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"We partnered with the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, the educational arm of the nation’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization to interview transgender women and non-binary people of color about some of the most pressing issues facing the community.
To learn more about the things that you can do to take action go to
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Gender Reveal | Trans Women & Non-binary People of Color | Cut
#transisbeautiful #pride #trans

Joshua Kinlaw
Joshua Kinlaw Prije 3 sati
Jesus Christ Looken at his dad like..... Make it rain pop's.
MŌRI oN Prije 5 sati
Um...... anyway so ITS A GIRL!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Richard Prije 5 dana
who spends $10k on a gender reveal party?
Aaliyah Kylie
Aaliyah Kylie Prije 6 dana
the ppl here who dont think its "that deep" are the same ppl who make emphasis on "being the gender u were born as" when ppl come out as trans. why is it not deep when u guys wanna celebrate the gender u think ur child is but when they choose... it's a problem?
Leah. Prije 6 dana
Hardly anyone does this in Australia 🤷🏻‍♀️
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͎ · ‎͓̽ ߪ‎ܤ ̷boyffriend on ps3ߪ ܤ' *. ‎· Prije 7 dana
are you serious
Don Donovan
Don Donovan Prije 7 dana
No way !
Azzareya Crosby
Azzareya Crosby Prije 9 dana
down to the basics you’re a boy or a girl when you’re born so have a gender reveal party it doesn’t matter but if you want to switch your gender when you’re older and can then that’s good for you and that’s your decision
I C U Prije 9 dana
I'm straight but after watching this video I feel straighter than ever.
0Jack USA
0Jack USA Prije dan
34smlS Prije 9 dana
randomized gta characters
Jordan Prije 10 dana
What is a gender reveal party? Answer given: it is a life time pressure put on a person to be a certain way. Do you remember your gender reveal party? Answer given: no I wasn’t born yet, but it was just oppressing me when I was a clump of cells is the box in my assigned female parents mid-section.
amber a
amber a Prije 10 dana
jesus christ y’all are so sensitive it’s scary
Sara Farris
Sara Farris Prije 13 sati
Yeah, I'm terrified for the future
Shanie Francis
Shanie Francis Prije 11 dana
And they would never understand because they can not bare children as full functional WOMAN. Next caller.
Naye Milan
Naye Milan Prije 11 dana
This is ridiculous. Less than 1% of people in the US alone identity with being transgender. Why do people think that we hafe to conform to what 1% of the population believe. When that child is older if they feel they’re the opposite sex we deal with it then. For now people should mind there own business and not what’s going on in a woman’s way womb.
A based waffen
A based waffen Prije 11 dana
Lol they deleted my comment. You know I’m right
A based waffen
A based waffen Prije 11 dana
Daniel Tomczak
Daniel Tomczak Prije 12 dana
Tony Daryl
Tony Daryl Prije 13 dana
My granny never did a gender reveal cause she didn’t want to take things for granted and make assumptions. You never know what might happen
Daniela Vergara
Daniela Vergara Prije 14 dana
As a child I loved ninja turtles, power rangers, x-men, video games, and hot wheels. I had a short bowl shaped haircut, and wore boyish clothes. I was essentially a tomboy but my parents never suggested or pushed the idea that I was trans. One minute I wanted jelly on my bread and the next minute I wanted a cookie. There is a reason why the legal drinking age is 21. Let adults decide how they want to live their lives. These are permanent, irreversible decisions!
Iain C.
Iain C. Prije 14 dana
Why does it have to be of colour this is what is segregating the world race has nothing to do with it
Atrina Prije 15 dana
EthanEton Prije 15 dana
My Opinion, You are born as what you are born as Male or Female until you are the age to know what the LGBT is then change like fr Let babies be babies 🤦‍♂️
Sam A
Sam A Prije 16 dana
These guys need to stfu
gamewizard the II
gamewizard the II Prije 8 dana
@abcde is that an XXXTENTACION background? Lmaooo
abcde Prije 15 dana
abcde Prije 15 dana
@Sam A go educated yourself PLEASE
Sam A
Sam A Prije 15 dana
@abcde these grown ass MEN..
abcde Prije 15 dana
women and they/thems btw*
Salambo Prije 16 dana
The problem with gender reveal is the name. Gender and sex is not the same, so having a sex reveal of the baby can be okay because its gender can be different from its sex at birth. A gender reveal means that if you have a baby a certain sex you are going to attach a gender to it and everything that comes with (as in gender biases, gender stereotypes). It might be hurtful for some trans people, so even if you are trans or non binary it is not your place to say that people are dramatic or that it's not a big deal, if people are hurt people are hurt
-hazza's wifey-
-hazza's wifey- Prije 17 dana
Me: *Has a gender reveal party Also me: "It's a Human 😚 ."
Catdragon's Art
Catdragon's Art Prije 17 dana
People have taken gender reveals way too far. However, I will say that labeling your child boy or girl isn't harmful unless it's to the extreme/forceful. Phasing out gender doesn't erase or change what you're born as. When you are old enough to decide on your own, you can make that decision but until then parents can call their kids as they know them as. Overall the concept of gender reveals is stupid. Stop obsessing over gender, start obsessing over health. I'd give anything for my son to have normal kidneys. And I will call him my son until further notice from him.
Mini Diva
Mini Diva Prije 18 dana
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No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin Prije 18 dana
Can you do videos on Gender Non Conforming Men of Color in Asian and Mix Individuals? From Asian Background Videos Ideas What do feel more sexy in your body as a Gender Non Conforming Man? What make up do like wear for day?
Duggy D
Duggy D Prije 18 dana
So these are all dudes?
We are D & V Orozco
We are D & V Orozco Prije 21 dan
Who the fuck spends 10,000 dollars on a party besides celebrities?! & to the one that said that just because you had the party doesn’t mean you automatically got it wrong.
Gage Gallo
Gage Gallo Prije 22 dana
Beautiful beautiful people
Shady 4
Shady 4 Prije 22 dana
I’d never call a pineapple an orange. They’re both pretty good tho.
Mark Prije 22 dana
Idk if I’m higher then a mafck rn but what the ducks was that
Chris1z1 Prije 23 dana
These videos are counter productive to their intentions.
theSchwoopsieDaisy Prije 23 dana
Who tf cares if your kid is a boy or a girl. If I ever have kids I’m going to love them and that love isn’t going to be based off of their genitals
Jeff Y
Jeff Y Prije 23 dana
Dragonfly From 7Stars
Dragonfly From 7Stars Prije 23 dana
This sad smh
memosrt Prije 24 dana
Don't like gender reveal parties, don't go to them.
Katara Queen
Katara Queen Prije 25 dana
Who spending 10000$ on a gender reveal? Lol
Döner Prije 25 dana
"you confused" you confused
desmond walton
desmond walton Prije 25 dana
I’m curious as to where the line is drawn. Like at the very least most people are born with certain genitalia that we can identify as a certain gender. If they are saying that is untrue and we accept that can we also pick our own race. Like despite my skin color being brown skinned can I still choose to identify as white? Or Asian or Latino? What about age as well? If we agree that these are all human concepts and can be changed what’s the limit on what cannot be changed?
sisi no
sisi no Prije 2 dana
It won’t stop. People fucking suck. The children will be next. You already see it happening.
Isabel Peterson
Isabel Peterson Prije 26 dana
Jesus is our lord and savior
BigBoy Bacon
BigBoy Bacon Prije 26 dana
Non binary isn’t real
txmba _
txmba _ Prije 27 dana
If u a male u a male, they jus males with female parts u still a dude folk 🤣🤣
Aaron Ankrim El
Aaron Ankrim El Prije 27 dana
A trans saying the parents want attention? Lmao that’s the pot calling the kettle black.
Aaron Ankrim El
Aaron Ankrim El Prije 27 dana
Haha we’re confused? Lmao okay
bug Prije 27 dana
ok what is up w/ these transphobic comments?? who hurt u all??? damn
gamewizard the II
gamewizard the II Prije 8 dana
Because they are true and that hurts you? Adios
Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington Prije 24 dana
Yeah, it sucks
Preslee Carson
Preslee Carson Prije 27 dana
You’re awesome keep being you ❤️
thestylestatus Prije 27 dana
For a group of ppl who want to be accepted into society, they come across as very judgemental of people who want to celebrate their baby and pregnancy...just kind of seems backwards.
-Z the animator-
-Z the animator- Prije 27 dana
Some of their opinions make zero sence when it comes to parentel control. but of course the parents shouldn't control wether they're child wants to be male or female. Gender reveal is more of a reveal what genitals challenges you're gonna have to deal with, for instance menstruation and erections... Ya get what I'm sayin?
Tmslogig Prije 28 dana
Limiting. Yaaaaaassssssssss 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Gloria Bennett
Gloria Bennett Prije 28 dana
Ok but I'm in love with 1:56
Kaimerah Prije 28 dana
babies dont know shit so its safe to call the child by what it biologically is. if the child decides it doesn’t identify with its biological gender then ok thats fine. its only an issue if the parents force the child to be a boy or to be a girl when said child doesnt identify with it. but i mean for the majority of kids that are ok being identified as the gender they are biologically this really isnt so big of a deal cause its not confusing or restrictive, they are ok being what they were born as and like i said the only real issue arises when the parent actively tries controlling the child even tho the kid doesnt identify with being a boy or a girl respectively
Michael Prije 28 dana
You're men and always will be!
Cody Aaron
Cody Aaron Prije 29 dana
This is unbelievably cringe
Grangeye Prije 29 dana
Doctors in 2021: congrats they/them, it's a they/them!
CJ TRILOGY Prije 8 dana
@sloweddy fam and Yk what u can use ............ nvm I wanna be RESPECTFUL
sloweddy fam
sloweddy fam Prije 8 dana
This comment fits mockery more than an innocent joke (since every transphobic person uses it) so imma go ahead and explain to you: sex is a biology term, gender is a social contract. So perhaps you could really use being respectful
CJ TRILOGY Prije 13 dana
Annon Prije 14 dana
If drs do that they’re ignoring biology.
Aadhya Reddy
Aadhya Reddy Prije 14 dana
Also, teachers need to find new techniques on teaching pronouns to kids!
Pisces 01 Pisces 01
Pisces 01 Pisces 01 Prije 29 dana
So you dont want to be judged but you judging 😑
Robert Lucero
Robert Lucero Prije 29 dana
sounds like THEY'RE confused...
Glockjaw Prije 11 dana
Says the conservative.
Phineas Hartson
Phineas Hartson Prije 19 dana
Its a shame that you are quick to judge instead of listening and appreciating that not all Humans are the same. I don't know why thats such a huge problem for people to grasp. They are just a different kind of "people", living a different reality than you. And that's OK. That's what diversity is. Maybe open your mind a little and listen. Maybe you'll learn from their experience how different people who live beyond the two sex binary experience the World. BUT if your not interested than as I said "move on" They are not confused in their minds as you are not confused in yours. Isn't Humanity great? In Nature ie the Animal Kingdom there are unique behaviours within each species. Humans Are the same. It's really not such a big deal.
potty mouth
potty mouth Prije 19 dana
YOU’RE just ignorant.
Phineas Hartson
Phineas Hartson Prije 22 dana
No. Your just narrow minded. Period. Your approval or acceptance is not required. Just move out of the way and mind your business. Period.
GayAndProudHoney Prije 26 dana
They are not confused, yall just bigoted people who take any chance you can get to break others down for being who they are
alcoh4le Prije 29 dana
Wow. The woman at 1:55 (don't know her name). I'm blown away by her beauty
Tiara Prije 29 dana
Isnt a gender reveal something for babies who are not born yet?
DEEZO Prije 29 dana
shut up bros
Alex Steinley
Alex Steinley Prije mjesec
This series is so cringe
Johann von Goethe
Johann von Goethe Prije mjesec
I'm not going to modify basic human biology just because it contradicts someone's subjective senses of what they are.
Dae Dae Alexander
Dae Dae Alexander Prije mjesec
Omg how are they all so beautiful wtf 😭😭😭also wheres the ftms 😩😭
Stop saying of color if you mean black and latinx
Cody Aaron
Cody Aaron Prije 29 dana
Shylah Adams
Shylah Adams Prije mjesec
Anyways brb ima plan a my gender reveal
joel loforte
joel loforte Prije mjesec
Yall gotta be safe,the transgender men look like women,becarefull before u wake up and see a dick
Akhil Prije mjesec
I’m not living my life and changing my traditions for 0.001% of the population
Cody Aaron
Cody Aaron Prije 29 dana
Facttts. Don’t listen to the brainwashed media. They all have an agenda and are all hypocrites just do what makes you happy 🤟🏻
Kipras Prije mjesec
you can't choose your gender period
Abizmal Prije mjesec
Really liked the last one, seemed really kind and loving
perthrockskinda Prije mjesec
You have a large jaw, talk like a man then when people ask "were you born a boy?", you think that they are confused????? What?! No!! They are not confused, they can just tell that you are not a Biological female. Just tell them that you were born a boy and transitioned into a female, why is that so hard? Stop pretending that you were born female and that the whole world got your biology wrong when you were born. Stop pretending that you don't have features left form the days of being male such as, talking more like a hyperfeminine gay man than a Biological woman, big hands, broad shoulders ect....If people get your gender wrong just explain that you are Trans don't tell them that they are confused about what they see.
Misha Andreyeva
Misha Andreyeva Prije mjesec
this channel is weird and gives me anxiety
Marcus M
Marcus M Prije mjesec
Itte let me hear some regular people give they take on this
AspireGD Prije mjesec
I aint ever seen two pretty best friends Cut: the ugly one jubilee: the meh one. Tiktok is right for once!
Shaun Prije mjesec
Gender reveal parties aren't legally binding. If the center of the cake is blue, I don't care if my soon-to-be son wants to get some tiddies and be my daughter instead. I also wouldn't care if he wanted to be non-binary and be referred to as a salmon.
Xonkr Prije mjesec
Gender reveal parties are so bad. They create a big scenario, boasting to all of their friends about what gender their kid is by showing either blue or pink
Starky Prije mjesec
This so a v Ifunny video... gender reveal is a right to the parents don’t take that away 🤷‍♂️it’s a way to tel the family what sex the child is... what’s wrong with that 😂
Rashad Williams
Rashad Williams Prije mjesec
A gender reveal just a baby house warming. It’s all about the party and gifts.
Felicity Prije mjesec
Trans women = Men
andrew grachek
andrew grachek Prije mjesec
No disrespect to any of these people, but what I'm hearing is that a gender reveal party is not okay, which is fine. The question then becomes, what if people instead of calling it that, label it as a "biological sex reveal?" Regardless, those parties are fucking stupid. Unless, you're watching compilation videos of people fucking the whole thing up. Lol.
Jeremy Heckt
Jeremy Heckt Prije mjesec
if the kid is born with a penis, he’s biologically a male. Born with a vagina, she’s a female. When the kid is born without either of those, I’ll listen.
E. Simon
E. Simon Prije mjesec
The Cut is becoming an intergalactic gender hub
andre williams
andre williams Prije mjesec
does these mans turned to womans having sex to mans or womans? they want for mans to like them?
Frank Roth
Frank Roth Prije mjesec
Its called Cross Dressing nothing more & nothing less,
Amber Turner
Amber Turner Prije mjesec
How is a gender reveal policing a child smh that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard
Sabrina Dudra
Sabrina Dudra Prije mjesec
the people in this video are saying that gender reveals trap children in a box of gender normas....but that's going to happen regardless of whether their parents have a gender reveal party or not. It doesn't matter if they find out the baby's sex by cutting a food dyed colored cake, or right as the baby is born, all kids live under gender norms.
Ilaa Ilaa
Ilaa Ilaa Prije mjesec
Exactly, like, not so long ago it wasn't even possible to know the gender before birth, let alone throw a party celebrating it, but if anything we are more accepting of transexual people now than then. So clearly it doesn't mean anything.
Camille Hyatt
Camille Hyatt Prije mjesec
Ted Bergquist
Ted Bergquist Prije mjesec
So, this a video of men dressing as women who feel like women? Ok. Can we move on? Just do you. No one cares as much as you think they do.
Joshua Kinlaw
Joshua Kinlaw Prije 3 sati
@yona rietdijk all of that statement was wrong.
yona rietdijk
yona rietdijk Prije mjesec
they are women stfu!
cl Prije mjesec
gender reveal is the epitome of individualism and narcissm. Imagine thinking you are SO interesting that people would celebrate your kid's gender....seriously ? I don't even care about the "assignement" thing they are talking about in the video. I'm just talking dumb this is. PEOPLE DONT CARE IF YOU HAVE A BOY OR A GIRL and shouldn't care THAT much yourself
Cody Aaron
Cody Aaron Prije 29 dana
God I’m sure you’re the life of Every party Jesus Christ 😂
thesamman Prije mjesec
Might want to include some trans masc people next time this was the opposite of diverse...
Cody Aaron
Cody Aaron Prije 29 dana
kyler rodriguez
kyler rodriguez Prije mjesec
So many beautiful people in one video omg
Prisilla Rodriguez
Prisilla Rodriguez Prije mjesec
this video gmt.
wentao he
wentao he Prije mjesec
Men dressing up as women, there are always strange people in society, strange people do strange things.
JT Johnson
JT Johnson Prije mjesec
Why are trans men always excluded from these vids??? Are we not trans as well or do our opinions just not matter?
sereously Prije mjesec
men dont matter sweetie
Fredrick Garrett
Fredrick Garrett Prije mjesec
What did I just watch?
Joshua Goad
Joshua Goad Prije mjesec
So they are all dudes
Cody Aaron
Cody Aaron Prije 29 dana
Ilya Biloshytsky
Ilya Biloshytsky Prije mjesec
Lonely Square
Lonely Square Prije mjesec
Why can't everyone just mind their own business more often? I'm talking regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity. I feel like constantly trying to CANCEL everything and having arguments over such little things would be an extremely unhealthy mindset.
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace Prije 28 dana
@Ray03595 I'm not saying it should be illegal lol. If you want to have a gender reveal party have fun.
Ray03595 Prije 28 dana
@Hannah Grace People celebrate different events. When it boils down to it its just what does or doesnt matter to you. Think its totally fair to do or not to do this event.
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace Prije 28 dana
@Ray03595 not "too far" just wierd. One of your examples is a holiday celebrating what religous people consider to be a huge miraculous event in their history, and the other is a celebration of life, and the person you've become over a year. It's a bit different than a party to see if your baby has one set of genitals or an other. In this day and age why do we celebrate what gender our baby is before they're born. With that being said, I don't care if you choose to have a gender reveal party, I simply won't be participating in any of my own.
Ray03595 Prije 29 dana
@Hannah Grace we have celebrations for people surviving one rotation around the sun. we have celebrations for some dude coming back from the dead and it's celebrated with eggs and bunnies.... but sex of baby is too far?
yona rietdijk
yona rietdijk Prije mjesec
Hannah Grace so true!!!
Captain CJ 97
Captain CJ 97 Prije mjesec
Talk about over complicating things to the max then again when dealing with these type of people it's not a surprise...
LiftedBuddha Prije mjesec
If you are reading this and you are white and straight, I love you!
Xxx Prije mjesec
americans are so bored that they trynna bash every little thing and give it a meaning
LiftedBuddha Prije mjesec
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