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In the latest episode of 7 Days, 7 Looks, Addison Rae walks Vogue through a week in her fashionable life.

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00:00 - Intro
00:14 - Monday
01:09 - Tuesday
02:13 - Wednesday
03:09 - Thursday
03:58 - Friday
05:02 - Saturday
06:13 - Sunday

Director: Rom Bokobza
Director of Photography: David Keninger
Editor: Daniel Poler
Producer: Gabrielle Reich
Senior Producer: Anna Page Nadin
Market Editor, Vogue: Rachel Besser
Set Designer: Robert Ziemer
Makeup Artist: Mary Phillips
Hair Stylist: Jenny Cho
Stylist: Siena Montesano
Gaffer: Brendan Boyle
Camera Operator: Philip Hoang
Audio: Kara Johnson
Covid Supervisor: Lorenia May

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Every Outfit Addison Rae Wears in a Week | 7 Days, 7 Looks | Vogue

Florencia Prije 4 sati
This isn't stylish or interesting 😕
Ella Singh
Ella Singh Prije 11 sati
She seems super sweet and positive and nice but they could have chosen an actual inspiration
Yellow is not my fav color
Yellow is not my fav color Prije 11 sati
The way she walks in tho 💀 like:🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏼‍♀️🧍🏼‍♀️😁😝
aokiji’s wife
aokiji’s wife Prije 18 sati
that throwback outfit was kinda cute but it was plain & boring, ive seen MUCH better
Puipuii Chhakchhuak
Puipuii Chhakchhuak Prije 21 sat
I hope nobody copies her style plss-
ohstef Prije 23 sati
I simply don’t understand how someone with such good money has such a low sense of style compared to us middle to low range people who would kill every single day.
trina vega
trina vega Prije 23 sati
someone get this girl pinterest
estefani smith
estefani smith Prije 23 sati
Kurnisha Prije dan
Y'all are these the people we let define fashion now ? Miss Anna Wintour allowed this?
crystal bentley
crystal bentley Prije dan
Bruh the dislikes
Mackenzie Young
Mackenzie Young Prije dan
Really bizarre reading the comments about how her outfits weren’t to par. Maybe this video WASN’T FOR YOU! I think Vogue is being age inclusive to style icons of all ages, Addison Rae I believe is under 20 so this video is probably an attempt to feature relevant women for the young demographic of viewers. This type of dress is what’s popular for teeny bops.
Megan Prije dan
4:02 she looks like she just clocked in at chili's
Humaira Prije dan
I cannot stress this enough: TIKTOKERS ARE NOT CELEBS
esmeee s
esmeee s Prije dan
this girl stuck in 2015...
esmeee s
esmeee s Prije dan
not to be a hater but how does she have so much money yet she still cannot dress at all
Era Caushi
Era Caushi Prije dan
Is this what vogue has become?
shadowtouya Prije 12 sati
I'm so disappointed-
Era Caushi
Era Caushi Prije dan
Anna please.
Shannon Bee
Shannon Bee Prije dan
If you look on Vogues website, she didn’t ACTUALLY STYLE any of these outfits. Vogue did her dirtyyyyyy. Google her paparazzi photos on google. She doesn’t even slightly dress like this..
Shannon Bee
Shannon Bee Prije dan
“All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission”
Netya Saini
Netya Saini Prije dan
Just one word - Cringe
Arina Sharapova
Arina Sharapova Prije dan
Oh, she's so cute
Ana.potterhed Prije dan
Omg Perfect💕
LUXURYB4RB1E Prije dan
We do not hate tiktokers like adi-we hate how they are being handed stuff they don't even deserve when the only thing they did is dance for 1 minute
Julia Ament Aguiar
Julia Ament Aguiar Prije dan
For God's sake, what are they thinking about, she's a TIKTOKER. WTF
Jency T.
Jency T. Prije 2 dana
That first outfit was a choice…
lvl lvl
lvl lvl Prije 2 dana
Her monday outfit is disappointing
A Prije 2 dana
I was just here to make fun of her but I got a french McDonald's ad and now i want to go to France only to try Mcdonalds there
A Prije 10 sati
@shadowtouya fank you very much
shadowtouya Prije 12 sati
I love your pfp-
JEMI Prije 2 dana
i still can't see what's the stylish think about dressing a slip dress out like sleep dress is for sleeping -
Sabita Jena
Sabita Jena Prije 2 dana
I love the way she's dressed
Lisa Prije 2 dana
c'est une catastrophe ma chérie
Gjergj Deda
Gjergj Deda Prije 2 dana
She can literally do so much better . We see it on her ig
Bella Nivelle
Bella Nivelle Prije 3 dana
i was waiting for Stacey and Clinton to come out like "actually Addison this is What Not To Wear"
mckenna hill
mckenna hill Prije 3 dana
Who did her so dirty. Addison you have better style than this.....
Sofia Hoenle
Sofia Hoenle Prije 3 dana
this is horrendous
Ella Singh
Ella Singh Prije 3 dana
I feel like she’s absolutely fine because she’s having fun and when you hear her name you recognize it
Rayla Prije 3 dana
It's not addison, it's Siena Montesano who is the stylist... like holy G. How is this a thing... Siena.....
Bigmamabella __
Bigmamabella __ Prije 3 dana
Dude why are TikTokers doing the same things as celebrities... this is low key disrespectful to the celebs who actually worked for their fame and who actually know about style, and video creating/editing, or modeling, acting etc. TikTokers should stay on TikTok, they aren’t celebrities.
Sandrinefaith Prije 3 dana
Vogue please do Madison Beer next
Sam T
Sam T Prije 4 dana
They absolutely did her dirty with this, she doesnt dress so boring and plain, look up pictures of her or check her Instagram, vogue sabotaged this 🤨
yeah  well
yeah well Prije 4 dana
The first outfit looks like... Ambien chose it.
exo pcy
exo pcy Prije 4 dana
this is the kind of clothes i used to wear when i was six
nadia din
nadia din Prije 4 dana
Lol this is very suburban woman fashion style...2000$ shoe and bag...department store/lulu lemon everything else 😅. No judgement, all giggles
Ilse Rodeels
Ilse Rodeels Prije 4 dana
She seems nervous ☹️
0 Prije 4 dana
this is embarrasing
namjooncansteponmeandiwouldthankhim Prije 4 dana
That first outfit already had me crying 😭 that blazer doesn't match anything 💀
EONNI BLINK Prije 4 dana
Hi Vogue, please invite Rosé/Jennie/Jisoo/Lisa of BLACKPINK 🖤💗
Hailey T
Hailey T Prije 4 dana
Why they chose this girl over Emma Chamberlain or Victoria Paris is beyond me
ceeyootie Prije 5 dana
Addison is so sweet, and an amazing personality. Like she would be an amazing BFF. But... compared to fashion designers and celebrities who worked so hard, and everything... Addison really should not be on Vogue.
Anna parra jordan
Anna parra jordan Prije 5 dana
dayis Prije 5 dana
She really thinks that the only reason she can’t be a supermodel is because shes 5’3...oh no you just dont fit any criteria that requires you to even be a simple model. Stick to your American Eagle photo shoots. But even if she does get to the runway for some reason then its evident that its because of her privilege, she wouldnt even be able to blend into the actual talented women in the runway. All this might sound like its me being petty and jealous but no, its just complete honesty.
Salihassmellyarmpits Prije 5 dana
the first outfit was so mismathched i dont even wanna watch the rest
Sarah Love
Sarah Love Prije 5 dana
This is just embarrassing Seeing Vogue turn into a tacky money wanting magazine.
Ana Orduz
Ana Orduz Prije 5 dana
Addison has a great style and I REFUSE to believe she picked out this outfits, vogue did her dirty💀 2:22 like girl THIS IS SO UGLY, it is giving me 2015 12 year old trying to be cool. It looks like nothing she would wear. She is a gen z fashion icon and all of this are CLEARLY made by a millennial.
Dantae Prije 5 dana
Even though I don’t like Addison Rae look at her Instagram she doesn’t dress like this😐
Trufax Prije 5 dana
i like that there's an influencer or whatever you want to call her for teen girls that isnt stick skinny
ana zelinda
ana zelinda Prije 5 dana
the standards have dropped 🥱
Alyssa Marie
Alyssa Marie Prije 6 dana
Who let her in
Irma Mumgaudaitè
Irma Mumgaudaitè Prije 6 dana
All the outfits do not show her best figure features but accentuates the worst, needs improvement definitely!
gemini wonder
gemini wonder Prije 6 dana
I'm here after watching miiasaurous' video about this💀 THANK YOU MIA
Kylie Castro
Kylie Castro Prije 7 dana
These outfits are a no for me. Basic.
ELOY y Prije 7 dana
KiR3i Prije 7 dana
i dont like addison but her style isnt like this, yall did her dirty 😭😭😭
Ejhoxox_ Prije 7 dana
I’m sorry, but if you look at her Instagram she doesn’t and wouldn’t wear any of these outfits 😂 who was the stylist for this?? Granted the girl has her own stylist, but they both have to agree on the outfit… These outfits weren’t a good representation of her style 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Sumaia Ali
Sumaia Ali Prije 7 dana
featuring tiktoker is not a problem..but there are so many tiktokers who have great fashion sense...wisdm8 is one of them...you could feature him
goldxn lama
goldxn lama Prije 7 dana
H S Prije 7 dana
I'm curious to know what happened with the stylist for this content, because these outfits are complete crap compared to what's actually seen on addison's own instagram.
Fernanda Hernandez
Fernanda Hernandez Prije 7 dana
I officially lose the respect for vogue
leta lestrange
leta lestrange Prije 7 dana
when she was looking in the mirror talking about the outfit and then broke out into a tik tok dance I laughed
Voluptuous_ Highness
Voluptuous_ Highness Prije 7 dana
She definitely didn't style herself, what is this 😅😅😅🤣😅 vogue wthhhh, I like addison but this level of styling and video isn't something to be inspiring to. Wthhhheck,🥺 you're suppose to be showing us trends and what's fashion. Not much of this was "fully" good, 😅💔😔😭
Fernanda Hernandez
Fernanda Hernandez Prije 7 dana
Im soo mad about this, the video is painful to watch, vogue is about to lose the industry respect if they continue inviting this kind of persons, there’s a lot of actually fashion icons out there but the reader invite this girl whit 0 sense of style and no personality at all. Sorry but this is disrespectful, I’m so mad,
Sophie11101 Prije 7 dana
No hate to this girl but why put someone on Vogue who has no sense of style whatsoever But seeing her paparazzi pictures and Instagram I'm wondering who did her this dirty here
Justyna Dąbrowska
Justyna Dąbrowska Prije 7 dana
The same woman, who was portrayed in a book as this "devil" who treats fashion seriously, Anna Wintour, approved this? Wow.
Evie Prije 7 dana
is this what vogue has become i am speechless
holachicaas Prije 7 dana
her outfits aren’t bad ...but just not for vogue.... (it’s too everyday looking to be a part of a company like vogue)
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Prije 7 dana
She talks like she's asking a question after every sentence 😖
Nguyen Hong Minh
Nguyen Hong Minh Prije 8 dana
The bar is so low tf
Lisa Chen
Lisa Chen Prije 8 dana
She’s so charming but the outfits... I can’t
Oakley Wyatt
Oakley Wyatt Prije 8 dana
I don't know why y'all have a problem with a tiktoker being in a vogue vid? I have more respect for someone who became famous through tiktok by themselves than the (many) actors or singers who only got famous cos of their parents
uruha Prije 8 dana
i don't mind her being on vogue or whatever, but i'm sure she didn't pick these outfits. she may be a tiktoker and all, but she knows how to dress. she pulled great outfits in events and even papparazzi photos.
Angel san win htay
Angel san win htay Prije 8 dana
Never do this again
tobi kraus
tobi kraus Prije 8 dana
Its so obvious that she did not chose those outfits Like just go and look at her ig or the paparazzi pics She obviously has style and a stylist that would never let her go out like that
Ammariah Angelic
Ammariah Angelic Prije 8 dana
Why are they letting TIKTOKERS on vouge? Like I don't have anything against Addison but when I think of vouge I think of big celebrities and super models not tiktokers😐✋
Gonzalo Maduro
Gonzalo Maduro Prije 8 dana
Everyone trashing Vogue for inviting Addison as if they were edit
Diana Mungaray
Diana Mungaray Prije 8 dana
Bro, I'd rather see Hila Klein out here 😭 She provides me with cute outfits and has her own fashion brand for christs sake.
rachel dukes
rachel dukes Prije 8 dana
Why is she here?
Elizabeth Handoyo
Elizabeth Handoyo Prije 8 dana
Wrong person. You should do it with HARRY STYLES
Bitch Koa
Bitch Koa Prije 8 dana
Deniz Ipek Ozakyol
Deniz Ipek Ozakyol Prije 8 dana
She is not on the Vogue level, not even close.
Berry B. Benson
Berry B. Benson Prije 9 dana
When are people going to realize tiktokers/influencers aren’t celebs 🙄🥱⏱
mansi singh
mansi singh Prije 9 dana
okay but why can't she stand properly?
mapesho kazhila
mapesho kazhila Prije 9 dana
but why isnt any of this flattering ?
mapesho kazhila
mapesho kazhila Prije 9 dana
this is insulting.
Thalita Prije 9 dana
Ficou uma merda
afra alfaheem
afra alfaheem Prije 9 dana
she dosent even have style dixie and emma would when win her
Luiza Albino
Luiza Albino Prije 9 dana
parece que ela forçou demais pra ser divertida
Maddie J
Maddie J Prije 10 dana
And people wonder why I only buy and look at Japanese fashion magazines like vogue and nylon in Japan is so much better. Especially Nylon Japan like they slay. Go look at a Japanese fashion magazine instead if you want to look at clothes that don’t look like this basic and are all nude coloured
pineconequeen Prije 10 dana
Teenagers trying to copy their idea of fashion isn’t inspirational, Vogue. Just FYI.
pineconequeen Prije 10 dana
Hey Vogue, ever hear of, I don’t know, ZENDAYA??
pineconequeen Prije 10 dana
I thought Vogue did high end fashion.......
Emma Nemz
Emma Nemz Prije 10 dana
She seems like a sweetheart but girl.... please get some fashion advice
Nathalie Petrova
Nathalie Petrova Prije 10 dana
she seems sweet... but yikes she has no idea how to dress her body😬 I hope she gets a stylist because this is a disaster
Nour Rmw
Nour Rmw Prije 10 dana
what in tarnation
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