BEHIND THE SCENES | Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool

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Aston Villa FC

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Carl Murphy
Carl Murphy Prije 8 dana
I predict with management and owners and our captain in 3 years if we keep our style of play we will win the league
Somerset Belenof
Somerset Belenof Prije 8 dana
This match proves why Bayern MUNCHEN is the best team atm. Thanks a lot VILLA. You ll always have my respect 👋👋👋👋👋👋
Emir Arnas
Emir Arnas Prije mjesec
this is extremely delightful
James Tommy
James Tommy Prije mjesec
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Lalu Iwan Paradita
Lalu Iwan Paradita Prije mjesec
👏👏👏👏👏awesome 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 im bet Villa on sbobet and im winnnn 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Vishal Vinod
Vishal Vinod Prije mjesec
liverpool got whooped so bad
Frank Logan
Frank Logan Prije mjesec
Credit to the Villans, they played really well and won't take anything from them. Liverpool will bounce back from this. YNWA
Joko Wahyudi
Joko Wahyudi Prije mjesec
kawaaaaaaall baju merah jangan sampe lolooooosss kawaaallll 7-2
Huddle TV
Huddle TV Prije mjesec
Here's how Social Medias reacted to Liverpool lost:
Jamed Bono
Jamed Bono Prije mjesec
andrian ceroboh???????? 7-2
Will AV
Will AV Prije mjesec
Ross Barkley played out of his skin. Truly fantastic talent.
Juan Diego
Juan Diego Prije mjesec
Fantastic Night
PES GORO Prije mjesec
9:15 does anyone know that song please??
PES GORO Prije mjesec
@Rainbow Six thanks alot bro💓
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six Prije mjesec
Of course, Sweet Caroline sung by Neil Diamond. Here sung by the massed ranks at Wembley
lion heart
lion heart Prije mjesec
I expect Villa to finish Top 6 after that demolition of the champions, they were frightening
Debrah Vianoo
Debrah Vianoo Prije mjesec
Фанат Челси
Фанат Челси Prije mjesec
please make extended highlights video for 20 minutes!
Фанат Челси
Фанат Челси Prije mjesec
@Rainbow Six Leicester`s channel made it for free (Sotton-LCFC)
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six Prije mjesec
They do, but you have to pay for it.
Mathéo Lozom
Mathéo Lozom Prije mjesec
And I thought Barcelona was playing bad...
ryan kelly
ryan kelly Prije mjesec
Liverpool go and sit along wit Barcelona and cry harder wit messi hahahshs🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 liverpool the champion of toilet .....
Dragon Of The West
Dragon Of The West Prije mjesec
I believe Villa knew they had a point to prove that day this seemed personal
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six Prije mjesec
Maybe, but more likely the combination of Grealish, Barkley and Watkins was irresistible, then backed by seven players who actually performed near to their maximums for a change. Then Martinez, Arsenal must have been totally mad to let him go.
Dickson Tamba
Dickson Tamba Prije mjesec
Where is Samatta?
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six Prije mjesec
hryorule Prije mjesec
few decades from now still will be highest goal a club scored to liverpool. well done villa!
Ken Prije mjesec
Klopp does not know how to wear mask properly. If he has covid19 he already spread to the villa staffs
Joey Schlink
Joey Schlink Prije mjesec
Yeah this will be the watford of last season. They beat the champions and they think theyre the best in the world lol. This will be the only highlight they will watch again and again. Small club mentality
Joey Schlink
Joey Schlink Prije mjesec
@John Partlett trophy something this small club doesn't have
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije mjesec
@Joey Schlink pride something that Liverpool plastic fans don't have
Joey Schlink
Joey Schlink Prije mjesec
@Rainbow Six well at least liverpool won real trophy. Unlike villa who celebrated the 'we-beat-liverpool-7-2' trophy.
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six Prije mjesec
As opposed to arrogant big club mentality who thought all they had to do was just turn up to win. Could have been 12-2!
P T Prije mjesec
jog on... !
Thomas Andersen
Thomas Andersen Prije mjesec
Klopp doesn't know how to wear a face mask
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six Prije mjesec
Another moron who thinks mask work, eh?
Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee Prije mjesec
Samiul Islam Fahad
Samiul Islam Fahad Prije mjesec
I was here to enjoy Klopp's expressions because I missed the game but there is none 😭😭😭
빌라엘로꼬 Prije mjesec
Kingston Villa !!!
Mohammad Fillar
Mohammad Fillar Prije mjesec
Fahmi Junaedi
Fahmi Junaedi Prije mjesec
pleaseee stop it
Tri Satrio
Tri Satrio Prije mjesec
Inside Anfield 😂😂
True Grinder
True Grinder Prije mjesec
This squad is gelling very quickly, the addition of Barkley changed a lot! #UTFV #VTID
Qomra Prije mjesec
Mohamed Hargeisawi
Mohamed Hargeisawi Prije mjesec
Man i never knew that the Officials were warming up! 😁Great game by Villa!!!
John Kearney
John Kearney Prije mjesec
What a magnificent performance all round, l'm crying tears of sheer joy. 12 months ago we couldn't buy a win, now we beat the World Champions by a rugby score, just incredible. Well done Lads and a very special mention to the Gaff .. Dean Smith and staff. Incredible performance ... UP THE MIGHTY VILLA 🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️👍
Somerset Belenof
Somerset Belenof Prije 8 dana
World what 😆😆oh yeah they won a club from Latin America 😆and this with just 1 goal during the last minutes
Jere Miller
Jere Miller Prije mjesec
Dean Smith was spot on with his tactics as he used Klopp's tactics against him...their pressing and high line. Skipper Grealish was the mastermind behind this
Karuri Wa Njeri
Karuri Wa Njeri Prije mjesec
I think it was a bad day in office for LIVERPOOL
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six Prije mjesec
Yep, it happens. Expect them to bounce back strongly.
Andy B
Andy B Prije mjesec
these behind the scenes are so well put together. thanks to the team making these available. watch em here and at villa telly. SEVEN OZZY PARANOIDS
Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier
Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier Prije mjesec
I am a Liverpool fan, and wish to thank Villa for the spanking you have given my team. Our defense had been suspect since we lost to Athletico Madrid in the UCL last season, and I hope this trashing would served as a much needed wake-up call for everyone. Hopefully, Liverpool would learn a lesson from this, get rid of the complacency and be better prepared for the derby, because frankly, from my POV, losing 1-0 or 2-1 to Everton is even worse than this slap-to-the-face Villa had just handed us...
philly d
philly d Prije mjesec
Will Covid 19 please just go away so we can get back to supporting our beloved Aston Villa in the stands again. UTV
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six Prije mjesec
It has gone away. Except world governments are intent on keeping it around until the new flu season kicks in.
David O Mahony
David O Mahony Prije mjesec
Brillant watch
Ray Carter
Ray Carter Prije mjesec
Those early shots of the lambs arriving for the slaughter.
Sanjay Chetry
Sanjay Chetry Prije mjesec
That's what a team is all about even thou they were winning but they didn't lose their hope and rhythm and confidence from 2-2 too 7-2 wow what a performance that also to the DEFENDING champ lol. LOOSERPOOL . On a single day with two get big teams got bullied haha MANU 6-2 still can't take my eyes of from the video it's refreshing to watch over and over again and again.. Good luck for the next match and keep up the CONFIDENCE if you can beat LOOSERPOOL 2-7 then why can't you beat others too.. 👍👍👍👍 Thanks for the extraordinary GAME OF THE YEAR'S
tommoelbommo Prije mjesec
mikelbentube Prije mjesec
Azul Zaha
Azul Zaha Prije mjesec
the Job was done for the two villa fan in the background .. Joy of happiness !! 04:24 :D
MindDrive TV
MindDrive TV Prije mjesec
me watching from this angle has me asking "why didn't I pursue football as a career"'
aq x
aq x Prije mjesec
Well done Aston Villa from a Real Madrid fan Liverpool biggest crybabies of Europe
NAZI Dog Jurgen Flop
NAZI Dog Jurgen Flop Prije 11 dana
@Killerpie massive but lost 7-2 to relegation battling club in last season. 7-2 varpool doggy
Killerpie Prije 11 dana
@NAZI Dog Jurgen Flop lol Real Madrid fan obsessed with Liverpool fc lol we are massive
NAZI Dog Jurgen Flop
NAZI Dog Jurgen Flop Prije 11 dana
@Killerpie becaz virgil van dog insulted ronaldo
Killerpie Prije mjesec
Why do Real Madrid care about this game lol
Mohamed Husen Samatar
Mohamed Husen Samatar Prije mjesec
I can't stop laughing untill the end of the game 😂😂
Craig Taylor-Broad
Craig Taylor-Broad Prije mjesec
Feels like there's a good team spirit at the moment. The Smith/Watkins hug at the end is lovely too. I get the impression that Smith is just a lovely manager to work under.
DEES SQUVD Prije mjesec
7:36 lmao Bg Music started before Jack Shoot .......Whattt the technique team
TimMy K
TimMy K Prije mjesec
Black Sabbath in Concert - Live at Villa Park 4. October 2020 Historical Live Performance
EBUKA avatar
EBUKA avatar Prije mjesec
Liverpool: Can I copy your homework? Man united: OK, go ahead but make it a little bit different
Artiom Mikhailov
Artiom Mikhailov Prije mjesec
Shocking result. One of the most stunning results I've seen in a very long time
Darren Hancock
Darren Hancock Prije mjesec
Get win but lets not get carried away by all this only 3 games in
The cure
The cure Prije mjesec
Real Life
Real Life Prije mjesec
New signings are unreal and trez looks like a star.
Paty Carvalho
Paty Carvalho Prije mjesec
Go Aston Villa
Paty Carvalho
Paty Carvalho Prije mjesec
Hugs of the Brazil
alan. jeffs
alan. jeffs Prije mjesec
I bet Villa get beat next game.
alan. jeffs
alan. jeffs Prije mjesec
@Carol Mannion Fair comment.
Carol Mannion
Carol Mannion Prije mjesec
I do not think so alan jeffs . We are aston villa and we smashed lpool.we fought like lions and scored 7 in the process. Our team are up for the next game and we will win. This club is loved and no one can bring them down Up the villa . You lost mate 7.2 because your not a villa fan.
Muhammad Raihannur
Muhammad Raihannur Prije mjesec
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Dhairya Ingle
Dhairya Ingle Prije mjesec
Check out 5 errors committed by Liverpool which costed them. 2-7 defeat... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Adam Slater
Adam Slater Prije mjesec
I absolutely love "Paranoid" by Black Sababth.... but seven times in one night? Up The Villa
Herbie Go Bananas
Herbie Go Bananas Prije mjesec
Haaaaa! They played Black Sabbath when they scored! Congratulations from every other football fan in the known universe
Abdirizak Prije mjesec
This is pure football every team has a day. This was your day Enjoy while it lasts. See you at anfield as MANE and Thiago are waiting for you there ...
oshuatube Prije mjesec
3:43 😮 that pass tho
Blake boxed you
Blake boxed you Prije mjesec
Gary Pritchett
Gary Pritchett Prije mjesec
Sweet Caroline indeed, get in you Villa boys!!!!
Alex Tomlinson
Alex Tomlinson Prije mjesec
6:02 R.I.P Headphone wearers
GadarErick Prije mjesec
VILLA about to make a movie about this Game hahahahaah
poola169 Prije mjesec
could of swore i saw Graeme Souness measuring the grass
PredaThor Prije mjesec
i hit like button eventhough the video didn't start yet. will like everything bout thhis game. keep it coming villa
anarchy rains
anarchy rains Prije mjesec
Who ever says that the crowd makes a difference bullshit they get paid more then enough you should be able to play no matter the circumstances and villa show that.
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Prije mjesec
3:45 that nutmeg was a sign of things to come
Arman Widagda
Arman Widagda Prije mjesec
Lpool fans : Aston villa is EVIL All club epl fans : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hazzmatt Plays
Hazzmatt Plays Prije mjesec
At 7:05 you can hear the villa players saying “what’s happened” 🤣 up the villa
Dicky Febianto
Dicky Febianto Prije mjesec
Haha loserpool
Dean Mullaney
Dean Mullaney Prije mjesec
Liverpool always go one better than utd 😂😂😂
Saman Salar
Saman Salar Prije mjesec
As a Chelsea fan congratulations for what you have done that night it was phenomenal
Mbasa Philiso
Mbasa Philiso Prije mjesec
I know it’s too early but could this be another Leicester fairytale , coz the circumstances a quite similar last season Villa were almost relegated than all of a sudden the trash the champions 😌
Stephen Endsor
Stephen Endsor Prije mjesec
Blimey Bet Black Sabbath made a few £££s in Royalties Sunday Night
Aadain Zehri
Aadain Zehri Prije mjesec
Whats the craze with paranoid??
Seb Blackmore
Seb Blackmore Prije mjesec
Ozzy was born and grew up in Aston.
ric112 Prije mjesec
The true home of heavy metal football
vincent overy
vincent overy Prije mjesec
The true home of football
cm. CG
cm. CG Prije mjesec
We're gonna win the league
Will .S
Will .S Prije mjesec
Nice job admin,proper behind the scenes😍
get low uye
get low uye Prije mjesec
Vila fanz Indonesia
Baron Nader
Baron Nader Prije mjesec
This could last forever for aston villa fans 😂😂😂
Lightning Boy yt
Lightning Boy yt Prije mjesec
Could of been 9 or 10
Lee Evans
Lee Evans Prije mjesec
Wow say klopp at the end , dam right!!
Lee Evans
Lee Evans Prije mjesec
Ozzy still getting a play on the goal .
UddinProductionz Prije mjesec
I miss being there so much
Said Kulane
Said Kulane Prije mjesec
I got smashed by my old home town🤣
Daniel Johannes
Daniel Johannes Prije mjesec
Aston is good
Jack Begley16
Jack Begley16 Prije mjesec
Ollie that rapid that the camera can’t keep up
Kruzn Prije mjesec
Shame we had no behind the scenes of the dressing room after the win , In the words of Klopp 'WOW' UTV also liverpool will have PTSD from hearing Black Sabbath hahaha
GETYUTH Prije mjesec
Cod597 Prije mjesec
Length of that grass...absolute state of it 🤣
Not Me
Not Me Prije mjesec
Trezegeut is setting Ollie up so much, fair play to him 👏
Jake Kwan
Jake Kwan Prije mjesec
Trez justifiably keeping Traore out the team atm. Work rate and on another day would have ended up with 3 assists. Hope he can keep it up!
Allah with me never be deprived
Allah with me never be deprived Prije mjesec
But ollie is not passing him
GETYUTH Prije mjesec
the king
the king Prije mjesec
What is this this impossible
Rudolf Hess
Rudolf Hess Prije mjesec
Kapan ya stadion2 di indonesia seperti stadion aston villa begini. Gak usah yang mewah2 kayak west ham , cukup kayak stadion aston villa aja udah bagus.
Pak Pung
Pak Pung Prije mjesec
Setuju bgt, tp mana mau orang sini dibikinin stadion kayak villa park? Orang sini itu maunya yg megah gedhe ala stadion2 olimpiade 😄😄
Gus Haywood
Gus Haywood Prije mjesec
I rememberThe goal backsound is Black sabath - paranoid
GETYUTH Prije mjesec
3 STAR GAMING Prije mjesec
Rafi Prije mjesec
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