Dan Evans STUNS Novak Djokovic! | Monte Carlo 2021 Highlights

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Prije 2 mjeseci

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ingmarsen Prije 8 dana
Wow !! Dan Evans impressive . He's done to Djokovic what Djokovic does to others . The ball just keeps coming back and low backhand slices . Impressive and on clay .
CODIRECT Prije 2 mjeseci
Evans is a badass!!
Hans Madsen
Hans Madsen Prije 2 mjeseci
Ladda upp Anneli Madsen , Anneli Madsen , Anneli Madsen , Anneli Min Fru , Anneli Min Fru
A L Prije 2 mjeseci
A month ago old Federer beated Evans)
Mr_Waddleman32 Prije 2 mjeseci
my surprise is that he didn't scream COME ON after he won.
0 0
0 0 Prije 2 mjeseci
The Graf combo. Slice and power forehand. Nice job
Lee 1971
Lee 1971 Prije 2 mjeseci
The reason the western mainstream media hate on Djokovic so damn much is because he has a mind of his own, and the confidence to speak it. Thus he cannot easily be used by the media and corporate 'powers that be' as a sock puppet, in order to influence the masses in the direction that the cultural controllers want them to go. A good example of this is the scand3mic/'vaxxeine' issue. Novak knows (or at least strongly suspects) the truth, and is not afraid to speak out. They hate on Tyson Fury for basically the same reason. All highly paid sportmen and celebrities, placed in exalted positions of fame and fortune, are expected to just bend over and spout the 'party line', when it comes to any cultural issue which is pushed on the masses by the globalist corporate elite. God forbid, a popular cultural icon should go 'off script' and start propagating 'crazy conspiracy theories' to millions of their followers on Twitter.🤣
Dino Mijatovic
Dino Mijatovic Prije 2 mjeseci
Great performance from Evans no doubt, but Novak without any pace!? Has he got any issues?
Matthew Demma
Matthew Demma Prije 2 mjeseci
Thought I was watching Wilander for a moment - all those plush slices... superb!
Jenkins S Thomson
Jenkins S Thomson Prije 2 mjeseci
Evans' slice neutralized Novak's counter punching.
Jemand Prije 2 mjeseci
It's 2021 and we found a male player winning against the No1 with slice backhands... why, just why?!
SILK334 Prije 2 mjeseci
Did I really just watch a guy with practically only a backhand slice whip Novak's ass?????????
Misa Naumovski
Misa Naumovski Prije 2 mjeseci
Not funny how the media just talks about who will end the reign of Novak. They can't wait to see him gone. The same is happening to Nikola Jokic in NBA. They can't stand a warrior Serb.
Abe Lau
Abe Lau Prije 2 mjeseci
Me: Mom can I have Djokovic? Mom: No we have Djokovic at home. Djokovic at home: I am a huge dan evans fan dont hate me.
Varun Shah VO-TV
Varun Shah VO-TV Prije 2 mjeseci
Played like tomic vs Djokovic
Pride Manuel
Pride Manuel Prije 2 mjeseci
Federer defeats Evans, but Evans wins against Djokovic 😳
Z Y Prije 2 mjeseci
People in youtube after the win over Sinner:...The Big 2(3) are in such another level to everyone else Evans: can you stop the hyperbole already
Kwin Precious Vlogs
Kwin Precious Vlogs Prije 2 mjeseci
It is nice to see that the new ones are now able to beat the big 3, buy i guess time on the court has to do something with this, nadal for example just played after a long hiatus...
Estela Alvarez
Estela Alvarez Prije 2 mjeseci
No se pierdan mañana Tistipas -Rublev, aquí highlightshrpost.info/history/lsuCmLWxns-PZ44/video
Šubi dubi du
Šubi dubi du Prije 2 mjeseci
We watched you today, no more slices. just three gems, hahaha, superb tenis!!!
Peter Hammer
Peter Hammer Prije 2 mjeseci
always an enjoyment seeing Novak lose :)
n1kola n
n1kola n Prije 2 mjeseci
novak wasn't playing even 30% of what he is
Juan Manuel Perez
Juan Manuel Perez Prije 2 mjeseci
Es que no podía ser de otra forma, Novak Djokovic tiempo sin jugar y Evans en ritmo pasó lo que tenía que pasar PERDER. y así le va a pasar a Nadal, Federer y otros top ten que perdieron ritmo por no jugar. Bueno no soy sabIondo pero así es es el tenis se deja de jugar y pierdes Match play.
이대림 Prije 2 mjeseci
Djokovic is keep going world number 1 because Nadal also lost in quarter.
Kumpanart Pajongsin
Kumpanart Pajongsin Prije 2 mjeseci
Just one and first match met Evans will never beat Djokovic again.
Petarako Prije 2 mjeseci
He slice all game and Novak never really tried to go on the net and try something ..? Maybe it's just me but isn't that solution for players like Evans?
ProteinsForEmaciatedTeens Prije 2 mjeseci
Djokovic is one of the greatest but this match is why fed edges him in the race to be the GOAT. Tennis changed every 4-6 years because of string/racket tech, court changes, and even advances in sports medicine. Fed fed has mastered virtually 6 different versions of tennis throughout his career. Meanwhile djokovic has dominated slow court high spin tennis for the last 10 years. He will have more trophies than Fed for sure but Fed just does it better.
Couargeus Prije 2 mjeseci
Evans Slice remind me STEFFI Graf !lol! He need to hit those slice more power able wings ,slice like that destroy rythym his opponent..if he can do better on wimbledon this year..maybe it will become something..lol
afmemphis Prije 2 mjeseci
Dan to coach: How many slices should I use? Coach: Yes.
Pushyamitra Gurethia
Pushyamitra Gurethia Prije 2 mjeseci
बहुत अच्छा।
Martin Rossoneri
Martin Rossoneri Prije 2 mjeseci
Congrats Evans! Not an Easy Win. Great gameplan I like Every Player who def. The Serbian , who will Never get Love from the Crowd....
Flavius Mocanu
Flavius Mocanu Prije 2 mjeseci
Slice it like Evans
rausch Tan
rausch Tan Prije 2 mjeseci
Do NOT write the result in the title!!!!!!
steven gao
steven gao Prije 2 mjeseci
Whys djokovic sounds so exhausted
steven gao
steven gao Prije 2 mjeseci
How come Federer slices to Djokovic and he gets rekt lol
José Sosa
José Sosa Prije 2 mjeseci
Frans v. T
Frans v. T Prije 2 mjeseci
Novak seems slower than usual, is it because it's clay or was he having physical problems? usually he'd run for certain shots. But that's mainly on hard court
Sri Prije 2 mjeseci
hmm.. didnt expected that
Leslie Rosado
Leslie Rosado Prije 2 mjeseci
Kaiser De Leon
Kaiser De Leon Prije 2 mjeseci
Steve Johnson wished he had a backhand slice like Evans. Geez it’s always so deep and very hard to attack and it gives him time to operate and choices his shots wisely. Great job great win
Jack London
Jack London Prije 2 mjeseci
Glad to see new faces
Desi Remixx
Desi Remixx Prije 2 mjeseci
Djokovics arrogant foul mouthed father will go into hiding and blame this loss also as a roger federer conspiracy 🤣😂🤣😂
TheTradge Prije 2 mjeseci
Better late than never, Evans has always had the talent and potential to be a real threat on the men's tour, and it's so good to see him finally living up to that promise he showed, seems like these days he spends less time dicking about and more on the practice court, and that dedication has seen him make a career high of 26, win his first ever title, make his first ever masters semi final, and get his first ever win over a reigning world number 1 player. It's great to see because he didn't make it into the top 100 for the first time until he was 26, top 50 the following year, and the top 30 for the first time only a year ago or so, it would be great to see if he can make the top 10, because he's such a talented guy, just a shame it's taken him this long to really mature as a player and a person.
Nisi Dobro
Nisi Dobro Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey sheeps, its all fixed by Jesuits, learn Gematria! they are mocking on your IQ
3 Minute Poetry Analysis
3 Minute Poetry Analysis Prije 2 mjeseci
How do you beat Novak on clay? Slice that backhand.
Giovanni Collatuzzo
Giovanni Collatuzzo Prije 2 mjeseci
More backhand slice than Steve Johnson
Jamie Vidd
Jamie Vidd Prije 2 mjeseci
Bravo to Dan Evans. Well done, sir and well deserved.
Šubi dubi du
Šubi dubi du Prije 2 mjeseci
Total anonymity, this is just proof of how much he was preparing for Djokovic. This is its zenith. We will see how he will play against Tsitsipas. And don't bet on it :), my advise. Slice, hahahahaha, wait RG.He won't make it to the third round
Jamal Hamida
Jamal Hamida Prije 2 mjeseci
Place aux jeunes
Juan Navia González
Juan Navia González Prije 2 mjeseci
1292liam Prije 2 mjeseci
Chirag Prije 2 mjeseci
if you return your bachhands consistently noval is in trouble ...either it be low slices or stan the man's single handed rockets down the line...
R. R.
R. R. Prije 2 mjeseci
Evans, svaka čast! Wow, wow! That day, the way you played, i am impressed!!! You got another fan on your list. Btw, I am from Belgrade.
Graham Newton
Graham Newton Prije 2 mjeseci
Dan Evans is a bit like Mats Wilander in a sort of way but his grunts are louder.
Sari Alshami
Sari Alshami Prije 2 mjeseci
yay good news
jamesitalia Prije 2 mjeseci
Dan Evans v Jannik Sinner, now that would have been an interesting match!
Yulius G. Kusuma
Yulius G. Kusuma Prije 2 mjeseci
Boring match
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs Prije 2 mjeseci
Has Dan just “chipped” him out of the court!??
Алексей Солдаткин
Алексей Солдаткин Prije 2 mjeseci
That's what Novak did last two-three years. Loses when he want. It's funny to see comments like "Evans good tactic" or "killing slice". Novak loses in Vienna last year, in ATP Finals to Thiem when he can easily win. It's not about level of his game. It's a planned lose. If Novak 1st racquet there is no reason to win a match if this is not a Grand Slam. This lose is only about rehabilitation and relaxing to your body before Roland Garros.
Wally Friend
Wally Friend Prije 2 mjeseci
Joker has been living off fumes since his bout with Covid. Destroyed at the French and should have been destroyed at AO but Medvedev choked again so badly. Medvedev double faulted so many times and gift wrapped the win. Joker also got such an incredibly easy draw at AO. I mean a qualifier at the semis is unbelievable. It was a total gift by the organizers. I just don't see him winning much more. No amount of substances is going to stop age.
Ricardo dellaventimigliai
Ricardo dellaventimigliai Prije 2 mjeseci
Roger should learn from Evans how to play against Novax
Pat McC
Pat McC Prije 2 mjeseci
Delighted for Dan. Great all round player.
Marcelo Seri
Marcelo Seri Prije 2 mjeseci
a tip for Federer: the next time you face Djokovic, just bring the slice to the court.
Samer Prije 2 mjeseci
Slices bother Djokovic a lot since they break his rhythm(aggressive from the baseline)and force him to get in which he doesn’t like.
plavno1 Prije 2 mjeseci
apart from applauding Evans, you can't deny that Djokovic was in one of his worst performance day. He's like that, some total blackout days when he can loose from anybody
Marcelo Seri
Marcelo Seri Prije 2 mjeseci
Evans' backhand is like Graff's.
Zed Earl
Zed Earl Prije 2 mjeseci
Lost a big bet today never did think he’d lose 😳
Lungas Sakata
Lungas Sakata Prije 2 mjeseci
Taki Prije 2 mjeseci
Evans won this so much where is the world's first?
Chris Bentley
Chris Bentley Prije 2 mjeseci
Fantastic victory for Dan. He really took the game to Djokovic. A truly memorable win on his least favourite surface!! 👍
Mr AR Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait so Federer beat Evans a month ago, and now Evans beat Djokovic. Does that mean that Federer is a better player than Djokovic at this point? :)
荆裂 Prije 2 mjeseci
Slice slice slice slice slice slice and slice ...... here is the trick to beat Djokovic
MrBrainStarX Prije 2 mjeseci
Djokovic is such a humble person. After the match he said " This was for sure one of my worst matches in the past years"
MrBrainStarX Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mr AR Oh, I did not know that. I did only saw the highlights and from what I saw he played pretty good. But of course it's called "highlights" for a reason. I also did not read about the " he played great part" in the interview which I read. I assume it's just nothing newspapers like to post since it's less attractive to the public. I should inform myself in the future a little bit better. Anyway thanks for clearing my mind up.
Mr AR Prije 2 mjeseci
He's just a honest person. He had 45 unforced errors and opened a match with 2 double faults. The guy usually finishes such matches with less than 20 errors and max 1 double fault. Stats say everything. And he also congratulated Evans and said he played great. But you see only what you want to see.
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell Prije 2 mjeseci
Pretty impressive Dan Evans
focusonauto Prije 2 mjeseci
Evans did have a game plan going N, and it paid off.
相馬哲士 Prije 2 mjeseci
Djokovic lost🙃
Jacques van der Linde
Jacques van der Linde Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it just me or does it look like Novak’s footwork has been on holiday for two months? Well played DanTheMan!
Michael F
Michael F Prije 2 mjeseci
Well done to Evans, but the tennis he plays is dangerous for the popularity of the sport. Just slicing and minimize errors with zero entertainment or versatility whatsoever.
Heart Initiation
Heart Initiation Prije 2 mjeseci
well played mate
Kate Healy
Kate Healy Prije 2 mjeseci
And.did DJOKOVIC have one of his tantrums today bet he did
Richie'sBackhand Prije 2 mjeseci
And Federer beat this beast at Doha
david deneuf
david deneuf Prije 2 mjeseci
Bye bye Diva Djokovic🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Rajesh Gumber
Rajesh Gumber Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm glad he won, thank Evans for that!
M L Prije 2 mjeseci
Well done Evans I'm so proud of You!!! Hope the Djokovid dogs shut off now
Babar Ali
Babar Ali Prije 2 mjeseci
gr8 game Evans
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond Prije 2 mjeseci
When I learned Novak lost his first match of 2021, I thought it got to be one of the great next-generation players that knocked out Novak but I am completely surprised that it is Dan Evans. For a 30-year-old man, that is very impressive.
Mr AR Prije 2 mjeseci
Come on Evans recently lost to Federer who didn't play a match in 1 year. He did play well but if Djokovic was playing the usual game he wouldn't stand a chance. It was obviously Novak's 45 unforced errors and 4 double faults that decided the course of this match.
S G Prije 2 mjeseci
3:47 Evans clearly says "Thank you." Djokovic clearly knew he deserved the Match and let him win the last point.
Tina Ristivojevic
Tina Ristivojevic Prije 2 mjeseci
Nolwznam da se tako namestilo .Kozna zaśto je to dobro źelim ti sreću i ukjući se ne predaj se ti to moźeś ti si 💪
S G Prije 2 mjeseci
Had no idea Evans was so skilled, thanks Tennis TV for getting me back into Tennis!
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur Prije 2 mjeseci
Novak saying it's 1 of the worst performances to date, fuck off you bellend got out played lol. Shocked he didn't mention his FAKE injury
Mr AR Prije 2 mjeseci
Lmao yes he was outplayed - by his own 45 unforced errors and the worst movement on the court since 2005.
krisna tsy
krisna tsy Prije 2 mjeseci
loved it
muthachari r
muthachari r Prije 2 mjeseci
Congrats Evans...you have defeated prime Novak to write history
Dennis Chenier
Dennis Chenier Prije 2 mjeseci
Evans slapped the cocky out of Djokovic.
Hsnba Bnas
Hsnba Bnas Prije 2 mjeseci
Brilliant work by evens to use the slice backhand against djokovic, as it gave him no pace to use when coming to hit his own shot
Ionas Liviu
Ionas Liviu Prije 2 mjeseci
Well, he will ve going home, a few blocks away
jcorb Prije 2 mjeseci
Djokovic lost because he doesn't like coming into net. You can't beat Evans if you don't come into net.
Mr AR Prije 2 mjeseci
You're probably right. Even Federer who didnt play for 1 year beat Evans recently. Could be because Fed played a net game.
keiser sose
keiser sose Prije 2 mjeseci
One hand backhand is king. Learn it.
Timothy Bint
Timothy Bint Prije 2 mjeseci
If my girlfriend and team celebrated my win over Djokovic with such a lack lustre wet applause as Dan’s last night , I think I’d be single and looking for a new coach today 😠
Mr AR Prije 2 mjeseci
I think his gf doesn't even know who is Djokovic she only knows how much money Evans has in his wallet. No worries she will be celebrating later, when she founds out he earned some extra by reaching the quarterfinals..
Raj DMan
Raj DMan Prije 2 mjeseci
Watch out Evans, Novak’s dad will come at you.
puppy beagle
puppy beagle Prije 2 mjeseci
fkin geezer slice op
Oh no Oh no Oh no no no 😂 #shorts
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