Modric to Pique - "Are you ready to go complain?"

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Real Madrid's number 10 criticized Barcelona's defender for going straight towards the referee right after the whistle was blown at the end of the match.
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Sidharth Sreenath
Sidharth Sreenath Prije 4 sati
Why i got this recommended after zidane complained about the refs🤣🤣
JhurtadoOo Prije 19 sati
Love how they still kinda went in for the handshake
winona7 Prije 21 sat
Arthas Santi
Arthas Santi Prije 23 sati
Como detesto a la porqueria de pique.
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong Prije dan
I'm always confused at players complaining to the referee once the game is over, As if the referee was going to say " Oh you were not happy about the 4 minutes? Oh sorry about that. EVERYONE BACK ON THE FIELD BACKWARDS FOR A MINUTE TO MAKE IT 3"
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong Prije dan
No wonder Modric loved his time under mourinho 😂😂😂
Don iniesta
Don iniesta Prije dan
Modrick cuántos quieres?
tanhaz Prije dan
I'm more curious on why Geradd Pique still plays for Barcelona? He's been shit since 2015 and they still haven't kicked him out.
Aditya Dube
Aditya Dube Prije dan
Pique was actually right Refree gave 6 mins to them when they were trailing Couldn't let papa Perez down 😂😂😂
Rodrygo 25
Rodrygo 25 Prije dan
*4 minutes added* *done* *Pique comes from the bench (to complain) Pique: WHY FOUR MINUTES WHY NOT 10 MINUTES Ref: *leaves the pitch* Pique: Var is slowly fading away from us, BUT We WILL PAY THE REFS COUPLE OF MILLIONS OF EUROS
Usmank6144 Prije dan
Isn’t it kind of ironic how now Kroos and Zidane were both crying to the refs now? Life comes at you real quick 😂 bunch of hypocrites.
Yoelucas Prije dan
Ah pero ayer el Madrid si eh
I'M HERE Prije dan
Well, Florentino has everything already paid for so there is not much to say.
Wol Acuil
Wol Acuil Prije dan
Who's laughing now 😂
jhoan Prije dan
Look at them now 🤣
Dani checkers
Dani checkers Prije 2 dana
How many did you want ? it's wrong , it's how many minutes do you want ?
Jack Miles
Jack Miles Prije 2 dana
I’m a Sunday league football coach and there are plenty of other coaches who I’ve said the exact same thing too as Modric said to Pique. Had one the other week get the rules up on his phone to show the ref to stop our players from swapping shin pads while his team was losing 5-0 We ended up taking the players off who swapped the shin pads and we proceeded to score 3 more goals with 9 kids on the pitch 👏👏👏👏
Luis Almodovar
Luis Almodovar Prije 2 dana
Savage move from Modric, but I mean... Pique wasn’t wrong, some weird stuff was going on that day
terry Brady
terry Brady Prije 2 dana
Pique, just another in a long line of uneducated cheating,crying football scumbags.!!!
blythy2007 Prije 3 dana
Because he’s an absolute baby who only likes it when it’s going his way. Top class shithousery
Kalzang gyatso
Kalzang gyatso Prije 4 dana
Every school had that one kid who always complained to the teacher about the back benchers.
Esse Change
Esse Change Prije 13 sati
The karens of school
_Strafy_ Prije 4 dana
now look at modric’s face when he lost to chelsea.
Ronny Brüchner
Ronny Brüchner Prije 4 dana
Soooo unsympathisch der Modric.
Joe J
Joe J Prije 4 dana
I did shakira up the arse.
Abdikarim Ismail
Abdikarim Ismail Prije 4 dana
Jajaja 4 minutos cuanto quieres q crack Luca 😀
Sgt Pepper
Sgt Pepper Prije 5 dana
Complain now modric why your team is trophyless this season
CyberGlock1 Prije 5 dana
Lmao deleting my comment cuz it’s the truth. Cry some more Modric. Are you ready to start crying? You can’t even complain cuz you were trash today against Chelsea 🤡🤡🤡
RmNaNtCbScRrN Prije 5 dana
Hahahahhaha theyre gonna do SOOOOO much in one minute...
memphis raines
memphis raines Prije 5 dana
Ohhh are you going to cry Pique? Men don't do that. Men congratulates oponent, and trains to beat him next time.
Eliza Lucan
Eliza Lucan Prije 6 dana
It were over 11 minutes in total, but guess no one cares about facts lol
potadzio blanco
potadzio blanco Prije 6 dana
Daaaaashm Modric
Karel Kramer
Karel Kramer Prije 6 dana
Team Modric
Superior Gaming
Superior Gaming Prije 6 dana
Pique at his best
JOE G Prije 6 dana
You didn’t score in over 20 minutes, it’s one more extra minute that would have made you score
Takuache Cuh
Takuache Cuh Prije 6 dana
The barka fans are just like the players🤣🤣
Tomas Kocerha
Tomas Kocerha Prije 6 dana
Haha.... discusting ...this is how looks like barcelona last 10 years ...just complaining
Адам Дзейт
Адам Дзейт Prije 6 dana
у Луки на столько хорошее видение игры 😂
Alpha Squad
Alpha Squad Prije 7 dana
A Barcelona player or fan complaining about bias or unfair play 😂 😂 yeah good one. Shut up Pique, get ur ass to the back of the bus.
John harris
John harris Prije 7 dana
Pique, too old, too slow. All he can do now is cry like a Bi#*h
hello meme
hello meme Prije 7 dana
Ngl pique has a point
Jayrisse Yearwood
Jayrisse Yearwood Prije 7 dana
Barcelona in a nutshell...always bitching
Straha Ironscale
Straha Ironscale Prije 7 dana
pique is a fuxking child
Ewan ET
Ewan ET Prije 7 dana
The ref took about 2 minutes to fix his communication device that stopped working. 4 minutes was a joke
Rodri S
Rodri S Prije 7 dana
Shakira: 4 minutes is too long
Silex5430o0 Prije 7 dana
A LLORAR 0/2 clásicos ganados culés
Cewe Berotot
Cewe Berotot Prije 7 dana
Uefalona is trash man
Aza Kem
Aza Kem Prije 7 dana
Pique is such a bitch
Mad Jazza
Mad Jazza Prije 7 dana
Pique is a known prick
eQuinox Prije 7 dana
Pique only repeats what Shakira tells him home.
Bogdan Shelenko
Bogdan Shelenko Prije 7 dana
Modric is on fire!!!!
Mario Ruiz
Mario Ruiz Prije 7 dana
Fucken cry baby complaining
jojosese209 Prije 7 dana
I love luka
Samuel Stephens
Samuel Stephens Prije 7 dana
Quite bold of Pique to complain after some absolute dire decisions that he’s had
Eduardo FULLY
Eduardo FULLY Prije 7 dana
Shakira: why you came home late today Pique: I was explaining to the referee why we should of gotten an extra minute
Yes Yes
Yes Yes Prije 5 dana
@Eduardo FULLY You wrote should of instead of should have
Eduardo FULLY
Eduardo FULLY Prije 5 dana
@Marco Meister still don’t know what you are trying to say
Marco Meister
Marco Meister Prije 5 dana
@Eduardo FULLY should HAVE gotten
Eduardo FULLY
Eduardo FULLY Prije 6 dana
@Marco Puttolu what
Marco Puttolu
Marco Puttolu Prije 6 dana
should HAVE
J J Prije 7 dana
Barca was up to something big in the last four of the eight minutes extra time not given.
xLR F4K3R Prije 8 dana
Modric is only overrated Shit not more if he get a ballon dor why not xavi,iniesta or pirlo? Modric ist OVERRATED.
Tim Osman
Tim Osman Prije 8 dana
Football is the most corrupt sport in the world, sadly.
tj4mjgptw Prije 8 dana
Herkert Prije 8 dana
Real Madrid only payed for 4 min extra time
ItsBleon _Yt
ItsBleon _Yt Prije 7 dana
Varca fanboy go cry to ur momma 😂😂😭😭
Henrik Bæckström
Henrik Bæckström Prije 8 dana
Baby boy...
aaronrajis Prije 8 dana
Savage luka 😂
Seniore Booze
Seniore Booze Prije 8 dana
i find the drops of the rain on the mic way more interesting than the actual footage
Krish Dalwani
Krish Dalwani Prije 8 dana
Okay but pique wasn't wrong tho the refree had stopped the play for 3-4 mins when he was off the pitch and handling his device + subs+ injuries.
TCO Prije 8 dana
I am not a Balkanese(got balkan friends tho) but the way the Modric speaks in this moment is full Balkan mentality. Especially the Tch sound.
Borja Lopez
Borja Lopez Prije 8 dana
Deja de llorar pique que siempre estáis igual... la copa del rey y vas que chutas a chuparla el barca
E Dunnit
E Dunnit Prije 8 dana
Both Pique and Modric are bitches.
Prachurjya konwar
Prachurjya konwar Prije 8 dana
Pretty sure, Pique complains to Shakira when she's not even around to listen to him.
C Kreuzer
C Kreuzer Prije 8 dana
I'm surprised Pique didn't drop to the floor and claim a foul against Modric... flog
Piyush Kandari
Piyush Kandari Prije 8 dana
I like pique he is always fun to watch not Modric fan but he is so accurate😁
The Goalkeeper Showcase
The Goalkeeper Showcase Prije 8 dana
Honestly I gotta say, for the couple past Classico’s the refs mainly been Real Madrid supporting refs
Scott Xu
Scott Xu Prije 8 dana
Pique did go to complain😂😂😂
Arditi Veizi
Arditi Veizi Prije 8 dana
Modric is a legend and so honest guy..
SENSEI BZ Prije 8 dana
he knew what pique was gonna say im felling a Katakuri vibe
123 Prije 8 dana
It has now became a tradition to see this video everyday
CyberGlock1 Prije 5 dana
Hope Modric is ready to cry now being eliminated by Chelsea 🤡🤡🤡
Diky Candra
Diky Candra Prije 7 dana
Lol same
E.M. B
E.M. B Prije 8 dana
Another spurs castoff who left to win.. poor Harry kane
Eren jeager
Eren jeager Prije 8 dana
Can someone explain
Sub Zero 22
Sub Zero 22 Prije 8 dana
Well pique always complain and he is so predictable
Martin Slezr
Martin Slezr Prije 9 dana
I just love these moments, team can't score a sigle goal for 90 minutes but wants extra min in added time.
Red John
Red John Prije 9 dana
Pique should be punished by UEFA for intimidating the referee. Especially more so after Barca tried to join ESL.
Bovornpot Thaosiri
Bovornpot Thaosiri Prije 9 dana
Just out of curiosity, How did Modric speak Spanish so well?
YANIS ABD Prije 9 dana
Pj Mathison
Pj Mathison Prije 9 dana
He still gets to home to shakira so who’s really losing
roberto0612fcb Prije 9 dana
Modbitch would be bitching if it was the other way around.
Muhammad Hamail
Muhammad Hamail Prije 9 dana
Imma Barca fan They couldn't do anything in 90 minutes and they think they would've done they could score a goal in 4 minutes 🙄🙄🙄
ericMICTER779 Prije 9 dana
“Cuanto más conozco a la gente, más quiero a mi perro”. Diógenes de Sinop
iam_denis98 Prije 9 dana
Pique: 10min is okay 🤡
armando dias
armando dias Prije 9 dana
“It’s shameful” Proceeds to remember his hand to ball against Chelsea on UCL
Raiden blood
Raiden blood Prije 9 dana
He does complain a lot, but it’s not like Luka did shit in the game LMAO or has done much this season
Jonathan Fagan
Jonathan Fagan Prije 9 dana
Players recognise whingers on the pitch from playing against them for so long so he could see this coming.
Kaboha Kevin
Kaboha Kevin Prije 9 dana
Modric is a real life Katakuri😂😂😂
MATRIX Lomachenko
MATRIX Lomachenko Prije 9 dana
Lol uefalona blaming the refs , when they can only win with refs , the irony
Edward James
Edward James Prije 9 dana
Pique's a prick. Does he not realise that substitutions aren't included in time added on / injury time...
Pepe Popo
Pepe Popo Prije 9 dana
I love you Luka Modric!!!
Pure Play
Pure Play Prije 9 dana
That's wat every Barca player and official has been doing since last few decades. All they do is try and manipulate referees' decisions by acting & complaining on and off the field.
Mario Prije 9 dana
Qais Hussain
Qais Hussain Prije 9 dana
No one is talking about how pique was correct tho... that referee had a madrid top on underneath
Roberto Sanz
Roberto Sanz Prije 9 dana
Jajajajajaja me encanta ver a Modric rozando la camiseta que tantos años de su vida ha soñado llevar, menudo acomplejado XD
Gamer899 Prije 9 dana
Pique is such a crybaby... As a Real Madrid fan, i hope either we win the cup or Luis Suarez..
Muddassir Ghoorun
Muddassir Ghoorun Prije 9 dana
thatkidadrian__ Prije 9 dana
Imagine getting the "tch" from Luka,he is so humble and a such nice guy
Fluffy McFluff
Fluffy McFluff Prije 9 dana
This is gold
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