Who Is The Strongest FaZe Member? - Challenge

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FaZe Jarvis

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Who is the strongest FaZe Clan member? Today we do intense strength challenges in 2020 featuring @FaZe Kay @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Temperrr @Cizzorz @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Rain @FaZe Clan

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📸 Instagram: fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: liljarviss

FaZe Jarvis
FaZe Jarvis Prije godine
I love these comments we’re getting roasted😂
TTV your Bad 123
TTV your Bad 123 Prije mjesec
Please do this again
Morgen Glende-Michalski
Morgen Glende-Michalski Prije 6 mjeseci
Yea, it’s like you’re asking for it on purpose with how stupid this shit is. Like come on we know you want attention, but y’all act like 12 year old girls who haven’t played a sport in their life
Ap shocker
Ap shocker Prije 8 mjeseci
My fourth grade class can do 75 and 4 people got 75
Ashton Mayo
Ashton Mayo Prije 9 mjeseci
i am a BIG FAN!!!!
Ashton Mayo
Ashton Mayo Prije 9 mjeseci
ASCC Wakey
ASCC Wakey Prije 10 dana
😂 the thumb nail says 60 pounds while he’s holding a 45
TTV SaVaGe Prije 20 dana
We all know that Jarvis was not doing any real push-ups right
Zluq God
Zluq God Prije 27 dana
Bro I did 100 pushups easy
Imran ahmed
Imran ahmed Prije 27 dana
Where is nikan
brandon powell
brandon powell Prije mjesec
Is anybody going to ignore the fact that teeqo won in steed of faze kay on the bicep curls
BlizzardYT Prije mjesec
The way cizzors went super saiyan 😂
Aoron Bravo
Aoron Bravo Prije mjesec
Dude face Kay did 30 and tiquo only did 20 so tiquo you lost
F Michis
F Michis Prije mjesec
Yo som reps hurt my eyes😂
Ycxlz Prije 2 mjeseci
yo where did alex go
carter .R
carter .R Prije 2 mjeseci
any one see the reps kay won but they put teeqo
Jaquanna Pitts
Jaquanna Pitts Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m the steongest
Bro are you serious Fox
Bro are you serious Fox Prije 2 mjeseci
Zurfah x
Zurfah x Prije 2 mjeseci
The Summary Guy
The Summary Guy Prije 2 mjeseci
Ayoooo nice “proper push-ups”
Stephon Riley
Stephon Riley Prije 2 mjeseci
bangers man
Khattar Saaz
Khattar Saaz Prije 3 mjeseci
temprr was just makin it hard for himself
Kurk Hyde
Kurk Hyde Prije 3 mjeseci
De-gaulle Prije 3 mjeseci
Yo the lift Frazier got 30 teetotal got 20 are I serious
De-gaulle Prije 3 mjeseci
Let’s go taco hahhahaahha
Marshmallow Prije 3 mjeseci
maria carolina lira tapia
maria carolina lira tapia Prije 4 mjeseci
I could do the double of jarvis bra is like so easy
cod Prije 4 mjeseci
Jar is didn't go all the way down for pushups
Badminton Boysen
Badminton Boysen Prije 4 mjeseci
The king of sweden Faze teeqo im from Sweden
Victor Elefant
Victor Elefant Prije 4 mjeseci
Teeqo you gonna win
Teddy Lemon
Teddy Lemon Prije 5 mjeseci
respect for teeqho. always doing full reps
Crimson Dreams
Crimson Dreams Prije 5 mjeseci
I got 80 pushups and I'm only 10
Simen Eidshaug
Simen Eidshaug Prije 5 mjeseci
Carter Rice
Carter Rice Prije 5 mjeseci
Hayden Hartman
Hayden Hartman Prije 5 mjeseci
17 curls 😂 my guy I’m 14 and weigh 100 pounds and can do more than that
Arad Balaghi
Arad Balaghi Prije 5 mjeseci
I'm also from Sweden
Darius Blaze
Darius Blaze Prije 5 mjeseci
Nick Mercs would destroy this😂
Bsali Prije 5 mjeseci
Nobody: 10 years old in the comments: Their form made me cringe
Bahiej Ikhwan Mohd Norhisham
Bahiej Ikhwan Mohd Norhisham Prije 5 mjeseci
haha cizzors
CAROL MOK JIA WEI Moe Prije 5 mjeseci
Obaid Alsuwaidi
Obaid Alsuwaidi Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis didn’t even do the push up well
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez Prije 6 mjeseci
Alex why aren’t you in the push-ups and planks
xdex Prije 6 mjeseci
yo im 10 years old and can do 31 pushups in 1 go
El Chicharito
El Chicharito Prije 6 mjeseci
Ciz is like the weakest one lol
El Chicharito
El Chicharito Prije 6 mjeseci
Thats insane Jarvis
KAYDEN Coleslaw
KAYDEN Coleslaw Prije 6 mjeseci
Carter Edwards
Carter Edwards Prije 6 mjeseci
Go all the way down Teqo is the only one doing full reps
pat cropper
pat cropper Prije 6 mjeseci
The stupid expansion unequivocally tick because birthday ethnopharmacologically cause under a acid sleep. super, jealous bolt
Ismail isiktan
Ismail isiktan Prije 6 mjeseci
Alex your head shape is busted
Daniel Morton
Daniel Morton Prije 6 mjeseci
Tanweer Ismail
Tanweer Ismail Prije 6 mjeseci
teeqo isnt the strongest he had the best endurance
Sebas Brena
Sebas Brena Prije 7 mjeseci
Gg pro
Emmanuel Segovia Salazar
Emmanuel Segovia Salazar Prije 7 mjeseci
siddiquee tanvir
siddiquee tanvir Prije 7 mjeseci
GG teeqo
Suhani Rajpoot
Suhani Rajpoot Prije 7 mjeseci
Why didnt adapt did the pushups
Veljko Markovic
Veljko Markovic Prije 7 mjeseci
6:50 that face 🐹
Trey Griffith 2003
Trey Griffith 2003 Prije 7 mjeseci
I just did 40 push ups in a row
RT Prije 8 mjeseci
Jarvis elbow isn’t 90 degree
Dakota Spangler
Dakota Spangler Prije 8 mjeseci
And Teeqo or however you spell it didn’t win curls... why did they say he did? Kay got 30 and Teeqo got 20... totally won
Dakota Spangler
Dakota Spangler Prije 8 mjeseci
Even Jack got more than Teeqo
Nikodem Borawski
Nikodem Borawski Prije 8 mjeseci
Mason Zirkle
Mason Zirkle Prije 8 mjeseci
When they were doing the bicep curls why did teqqo win even tho he was in last place bruh
Eren_Playz Prije 8 mjeseci
Everyone:Yo Jarvis is Insane,61 bro! Me:Please,I can to better then that
K I L L A 大手月火戈
K I L L A 大手月火戈 Prije 8 mjeseci
Faze kay:"My legs aren't working bro THEY'RE TURNING OFF!"
Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed Prije 8 mjeseci
Kay is such a weirdo
lemszabi Prije 8 mjeseci
Jarvus doing bad push up
Carlos Castillo
Carlos Castillo Prije 8 mjeseci
boys im 12 and im liting 20 pound weights 30 times i swear my life im not lieing lol-
Sabrina Sokol
Sabrina Sokol Prije 8 mjeseci
Sommer ray and Jarvis or Sommer ray and Bryan
isaac madrigal jr
isaac madrigal jr Prije 8 mjeseci
Teeqo mad in shape
Areeb Islam
Areeb Islam Prije 8 mjeseci
7:48 how the f did teeqo wins?
NotJay theBoss
NotJay theBoss Prije 8 mjeseci
i love how teeqo somhowone when tempper got 30 and teeqo got 20
COD Mix Prije 8 mjeseci
Again no hate but Jarvis or the push ups and pull ups he kinda didn't do it right
COD Mix Prije 8 mjeseci
No hate but Jarvis wasn't even doing it right
Edward Biglang-awa
Edward Biglang-awa Prije 8 mjeseci
Adapt not doing 90 on the wall sit lol
Gurshaan Basra
Gurshaan Basra Prije 8 mjeseci
Never seen so many half ass sets in ma damn life holy fuck
Gomez Gaming
Gomez Gaming Prije 8 mjeseci
Jarvis those were no full push ups
Qase Prije 8 mjeseci
Nice form 😐
badria abbadulla
badria abbadulla Prije 8 mjeseci
I want to be a daze member because I can do 360s and in fortnite and I am good on controller I am over 25 ibs and I have the most weight and I can do karate kicks. Even though faze is the best. And I say we do a challenge of who can gain the most weight. I say. You guys should do a video where you pick a food combination from the comments and if you choose that you put it together and you have to try it.😁😎 Faze up everyday boys leave a big thumbs up on this comment I would do a fortnite battle royale on my ps4 vs a computer I want to challenge faze teeqo faze jarvis and faze nikan if you accept the challenge meet me at 3pm in the morning after 12 see you when it is the time.
Tom Havk
Tom Havk Prije 8 mjeseci
yo tf were those pull ups bruh
lol bruh
lol bruh Prije 8 mjeseci
Wheres rug
Austin Friesen
Austin Friesen Prije 9 mjeseci
Body weight exercises don't have anything to do with strength
susan pacheco
susan pacheco Prije 9 mjeseci
Temper can be a solder trainer
Bob Cj
Bob Cj Prije 9 mjeseci
i 11 n i can do 80 push ups but jarvis is like db pump lol
faded Prije 9 mjeseci
gg bwo whoever reads this have a blesssssed day! :)))))
Ignacio Pujol
Ignacio Pujol Prije 9 mjeseci
Ima BigFan
Ima BigFan Prije 9 mjeseci
7:49 they declare teeqo the winner when it was really suppose to be frazier (with 30)
Spxcialist Gaming
Spxcialist Gaming Prije 9 mjeseci
I could win pull ups
Mohanned Abdulaziz G11
Mohanned Abdulaziz G11 Prije 9 mjeseci
7:48 how is the winner teeqo. Its FaZe Kay
RaZe Prije 9 mjeseci
Were did Alex go after like the first two challenges?😂
Derek Diaz
Derek Diaz Prije 9 mjeseci
Bro these are some fire vids
Craig Prije 9 mjeseci
Faze Jarvis Be Like: Raaawwh in the thumbnail
Haadi Naveed
Haadi Naveed Prije 9 mjeseci
And he is the strongest out of the everyone from here but my fav. from the whole clan is faze rug
Haadi Naveed
Haadi Naveed Prije 9 mjeseci
teeqo is m fav from this video
lil snake
lil snake Prije 9 mjeseci
It is funny how they are quoting trippie redd
Samer Abdallah
Samer Abdallah Prije 9 mjeseci
7:49 teeqo isn't the winner the one wearing the purple t shirt won😂😂😂👍
Buckets Miller
Buckets Miller Prije 9 mjeseci
Carlos V
Carlos V Prije 9 mjeseci
for the love of god get a coach
Skyler Bradley
Skyler Bradley Prije 9 mjeseci
Good for you Jarvis man 61 push ups. I can do 57 in a minute at age 14 but eh you did good for your age.
Wing Ting
Wing Ting Prije 9 mjeseci
So we’re just going to ignore on how taco won for having 20 reps but holee man had 30 like huh
S8RM Prije 9 mjeseci
Nobody likes cizors but I like him and adapt most jarvis
S8RM Prije 9 mjeseci
Let’s help Jarvis get 4 million subs
Haris Gary
Haris Gary Prije 9 mjeseci
The fact that Jarvis didn’t even do real pushups
MH - 06BJ 855879 Cheyne MS
MH - 06BJ 855879 Cheyne MS Prije 9 mjeseci
I’m dead bruv
K. Bhanu Prakash
K. Bhanu Prakash Prije 9 mjeseci
Magnus Vaaben Ladefoged
Magnus Vaaben Ladefoged Prije 9 mjeseci
Feel like they clipped some stuff out
Ivan Torres
Ivan Torres Prije 9 mjeseci
Scissors made too hard of a death run
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