What challenges do you face when showing yourself love? | Keep It 100: Black in America | Cut

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We centered Black voices in America for this round of Keep It 100's first-ever nationwide production. This episode was created in partnership with:
Austin creative CC Stinson.
Montgomery creative Sydney Foster. Check her out at:
Pittsburgh creative Chris Ivey. Check him out at:
Seattle creative, Natasha Marin. Check her out at:
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What challenges do you face when showing yourself love?
#cut #keepit100 #blacklivesmatter #BLM #belief #history #black

sisi no
sisi no Prije 2 dana
Skin isn't valid it's necessary
Faith Gregory
Faith Gregory Prije 8 dana
the sydneys world girl speaks for me
Tia St. James
Tia St. James Prije 9 dana
Taking compliments or receiving positive remarks. I always doubt people are telling me the truth and some odd reason :/ *work in progress though*
Marcus Weathers
Marcus Weathers Prije 10 dana
Silent, race hustlers.
Marley Hand Dhydo
Marley Hand Dhydo Prije 10 dana
I'm struggling to love and accept myself just the way I am. As I'm getting older, I realize that appearance is everything. And the ugly me tries to accept itself that he's not attractive and still worthy even tho I feel like nobody wants to be with me bcs of my unattractive appearance. I become to hate myself for being so ugly that I cant even controll it. Feeling so worthless and deserve nothing or even no one. I wish I was like me when I was younger, where at that time I didnt even get self-conscious bout my looks this much. But now, I get it too much that it's hard for me to love and accept myself. I also wish that I was atttactive, so I know how it's privileged, respected, admitted, and appreciated. It hurts being ignored, unappreciated, even ghosted after you just met someone new, just because of being so ugly. Now, I'm still trying to convince myself that I'm enough, worthy, that I'll find someone who loves all in me.
Zodie Nani
Zodie Nani Prije 13 dana
I have always been a big person,and realised no matter how much compliments people give me I cannot love myself.And just when I'm about learn to love myself someone close to me who remind of how big I and it hurts a lot
dior native
dior native Prije 14 dana
“Urgency is such a tool of white supremacy” he just changed my whole life w that
vivienne xoxo
vivienne xoxo Prije 16 dana
1:24 his voice is just perfect
Klevin 420
Klevin 420 Prije 16 dana
All these things these folks talk about are life choices. Eating healthy, exercise, educate yourself, etc. how I know??? Because I used to live in the rez. Now I live in a big as house.
Fred Shols
Fred Shols Prije 17 dana
It's the same people who were just slagging off all white people like a bunch of nazis
Mini Diva
Mini Diva Prije 18 dana
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so random and quirky
so random and quirky Prije 18 dana
what the fuck is that thing at the start of the video?
We are D & V Orozco
We are D & V Orozco Prije 19 dana
A lot of people feel this way..!
Isidora Latkovic
Isidora Latkovic Prije 19 dana
Everyone in this video is beautiful!!💖✨ I really do mean it!
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin Prije 20 dana
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Kristen Hackett
Kristen Hackett Prije 21 dan
I wish I lived in a more black community. I’m watching this video and thinking...where did they even find this many black people to interview???? 😭😭😭
Karimi Prije 21 dan
Rest is self love
GennyFK Prije 21 dan
This made me cry. Thank yall for your vulnerability and for loving yourselves even when it's hard and the world doesn't want us to ❤
Jacqueline Malombe
Jacqueline Malombe Prije 22 dana
It's not shallow to be glad that you're alive. That's exactly the mindest I need
MIDOGALI Prije 22 dana
Wow, these people are so selfless and suffer so much. It must be so hard to get caught up in identity politics and racism.
Hella Lucified
Hella Lucified Prije 23 dana
These people are so beautiful and words are so beautiful too💖
Sarah V
Sarah V Prije 23 dana
This video is so strong, thank you all.
Alexis Kraus
Alexis Kraus Prije 23 dana
The random one person wearing a mask...
Pholarised Prije 23 dana
Why do we keep insisting on race!! for fuck sake!! where do you get these people from??
Treavor Union
Treavor Union Prije 24 dana
A word of words
Taylor Richards
Taylor Richards Prije 24 dana
Everyone in this video are so sweet, talented, and beautiful!! I love them all!!!!😍♥️
Kymmi Prije 24 dana
When i watch these episodes I realize people are from all walks of life. Wowww.!
Fridaus Bakare
Fridaus Bakare Prije 24 dana
Me asking myself why they were all black then I look down to the title 😭😭😭
Diante Johnson
Diante Johnson Prije 25 dana
Taking up space and feelings of inadequacy will always be barriers I struggle with overcoming
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin Prije 25 dana
"LGBT+ all People"
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin Prije 25 dana
Asian People (Asian American) Japanese Individuals Korean Individuals Kong Honger Individuals Chinese Individuals Mongolian Individuals Thai Individuals Laos Individuals Cambodian Individuals Malaysian Individuals Singaporean Individuals Nepali Individuals Bhutanese Individuals Tibetan Individuals Pakistani Individuals Indian Individuals Bangladeshi Individuals Burmese Individuals Myanma Individuals Bruneian Individuals Papua New Guinean or Papuan Individuals Afghan Individuals Tajik Individuals Kyrgyzstani Individuals Tagalog Filipino or Filipina Individuals Vietnamese Individuals East Timorese Individuals Timorese Individuals Can you have?
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin Prije 25 dana
Black individuals say no for other people because of rest or and sleep. Black Resting Self Care As long you need. What did you learn about yourself? Can you make that video?
Viogie Viogie
Viogie Viogie Prije 25 dana
"Whiteness is an attack on the way of being for black people." Good lord these people really have it drilled in their head that race is everything don't they? It's saddening that they let the color of someone's skin bring such negativity into their lives. There's absolutely nothing "white" stopping any of these people from going about their day. But it seems it is their day to make it that way.
applestix 3
applestix 3 Prije 25 dana
These white people really believe that other races should not have anything to say about them. You people are not very inclusive or empathic to anyone but white people.
Jonathan Casais
Jonathan Casais Prije 25 dana
It's a black history month vid... 😂
Random Random
Random Random Prije 25 dana
looks like spongebob 5:27
brothaboof Prije 25 dana
Too many are overweight.
Alex Plemmons
Alex Plemmons Prije 25 dana
god this is woke garbage. our society has made false virtue and mediocracy the new moral standard and has propelled victimhood to sainthood. The only thing I have to do to gain power over others is claim someone else has white privilege. Grow up you will never be happy in this mind set.
Mac Murphy
Mac Murphy Prije 26 dana
When are you guys doing language challenge again? I would like to participate 😉
Miriam Bloom
Miriam Bloom Prije 26 dana
“We teach each other what love is”
ExpertInLiving Prije 26 dana
You guys are terrible for keeping that video up, unsubbed
ashley crenna
ashley crenna Prije 26 dana
i only live my hair
Jҽɳɳιҽ ʅαƚƚҽ
Jҽɳɳιҽ ʅαƚƚҽ Prije 26 dana
💙 Reasons to love yourself 💙 1. Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down 2. Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you. 3. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first. 4. If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror. 5. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. 6. You are free, you are powerful, you are good, you are love, you have value, you have a purpose. All is well. 7. No one is you and that is your power. 8. Beauty begins the moment you decided to be yourself. 9. You’re a work of art. Not everyone will understand you, but the ones who do, will never forget about you. 10. To love yourself is to understand you don’t need to be perfect to be good. 11. You are not perfect, and that's okay. 12. You are strong. You have gone through so many hardships in your life. Look how far you have come! 13. You are talented. Look at all of the things you have accomplished! 14. Your beautiful. Your look is as unique as your personality. 15. You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. 16. Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one. 17. The "flaws" that you carry around are what make you unique 18. Nobody smiles the way you do 19. Your perfect just the way you are 20. Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it. So to who ever is reading this: you're perfect in your own special way. If you just believe in yourself. Always stay true to who you are even if you're not that cofident being you just the way you are. No matter what others may say. Stay strong when they try to knock you down. It doesnt matter what they think, your just perfect in my eyes
Samyam Shrestha
Samyam Shrestha Prije 26 dana
2:37 She's soo pretty. Who is she??
K A I Prije 25 dana
Christos Chatz
Christos Chatz Prije 26 dana
make a match bedroom to person video
Gtggbbyby Vtggghhnjn
Gtggbbyby Vtggghhnjn Prije 26 dana
You know Folks is gender neutral as is, right?
Gtggbbyby Vtggghhnjn
Gtggbbyby Vtggghhnjn Prije 26 dana
@Random Random That doesn't make any sense, Folx is a word that doesn't exist that's been made up to be gender neutral, but folks is a word that exists and is already gender neutral. I don't get why even if they're trying to be 'inclusive' to the trans community.
Random Random
Random Random Prije 26 dana
They want to please the Caitlyn Jenner community
Zainab Ahmed
Zainab Ahmed Prije 26 dana
"I'm my best company"
Danny Laxus
Danny Laxus Prije 26 dana
Honestly don’t even think I understand what self love is, it feels so much like a foreign concept
Chicago FORTY5
Chicago FORTY5 Prije 27 dana
loving yourself is easy and hard at the same time!
Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith Prije 27 dana
“Convincing myself that it’s necessary” 🙌🏾. Struggle with this
Syk Syd
Syk Syd Prije 27 dana
This seems very coddling, and odd to me. What does this have to do with being black? Also, maybe it's okay to not always love yourself, and actually be critical of yourself some. I hate myself appropriately for the things I do wrong and love for the things I do right. No more no less.
Eric jasper
Eric jasper Prije 27 dana
This hurts to watch because you will find something whether it’s in the beginning of the video or the end to relate to . However this is very empowering to watch too !
Ju D
Ju D Prije 27 dana
this made me so happy
†Dissolve† Prije 27 dana
No, you're worthy of love Now. then, and forever.
shadow the hegeheg fan 420
shadow the hegeheg fan 420 Prije 27 dana
court F
court F Prije 27 dana
i just loved you guys including every shade of black from fair to dark makes me feel included as a mixed race person
Janie Pearson
Janie Pearson Prije 27 dana
This was absolutely needed.
Rusty Bucket 5000
Rusty Bucket 5000 Prije 27 dana
is this about masturbation? misleading title. wtf is happening here
Ammy Appleby
Ammy Appleby Prije 27 dana
It’s nice seeing people be honest on camera x
Random Random
Random Random Prije 26 dana
Yeah, when they're not absolutely scolding people for no reason.
jessica simms
jessica simms Prije 27 dana
“You’re worthy of love now, then, and forever❤️”
mason chandler
mason chandler Prije 27 dana
Why is it always about race?
Sandy Hook Mom
Sandy Hook Mom Prije 27 dana
the cut is smut
Yosra Prije 28 dana
I wish I knew the name of the last person, he's such a handsome babe and I would love to get a coffee or some strong sht with him ♥️♥️
Angel S
Angel S Prije 28 dana
can we just appreciate how nice all of their skin was 🤩
Joby Jay
Joby Jay Prije 28 dana
This proves that we always have the answers, it’s the application that’s hard.
Ezra Prije 28 dana
1:23 Wow. This statement was so powerful and reached me on another level.
Zachary cook
Zachary cook Prije 21 dan
that ended 156yrs ago..never and will never experience to 90% what they did
Hayden Mary
Hayden Mary Prije 28 dana
Society is so heartbreaking when it pressures us as HUMAN BEINGS to have to look a certain way in order to be seen as beautiful. So much good would come out of the world being accepting of one another.
hopkins JR
hopkins JR Prije 28 dana
Why did you have to ask black people only? It's like whites always love them selves?
m pp
m pp Prije 10 dana
Omg it’s for black history month, chill
Blue Prije 28 dana
The man at the end, dudes I feel him and I just want to hug him till he feels a bit lighter. You can feel the heaviness he carries with him.
Atlas M
Atlas M Prije 28 dana
"Feeling like I'm allowed to belong" I could never put into words why 2020 changed my perspective on life so much and it is because of this. I finally realized that I'm not allowed to belong. Plain and simple. It's freeing and devastating at the same time.
Yomer Prije 28 dana
my generation: I'm so depressed I don't have the best life possible :( me: 3:14
Nikita Luna
Nikita Luna Prije 28 dana
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kostissss1000 Prije 28 dana
Girl at 0:26 sounds just like Ellen Page. Almost saw her with her hat talking to the camera.
cracked LOL rib
cracked LOL rib Prije 28 dana
No such thing as "White Guilt" here in Mexico.
Joe Ferrari
Joe Ferrari Prije 20 dana
Viva Mexico
zack Prije 28 dana
0:36 that's my husband y'all 😍😘
Paul Ho
Paul Ho Prije 28 dana
Severely catholic. 😭 That's some shit right there
Holly Gale
Holly Gale Prije 28 dana
A challenge I have when it comes to self love is speaking up; the challenge faced with that, is the implication from others that I’m not as well off as I actually am. It can quickly become the public wanting you to prove to them, in a way, that you are doing just fine, and that you’re simply looking for someone to connect with. That’s difficult if you’re someone who just likes to talk about anything and everything and you can pull it off in a cool, calm, and collective way
Cherry Wilson
Cherry Wilson Prije 28 dana
Lord EVERY race should be asked this. It’s non stop with the “black” stories....
sirenaisthename Prije 27 dana
@Yoland Gillespie 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 exactly!
Yoland Gillespie
Yoland Gillespie Prije 28 dana
One it’s literally Black History Month. Two why tf not miss ma’am. Three it’s not your channel please. Finally four that fact that you’re so irritated by “black” stories is saying alot just find another similar video.
Shamiqua Wilson
Shamiqua Wilson Prije 28 dana
damn all this people could've made a community just out of having this common factor. good job cut! I wanna be on this series so bad one day!!! luv u guys
Dedu Tedy
Dedu Tedy Prije 28 dana
You over victimise yourselves trough stereotypes... That is just prooving them right.
The Forever S7even
The Forever S7even Prije 28 dana
Yo, I wanna be Sydney's friend
amegam Prije 28 dana
The most racially dividing channel on HRpost
Givulinovich Prije 28 dana
Mad respect for telling such painful truths. 💕
Adam Kaniowski
Adam Kaniowski Prije 28 dana
1:23 I am not sure what he means by this
Emilia Sito
Emilia Sito Prije 28 dana
I want to hug that last person that spoke 🫂 🤎
Ender Wiggins
Ender Wiggins Prije 28 dana
They all share the trauma of various kinds of racism, but what they do with that to find self love is so unique for each person and I’m grateful to hear about it. As a non-Black person in an environment with few Black people, this video is a gift because it builds empathy and understanding outside my immediate community, but I also don’t fall into the shortcut-pitfall of thinking one person’s story defines everybody’s experience.
Catherine Elizabeth
Catherine Elizabeth Prije 28 dana
The answer at 1:23???? Baaabyyyy! A word!
D. P.
D. P. Prije 28 dana
"I struggle with loving myself cuz I compare myself to a lot of different people" amen.
Samreen Khan
Samreen Khan Prije 28 dana
Can you have more Muslim based content too plzzzz
JessicaHarmina Prije 28 dana
YOU are worthy of just being alive. 🖤
RoastWorthy Prije 28 dana
Somehow they brought up race-this shit is why they think their oppressed
Em MacGregor-Mitchell
Em MacGregor-Mitchell Prije 26 dana
@Random Random I feel like you missed my point, but yes, Beyonce's kids will have the privilege of being wealthy and having successful parents. That doesn't mean that they stop being black in America. You should look into intersectionality, especially Kimberlé Crenshaw.
Random Random
Random Random Prije 26 dana
@Em MacGregor-Mitchell Which comes down to case by case basis, pretty sure Beyonce's kids are better off than 98% of American kids in general.
Em MacGregor-Mitchell
Em MacGregor-Mitchell Prije 28 dana
Race is part of their identity, it’s not something that they can exist outside of and it affects their everyday experiences. They don’t “think” they’re oppressed, but instead they see it happening to them and others because being black (or a racialized person in general) in America means that they are living in a social hierarchy that sees them as inferior through its institutions, discourse and history. It’s being aware of an absence of privileges that they see white people having simply for being born white in America.
BI0Z Prije 28 dana
I’m surprised they like to dislike ratio isn’t worse. It’s clear that many people here hate Black people so this is weird. I’ll check back later.
BI0Z Prije 20 dana
@Tomi Adebowale So your saying that the uncomfortable feeling is more important than the real anger towards a people that perpetuate systemic racism and refuse to act in the progress of equity.
Tomi Adebowale
Tomi Adebowale Prije 28 dana
I don't think they hate black people. I think they hate when black people hate white people. I'm African, and even though I understand why African Americans have hatred towards whites due to their past experiences. It still makes me somewhat uncomfortable. That uncomfortability would be much worse if you're white.
VICTORINO 7 Prije 28 dana
We segregating videos now 😂
sirenaisthename Prije 27 dana
@Lani Nyree Rae ...well it's still true.
Lani Nyree Rae
Lani Nyree Rae Prije 28 dana
@diandra stithe definitely but God loves us and he finds up beautiful. Jesus loves us and he finds us beautiful. They are the only ones who truly matter at the end of the day.
diandra stithe
diandra stithe Prije 28 dana
Lani Nyree Rae nah i’m tired of hearing abt self love from white people, it’s not easy to love yourself when society doesn’t value you or find you beautiful
Lani Nyree Rae
Lani Nyree Rae Prije 28 dana
Exactly, as a young black woman I’m tired of the whole “black people are still oppressed” narrative. It’s getting old very fast ..
Anaïs Martin
Anaïs Martin Prije 28 dana
... i'm sorry WHAT
Ellie Umukoro
Ellie Umukoro Prije 28 dana
The world is full of white role models that are nothing like me. I try and find role models that look like me, and have similar struggles as me and tell myself that I am capable of more than I think because others like me have achieved it. I also let my hair go natural, to embrace my natural African roots. Helped me love that side of me, and I take great pride in taking care of my hair, no matter how different it is.
Viogie Viogie
Viogie Viogie Prije 25 dana
Why should it matter so dearly what someone looks like? Being unable to move past such a trivial thing keeps people past learning so much more and being more positive. Learn from someone's words and actions, go by those, not what their appearance is.
Chanice C
Chanice C Prije 28 dana
It’s too early to be crying on this Sunday morning. 😭 Still, I needed to hear this. 💕
Amy Perkins
Amy Perkins Prije 28 dana
I love all the different platforms that have been teaching black history this year. My children are mixed. And I am the first person to admit that I have grown up ignorant to the real struggles that black people face. And honestly that's just as bad as racism. I have made it a goal to not just learn, but be better and do better. The more knowledge I can gain, the more I can teach my children. I will never truly be able to understand the problem. But I can learn and grow and fight for what's right. Thank y'all for this show. I have learned so much about the struggles my own children may face.
M E Prije 28 dana
It kinda makes me sad that I recognize a lot and that so many people have a hard time loving themselves.. but this also means connection and acceptance 💗 I also thought every single person in this video is beautiful and worthy of (self)love so I should probably start thinking of myself that way 🥰
talainawright Prije 28 dana
3:12 same bro
Speaking Truth
Speaking Truth Prije 28 dana
Look at the different shades of black..ugh I love my people❤️😍
Luna Prije 28 dana
*Stop conflating Black people with biracials/mixed race people, it's detrimental to the black community*
IT Trillionaire
IT Trillionaire Prije 28 dana
I love black people, I LOVE US! ✊🏾
Amin Barraj
Amin Barraj Prije 28 dana
Loving your sellf by not eating crespycreems
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