Make The Shot, Win iPhone Challenge

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FaZe Jarvis

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Make The Shot, Win iPhone Challenge @FamilyGum @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Kay
🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

Recruited Andrew ϟ
Recruited Andrew ϟ Prije 4 mjeseci
At this point Jarvis’ content is like a drug, I’m addicted as hell
P R I Z E Prije 20 dana
The bro gamer1240
The bro gamer1240 Prije 21 dan
How do you now what a drug is like
Seth Maggs
Seth Maggs Prije 21 dan
Same as rug content
luca betts
luca betts Prije 22 dana
Grant Ginavan
Grant Ginavan Prije 29 dana
you guys who hate Jarvis are big idiots
Holden Ferrante
Holden Ferrante Prije 4 sati
Bro rice is rich and he has a 7 lol
Delilah Whitaker
Delilah Whitaker Prije 10 sati
I feel bad for fraizer
IM OD Prije 19 sati
Kay clearly has never played after those jumps. Lol🤣
Stanarcevic Luka
Stanarcevic Luka Prije 21 sat
Jarvis please stop playing sports
XxRACERBOYxX 33 Prije dan
mate there in FaZe and they cant even hit 180 like bruh how r u evenm in faze if you cant hit a simple 180
VCW Animations
VCW Animations Prije 3 dana
5:35 I laughed so hard
Xeno god Daniel Marin
Xeno god Daniel Marin Prije 5 dana
This is how you spell Faze
HAIRLINE1000 Prije 5 dana
Wish I had youtubers friends that can throw a stack my way every so often lol just saying
Julian Williams
Julian Williams Prije 6 dana
Y rice gum he plays basketball in real life smh
steve by
steve by Prije 7 dana
Rice is a champION
steve by
steve by Prije 7 dana
Kay is a savage :)
Mason Williams
Mason Williams Prije 8 dana
Jarvis I Like that form
Melissa Becker
Melissa Becker Prije 10 dana
I have the 6s Rn I’m on a 11
Iraklis Vlaxos
Iraklis Vlaxos Prije 10 dana
Yes maybe ricegum with 10 mill subs have iPhone 7
Barik Allah
Barik Allah Prije 11 dana
Jarvis can i have an iPhone🥺
de.f Prije 14 dana
Dude I swear rice showing me sum irl cheatcodes
Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen Prije 14 dana
I have a iphone 5
Laxy Prije 15 dana
Why dose rice have that phone but has 10 million on yt lol
tara maharjan
tara maharjan Prije 16 dana
Anyone see tea wap show middle finger if not here is the time stap. 2:30
Big Man
Big Man Prije 16 dana
I thought faze was good at trick shots. No hate
RGTS kyoski
RGTS kyoski Prije 16 dana
Panther James
Panther James Prije 17 dana
Not yet
Griselda Garcia
Griselda Garcia Prije 18 dana
Did anyone saw teawap did the middle finger when Frazier hit the go pro😳
Mascot Dezi
Mascot Dezi Prije 19 dana
Cant they just buy one they have lots of money
Marc Plumer
Marc Plumer Prije 20 dana
frazier and jarvis shoot like their cripled :)
Siren on Hydraz
Siren on Hydraz Prije 21 dan
low key Adapt be balling
Shameeza Jamaludin
Shameeza Jamaludin Prije 22 dana
Nobody: Ricegum, 1,2 pet
luca betts
luca betts Prije 22 dana
Ayman Abdullaha
Ayman Abdullaha Prije 22 dana
And they are playing on grass
Ayman Abdullaha
Ayman Abdullaha Prije 22 dana
Oh hi goat
Thiago Calderon
Thiago Calderon Prije 23 dana
0:48 is me when my girl texted back
Aesthetic ツ
Aesthetic ツ Prije 24 dana
If rug came…RIP😭😭😭
Ethan Money
Ethan Money Prije 25 dana
I like how i better at ball then all of them and im 13 and there all over 21
Octavia Jones
Octavia Jones Prije 25 dana
🍚 is savage
Nikolas DANOS
Nikolas DANOS Prije 25 dana
All you need to say is for kobe
Asher Prije 26 dana
Shout out to Jarvis’s his
Jenny Salgado
Jenny Salgado Prije 27 dana
Bryan Roque
Bryan Roque Prije 27 dana
Rice gum cheated because he went two in a row
EDWIN SANCHEZ Prije 29 dana
GetDestroyed Prije mjesec
your the best baskit ball player
GetDestroyed Prije mjesec
hey bro
Jamar Garrison
Jamar Garrison Prije mjesec
Snitch9ine 69
Snitch9ine 69 Prije mjesec
lmao when rice hit nikan lol im dying
Gregor Kuusk
Gregor Kuusk Prije mjesec
Thats the funniest video i’ve ever seen
Nicole Hale
Nicole Hale Prije mjesec
I love you
Xstrike Flikzy
Xstrike Flikzy Prije mjesec
Rice is a playmaking-shot creator
Petar Periša
Petar Periša Prije mjesec
Faze cant hit 180 they can only hit 360s
Bryce COWHERD Prije mjesec
How did he make that shot he needs to be in the nba
Q8saadM8 Plays
Q8saadM8 Plays Prije mjesec
Fuccin loose
Q8saadM8 Plays
Q8saadM8 Plays Prije mjesec
Q8saadM8 Plays
Q8saadM8 Plays Prije mjesec
Elias Rai
Elias Rai Prije mjesec
the jump shots tho :)
Yael Atienza
Yael Atienza Prije mjesec
bro ting/jarvis and alex/adapt has busted heads lol
Anton Zhyzneuski
Anton Zhyzneuski Prije mjesec
Fan of f2 freestylers -Bill and Jez
Fan of f2 freestylers -Bill and Jez Prije mjesec
I’ve got that phone iPhone XR red
MIXK Prije mjesec
You hear kay saying that he needs a new phone and then you see me with a iphone 5
Cold Gamer
Cold Gamer Prije mjesec
Who is wanting this in 2018
Aman Dodai
Aman Dodai Prije mjesec
Mr beast:- cute😇
Sammuel Brian Baetiong
Sammuel Brian Baetiong Prije mjesec
faze kay is lite
Justin Bowden
Justin Bowden Prije mjesec
I’m always putting my money on Jarvis and he Screws up every time it just makes me cry
Eduardo Morales
Eduardo Morales Prije mjesec
Himanshu Joshi
Himanshu Joshi Prije mjesec
Riceee got somee skills
PULHAPANZAK Honduras Prije mjesec
Zane Curreen
Zane Curreen Prije mjesec
John Perno
John Perno Prije mjesec
this was made on my bday
Football Vibes
Football Vibes Prije mjesec
It went in when faze Kay bossed it from the top
BeastBlox Prije mjesec
I thought "1 attempt left" meant "I attempt left"
NILITY PK XD Prije mjesec
Rice gum killed me😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rafa Adila ilmi
Rafa Adila ilmi Prije mjesec
I am surprised nobody dunked
Dat Wanna Be
Dat Wanna Be Prije mjesec
I liked this video after kay made the shot at 54 seconds
IIIGodFluxOnCFW Prije mjesec
Ran Maya Chuwan
Ran Maya Chuwan Prije mjesec
They said his old phone had a button but so did the new one
LG5 Gamer
LG5 Gamer Prije mjesec
Jarvis proposing to Rice 7:54
Shanee Alexander
Shanee Alexander Prije mjesec
0:44 is funny
FaZe RyZeN
FaZe RyZeN Prije 2 mjeseci
when the phone is better than my pc
EglonOnly Prije 2 mjeseci
Rice not losing a Letter wtf he missed 3 shots and he didnt lose a letter
Achintya Paningapalli
Achintya Paningapalli Prije 2 mjeseci
Aimbot clearly didn't help Jarvis. TeaWap deserves a raise!
Stafford Johnson
Stafford Johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
2:30 was my favorite part
Valton Mamusha
Valton Mamusha Prije 2 mjeseci
Rip nikan 😂😂😂😂
Maria Contreras
Maria Contreras Prije 2 mjeseci
Faze up bro can I try faZe please🤏🙏🙏🙏
Xavier Angulo
Xavier Angulo Prije 2 mjeseci
why does faze Frazier shoot like a little kid it got me dead
FireStriker RBLX
FireStriker RBLX Prije 2 mjeseci
Kay jump shot is horrifying
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought faze jarvis would hit the 180 because he has good aim gueese not in real life
Kelz_Over Beats
Kelz_Over Beats Prije 2 mjeseci
Ayyy look at Kay man
XwdymxX 24
XwdymxX 24 Prije 2 mjeseci
Kay: i hit the go pro Teawap:🖕 Me:😎😎🤣🤣😂👌
Stupied Bug poc
Stupied Bug poc Prije 2 mjeseci
Liam McCoy
Liam McCoy Prije 2 mjeseci
When adapt made the porch shot risegum only went ones
Susan Setsepu
Susan Setsepu Prije 2 mjeseci
Filips TV Bergs
Filips TV Bergs Prije 2 mjeseci
why u always in the mood fucking around aint tryna play cool
Filips TV Bergs
Filips TV Bergs Prije 2 mjeseci
i remmber the one in la this one is so much garbege then that one
50 k Subscribers Without Video
50 k Subscribers Without Video Prije 2 mjeseci
help me reach 50 k for some good luck!!
Omar Alwageh
Omar Alwageh Prije 2 mjeseci
i cant stop laughing from what rice (what ever his name is)did to the man
CrashLandon08 Prije 2 mjeseci
Faze kay going crazy over that first shot when he just thew it up HOPING for the ball to go in /lucky
Nick Umali
Nick Umali Prije 2 mjeseci
I can beat you
Nick Umali
Nick Umali Prije 2 mjeseci
I can beat you
Cj_shaw 1376
Cj_shaw 1376 Prije 2 mjeseci
Rice go to the mbma
hung tran
hung tran Prije 2 mjeseci
idk how to spell FaZE even tho I said it but it’s spelt phase B)
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia Prije 2 mjeseci
What was that laugh 2:29
Ashvik Borse
Ashvik Borse Prije 2 mjeseci
did you know that justin beiber was one of the la lakers
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