleasure😂
Joseph shangarima
Joseph shangarima Prije 8 mjeseci
Lonewulf Prije 8 mjeseci
Not only we lost the chance to be the Carabao Cup champions. We have Villa TV offering us only 2 minutes of highlights, when Manchester City offers 6.
Nurdini Mndeme
Nurdini Mndeme Prije 8 mjeseci
Basaga Prije 8 mjeseci
King Leonard
King Leonard Prije 8 mjeseci
Is VAR only for top 6 teams right? We were robbed yesterday, and nobody is talking about it. #UpTheVilla
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije 8 mjeseci
@Mr Chode exactly?
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije 8 mjeseci
@Mr Chode what is not English there mate?
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije 8 mjeseci
@Mr Chode ayee how Sheffield
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije 8 mjeseci
@Mr Chode sorry your comparing Norwich to us get some facts u have no idea what u are on about
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije 8 mjeseci
@Mr Chode hello?
VillaPunter Prije 8 mjeseci
I’m proud of the boys, let’s stay up and push on building for next season!! UTV
igor miqueias
igor miqueias Prije 8 mjeseci
Aston Villa era pra ter ganho e teve o erro da arbitragem no segundo gol do City onde deram escanteio mas a bola pegou por último no jogador do City. Mas foi um super jogo lindo pra nossos olhos.
apples Tru_cape
apples Tru_cape Prije 8 mjeseci
Oyaaaa!!!! Wabingooooo!!!! Mpooooo,,Teseme ,,SAMATTAAA🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿
0 0
0 0 Prije 8 mjeseci
Why do we ALWAYS get robbed? Refs, VAR, 50/50s... everything goes against us. Everything.
The Wanderer
The Wanderer Prije 8 mjeseci
Man City didn’t even celebrate. What a boring lot and a plague to English football!
Larger than Life
Larger than Life Prije 8 mjeseci
@John Partlett Yes. City will always be better than Utd.
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije 8 mjeseci
@Larger than Life still always gonna be
Larger than Life
Larger than Life Prije 8 mjeseci
@John Partlett City have been miles ahead of Utd since 2013. Also in the 1970s and before City was 100 times better than UTD. Man Utd is now nothing in front of City.
Larger than Life
Larger than Life Prije 8 mjeseci
@philly d Lol loser, there is no cheating unless proven by CAS, which will overturn the decision for sure. Man City average attendance is 53,000. So what do you mean cant fill stadium, certainly better than loser aston villa. Before 2008 City dominated English football in 1970s. In the 1990s City was a top team. There was decline after that cause of the Thailand PM owner who put the club under heavy debt. Clearly shows you have zero knowledge of the club. City doesn't need to celebrate something it wins every year.
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije 8 mjeseci
@Larger than Life never be better than united
Ando Servis
Ando Servis Prije 8 mjeseci
Smith has reached his glass ceiling. He isn't a Premier League Manager. If we stay up, it'll be a miracle. What has really dissapointed me, are fellow Villa fans who don't expect too much success. With so many years going by without Villa pushing at the top, most fellow fans can't cope with the notion of too much ambition. It's depressing. We're the third wealthiest team in the UK. Everyone keeps saying keep the faith and be grateful. How sad...How about some ambition? A league cup final was great, but it was a distraction to the fact that Smith isn't good enough. Oh wait, he's a Villa fan. That comes before results by the looks of things. That makes everything just wonderful 🙄🙄🙄
Seb Blackmore
Seb Blackmore Prije 8 mjeseci
Ando Servis Unfortunately our club has fallen behind even the likes of Burnley, Brighton + Bournemouth, and that was before we were relegated in 2016. You can't expect to take 5/6 years off, return to the top flight by the skin of your teeth and still attract top quality players or managers at the first signs of a return. It doesn't work like that anymore. Many less historically successful clubs have worked harder consistently than us over the last decade and we have to play catch up now. However Smith has already achieved a LC final and Play off final within two seasons. O'Neill took much longer, with much better players to do the same thing. And the club was thriving when he took over! McCleish, Houllier, Lambert, Sherwood, Garde, Di Matteo should tell you that dreaming of some non existent saviour of a coach who is willing to come to Villa, in favour of a loyal, home grown supporter who's paid his dues in the lower leagues is ludicrous. No other coach will work harder than him as its not just a job to him, its an opportunity of a lifetime. Without Smith we would still be in the Championship now, playing Jedinak, Adomah, Whelan, Kodjia etc. There would have been no chance to invest in a younger, healthier squad who have time to grow and develop over time together. And we wouldn't have 10 PL games to pick up the 12/13 points required to achieve 17th and another opportunity next season to invest again. Grealish would have been gone by now for a fraction of the values being spoken about him now. Sad when Villa fans forget this and jump on the managers back when its been less than 12 months since promotion. Especially with the bad luck we've had with injuries and still reaching a major final, that we were competitive in. I am a Villa fan who believes Dean Smith deserves all the time in the world, relegation or not.
electrotherapy Prije 8 mjeseci
@Ando Servis I hear you bro. Pretty well getting by on his name at the minute (JT). Would dearly love to see a seasoned top level coach come in, but Dean's just signed a 3 yr contract, so we would have to pay some kind if severance deal. Maybe the top brass will consider it , but even if we drop, they would possibly tip him to get us up once more
Hip 2 Da Game
Hip 2 Da Game Prije 8 mjeseci
Smith hasn't/can't adapt at this level. Him and his coaching staff have all being found wanting at this level. Terry may have been a class player playing alongside other class players and for great managers, but it's a diff kettle of fish coaching average ones. Add to that the awful recruitment from Suso which has slightly if at all improved us from last season. Just can't see how we survive. I even think we are in real danger of finishing bottom, such is our naivety, nack of throwing games away and sometimes not even turning up for them at all
Ando Servis
Ando Servis Prije 8 mjeseci
@electrotherapy We need pedigree Management. Maybe someone from La Liga, someone from Athletico Madrid etc. People will then say that's too ambitious - hense the psychological limits.. We can't afford to hope that Smith suddenly becomes brilliant. Terry has proven useless for coaching the defence. Worst defence in the league in fact. Again, everyone puts on the blinkers, because it's John Terry.
electrotherapy Prije 8 mjeseci
I'm inclined to agree. Hes brought his staff with him from lower league brentford. He openly admits he is learning. (Arent we all). Still, any manager who can put together a 10 game run of wins must be doing something right. I think he will keep us up, and we can build on everything next season
Barak Mazigo
Barak Mazigo Prije 8 mjeseci
All In One
All In One Prije 8 mjeseci
Hopefully this defeat will inspire us to survive in the league ❤️🔥 UTV
Jade Sixx
Jade Sixx Prije 8 mjeseci
It breaks my heart to see still to this day villa are being robbed of so many opportunities by officials. We deserved to win, we always have deserved better but we are still here fighting on. That corner should have NEVER happened and not one person can say it should of, Manchester city knew they got away big time with that one. If that corner hadn’t of happened we would have drawn and then WON on penalties and I have no doubt on that. WE STAND BY YOU AND WITH YOU VILLA KEEP UP THE FIGHT ❤️🦁
Munira Ahmed
Munira Ahmed Prije 8 mjeseci
Who's here for samatta like me😘❤.
Denis Kisaye
Denis Kisaye Prije 8 mjeseci
ally salim
ally salim Prije 8 mjeseci
I'm here Munira,I slept well for the bullet head ball score by Samagoal! I'm proud of him. Wanangu wa Samagoal piga kerereeeeeeee@allyshkapoor91@gmail.com
JOS BOY * Prije 8 mjeseci
Hip 2 Da Game
Hip 2 Da Game Prije 8 mjeseci
We gave our best, but our best just wasn't good enough against a great side. Showed a lot of heart and glad the boys left everything on the pitch. We couldn't ask for anything more. Now we have to be buoyant and give everything for this last batch of matches. Survival or no survival. UTV
Winfred Bespoke
Winfred Bespoke Prije 8 mjeseci
I'm disappointed that we have lost the game, but Samagoal had cleaned my soul and I slept well for the bullet head ball score! I'm proud of him and Tanzania too. LOVE FROM HIS MOTHER LAND (TANZANIA)
Raphael Johnson
Raphael Johnson Prije 8 mjeseci
What a header from Sammata!
6502-Coder Prije 8 mjeseci
After a bright start it looked like Villa were gonna sit back and let them destroy us. But really proud of the way the players stepped up. Incredible that City only had one more shot on target than us despite all their possession. #NeverACornerThough #UTV!
SharkSprayYTP Prije 8 mjeseci
Heartbreaking. Classic Villa getting beat by corner and classic Villa getting beat by awful officials
SharkSprayYTP Prije 8 mjeseci
@Olly smjt I find it odd how VAR cant sort it out but they can disallow a goal because a heel was offside
Olly smjt
Olly smjt Prije 8 mjeseci
yes this needs to be sorted out
Pandu Musictz
Pandu Musictz Prije 8 mjeseci
Nani yuko hapa kwa ajili ya Samatta like twende Sawa.
Tinnah Mdendem
Tinnah Mdendem Prije 8 mjeseci
Chezea samatta hakuna kufeli
michael emmanuel
michael emmanuel Prije 8 mjeseci
Wengi Tu😂😂
Pandu Musictz
Pandu Musictz Prije 8 mjeseci
@bikingbirder2010 Good! 👍🏾 we are together! With Aston Villah Club
bikingbirder2010 Prije 8 mjeseci
Translates as "Who's here for Samatta like let's go OK". ... I am here for Samatta and all the vIlla players. Niko hapa kwa Samatta na wachezaji wote wa villa.
avfc85 Prije 8 mjeseci
Another game with a decent performance against a top team with nothing to show. At least we’ve relegation to look forward to.
Robert Cbr1000fsprintst955i
Robert Cbr1000fsprintst955i Prije 8 mjeseci
Seb Blackmore jack wanted to win a trophy whilst captaining ASTON VILLA,!!!!!! Knowing he won’t be a villa player next season. Lifting a third place award as no trophy is given for third place finish. He will be proud of leading villa to promotion
Seb Blackmore
Seb Blackmore Prije 8 mjeseci
Robert Cbr1000fsprintst955i How can it mean nothing when its the richest prize game in professional football, worth £120 million if you win it and £300 if you stay up?
Robert Cbr1000fsprintst955i
Robert Cbr1000fsprintst955i Prije 8 mjeseci
Lifting a third place award means nothing,
Seb Blackmore
Seb Blackmore Prije 8 mjeseci
Wasn't it 12 months ago we started an unbeaten 11 game run, winning 10 in a row? Didn't Grealish lift a playoff trophy? Survival was always the main aim this season, due to the massive turnover in players at our club. We've been unlucky due to poor officials + VAR against Palace, Arsenal, where we should have gotten draws. Those two point would have us on target to stay up right now, if the same effort was made for lower teams. Even playing badly, in terrible conditions, we gave the Champions League finalists Spurs a good game, without Mings. And We've been missing McGinn, Heaton and Wesley for the whole of 2020 so far. All 3 started every game in the league until their injuries. McGinn is back very soon and we have Reina, Drinkwater, Samatta, Baston and Barry since the January window. Then yesterday one bad call by all the officials in charge of the first major final this year, missed a blatant mistake and awarded City a corner, which resulted in the winning goal. We were solid and competitive until the very end, and Engels very nearly rectified his Tottenham mistakes by scoring a last gasp equaliser. All this against the PL champions and a team reprimanded by FIFA for FFP irregularities. Its at times like these where you either stick together and achieve the original intended target or collapse, give up and crumble. Whatever happens we will keep fighting and believing.
Robert Cbr1000fsprintst955i
Robert Cbr1000fsprintst955i Prije 8 mjeseci
I can’t imagine life without jack,sadly I think we are dead and buried in premiership and super jack will get to play with top class players, I’m sad he didn’t win any silverware as club captain At least we will revert back to the villa we all remember
Luigi95 Prije 8 mjeseci
Grealish, despite we don't play the Europa League, just stay. It's an honor to have a player like you in Villa. Your quality, your feelings...
Rubik's Masters
Rubik's Masters Prije 7 mjeseci
Buenida - No goals and 7 assists. Grealish - 9 in all competitions and 8 assists.
Rubik's Masters
Rubik's Masters Prije 7 mjeseci
@Mr Chode Are you seriously trying to say you prefer the likes of Cantwell and Buendia? If we look at Grealish's stats - Goals SEVEN to Cantwell's SIX (played a game less too). Remember Matty Pattinson. Arrested for drunk driving. You won the title last year and have showed nothing this year, losing to the likes of CRAWLEY TOWN, while we knocked out Liverpool and Leicester. Bye.
Rubik's Masters
Rubik's Masters Prije 7 mjeseci
Rubik's Masters
Rubik's Masters Prije 7 mjeseci
@Mr Chode Who do you support, dingles (2-1)?, tesco bags (2-1 and 3-4) or blues (4-2, 2-0, 1-0, 0-1). Regardless Grealish would walk into your lineup.
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije 8 mjeseci
@D R what's your point?
Rob Picken
Rob Picken Prije 8 mjeseci
We were robbed yesterday i won’t sugar coat it. Yes City are a top side for a reason and we took it to them right up until the end, but even Stevie Wonder could see that the corner leading up to City’s second was never a corner. Either way well done lads despite all the critics saying we never stood a chance 👏🏻
Dragon Of The West
Dragon Of The West Prije 8 mjeseci
@Oo oO true city just saving their energy for future games to not get injured
Matthaeus Prije 8 mjeseci
Oo oO you can never be certain of the end result. They probably would’ve won but I’d rather they’d done it fair and square rather than relying on the wrong decision being given
Rob Picken
Rob Picken Prije 8 mjeseci
Matthaeus if they’d done the job correctly that corner would never have been given and the end result would have been a draw, ultimately that controversial moment was the turning point in the game
Matthaeus Prije 8 mjeseci
Oo oO well not really. If a player makes a mistake then it’s their fault, but if an official makes a mistake then it’s unfair as it should’ve been a different outcome. Man City were the better team though
stella masero
stella masero Prije 8 mjeseci
not bad samatta big up brother
Football Alliance Montages
Football Alliance Montages Prije 8 mjeseci
Play like that for the rest of the season then we are definitely safe👍UTV🔴🔵
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije 8 mjeseci
@Mr Chode obsessed of u and what shit norwich
Dedicated Fanboy
Dedicated Fanboy Prije 8 mjeseci
@Mr Chode im not even a villa fan but what he said wasnt even arrogant lmao.. if you dont have confidence then you'd definitely be going down. no wonder you support a team at the bottom with your attitude. i think you hate villa as they are so much bigger than you, a lot of other fans are happy to see villa back in the premierleague, doubt they even care either way for norwich
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije 8 mjeseci
@Mr Chode your obsession is what make you salty
Ibrahim Mohamedi
Ibrahim Mohamedi Prije 8 mjeseci
Hassan Elkhafagi
Hassan Elkhafagi Prije 8 mjeseci
Thank you for everything. We are proud of you , now we have a tough way to go “ together “ UP THE VILLA
DS16 Prije 8 mjeseci
Use that fight in the league please 🙏 UTV
Harrison Guest
Harrison Guest Prije 8 mjeseci
First unlucky utv
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