KALI MUSCLE RESPONSE || Talking About Other Men

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Greg Doucette

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Marc Muyllaert
Marc Muyllaert Prije dan
Ik like Gregg , he is very funny and sound a bit like peewee Herman
Bob Long
Bob Long Prije 5 dana
maybe kali doesnt like white people , its possible.
Josh Prije 11 dana
love how he tells him to stop talking about men when the entire sport is looking at men and talking about how they look.
Mrs. Cole
Mrs. Cole Prije 14 dana
Kali muscle is just a big guy with a bigger ego, but his ego is more fragile than a chicken egg🐣...
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson Prije 14 dana
I'm sick of keep seeing kali muscle show up on my fb newfeed eating fast food, sweating and breathing heavily. I think he really needs your cook book. Love the part where greg saying is kali threatening and wants to beat him up hahahah. Kali would take a slow swing and be exhausted and need a hypy amino
Daniel Diettmann
Daniel Diettmann Prije 14 dana
greg is so shot out i love it, the circle shit kills me.
heli chief
heli chief Prije 15 dana
This has to be fake beef. No way Kali is even remotely upset about that video! The guy is a savage. Nice try guys playing the view count game.
o0o ANABOLIC CAMEL o0o Prije 16 dana
Kali masool is big shitt injected with steroids 🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤢🤪🤪🤪💩💩💩💉💉🌡🩸🧪💉🦠
Antoine Lashua
Antoine Lashua Prije 16 dana
That bastard is jealous AF because he doesn't have your cookbook! 100%
Brandon Prije 16 dana
Kali is obviously playing the victim card without even watching coach Greg’s video. What an ignorant dumbass.
king jaybruh
king jaybruh Prije 16 dana
Greg responded like a man while kali responded lika bitch😂💀
king jaybruh
king jaybruh Prije 16 dana
Kali sound like he had a prison wife bruh.
Brian Lane
Brian Lane Prije 17 dana
Well if you're a fitness coach you gotta to teach these dudes by talking...
Brian Lane
Brian Lane Prije 17 dana
He just tells it like it is keeps it 100 I like this guy.....
The 252
The 252 Prije 18 dana
I can’t take the voice lol kali ain’t bothering nobody he way mor entertaining than all of y’all
SPerkins Prije 18 dana
kali abs sent ripped he has a common black mans popout belly with some an lines
ResinRat2 Prije 19 dana
All I know is that I like to walk in circles when I watch Coach Greg's Videos. Thumbs up!!!
CZAR Prije 19 dana
I dressed up as five six😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
V Twin Power
V Twin Power Prije 21 dan
I no longer follow KALI after cutting down us CANADIAN'S WHO THE FOOK IS HE???....🥴 u should challenge Kali to a bench press or strong man competition, hes always hanging with other strong men. I have a feeling u would smoke him in STRENGTH!....
Aidan Gittings
Aidan Gittings Prije 21 dan
*My music will blow up this year.*
Robert Baindourov
Robert Baindourov Prije 22 dana
Feeling like im missing out on an inside joke with the eye thingie.
Gustavo Fring
Gustavo Fring Prije 20 dana
Robert Baindourov
Robert Baindourov Prije 22 dana
Oh shizer.
Arunanko Hore
Arunanko Hore Prije 23 dana
Kali is crazy 😂😂😂 steroids overdose😂
Sandie Larry Kelderhouse
Sandie Larry Kelderhouse Prije 25 dana
Your a bully Kali. Thats so not cool.
Daëmon Prije 26 dana
five six xD
barley stew
barley stew Prije 27 dana
What a joke of a response from Kali. Insecurity and insults the whole way through. Hard to watch. I didn't realize how stupid he was. He exposed himself!
Sean White WAR MACHINE CUSTOMS Prije 28 dana
Yeah kali is the stereotypical yoked cali guy, he's a dick!...spoiler i used to be that guy as well.
Rav Prije mjesec
Lol Nicks strength and power ....how Kali going to talk shit about him?? Nicks job is to talk about bodybuilders which are “men”. Kali muscle your mud pie or whatever the shit supplements you promote have went straight to your head.
A J F Prije mjesec
What's the deal with Greg and circles?
suriel tv
suriel tv Prije mjesec
Greg is very clever, kali muscle reacted emotionally like a women lol
Aaren Hilson
Aaren Hilson Prije mjesec
Lmfao im dead hahahahaha
Rudy Rudy
Rudy Rudy Prije mjesec
he is just thick af , obviously he have seen maybe 1 minute of your video about him and he didn't like it because you exposed the non sense about 8 minute ab workout that will suddenly turn everyone's belly into a six pack. He should thank you for your video or just stay quiet
7switty Prije mjesec
Kali only talks about men who talk about him.
chris fricker
chris fricker Prije mjesec
Gregg sounds like that small dude out of horrible bosses
Chan Doung
Chan Doung Prije mjesec
I swear. Why everytime kali talks, it sounds like his nose is stuffed up. Everytime he talks.
Chris Lucero
Chris Lucero Prije mjesec
Kali says he doesn’t talk about how to get lean or how to start off with loosing weight when all of Greg’s videos he teaches us(viewers) what we need to follow, what not to FOLLOW and more
Yael Solorzano
Yael Solorzano Prije mjesec
Stop bringing up the females and triangles, this is a man to man talk
Yael Solorzano
Yael Solorzano Prije mjesec
This foo is dumb 😂 , he shouldn’t speak on anybody coming from the streets without showing any respect first
v macchonnachie
v macchonnachie Prije mjesec
Kali is a moron.
K3rriganZerg Prije mjesec
U need to forgive him, he's taking soo many drugs he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about lol
Mario Major
Mario Major Prije mjesec
I haven’t laughed this much in a long time😂. Greg your hilarious
Tyron Sylva
Tyron Sylva Prije mjesec
Damn is that your real voice..
Kristen Nun
Kristen Nun Prije mjesec
if you've run out of men to make videos on feel free to make one on me.
Fat Boy
Fat Boy Prije mjesec
Collie mucus Boy imbecile nitwit LMFAO
the batman apprentice
the batman apprentice Prije mjesec
Damn Kali's a feisty one 😂
ricky55626 Prije mjesec
Cali is a douche bag.
The L33TGamer
The L33TGamer Prije mjesec
Kali muscle IQ: aaahhhh zerooooo
2fat4proracing Prije mjesec
Kail sounds like he has an IQ of about 60 lol.....fyi....its not scored out of 100 lmao! What a jackass
kurwin ramsaran
kurwin ramsaran Prije mjesec
And people wonder about why they are "stereotyped"
N B Prije mjesec
Kali cant string a sentence together lol..Its preety obv to everyone apart from a deluded 12 year old wanna be wrestler that Kali isnt natty though..
Praeothmin T
Praeothmin T Prije mjesec
Kali is such a fucking moron... He probably did not understand your video because you don't have a nasal voice... Sorry, a "nabal boice", like he does... :P
Rafał 600rr
Rafał 600rr Prije mjesec
I think in Poland half of youtubers take knowledge from Greg
monochrom Prije mjesec
...ultmately, the hole thing is a matter of IQ...
M AK Prije mjesec
You are smart man. Hard to listen but reaally invormative. Normally I dont even watch natural or roids stuff.. This guy doesnt know what to talk about
Daniel Holt
Daniel Holt Prije mjesec
Kali muscle does roids !!!!!!?!!! Who would have known....
Walter Wally
Walter Wally Prije mjesec
Those abs look like flabs🤣🤣🤣🤣
SaaLaaMander Prije mjesec
did you really expect kali to have a rational response LMAO
Dustin James
Dustin James Prije mjesec
Watched videos for myself kali is psychotic ripped on Canadians and etc etc what a joke I seriously would like to see him in actual strength based competition now I don’t believe someone cause of the way they look he’s not doing anything impressive really regular fitness feats
Dustin James
Dustin James Prije mjesec
I trolled it out cause I was fan of kali muscle it seemed like good comedy channel he went tried to expose you and he exposed himself fucking bully
Josiah Samaniego
Josiah Samaniego Prije mjesec
I love him eating the he apple pie and you going “yeah real good content”
Shinobu Maehara
Shinobu Maehara Prije mjesec
i agree with kali muscle
Mo H
Mo H Prije mjesec
I think Dave Palumbo n Gregg are related u know
Shadowking914 Prije mjesec
"Are you homophobic?" Lmao I was asking that same thing the entire video.
Woo Deok Yi
Woo Deok Yi Prije mjesec
I thought Kali was stupid, this just confirms that hypothesis.
Hunter Hedwall
Hunter Hedwall Prije mjesec
Well my respect for Kali has just been lost, what an idiot.
Sina Dian
Sina Dian Prije mjesec
HRpost.... the platform 2 grown ass men act like high schoolers 🤣 jeeeeez
Samurai Steve
Samurai Steve Prije mjesec
From the first view I could not stand Kali Muscle/Chuck Basher. Not only is Kali stupid, but all he really does is Bully Greg in his response. Just let’s me know my first judgement was correct.
Dimitrios Saint
Dimitrios Saint Prije mjesec
Hey Greg i am 37, and it took a long time to figure out that the best way to deal with things and people is with the truth. Go get em tiger
Jacob Caulfield
Jacob Caulfield Prije mjesec
Literally all coach Greg does is warn about the danger of PEDs, SARMS, mis-training and goes through the minefield of bullshit influencers and dietitians who are selling shit, he teaches the youth of today on what is actually achievable without putting your health in danger. If your sat behind a computer screen thinking that Kali muscle is the path you want, watch how he goes out, it will be the same as Rich Piana. To think this guy thinks that putting muscle in his name makes him not a "pussy" lol moron.
mitchell lamb
mitchell lamb Prije mjesec
Kali muscles brain is as smooth as the top of his head
Shay Prije mjesec
His voice is awesome
JT Haynes
JT Haynes Prije mjesec
This dude literally didn't watch the video. Saw the titled and popped off. That's the sign of a b*tch
Jovany Estrada
Jovany Estrada Prije mjesec
They need to get this settled in the ring
Won Coop
Won Coop Prije mjesec
In other words Doutte keep promo your book and work out andvstay in that lane STOP being a news reporter aswell stay in your lane bro. And he’s saying stay off his dick
jack fox
jack fox Prije mjesec
You put yourself on a platform so that literally anybody can watch you. You are inviting criticism. People are allowed to criticize what you do. And obviously Kali didnt watch any of greggs videos
Amir121 Prije mjesec
Greg you be bullying Kali muscle in this video
Sideways Obama
Sideways Obama Prije mjesec
He wanted clout
JDMboostDC2 Prije mjesec
Kali woke up and chose violence
Gene Pitts
Gene Pitts Prije mjesec
Being in prison means you failed at crime. Beat him up Coach!
A Prije mjesec
i want to say greg destroyed kali but kali destroyed himself with that 10iq response.
CaliburMan Prije mjesec
Kali who? Chuck Badger u mean?
NiftyGuru Prije mjesec
This dude sounds like a girl on puberty. My ears bleed in the first minute of the video. Bye douche, and be a man, stop attacking others. Wannabe jason genova.
Str8edJ Prije mjesec
Man I can't get enough of these videos!! Kali is being shredded!!!
Mind Blown
Mind Blown Prije mjesec
I used to like Kali muscle...for about a month....in 2004. More recently he seems to be a massive douche.
Drake Lai
Drake Lai Prije mjesec
Coach Greg Vs Kali Muscle Need a boxing match.
yourmom705 Prije mjesec
love u greg
Marcus Neto
Marcus Neto Prije mjesec
Yo Kali aka real G, convicted, we wanna hear about the other “alpha” background you participated big man, the one called G4P, you remember?
james Nas
james Nas Prije 21 dan
Craig A
Craig A Prije mjesec
No way
Marcus Neto
Marcus Neto Prije mjesec
0:00. You forgot to mention your real alpha background, the one called G4P. 👀😂😂
james Nas
james Nas Prije 21 dan
What's g4p
ScaryStories Prije mjesec
to end it all Who has the most money😂😂nothing else matter
Karno Prije mjesec
6:05 🤣🤣🤣
Benito Gomez
Benito Gomez Prije mjesec
Why is Gilbert Gottfried yelling at Steve Urkel 😂.
David A
David A Prije mjesec
stupid loser
cyb3rpunk Prije mjesec
I love it when Greg doucette uses viewers comments as reference XD
Katie Eliza
Katie Eliza Prije mjesec
Those that are the most insecure talk the loudest. Keep up the good work, you’re educating the masses. Leave the Drama Kings and Queens on those other channels.
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel Prije mjesec
That Man Kali...he is very menphobic...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel Prije mjesec
What is wrong wake up and think about men?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chipotle Fanatic
Chipotle Fanatic Prije mjesec
Clearly staged by both parties. You idiots believe anything
__brianturnerbodybuilding Turner
__brianturnerbodybuilding Turner Prije mjesec
Kali is a walking contradiction
sudeis mohammed
sudeis mohammed Prije mjesec
U a Karen.
Justin Albarado
Justin Albarado Prije mjesec
Sounds like Kali just mad cause Greg called him on being full of shit. Lol
Andy Nori
Andy Nori Prije mjesec
Kali don't need ur promotion dude, just stop talking about other men, stop hustling on other people's hustle..
badgamer1967 KC
badgamer1967 KC Prije mjesec
You're kinda sad
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