The World's Largest Smartphone Camera!

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Marques Brownlee

Prije 29 dana

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra sets some records, plus a screen on the back for good measure!
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Phone provided by Xiaomi for review.

Vishnu Sooranad
Vishnu Sooranad Prije 5 sati
കൊള്ളാം 💚💚💚
krishna singh
krishna singh Prije 7 sati
Miui sucks
Fish Chris
Fish Chris Prije 7 sati
I'm a photographer. As of today, I've still never been impressed with photos taken with "any" phone camera. The only purpose for the camera in my phone is like, "Honey, is this the right cat food". Other than that, if I see something worthy of a fantastic, artistic photo, Im reaching for a real camera.
arnel cabiltes
arnel cabiltes Prije 12 sati
You may notice, google pixel 1 camera and photos are way better 😳
Jimmy Hodsun
Jimmy Hodsun Prije 19 sati
So nobody is gonna talk about how he said that the camera is the size of the moon just to move the phone and show a moon behind him? Sheeshhh
FusionTechCinema Prije dan
Android cameras always feel cheap for some reason
JSmooVE3990 Prije dan
Yes I'd carry it.
BLUE MooN Prije dan
When that phone is laying on its back, you could literally jump it with a bike...
JSmooVE3990 Prije dan
Y'all outdid yourselves on that intro! So crispy!
Arunima Sahu Ghoshal
Arunima Sahu Ghoshal Prije dan
The LG G5's Ultra-wide Camera is the widest Ultra-wide camera till date with a 135° fov (even wider than the Mi 11 Ultra's).
Arunima Sahu Ghoshal
Arunima Sahu Ghoshal Prije dan
I would have liked to see a f 1.3 aperture on the main camera.
daniel chinchilla
daniel chinchilla Prije dan
Check out flossy Carter's review on this phone. He shows how useful that second display is. Marques did not show it's everyday usefulness as Carter did. I really wish this was a phone that was carried by T-Mobile cause I'd pick it up immediately.
Rahul Khanna
Rahul Khanna Prije dan
Which phone should I buy vivo x 60 pro plus or mi 11 ultra
César Lodi
César Lodi Prije dan
This phone is looking like a beast, i love Samsung and they partner up, so yeah, i would use it.
Paulino Machel
Paulino Machel Prije 2 dana
The phone is lit. But the intro was fire
Giles PJ
Giles PJ Prije 2 dana
What about the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 it has a full 1" sensor?
Chilakapati Kirankumar
Chilakapati Kirankumar Prije 3 dana
Satysfying intro 😀
NIRANJAN ROY Prije 4 dana
2:57 check out the ultrawide
GHND 2 Prije 4 dana
Xiaomi is so good
kQeD Prije 4 dana
Idgaf about Retro Tech
Paul William Navida
Paul William Navida Prije 4 dana
Would you?
Crewas Gaming
Crewas Gaming Prije 5 dana
This phone Is amazing
Jaym Akyu
Jaym Akyu Prije 5 dana
1 lens on back 35mm equivalent fov bigger lens would be perfect.
Umph Prije 5 dana
Wow retrotech looks lit and sick! Lit!
Aardworm Jim
Aardworm Jim Prije 5 dana
Ngl phone looking kinda sus not gonna lie
Pico Diaz
Pico Diaz Prije 6 dana
Very picky on smartphone cameras sometimes I wonder if the average user can keep up with all the information. However very useful. Close to the phone off my dreams btw I'm off to save some 💰
Ankit Jain
Ankit Jain Prije 6 dana
Does mi 11 ultra have LTPO display?
namcicle Prije 5 dana
@Ankit Jain Sorry, my mistake. I just sort of assumed it was there. I would love for the new iPhones to have high refresh though!
Ankit Jain
Ankit Jain Prije 5 dana
@namcicle mi 11 ultra does not have LTPO Display. Till now samsung s21 series, oppo find x3 and OnePlus 9 pro have LTPO display. Apple iPhone 13 is rumoured to have LTPO display.
namcicle Prije 5 dana
Yes it does.
ibanda ivan
ibanda ivan Prije 6 dana
Apple and Samsung be like: *Write that down, hurry write that down!!*
AwesomeBlackDude Prije 6 dana
Alexander Chamberlin
Alexander Chamberlin Prije 7 dana
Am I the only person left on the planet who doesn’t give a fuck at all about the camera that a phone has? I take like 3 pictures a year. I would rock this phone in a heartbeat because of all the other features it has.
pratikshit vajpayee
pratikshit vajpayee Prije 7 dana
Dude how big are your hands exactly? I am amazed to notice the ease with which you Handle these big phones.
Walter Markowicz
Walter Markowicz Prije 7 dana
Can it film at 24 or 25 fps?
LEROSS Prije 7 dana
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Larry Bowling
Larry Bowling Prije 7 dana
Yes I would
Ajit Prije 8 dana
How's the software?...bloatware ?
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar Prije 8 dana
Won't it get scratches on the carema?
Zee Shimon
Zee Shimon Prije 8 dana
Nobody cares about a sleek cell phone. Why don't they just put a bigger battery in there so it runs flush with the camera
David Metcalfe
David Metcalfe Prije 9 dana
1:12 Missed opportunity: "Let's just jump straight into this camera, Xiaomi?"
famoUSinLove Prije 9 dana
I found the wallpaper from the Galaxy Fold 2 video search for Rite of Passage on Backdrops
fivetimesdead D
fivetimesdead D Prije 9 dana
About the camera bump - I don`t mind the look, but I`m really curious just how good (or "good") it`ll feel in your pocket... Although I think with a phone case it`ll probably be much less extreme too :)
Kyawa Prije 9 dana
Xioami Redmi Note 10 please
masbarca1 Prije 9 dana
just send it to me 🤙
GICking Prije 9 dana
How come no one worries all China phones send data back to China anymore?
El Yisus Xd
El Yisus Xd Prije 9 dana
this smartphone is a SUS reference?
Art Lee
Art Lee Prije 10 dana
Let get into this camera. Xiaomi(shall we )
neihomai8 Prije 10 dana
Xiaomi? no thankz.
Kafele Boothe
Kafele Boothe Prije 10 dana
Galaxy S4 Zoom: "Am I a joke to you?!"
The Watcher
The Watcher Prije 10 dana
@7:06 you can clearly see the switching cameras somewhat smoothly lol actually it's not even near somewhat smoothly lmao
The Brawller
The Brawller Prije 11 dana
I would rock if it didn't have a front camera
A Khan
A Khan Prije 11 dana
Just glue another camera on the back.
Jamil UR Rahman
Jamil UR Rahman Prije 11 dana
I just wanted to know what's the name of the intro song
Ishandeep Singh
Ishandeep Singh Prije 12 dana
but still it can’t beat i phone 12 pro/pro max
DreTheGiant Prije 12 dana
H K Prije 12 dana
Of course it’s made in the Shtty country so cringe 😬
Atho Wesley
Atho Wesley Prije 12 dana
may I ask why he is always looking up.. or is it a script or something?
Bush Bumkin
Bush Bumkin Prije 12 dana
Do you return the phone or it's yours forever
Freddy Abraham
Freddy Abraham Prije 12 dana
The retro-tech trailer though ❤️
kiran Francis M
kiran Francis M Prije 12 dana
Hi I got 1 question Can you create the perfect smart phone for the whole world with economy?
Marshall X3
Marshall X3 Prije 12 dana
11:20 just like crypto dips ..
Michael Prije 13 dana
Why even make a phone with 120X zoom? I have 100X on the S20 Ultra and barely use it. The highest I go is 50. If I go higher it's to just play around.
KLL Prije 13 dana
This man needs a hair cut
Ahmad Atwa
Ahmad Atwa Prije 13 dana
That intro though ✨🌏
smileinurhand Prije 13 dana
Well Details Explains. In Mi Mobile must check the Low light video capability. In Note6, Note 8pro & 9pro worsted in low light video 😭😤.
Ruchir Prije 13 dana
NGL, a slideshow of small cute images would look good in that little screen. Like maybe a cactus, then a cap, then an emoji etc.
Keerthi Parzival
Keerthi Parzival Prije 13 dana
Samsung huawei Xiaomi phones with this type of dedicated zoom option is useless with blurred image output
Zulkifil Prije 13 dana
What's that INTRO SONG?!
Ouuu a Burger
Ouuu a Burger Prije 13 dana
Mi 11= I have covered half of back by camera Mi 55 = My whole back is camera
Web Design
Web Design Prije 13 dana
DXO detailed testing shows it trumps every other phone camera on the market. That little screen on the back also shows you incoming messages and you can answer or reject phone calls from it as well, all with out picking your phone up off the table.
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun Prije 13 dana
7:50 Nickelback?
Andy B
Andy B Prije 14 dana
Ah ok so EST stands for Eastern Sharp Time, noted bro :D
MeesNaguMuiste Prije 14 dana
what's the price in europe? also does this screen have PWM flicker problem like with Samsung phones?
Shibil .A.K
Shibil .A.K Prije 14 dana
The hardware has everything you want. But the software is something that's keeping me away
jl Prije 10 dana
lemme guess ur an apple fan lmao
TomaszNowy Piotr
TomaszNowy Piotr Prije 14 dana
Witaj Czy możesz mi JEGO Podarować ? Pozdrawiam z Polski ..
Yippeee Prije 14 dana
Dan Blood
Dan Blood Prije 14 dana
A case will almost go flush. Everyone has a case on their phones now days. I see phones with big camera bumps as phone case built. If they made the phone thicker then a case wouldn't make it flush.
divyansh parashar
divyansh parashar Prije 14 dana
@mkbhd , What usb charging protocols this phone supports ? Usb-pd ? Qc4+ ? And is the interface usb3.0 or 2.0 ?
V B Prije 14 dana
Bad bad phone in terms of data security. If you buy this phone your personal data goes for toss
Himal Sharma
Himal Sharma Prije 14 dana
Karma Prije 15 dana
Would you cover iqoo 7 series phones?
Asad Ullah
Asad Ullah Prije 15 dana
Xiaomi is killing these days
ZonaMuda Prije 15 dana
hpne jen apik zakin
Cowarding Prije 15 dana
Hayo Miyazaki
Hayo Miyazaki Prije 15 dana
yeah I'll rock it, if you gimme
Techie Mania
Techie Mania Prije 15 dana
MKBHD is always a legend in terms of his intros
monika bhargava
monika bhargava Prije 15 dana
I'll wait till samsung will implement it better in the next galaxy s22 ultra
Enlighten the MIND
Enlighten the MIND Prije 15 dana
Maybe a good camera phone ...but it is riskey, huge bulke giant camera setup with display 🧐 Don't drop this phone not even by mistake.
Quick-Flix Prije 15 dana
They might have added that screen on back because people will placing phone with screen as base ... Like upside down due to bump caused by camera.
Rahul Jadhwani
Rahul Jadhwani Prije 15 dana
Are you sure that stamps are correct on 4:42? Because the shot on Mi 11 Ultra seems to have a better exposure and light-control, look at the sky and the street with trees on left.
Omkar Sonawane
Omkar Sonawane Prije 15 dana
love from india....bro....😘😘
M R Prije 15 dana
victor7491 Prije 15 dana
7:50 every time I do, it makes me laugh
Inoxy on Mac
Inoxy on Mac Prije 15 dana
Acesack Prije 15 dana
Great opinions as always Marques, love the honesty. I hate camera bumps, so yeah i take the cheese part look with a bigger battery
Hamba Ilahi
Hamba Ilahi Prije 15 dana
Hand the phone to jerry...
Raghuram Somanchi
Raghuram Somanchi Prije 16 dana
It's a sarcastic review from you...May be it's not a perfect phone, but, please tell us which is the perfect phone now in your opinion to buy...You, the reviewers are making contradictory reviews and confusing the viewers...But, all the reviewers have one thing in common...They all like the Iphones the most 😁😁...Why?? 😂
Titus Augustus
Titus Augustus Prije 16 dana
This review does not do this phone justice. Watch other reviews to compare. Fact he didnt even point to the other uses u can do from the back lcd screen says it all. Check other reviews all. Also his take on the 120 zoom is vague beyond belief. Maybe he gets paid by Apple or Samsung listening to this review here especially seeing as this phone could be better than the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. U been warned!
Demi Sheratish
Demi Sheratish Prije 16 dana
I want to buy a new phone and kinda confused between Oneplus 9 pro and MI 11 Ultra. Can you please help me out in making a more informed decision ?
Waiting for Jerry to open up this Monster!
Koushik Kashyap
Koushik Kashyap Prije 11 dana
So excited.. Can't wait to see that one🤯
Saksham Prije 16 dana
can u tell me please that what is the book in the background??? 1:20
Isabelle V.
Isabelle V. Prije 16 dana
If concerts were still going on like they used to I’d definitely get a separate Android just for the camera. I used to go to concerts very regularly so it’d be a good investment. Then I’d just have an iPhone for regular use.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Prije 16 dana
these sample images is some of the worst I've ever seen.
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