NEW SIGNING | Ross Barkley joins Aston Villa

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Aston Villa FC

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Seb Vale
Seb Vale Prije 12 dana
not worth the weekly wages in my opinion
Ear Shoes
Ear Shoes Prije mjesec
He should stay. Grealish needed someone with just Ross' sort of class. What a great move, the whole is more than the sum of it's parts. Very exciting.
J Berg
J Berg Prije mjesec
Ross is so shy! Quite a rough season last year, it's good to see him w/ a fresh start and linking up w/ such quality in Grealish.
Luke Hollier
Luke Hollier Prije mjesec
Come on Barkley
spongebob bob
spongebob bob Prije mjesec
Give us our rose back he belongs to Chelsea 😭🤩
Mark 'firefly 'Miller
Mark 'firefly 'Miller Prije mjesec
Welcome to the Villa Ross, just do your best. Utv
762 mm
762 mm Prije mjesec
Why does he always look like he's wearing lipstick
mdara bara
mdara bara Prije mjesec
He probably has a skin condition
George Dolman
George Dolman Prije mjesec
I wonder if he'll be as big a hit as our last English/Nigerian
Lee Campbell
Lee Campbell Prije mjesec
So glad we got barkley instead Loftus cheek welcome son
DomTheOmnic Prije mjesec
Irvan Burhanudin
Irvan Burhanudin Prije mjesec
Super tenchoo
Super tenchoo Prije mjesec
yoo guys why you didn't give enough time Mbwana Samata.....he join the team suddenly corona take over he is good player more than many player in Aston made your decision but you will regret
Bar1 Prije mjesec
Highly doubt we'll regret it.Anyway it's a loan deal still a way back for him in the future.
Super tenchoo
Super tenchoo Prije mjesec
okay good luck
Snaggle Tooth
Snaggle Tooth Prije mjesec
I liked him but we got Oli Watkins and Wesley is probably on his way back
D N Prije mjesec
Is this Milner all over again? My heart is still getting over that midfield talent we had!
Foxsake Prije mjesec
Ross mate.. fancy a DP sesh with my wife? Let me know lad 👍
Foxsake Prije mjesec
Commander Rex Deep Preseason
liam wall
liam wall Prije mjesec
Lol oh shit
Commander Rex
Commander Rex Prije mjesec
Snaggle Tooth
Snaggle Tooth Prije mjesec
George Prije mjesec
Hes done well 😆😆😆
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson Prije mjesec
Tammy loves the villa ahaha
Paul Obrien
Paul Obrien Prije mjesec
We should be saying thank you to the directors with out then spending big money we probably will be relegated
Mate Kennedy
Mate Kennedy Prije mjesec
We wouldn't exist without the owners, how things have changed
Boxing Fan
Boxing Fan Prije mjesec
Good luck Ross. Up the villa❤⚽️
Norfolk Boy
Norfolk Boy Prije mjesec
Wow still 4/1 for a top half finish. The bookmakers traders are using class A drugs at work. Pile on.
Punyo Tadii
Punyo Tadii Prije mjesec
As a Chelsea fan we don't aspect Barkley to b a loan. We aspected RLC is the one who going for the loan. But its good for the Barkley for more play time. Goodluck Astonvilla for this season.
TheTony70504 Prije mjesec
What a great move for Ross going to Villa..Chelsea must be out their tiny minds🤣🤣🤣.Not only letting ross go, but Willian to Arsenal.Chelsea has messed his career up being a bench warmer.. He will soon be back in the england team with his quality and technical ability He will have regular football every week, confidence will grow, you will see the best of him...Not a villa fan, but always had a soft spot for them. You will do more than ok this season..Cant wait to see Ross and Jack linking up..Respect Burnley Fan..
Chungus Fungus
Chungus Fungus Prije mjesec
@peanutbutter ok don't speak to soon
peanutbutter ok
peanutbutter ok Prije mjesec
lol dude relax its not a permanent transfer we loaned the boy out. We didnt let him go
Zach Couch
Zach Couch Prije mjesec
Should have stayed at Chelsea. Good luck this season.
Paul Merson Villa legend
Paul Merson Villa legend Prije mjesec
Dean Smith can’t sign top players 😏 Well done our club 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
TheTony70504 Prije mjesec
@George Dolman George chelsea ruin players, Drinkwater was on fire at Leicester when they won the championship., and in the england team..At chelsea a benchwarmer..They ruined him..Ross is sheer class he will get his england place back at villa with regular 1st team football..Chelseas loss lol
killakitakong Prije mjesec
Not really lol, I just thought it was irrelevant.. I support Everton like and never rated Barkley as much as everyone else does.. was glad to sell him. He’s good like but top I don’t know
George Dolman
George Dolman Prije mjesec
@killakitakong Too afraid to admit who you support? That's cute. Barkley is a top cm though. He'll thrive in this villa formation it's made for him
killakitakong Prije mjesec
We’re talking about villa not who I support
George Dolman
George Dolman Prije mjesec
@killakitakong who do you support?
phillip collins
phillip collins Prije mjesec
Any villa fan with the right mindset has to optimistic about the coming season..everything seems to be going as good as it can be...utv...vtid
Luigi95 Prije mjesec
Fantastic signing. I hope he does better than Drinkwater.
Kieran Gunter
Kieran Gunter Prije mjesec
My thoughts exactly!
TheTony70504 Prije mjesec
Listen when Leicester won the league Danny was magnificent, and in the england team..At chelsea he was a bench warmer, his confidence was drained and career finished..This is what chelsea do to players, thankfully ross can and will shine with regular 1st team football.You cannot blame Drinkwater for lack of form.
Luigi95 Prije mjesec
@Bar1 hahaha
Bar1 Prije mjesec
Me nana can do better than Drinkwater
Mr Kuwait
Mr Kuwait Prije mjesec
Villa will win the prem
D_Bizzle 30
D_Bizzle 30 Prije mjesec
We can dream
Trikkz Prije mjesec
scottishterrier100 hahaha got anything to say
Mikelitoras izichy
Mikelitoras izichy Prije mjesec
@Rishikesh Kavil Padikkal yes it does. Simple minds easily swayed
Rishikesh Kavil Padikkal
Rishikesh Kavil Padikkal Prije mjesec
This comment doesn't seem so crazy anymore XD
Trikkz Prije mjesec
scottishterrier100 give ur head a wobble lad
Phil McAvity
Phil McAvity Prije mjesec
I’m so fxxking excited!!! VTID
Gamers Bisa Sukses
Gamers Bisa Sukses Prije mjesec
LambShanks Prije mjesec
Really looking forward to this season, UTV!!!!!!!!!
Vito Prije mjesec
Great signing, hope Villa fans doesn't let you down like the others. UTV
Asem Awad
Asem Awad Prije mjesec
didn't see this coming
Diomar Gremista
Diomar Gremista Prije mjesec
Boa contratação , vem para agregar o grupo, vamos vamos Aston Villa 👏👏👏
Sanj Villa
Sanj Villa Prije mjesec
Top signing. Well done Aston Villa in bringing these recognised players. Just need Sarr to come along with a striker. Leave the likes of El Ghazi, Lansbury for the cup run. There not prem quality. Anyone think we will finish 12?
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs Prije mjesec
@Paul Merson Villa legend They got a good result against Chelsea but even trying to remove bias from my thinking, most of those west brom goals came from just horrendous defensive headers. I still thinking they got a couple of good players but defintiely not strong enough to at least avoid a relegation battle. They're not on the same level as Fulham though, that's a whole different ball game lol
Sanj Villa
Sanj Villa Prije mjesec
Paul Merson Villa legend lmaoooooo them and Fulham got no chance. Already down and out before they came up!! It’s a business now not a sport for most clubs.
Paul Merson Villa legend
Paul Merson Villa legend Prije mjesec
Sanj Villa 🤞🏻 I know it’s not banter with the Albion, their squad is rotten
Sanj Villa
Sanj Villa Prije mjesec
Paul Merson Villa legend it was just banter mate. Yeh wolves have a good Squad. However without Jota they looked lost for option upfront There be 8-10th. Nowhere near Europa this season.
Paul Merson Villa legend
Paul Merson Villa legend Prije mjesec
Sanj Villa Wolves 14th no chance, they’ll still be top 7 they (unfortunately) have real quality
camelawoo Prije mjesec
Watkins his Lukaku
Dean Reece
Dean Reece Prije mjesec
Ross Barkley overrated squad is slightly still mix and abit of matching defense definitely needed to be improved on if some how we made it to Europe or champions league we'll be teared apart
Snaggle Tooth
Snaggle Tooth Prije mjesec
@TheTony70504 I am a Villa fan and I agree 100%
TheTony70504 Prije mjesec
Listen, am not a Villa fan but Ross is top class 33 england caps to his name..Hes a benchwarmer at chelsea, they ruin talent..He will shine at villa getting regular 1st team football. mark my words..
Snaggle Tooth
Snaggle Tooth Prije mjesec
@Darren Hancock He's probably a kid. Go on lad, UTV!
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs Prije mjesec
My friend is a Chelsea fan and he highly rates barkley. Of course we'll be torn apart in the champions/europa league lol, I'd bite my right hand off to even get there in the first place.
Sanj Villa
Sanj Villa Prije mjesec
@Dean Reece 🤣🤣🤣🤣 stay off the drugs pal.
•Villa On Cam •
•Villa On Cam • Prije mjesec
UTV grealish and Barkley seems like it’s going to be an amazing duo 🦁💜
Pedro Henrique Ramos
Pedro Henrique Ramos Prije mjesec
Best duo
Mark Hattersley
Mark Hattersley Prije mjesec
Excited to see him and Jack in same team. UTV
Ahmad Shukri
Ahmad Shukri Prije mjesec
All the best n good luck Ross
All In One
All In One Prije mjesec
Les go ❤️❤️❤️
Smartcalii Prije mjesec
Samatta Around in Fernabache😹😹🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
Luke Ferguson
Luke Ferguson Prije mjesec
I love how dean and club are really selling the dream of being at the club and attracting good talent. JT is coming more in use as the months go by. Exciting times to be watching villa and happy that the mindset is of the team and dressing room sounds good. I will back this team 100 and never slate one player as mindset of player is important as they’re humans as well. Mindset alone hard work and passion alone can get us top 8.
flobadosh Prije mjesec
Jordan Fitzgerald
Jordan Fitzgerald Prije mjesec
Up The Villa💜💙
Andy Pandy
Andy Pandy Prije mjesec
hubbard_30 Prije mjesec
Lord King Potato
Lord King Potato Prije mjesec
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