Calling Out Companies Who Stole My Nails

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SimplyARRESTTHEMLogical ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Pawz Prije 3 sati
i find it hilarious that the entire video has no watermark
Cris Retana
Cris Retana Prije 5 sati
I’m from Costa Rica haha and Gringa is part of our lingo but that add was not in spanish it was in portuguese 🤣 gurl Cristine
L4xo_ Prije 8 sati
7:33 ما نعرفه ما نعرفه🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️
Alana Simionato
Alana Simionato Prije 21 sat
the advertisement in 6:09 is actually in portuguese UHDASUDHAUDAHHU it's definitely from brazil (i know my country calls foreigners "gringos")
Cyntayo Prije dan
Gringa is slang for white girl/women in Spanish (I am a native Spanish speaker)
Isabella Woulleman
Isabella Woulleman Prije dan
I finished this video and then saw exibit b as a short video
Zeineb ♥
Zeineb ♥ Prije dan
It wasn't Spanish it was Portuguese tho😂
Hello Summer
Hello Summer Prije 2 dana
A lot of the tiktok accounts have been taken down 🥰
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline Prije 2 dana
The uneven bangladesh classically license because knight finally tick lest a illegal child. ragged, adventurous character
CheyenneTheKiller6 Prije 2 dana
The subscribe button should turn holo
Rayne Nowling
Rayne Nowling Prije 3 dana
btw im puerto rican gringa is a racial slur for white girls and gringo is the male version
Jennesa Darling
Jennesa Darling Prije 3 dana
The puny beat acly impress because january hopefully snatch next a bouncy lead. snobbish, lively mosquito
Unicorn Magical
Unicorn Magical Prije 3 dana
Your hair looks beautiful
Verito Montiel
Verito Montiel Prije 3 dana
You obviously don't speak Spanish! That's not Spanish hahaha. It's Brazilian Portuguese. hehe still love u
higuera :p
higuera :p Prije 3 dana
The fact they called simply a gringa while she confused Portuguese and spanish is just so fucking funny to me
Gabrielle Oliveira
Gabrielle Oliveira Prije 4 dana
That is not spanish 😂 it's portuguese from Brazil. "Gringa" is not a mean way to call someone, it's just a different name to call a foreign person. We refer as gringa or gringo any person who don't live in brazil. Brazilian portuguese has a lot of slangs. It's hard for us to keep up sometimes. It is a difficult idiom
Elisa with s
Elisa with s Prije 4 dana
Christine! Thats not spanish lol it's portuguese! I speak spanish, i'm from Mexico and gringa is 2 things: the food it first showed you and a slang used for a english speaking female more specifically for US people but you can qualify as one, it can be mean but in the context it wasn't , it was trying to Say : look you can get the same fancy nails as gringas do! , Hope it helped xx
Pats Castille
Pats Castille Prije 5 dana
6:15 that's actually portuguese not spanish and um... Gringa is a term used for well... USA woman 😅 they couldn't even get your nationality right girl 😂😂🤦‍♀️
Crazy Emo Vampire Kitty
Crazy Emo Vampire Kitty Prije 5 dana
Jeffree Star SUED Wish for stealing his photos from his Jawbreaker palettes!!
mia fahmy
mia fahmy Prije 5 dana
The Arabic part at 7:31 says " the latest of the nail grooming technology wich is a printer that would print any pictures on your phone on your nails in a matter of 35 seconds exclusive and only in Algeria" the Final line is hard to understand since am not Algerian and Arabic is not the same in every country .I think it said click on the main page or something like that
Spira Prije 5 dana
No Cristine, foot rubs and socks are not what feet pics are usually sold for...
Livelifeloving Hi
Livelifeloving Hi Prije 5 dana
Haha demoney
Silvaria Prije 5 dana
why dont you put the watermark in the middle?
Elena Stennett
Elena Stennett Prije 5 dana
That- cristine that's Portuguese
Ella Syhakhoun
Ella Syhakhoun Prije 5 dana
Who else thinks Cristine is so pretty with her hair down
david varazashvili
david varazashvili Prije 6 dana
i would subscribe again, if the button turned holo
GiggleBat Prije 6 dana
Contact the companies, tell them you're a large platform influencer who would love to review their products to upload, it'd be exposure for them and all they had to do was send you the product in the mail (Free). :D No lies told, only facts and you'd still get to review them just like you promised you would. MAN!! I hope you see this comment because I'd love to see that level of awesomeness. LOL
{*•XxAll BerryxX•*}
{*•XxAll BerryxX•*} Prije 6 dana
Me having a channel and doing this😌
Catherine A.M. PA1970
Catherine A.M. PA1970 Prije 6 dana
I'm so sorry that this happened but what I think is just as bad is if a person invents a new technique to do something w/nails and then a year or more goes by and then a BIG International Nail Company takes the same technique and says that THEY just invented it.Gimme a break...and not just once but TWICE. Unreal
aryanna arendt
aryanna arendt Prije 6 dana
one of your old videos just came up on my home page on youtube and the memories came back to me
CJ Smith
CJ Smith Prije 6 dana
She put a holo taco sticker on the hammer- I WANT A HOLO TACO STICKER
Leyla Roumiguiere
Leyla Roumiguiere Prije 7 dana
"I can't read spanish" it's says brasil RIGHT THERE lmaaaao come oooon
Lilly Vasquez
Lilly Vasquez Prije 8 dana
Jennesa Darling
Jennesa Darling Prije 8 dana
The undesirable girl sadly flow because crocodile contrarily sprout through a salty trouble. determined, painstaking plant
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen Prije 8 dana
Time to sue :D
Melissa Eimers
Melissa Eimers Prije 8 dana
But what did Ben say about his nails being stolen? He’s nail famous now 😂😂😂
Emma lmao
Emma lmao Prije 8 dana
Baby that's Portuguese 😀
Marisela Vallejo
Marisela Vallejo Prije 8 dana
Not Spanish, lol
Jazzie E.
Jazzie E. Prije 8 dana
Gringa is a word used to described a white person (feminine) Its like a white person saying beaner ^^ But its not as mean as beaner so your welcome
Killer Queen
Killer Queen Prije 8 dana
kinda wondering if a sign shop / any kind of online image or ad provider??? is just ripping off your thumbnails and advertising it as stock???????
Kharli Brooks-Mayeux
Kharli Brooks-Mayeux Prije 9 dana
Is it just me or is the intro like so satisfying
Gen St
Gen St Prije 9 dana
Argentina lol
domefun Prije 9 dana
Petition for the subscribe button to turn green after pressing. 🙋
Maddie L
Maddie L Prije 9 dana
The jury has spoken. We declare them GUILTY
love_cookiecat Prije 10 dana
Who else noticed..... No? Ok just look at her trashcan. Now you see it!
Kate Katic
Kate Katic Prije 10 dana
“I can’t read Spanish” Babe, That’s Brazilian :(
Vitoria SP
Vitoria SP Prije 17 sati
Mell Fagundes
Mell Fagundes Prije 10 dana
6:17 That would be portuguese,
Mell Fagundes
Mell Fagundes Prije 10 dana
Eu vi a "nova febre entre as gringas" ali no começoKKKKKKKKKKKK
kayla fan SkitZ
kayla fan SkitZ Prije 10 dana
I'm pretty sure when she moved on after the silver Chrome nail polish part it shows those pink nails and I swear I just watch the same clip
obscvritas Prije 11 dana
I used to work for a clinic that did some esthetician stuff and one of the owners did like skin tag, mole and dark spot removal. She was working with a marketing company to make a flyer or something. I remember overhearing the marketing guy asking if she had any client images she could send him for the before and after photos and she just told him to google for some. Luckily, he refused. It's just kind of bizarre 'cause this was a real clinic and she did have real clients, but I think the treatment (probs the dark spot removal) isn't as effective and she wanted to skirt around the truth with marketing. It's really shady and I'm so glad I'm gone from there. I try to support small local businesses but between that and all the other shitty things going on, I hope they went under since I left.
Yuri&Angel Moreno
Yuri&Angel Moreno Prije 11 dana
Simply nailogical:”I can’t read Spanish” Me:”That’s not in Spanish”
Yuri&Angel Moreno
Yuri&Angel Moreno Prije 11 dana
Gringa means white girl
Dakota Salinas
Dakota Salinas Prije 11 dana
Go to one of those salons!
Dakota Salinas
Dakota Salinas Prije 11 dana
Skin just glowing!
roZa 7
roZa 7 Prije 11 dana
7:30 العرب إلي يتابعون: هلو 👁👄👁؟!
rauh kareem
rauh kareem Prije 11 dana
On minute 7:33 its selling the printer and saying that it is the latest device and you can use it from your phone and they used Christine picture just because she is holding it they don’t even mention her in the ad🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I don’t know
Kylee Stanton
Kylee Stanton Prije 11 dana
Corgi idk
Corgi idk Prije 12 dana
Make a nail salon please. I will work for free.
NIQ Prije 12 dana
I'm very ashamed, my country (Brazil) is simply shit. about the word "gringa" we use it to refer to women (and "gringo" for men) who live in north america and europe, not just white and white. The "s" make the plural in word (Sorry for my bad inglish, i'm learning english watching english content, it's not as good as i wanted it to be LOL
Danny Sexbang
Danny Sexbang Prije 12 dana
For the stores in real life they probably just fucking googled the terms and they came up rather quickly
Phoebe Collins
Phoebe Collins Prije 12 dana
And the Jury has decided that they are GUILTY!!
Alison Hinds
Alison Hinds Prije 12 dana
They shouldn't be doing that without your permission
Suha Kamal
Suha Kamal Prije 13 dana
u should write ur watermark on ur hands so it will be harder to edit out :)
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie Prije 13 dana
Haven’t seen Cristine in forever.... she went from nailogical to LAWgical
crystal14w Prije 13 dana
You work so hard to be creative and companies should respect that
Allura Jane
Allura Jane Prije 14 dana
another thing that sellers do on instagram is use artist's drawings without their permission and not only is it wrong to steal art but also,, it doesn't make any sense to me? What does that drawing have to do with your product wth
Rosa Uys
Rosa Uys Prije 14 dana
I died when she said miscenaileous Those nails are messing with her head
Elle taylor
Elle taylor Prije 14 dana
u should prob check wish . com prob like simply holo body pillow XD
Felipe Navascues
Felipe Navascues Prije 14 dana
6:30 that's not Spanish. That's Portuguese. WAY different.
Jaylee Agnew
Jaylee Agnew Prije 15 dana
It means that google translate is fake and often butchers translations, also, that's Portuguese not Spanish
Natália Carvalho
Natália Carvalho Prije 15 dana
Oh, no! My country using your face and nails, I'm Sorry 🤦🏾‍♀️ At least I got to see you trying to speak portuguese 🤣 And yes, "the new fever" means "the hottest trend" hahahaha About "gringos", basically everyone that doesn't live in Brazil is a "gringo"
Roman Peynado
Roman Peynado Prije 15 dana
Did she sue tho?
Mencia Chabot
Mencia Chabot Prije 15 dana
aNd yOu kNoW i hAve eNouGh
Slime Soccer
Slime Soccer Prije 15 dana
Finally being from Egypt comes in handy! Well the Arabic ad says: " The latest nail art technology,it's a printer that that prints any picture you have on your phone on your nails in 35 seconds, exclusively in Algeria, click on the post to take you to the main page for this printer" tada
Djenny Biersack
Djenny Biersack Prije 15 dana
It’s probably really really late to say that but the intro looks so much sexier with the holo taco polishes
Diana Mary
Diana Mary Prije 16 dana
We all start out as assholes in the womb. Some of us don't grow out of that phase.
Safi Draws
Safi Draws Prije 16 dana
That random ass add calling her a basic white girl sosbsjbeoams
Ele Ractliffe
Ele Ractliffe Prije 16 dana
Kawaii Polar
Kawaii Polar Prije 16 dana
I bet the holo polish some of them are selling isn't even real holo 😒
April Richardson
April Richardson Prije 16 dana
GIRL, YOU Really think they saw your thumbnail in a salon first off... secondly, you think it happened more than once?! hahah I cant. Where did reality go? Someone made that pic and lied to you!
ismellmaple Prije 17 dana
I'd just like to say, for me it works to keep people away from your content more if you have a complicated (?) image with the watermark so that people will give up or make the clipping out obvious >:)) Shit still gets stolen tho-
Yüce Honos
Yüce Honos Prije 17 dana
you should buy those products and make video about them vs original product
FridaTheFreak Prije 17 dana
I'm JuSt A sOcK!
ExtraordinAri Prije 17 dana
Girl that’s not Spanish. That’s portugués.
Tolgahan Şahin
Tolgahan Şahin Prije 17 dana
Good thing the add was in Portuguese
Caitlin Hellman
Caitlin Hellman Prije 17 dana
I get this. About 10 years ago I had a nail blog and a post that blew up overnight. Now if you search nail sponge on ebay or wish you see my nails for every other picture. 🙈
Monica Dominick
Monica Dominick Prije 15 dana
The rainbow one lol
Sam D'Agostino
Sam D'Agostino Prije 17 dana
I love how it's trendy to use your thumbnails 🤣
Leila Degner
Leila Degner Prije 18 dana
just vibing in 2021 rn
Aliyah Stoddard
Aliyah Stoddard Prije 18 dana
Ok this is real plagiarism and it is really not ok to commit plagiarism you are literally stealing other peoples hard work and saying that it’s yours without giving credit
XxGacha_ ChanxX
XxGacha_ ChanxX Prije 18 dana
14:35 I can't Lmao
moonybun Prije 19 dana
its portuguese no spanishhh
Holo Sock
Holo Sock Prije 20 dana
Ruby Sings
Ruby Sings Prije 20 dana
Tha hamma at the start
Pollyana Silveira
Pollyana Silveira Prije 20 dana
the brazilian ad nooooo
Isabella Dangond
Isabella Dangond Prije 21 dan
It says “the new fever among gringas” jajajajaj, it’s Portuguese :v
Dxnna Harry Potter.miraculos
Dxnna Harry Potter.miraculos Prije 21 dan
Gringa means how latins or Mexicans call white girls in like slang or somethin like that
Selina Cervantes
Selina Cervantes Prije 22 dana
I also create non-face based content on IG and half the time when someone sends me “hey is this you? Someone stole your video without credit” i look at the video (which in fact is mine with a watermark) and I DONT RECOGNIZE MY OWN HANDS 😂 mine are pudgy and small and distinctive from other but STILL IM LIKE WHO DFQ hands IS THISSSSSS??? 😩😂 idk how u can tell your hands apart from others
Isabel Lopez
Isabel Lopez Prije 22 dana
that is not spanish, eso no es español
Leonor de Lancastre e Távora
Leonor de Lancastre e Távora Prije 22 dana
"a nova febre entre as gringas" i--
Cinefilia Punct RO
Cinefilia Punct RO Prije 23 dana
i bet i saw this HOJO brand too
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